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QUICK REVIEW: Blue Bloods “Little Fish” S1 E11

This show keeps getting better and better.  There doesn’t always need to be huge cases or disasters happening to make the show work.  Sometimes less is more.  This week there were 2 cases…a cold case from Franks past involving the disappearance of a young boy and the death of a high-end escort that had reached out for Danny’s help.

Danny and Jackie

The high-end escort, Anna,  calls Danny and is obviously scared by something.  He says he’ll meet her at the station but she refuses.   The next day, she’s found dead (by Anthony and Jamie) and they find Danny’s number on her person so they turn it over to him and Jackie.  As he and Jackie investigate, they find out she used to be involved with this guy, Johnny Vega who runs an escort service and is just and overall scuz bucket.  They also find a girl, Jolene, connected to both the victim and Vega.  She won’t talk at first but eventually she does and she reveals she was at the victim’s apartment when Vega came in a killed her and took her away.  They bring the case to evidence to Erin and they now have a case against Vega and they arrest him.  What complicates things, is that the FBI was using Vega as a confidential informant against a large crime family and he is instrumental to their case.  So the FBI doesn’t want the NYPD to arrest him.    You can imagine how this goes over with Danny and Jackie.  They don’t back down and the case moves forward.  Vega’s lawyer asks the judge for the witness to testify in front of Vega so he can face his accuser (which by law the defendant has that right.)  The judge grants it and also grants Vega bail.  Danny and Jackie are now afraid for Jolene’s safety and when they go to put her in protective custody, she refuses and recants her testimony.  This isn’t good.  However, Danny and Jackie were given some surveillance FBI video (courtesy of Erin’s friend in the US Attorney’s office) and they were able to spot the judge in the case as one of Vega’s customers.   Jackpot!!!!  When they go back to trial Danny storms in with the US Attorney and has the judge removed and Vega is sent to jail until a new judge is appointed.  The witness is now safe.

Danny and Jackie really work well together and I’m glad they have made her is regular partner instead of the back and forth from before.


This was Tom Selleck’s best episode to date.  The bones of a young boy were found in an apartment building 2 blocks from his school.  The boy was a missing child from a case Frank worked on over 25 years ago.   You can tell from Frank’s reaction to everything surrounding this case, that this really hit him hard.  As he and his father said, “it’s the losses that keep you up at night.”  But how could it not?  He knows exactly what Laura (the mother of the murdered boy) is going through.  He lost his son and he is unsure as to the nature of that death just as Laura was.  He had some moving scenes with her as he was keeping her abreast of the investigation and finally telling her they caught the man who killed him.  Speaking of which, did that scene leave you a bit empty?  I was glad Frank found him and got him to confess but we never found out why it happened?  I would like to know why this man, who seemed to be a normal person who obviously has been struggling with what he did all these years, killed this kid.  I give Frank kudos for his composure during the revelation of the killer.  I didn’t yell or threaten him or lose his temper ever.  He kept calm and even toned, got him to trust him, and eventually the killer tripped over his own words and confessed without even knowing he did.  Nice work Frank.  I will suspend the idea of you remembering after 25+years that this guy was missing his hammer from his tool belt that day.

The Family Dynamic

BB has really done a nice job of convincing me that this is a family who care about one another and not in a sappy “The Waltons” kind of why.  In a very realistic and down to earth fashion that makes me want to be a Reagan.  From Danny and Erin going to share a beer after nailing Vega to Henry being there to help and support his son during the investigation is very real and not forced.  But it’s never more real than at family dinner night.  That’s exactly how my family is.  There are things you disagree about and you hold your position firmly while throwing in some jabs at the family member you are arguing with.  The best part was when Danny mentioned about his frustration over the police calling Anna “just another call girl”, his boys ask Linda what a call girl is.  She stumbles for a minute and then explains that it’s a woman who talks on her phone a lot.  “So kind of like Aunt Erin?”  Ha!!!  That was great so accurate.   In my family that would be a running joke for the rest of Aunt Erin’s life!!!    What I really like is that even though Danny and Erin disagree a lot of the time, they have so much respect for one another and would do anything for each other.  But they never low blow one another.  You see some family dramas where people can’t separate the two.  Or the argument turns nasty and personal instead of staying on point.   They don’t do that.

In case you are wondering why there is a new review of Blue Bloods so early in the week and haven’t heard the news, Blue Bloods has moved from Fridays to Wednesdays at 10pm after Criminal Minds.   Yeah!!  That’s a great sign for the show.  (Not so good news for the Defenders who move into their old time slot on Fridays.)


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