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LOST Analysis: Supernatural “Appointment in Samarra” S5 E11

Up until the final moments of the episode, I was going to talk mainly about the quest for Sam’s soul and have we reached the point where enough is enough with this quest.  Dean had become so obsessed that innocent people were dying as a result.  And because Dean was on this mission and Sam didn’t want his soul, Sam made a deal with Balthazar to block the entrance of his soul into his body which could have resulted in the death of Bobby Singer.  And with all this, we still didn’t know if it would be worth it because we have no idea what condition his soul would be in and therefore, what that would turn Sam into.  Would he be the old Sam again, would he be a darker more damaged Sam, would be the same as his is now because the soul is so damaged, would it kill him, would it make him different?  So is this all worth it?  Well most of those questions are kind of moot because guess what??????  Sam got his soul back from Death!!!!  I’m not sure if I am happy about that yet or not.  I would probably say yes because unless Sera Gamble is going to change Sam from the Sam we all know and love to a new Sam we have to get used to and possibly not like, Sam is eventually going to go back to being old Sam (or as close to old Sam as possible.)

Last week, with Crowley’s death and the fact that all season long, he was the one who was able to get Sam’s soul back, I had no idea which direction they were going to go in to get it back and who was going to help them.  And I certainly didn’t think it would happen all in one episode, nor did I think the 4th Horseman of the Apocalypse, Death, would be the one to do it.  I think they did a nice job from a “surprise element” standpoint because I thought Sam wouldn’t get his soul back until closer to the end of the season and that next season would be the big question of whether or not Sam is back to his old self again.  I certainly didn’t see it coming that it would happen in this episode.  I’m really glad that it did because now we can deal with how Sam reacts to getting his soul back and who he truly is now, without dragging it into next year.  Having one season trying to figure out what/who Sam is, is fine.  Having to go through 2 seasons of that, as Colin Hay would sing, overkill!

I really want to talk about Dean and what has happened with him not only in this episode but over the course of the season so far.  As we all know, Dean has become obsessed with getting his brother back by retrieving his soul from hell and returning it to Sam.  I brought this argument up in my last post and after this week maybe it should be revisited.  Sam really doesn’t want his soul back but this isn’t really Sam as we all know.  Dean wants Sam’s soul back.  He knows that if Sam was really himself, he would want his soul back, so Dean will stop at nothing to get it.  It’s an interesting dilemma.  What is the right answer?  Last week, I agreed with Dean.  This week I’m not so sure.  Dean’s pursuit has caused him to make a deal with Death and as a concession for Death agreeing to retrieve Sam’s soul, Dean has to do Death’s job for 24 hrs.  If he can’t do it, the deal is off.  At first Dean is fine with it but when he has to reap a 12-year-old girl, he refuses to do it.   As a result, he has upset the apple cart and people are starting die who weren’t supposed to.  He’s upset the natural order of life…he is trying to control a destiny he has no business of controlling.  Also as a result, because of his determination, Sam is making his own deal, with the angel Balthazar, to block his soul from entering his body.  Part of what he needs to do is commit patricide.  Since John is dead, any father figure would suffice.  Guess who that is?   One Bobby Singer.  So now Soulless Sam with no conscience, is after Bobby.  It’s a terrible domino effect.  Dean ends up saving him but you have to start to wonder if this is all worth it?   Innocent people are dying, he is putting Bobby in danger, hell he may even be putting Sam in danger because Dean has no idea what condition Sam’s soul is in.  He is so tunnel visioned on this matter, he can’t see the possible jeopardy.  Or he can and he doesn’t care.  It’s easy for him to say, let’s risk Sam’s health and possible life because the Sam he is now, can’t stay.  But it’s not his life at risk.  Usually Dean is risking his life to protect Sam’s but in this case, he is putting Sam’s body at risk.  I get it.  The Sam that is roaming around isn’t his brother.  It’s his body but it isn’t what makes him, him.  And Dean wants that back…as we all do.  But has Dean gotten to the point where he has crossed a line?  Should he let it go that Sam is gone and he should just try to get along with this Soulless Sam.  And if he can’t, he should just cut ties with him?  I don’t know the answer to that.  Dean would probably say that this version of Sam won’t do.   Sam, for all intents and purposes, is dead because this guy isn’t him.  So if he gets his soul back and it kills him, there isn’t a loss since he was already gone to begin with.  But if he gets it back and it works, he has Sam back.  I think if it’s that black or white, then obviously Dean is doing the right thing.  Because I really believe that real Sam would want that too.  But what if neither happens…Sam doesn’t die and doesn’t become old Sam.  What if he becomes some other version of Sam?   Will Dean be ok with that?  What if he is a combination of the 2 personas? What if he scratches the wall and the wall comes down and destroys his mind and it is torturing him?  What if he starts wanting to listen to show tunes instead of metal/rock music?  Will it be worth it?  I guess time will tell.   As for the fact that Death put the wall up in Sam’s brain (to block the bad parts of hell) and warned him that it will be itchy and told him not to scratch it…WTF???  Don’t scratch the wall?  Is that a euphemism for something else or did he literally mean, don’t scratch the wall?  I think it was literal.  Can’t wait to see how that plays out.

The final element of “Appointment in Samarra” I want to go through is the conversation Dean has with Death (over Bacon Dogs from L.A.) near the end of the episode.  Death is asking Dean how he liked being him and he admits he sucked at it.  He also admits he would have done things differently knowing what he knows now.  Death tells him that he just learned a huge lesson:

“Today, you got a hard look behind the curtain.  Wreaking the natural order is not quite such fun when you have to mop up the mess, is it?  This is hard for you Dean.  You throw away your life because you have come to assume that it will bounce right back into your lap.  The human soul is not a rubber ball.  It’s vulnerable, impertinent, and stronger than you know.  And more valuable than you can imagine.”

He also tells Dean that he and Sam constantly disrupt the natural order on a global scale and that they are an affront to the way things should be by constantly coming back (“I apologize for that” Dean says….hee hee.)  But that even though they disrupt the order, they do have use.  Death tells him he is onto something regarding souls but doesn’t tell him what.  He tells Dean that he’ll understand when he needs to.  So Death wants him to keep looking…that’s why he goes to get Sam’s soul back from hell.  He isn’t doing it for the boys, he is doing it for him because he needs their help.  It’s hard to believe the 4th Horseman of the Apocalypse needs anyones help, but apparently he does.  Death returns with Sam’s soul, Bobby and Dean watch as Death returns it to him.  As mentioned above, Death warns Sam that he has put a barrier in his head and that it will be itchy.  But whatever he does, don’t scratch because he won’t like what happens.   That can’t be good!

I think we are finding out that what we thought was the main story arc of getting Sam’s soul back and finding Purgatory, was just the set up for a much bigger story we didn’t see coming (at least I didn’t but I’m a few burgers short of a happy meal.)  There is something going on with the souls that Death needs the boys help with and I’m sure this has to have something to do with the civil war in Heaven and Balthazar buying up souls.  So I think the 2nd half of the season will be about what the skinny is on the souls and the boys investigation of that and how Sam is with his soul back.  And if that is the case, I’m ok if the Purgatory story line is dropped.  I still think it’s strange that it was such a big part of the 1st half and therefore would just go away.  So maybe Purgatory and alphas tie in somehow.  How, I have no idea and I’m not sure it even does.

The worst part of this whole thing….having to wait until January 28th for new episodes.   Damn you winter break!!!!   To tie you over, see the promo below for the 1.28.11 return.

January 28th Promo

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LOST ANALYSIS: Supernatural “Caged Heat” S6 E10

There is certainly a lot going on in this episode leading up to the mid-season finale which airs next week.  Thank God because last week’s episode sucked!

We start with Crowley torturing….Crowley?   What the hell is going on here?   Oh right…Shape Shifter…now it makes sense.   Crowley is going after an Alpha Shifter and the shifter won’t cave with his information.  So Crowley decapitates him.   Nice!!   He’s still looking for Purgatory and it doesn’t seem to be going very well.

The boys are still doing Crowley’s bidding and neither are too happy about it.  After their latest drop off, they head back to the hotel and discuss Sam’s soul and whether or not he really does want it back.   When Sam excuses himself, it gets pretty quiet and Dean follows him.  He sees him knocked out and Dean is soon knocked out himself.  When they wake up, they are tied up and apparently kidnapped by demons.   But not any demons, one of their old favorites (at one of mine), Meg.  Although I must say, I liked Meg played by Nikki Aycox much better than the current Meg played by Rachel Miner.  Miner is just too awkward and can’t seem to pull off the feistiness.  Turns out Meg is looking for Crowley and wants the boys to tell her where he’s at.  They refuse and so Meg goes to Dean and threatens to kill him.  Soulless Sam starts poking Meg about her real reasons for wanting to find Crowley and he figures out that she has been running from him because he wants to kill all the demons loyal to Lucifer and not him.  So she wants to kill him first.  Therefore, she won’t kill Sam and Dean because she needs their help finding him.  And the power of this “kidnapping” shifts to Soulless Sam.  He tells her that he will lead her to Crowley on one condition, she negotiates a deal with him giving Sam and Dean something they want.    She agrees and lets them go.   Soulless Sam also thinks they need some back up when it comes to seeing Crowley so they go to see….ugh….Grandpa Samuel.

Grandpa and Dean seem sooooo happy to see each other and he refuses to help them trap Crowley.  Dean wants to know why and what Crowley has on him.   Thank God he asked because it is the same question I have had since the season premiere.  He shows Dean a picture.   Mary.   Crowley has promised to bring Mary back if Samuel helps him.  I…D…I…O…T!!!   If he believes that I have an island in the South Pacific I’d like to sell him.     I was hesitant that Crowley could really help Sam.  And once Samuel said why he was back, it hit me that Crowley has no pull.   He is using all of them to do his bidding and as soon as he gets what he needs, he will either kill them or send them back where they came from.  Dean is trying to convince Samuel what a bad idea this is and Samuel doesn’t care.  Just as Dean would do anything to get Sam back, he will do anything to get his daughter back.  Dean and Sam give up and leave.

Back at the hotel, Sam has asked Castiel for his help and it seems that things in Heaven are really not going well.  Cas looks exasperated and exhausted.  I wish 10 episodes in we would have a little more insight into what is going on up there but, oh well.  I guess to blow off some steam, while Dean and Sam are tracking down Crowley, Cas takes in a porn….and comments on it.  He starts talking about the “love” between the pizza guy and the babysitter and it is quite funny.  Dean also instructs him that you never watch porn in a room full of dudes and you certainly don’t comment on it.  Just then, Cas looks into his lap.  “Oh my God he has a boner” Dean comments.   Ha!!!   Just then Grandpa Douchebag shows up and tells them that he will help them because it’s what Mary would want him to do.  Ugh.  He tells them where Crowley is and then they leave to meet Meg and her crew.   They ask Samuel to come with them but he is too much of a wuss to go with them so he doesn’t.

They meet up and Sam wants Meg’s knife.  She gives it to him and he promptly kills one of the other demons stating he was more interesting in killing them than their mission.  Meg isn’t sure how to take this but for now, she is trusting Sam.   They head to the prison compound where Crowley is keeping all the Alphas he has collected.   They are searching around but then, wait, what is that sound?   That would be the barking of hell hounds!!!   Uh oh.   They run but the hounds get the other 2 demons and Sam, Dean, Cas, and Meg are safe.  Sam suggests Meg stay behind to kill the hounds since she can see them while they go get Crowley.  She agrees and promptly kisses Cas.  She did it so she can get his weapon.  But then Cas puts a move on her (get a room people!!)   After she asks where that came from and he responds “I learned it from a pizza guy.”   Classic!!!

Meg is able to kill off the rest of the hounds while Samuel reveals himself to be the true douchebag we all know he is.   He banishes Cas and we learn quickly that he told Crowley all about their plan.  What an A-HOLE!!!!!!   I really hope Samuel gets his comeuppance and I hope it’s at the hands of one Dean Winchester!  Crowley puts the boys in separate cells and lets them know that they are about to die.  This isn’t good.  Dean is taking to another area where he is trapped with 2 other demons who are instructed to kill him.  Meanwhile, Sam is in his cell trying to find a way to get out.  He comes up with a perfectly logical and sane idea….chomp into his arm like a turkey leg on Thanksgiving.  That’s what I would have done.   When Crowley’s cronies (I like that name) come for Sam, they come in the cell and all of a sudden can’t move.  And now the arm chomping starts to make sense…he drew a demon trap on the ceiling so they are stuck.  Soulless Sam is really good at missions but boy is he creepy insane!!!  He breaks out and is able to get where Dean is and takes out both demons like my husband takes out stinkbugs.

The boys are able to trap Crowley in a demon trap of his own and they push Meg into the trap to kill him.   Instead, he is able to turn the tables on her, attack her, and break the demon trap.   Didn’t see that coming.  All of sudden, Cas shows up with Crowley’s bones and is able to take over all the mayhem.  He gets Crowley to admit that he doesn’t have the power he has been alluding to and therefore cannot get Sam his soul.  At that moment, he burns Crowley’s bones and unfortunately, that means Crowley is dead.  I’m bummed about that.  I really liked Crowley.  He was spunky, funny, and a good challenge for the boys. And I knew that he would have to get burned at some point, I just didn’t think it would be this soon.  While all this is going on, Meg escapes. As they are leaving, Cas tells them he is getting his ass kicked in Heaven by Raphael.  The boys ask if they can help him but he says no and takes off to destroy all the monsters in the prison.

As the boys are getting ready to leave, Sam tells Dean that maybe Cas, Meg, and Crowley are right and that he is better off without his soul.   To recap, before they go off to find Crowley, Cas pulls Dean aside to tell him that it may not be in Sam’s best interest to get his soul back.   Dean can’t possibly understand why that would be.  Cas explains that his soul is still locked in Lucifer’s cage with him and Michael fighting up a storm.   So Lord only knows what is happening to Sam’s soul in hell.  By the time Sam gets it back, it could be irrevocably damaged.  It could destroy Sam.   Sam, meanwhile, hears the entire conversation.  So Sam tells Dean he agrees with them and he is re-thinking this whole “getting my soul back” plan.  Dean tells him he doesn’t know what he is saying but he tells Dean “No, it’s just not what you want to hear.”  As Dean tries to convince Sam he is wrong, Sam walks away.

Two main issues really need further investigation: 1. Sam not wanting his soul and Dean still wanting to get it for him and 2: Crowley’s death.  Let’s start with Soulless Sam.   I don’t know who’s side to be on (although I 99.9% of the time go with Dean.)  On one hand, I see Sam’s point.  It’s his body, it’s his soul and he should have the ultimate as to what he wants and what is best for him.  On the other hand, if he was really, truly the Sam we all know and love, Sam would want his soul back and Dean knows that.  So Dean is doing whatever he knows his brother (with his soul intact) would want.  Therefore I am on team Dean on this one.  But who can get the soul back?   Getting his soul is a HUGE deal and it seems a little silly that the person we thought had the control for 10 episodes, no longer does.   Now all of a sudden, the 4th horseman of the apocalypse, Death, can get his soul back?  Seems a little random doesn’t it?  I don’t know.  I would rather it have been that Crowley couldn’t get it but he was working for someone more important and THAT person can get Sam’s soul.  But Death seems out of nowhere.   We have 11 more episodes so I am still going to trust the writers that this will work out and be awesome.  It better be awesome.

Speaking of storylines taking a shoulder shrug turn, what about Crowley’s story?   He’s now dead.  So what happens to this quest for Purgatory and the Alpha collection and what does it mean for Samuel?   If Crowley brought him back, does Samuel go back or does he stay around?   This purgatory storyline seemed to be such a huge part of this season and now with Crowley’s death, what happens?  Is it dropped?  I assume all the alphas were killed by Cas so what now?   His quest for purgatory power is over now that he is dead.   I guess I could live with that if it wasn’t such an integral part of the season so far.

This was definitely the best episode of the season so far and we are building to a big mid-season finale next week!!!  This will be my first Supernatural break since this is the first season I am watching in real-time vs. on DVD.  I’ve never gone longer than 2 weeks without watching a new episode.  I have no idea how I am going to handle a potential 4-6 week break.  I guess I should dig into Season 3 of BONES!!!   That will help.

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LOST Analysis: Supernatural “All Dogs Go To Heaven” S6 E8

I’m just going to say it.   Supernatural is having a good season but there is one thing that is driving me crazy…this back and forth between Dean and Sam of “I trust you” “I don’t trust you” “I’ll give you a chance” “I don’t trust you again” “Ok you are proving yourself so I will just need to adjust to this” “Nope I just can’t do this, I don’t trust you again.”   ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!  I understand that Dean is torn up about this and Sam hasn’t been honest with him and that causes him to jump back and forth.   But at some point, you have to make up your mind and stick to it.   Finally Sam helped the situation along by being truly honest with him at the end of the episode (which we will get to) so I think we have solved the back and forth for now….God I hope so.

This episode was a little blah.  How could it not be after such a big episode last week.   But I love dogs so it wasn’t too awful.  I’m also ok with having episodes like this every once in a while.  Supernatural is a heavy show with many twists and turns between all the mythology, the guys adventures, the violence, and story arcs.   So if an episode creeps in which the sole purpose is to set one conversation between the Winchesters, I’m ok with that.     But because of that, I’m not going to go too crazy with the recap this week.

The to the point recap is that we are introduced to a new monster this week…the Skinwalker.   The Skinwalker is from Native American and Norse legend and it means a person can turn into any animal they want. (Thank you Wikipedia!)  The Temperance Brennans of the world would call these shapeshifters.   So these particular skinwalkers are a cross between shapeshifter and werewolf….nice!   Crowley visits the boys and asks them to find the alpha of these skinwalkers.   Crowley also has a friendly reminder for them…get the alphas, get Sam’s soul back.  So off they go.   We follow one skinwalker in particular, Lucky the German Shepherd…who is so darn cute by the way!   Lucky is a “pet” to young couple who also have a son.   Sam and Dean suspect the boyfriend as being the skinwalker (since they think they are tracking a werewolf and not Rin Tin Tin) but when they follow the BF and the next day he turns up dead, they realize he isn’t their target.   Sam goes to his house to watch the family while Dean does more research on the legend.   Sam sees Lucky on the couch and then one second later sees a naked dude where Lucky was.    And we found our skinwalker.  When “Lucky” leaves the house (and for ease of discussion, I am going to call him Lucky in dog form and “Lucky” in human form) he meets up with someone and this person is yelling at him.   So it looks like “Lucky” is working for or with someone else.  After the argument, “Lucky” goes to head back but he smells something…..Sam.  He runs and Sam chases him.   “Lucky” turns back into Lucky and as Sam tracks him down, Lucky starts running through the woods and towards a street.    This is where I almost vomit.   You know why?   Because as Lucky is running towards the street, the camera flashes to a van coming down the road.  You know what’s going to happen next and I have to turn my head and shut my ears because I will lose it if I see a dog get hit by a car.  “You know the dog is the bad guy and it’s only a TV show right?    The dog is fine” my husband reminds me.  Yes I know but I still don’t need to watch it.   I don’t know what it is.  I can watch a human on this show get ripped to shreds and tortured.    By a dog being hurt, forget it.  I lose it!!!!   Lucky gets taken to the vet and because he has no tags, gets sent to the pound.   Dean and Sam track him down there and “rescue” Lucky and take him to their hotel.

“Lucky” is tied up and we find out that there is an alpha skinwalker controlling them all.   All?  The alpha was recruiting them (“Lucky” was homeless) and placing them inside homes as pets.  About 30 people.  Once the alpha gave the signal, they were all to turn their families.  It’s a sleeper cell of skinwalkers.   Then the process would start again.   “Lucky” doesn’t want to do that because he has become attached to his family and doesn’t want to hurt them.   But he is in trouble with the alpha because he has been killing other skinwalkers (the ones who were going after his family.)  The boys ask him to set up a meeting with the alpha and they will be there to take him out.  “Lucky” does this and they meet in warehouse area.   Sam asks Dean if he thinks “Lucky” is going to turn on them.   Dean says he doesn’t think so.  “I would turn on us” soulless Sam says.   This comment gives Dean some pause.  Black Ops Dean gets set up with a sniper rifle ready to take out the pack leader (yes I am a Cesar Milan fan.)  He can’t seem to get a clear shot and Sam is starting to get impatient with Dean.   Then the woman and son, with whom “Lucky” has been staying with, is brought out of the van.   She is too close to the alpha and Sam is yelling at Dean “who cares, take the shot anyway!”   Dean gives him a look and starts to aim again.  He can’t get the shot off so it’s plan B time.

Inside the warehouse, the alpha wants “Lucky” to prove his loyalty and turn the family in front of everyone or they will all be killed.  Enter the Winchesters who go all Dirty Harry on their asses.  They kill all the skinwalkers (including the alpha) but before they could get to the guy who has Lucky and his family,  he shoots Lucky (what an asshole.)   And as he is about to fire the silver bullet, Sam takes him out.  Sam sees Lucky on the ground in pain and then looks down at his gun…he has another silver bullet.  As he goes over to Lucky, Lucky is now gone.   But soulless Sam was ready to shoot him.   I REALLY don’t like that!    The family is rescued, the alpha is killed, and the boys have completed another successful mission.   Or was it successful?   They didn’t get the alpha for Crowley which means one step farther away from getting Sam’s soul back.

“Lucky” we see is ok and he goes to his family’s house to apologize for everything and to thank them for being so kind to him.   She wants no part of this apology, calls him a loser, and tells him to leave.  He is heartbroken.   I can understand her being freaked out and upset.  But he did save your life and your son’s life and he was a good pet!!   “Lucky” turns back into Lucky and walks away on the street, looks back at the house, and sadly keeps walking away.  At this point I am crying and want to reach through the TV to have this dog live with us and our Lab!   And my husband is laughing hysterically at me.  The boys, however, are in a park (with their Five Guys Burgers in hand) and start to have the most important discussion that comes out of this episode.  By the way, how do those boys have those abs when they eat like crap all the time?   Anyhoo, Sam finally tells Dean the truth…he can’t feel anything and has been saying all the things Dean wants to hear so they can continue on their journey.   He doesn’t care about when Dean talks about Lisa and Ben (I’m with you on that soulless Sam) and quite frankly, he doesn’t care about Dean.   Ouch, that has to sting a little.   He tells Dean his life seems to be easier this way because he has killed innocent people for the greater good and not batted an eye.   Things don’t affect him that way.    But on the flip side he remembers some of his time as Sam with his soul and that even though having no soul makes the job easier, there are some benefits to having a soul.   Therefore, he wants to find it and get it back.    This is something Dean can get behind and the boys are now on the same page.

So here is my question….why would Sam want to get his soul back?  I don’t get it.    If he has no feelings and says how much easier his life is now, why would he want to go back?   He says he remembers the old Sam but if he can’t FEEL what Sam felt, how would he know the difference?   When he talks about the benefits of having feelings, how would he know that?   I really don’t understand that.  Which makes me think..oh God….is Sam just messing with Dean and still just telling Dean what he wants to hear?   I really hope not.   And I’m not sure what benefit would be derived from Sam doing that…other than keeping Dean off his back so they can do their job.  But I also can’t understand why he would want to find his soul either.    You would think Sam would be apathetic about the whole thing.  I don’t know, it’s very strange to me.    Just a few more episodes until the holiday break.  And from what I understand, there is always a big cliffhanger before the break.  So it’s about to get VERY interesting!!!

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LOST Analysis: Supernatural “Family Matters” S6 E7

I knew I couldn’t trust Samuel and the cousins!!!!  But I was not prepared for it to be Crowley to be behind the whole thing.  And this all has to do with the search for Purgatory?  Ok.  The jury is still out on that one for me but I’m up for seeing where this leads.  Let’s get into the recap first…

We open with Sam tied to a chair and Cas is going to do an “Angel Cavity Search” on Sam to see what is up with him.  He tells Dean he finds nothing and Dean thinks that’s a good thing.  Not really…his soul is gone.  (A little anti-climactic since the preview for this week’s episode shows that scene.)   And then Dean asks the question we all want to know…”Is this even Sam?”   The Catholic in me says, it can’t be.  If your soul is gone, you’re dead.  You can’t exist without your soul.  So this can’t be Sam but a vessel that looks like Sam.   On the flip side, this is TV so anything can happen, and it’s possible this is Sam without his soul and when he gets his soul back, he will be back to the Sam Winchester we all know and love.   Dean doesn’t want to work with Sam and wants to keep him tied up in a motel until they figure out how to get Sam’s soul back.  Sam manages to untie himself and announces to Dean that he has no choice but to work with him.  Dean wants no part of this but realizes it may be better if they team up vs. continuing to argue why they shouldn’t.   They being with the one and only lead they have….Grandpa Samuel.

At Grandpa’s house, there is a small army of hunters who are preparing for what looks like Armageddon.  When the boys go in to see Samuel, Cas shows up and performs another “Angel Cavity Search” and it reveals that Samuel has a soul (that’s debatable.)  Cas goes to leave and when Dean gives him grief, he reminds him that there is a civil war in Heaven and the Winchesters aren’t the only people with problems to solve.  Then Cas flaps away.  Sam realizes that the reason for the army of hunters is because they have a lead on the Alpha Vamp.  Samuel doesn’t want to confirm that because Dean is there and Dean senses his hesitation.  Dean says his wants to be part of the hunt and promises to take Samuel’s lead and will not cause any issues for the group…he will follow Samuel’s rules.  We’ll  see how long that lasts.   Samuel begrudgingly allows the boys to come on the hunt.

When they get to the Vamp house,  Samuel announces that the group will be heading into the house and that Gwen and Dean will hang back and watch for any runners.  Dean is pissed about this but he agrees and keeps his mouth shut.   Gwen however says “why do I have to stay behind with the loser?”  This comment made me laugh but I was also annoyed at her.   Dean Winchester is no loser, you loser!  Luckily she apologized to Dean.  Once they started hearing some commotion, Dean decides to head toward the house.   Gwen tells him not to, but he still goes and she stays behind.  There was a ton of blood shed with Vamps beheaded and some of the hunters getting killed.  But in the end, Dean witnesses Samuel, Christian, Sam and crew loading the Alpha Vamp into the back of the van.  He is shocked by this and when Sam turns around behind him because he senses something, Dean is gone and went to back to where Gwen was.   Samuel’s team comes back and asks if there were any problems.   Gwen doesn’t rat out Dean and everyone leaves Vamp-land.

While Sam and Dean are driving, Dean asks Sam about what happened in the house and if anything “weird” went down.   Sam said it was a normal raid and nothing out of the ordinary happened.  Oh Sam, when are you going to learn?   Dean pulls the car over and gets out.  He informs Sam that he saw him and Samuel’s gang load the Alpha Vamp into the back of the van.   “Isn’t that a little weird?” Sam confesses to Dean what happened.  He also tells him that Samuel has been collecting all kinds of monsters so he can question them but he has no idea what Samuel wants to question them about.  Samuel doesn’t allow him to the interrogation part.  Dean is now beside himself.   Again, doesn’t he find that odd that Samuel doesn’t trust him to tell him the whole story and why is he keeping the truth from Dean?   Sam tells him because Samuel and crew don’t trust him with the monsters and Sam agrees with them.   He tells Dean that he has a “shoot first, ask questions later”mentality and that Samuel needs these things alive to question them.    At this point, Dean has had enough.  If their working relationship is going to work, Sam needs to tell Dean everything and Dean needs to be in charge of how they will handle situations like this moving forward.   Sam agrees.

Back at Samuel’s lair, Sam asks to be part of the interrogation process and Samuel won’t let him.  So Sam puts a GPS tracking (or activates it) on Samuel’s phone so they can track him to the place where he is holding the Alpha Vamp for questioning.    I wonder if Samuel would have agreed to let Sam in on the interrogation, if he would have included Dean.   When Sam got back to the car and said to Dean “what you didn’t think I was coming back?”  “I had it at 60/40” Dean replied.  I was with Dean thinking that if Samuel let Sam in, Sam would have stayed aligned with that group and left Dean behind.   But we’ll never know because Samuel shut him out bringing our boys back together.    They follow Samuel to a warehouse area and enter the building he and Christian go in.   Is it wrong of me to say that I really hope Christian gets what is coming to him?   No?  I didn’t think so.    They find the area where Samuel has the Alpha tied up and he is flooding his body with Dead Man’s Blood to weaken him.  Little does he notice the fingernail the Alpha just grew to slice out of the restraints.   This is where the episode starts to get very interesting.   Samuel is asking the Alpha “where is it?”  and the Vamp won’t tell him.      The Vamp is also taunting him because his “torture” methods are not working on him.  Samuel leaves in frustration and as soon as I look at my husband and say “the Vamp knows the guys are hiding there” the Vamp says “Are you boys going to hide there all night?”   Ha!!!!   When the boys start to question him, he toys with them as well but he realizes that Sam has no soul and starts to answer some questions.   The big question he answered was what Samuel is looking for….Purgatory.  Purgatory?  Why in God’s name is he looking for Purgatory?   I mean I can see looking for the key to winning the $100 million Power Ball but Purgatory seems a little trickier and a little more out there.  But the Vamp also informs them that Samuel is acting on the behalf of a higher authority.    It makes sense since someone or something brought him and Sam back but who could it be?   Just then, Samuel, Christian, and crew find the boys and ask them to leave so they can have a little chat.   Meanwhile Samuel has one of his cronies stay behind to keep an eye on Alpha Vamp.   Not a good idea.  When they all leave and have their chat, the Vamp escapes and kills the unfortunate hunter left behind.  Everyone is now obviously disturbed by this new development and Dean has his “I told you so” look on his face.  He tells them they have to kill the Vamp before he kills all of them.   They search for the Vamp and he ends up finding them first.   During the battle, at one point the Vamp grabs Sam with plans to turn him since he would be such a good monster since he has no soul.  Christian of all people stops him by injecting him with a powerful dose of dead man’s blood.  And when we see the group of hunters holding the Vamp, we notice their eyes….they have demon eyes!!!    I knew they weren’t “Mary’s family.”   And guess who is behind this madness?   That would be one cross roads demon, king of hell….Crowley.

Crowley is the one who brought back both Samuel and Sam’s soulless body.   He left Sam’s soul in Lucifer’s cage as a bargaining chip, which we will get to later.   Samuel has been working for Crowley and Christian and demon crew were planted to help him.  Crowley wants Samuel to collect as many monsters as possible so he can find out where Purgatory is.   He isn’t content just being in charge of hell and now he wants Purgatory.  Why?  Don’t know yet but I’m sure we will find out soon enough.  Sam is really pissed because Samuel lied to him and never told him any of this.  Samuel acted as if he was just as confused as Sam when he knew the whole time.   Crowley also wants Dean to help and Dean refuses.   Here comes the soul part…If Dean doesn’t help and Sam continue to help, Sam’s soul will be locked in Lucifer’s cage forever.  So if they want Sam’s soul back, they need to do Crowley’s bidding.  Awesome turn of events!!!! When Crowley leaves, Sam wants to kill Samuel but Dean stops him.  For the time being, he lives until they can figure out what to do.

On a side note, I commend the show on the side characters it introduces…especially the “bad” ones.  So many of them have been really likable that I almost hate when Sam and Dean have to kill them.  Some of my favorites have been Meg Masters (Nikki Aycox), Ruby (Katie Cassidy not Genevieve Cortese), Trickster/Gabriel (Richard Speight Jr), Lucifer (Mark Pelligrino), Crowley (Mark Shephard), Anna (Julie McNiven), and Azazel (Fredric Lehne.)  I don’t count Bobby as a side character because he is a main character to me, even though he isn’t listed as such.  These are really interesting characters and in the cases of the Trickster and Crowley, can be really funny.  That’s why I hate that I have to root against Crowley this year.

I can understand why Sam and Dean would help Crowley but why Samuel?   What does Crowley have on him?  It can’t be Sam’s soul because I don’t think Samuel cares.  So what is he holding over him that could get him to do this?  Who knows.   But I guess this will be the arc for the rest of the season…how do they get out from under Crowley and get Sam’s soul back.   And what happens to Samuel when this is over?  Does he live or is he sent back?  I hope he is sent back because I am not a big fan.   Here’s another question, if/when Sam gets his soul back, does he remember any of this or does he only remember back to the time he lost his soul?    I ask this because I am worried about the guys’ relationship.   How many times do trust issues get tested to the point that the trust between the 2 of them is permanently damaged?   They have both been to hell and permanently effected by that.   They have both held back on being completely honest with the other brother and both have been caught in their lies of omission.   So what does this mean when Sam gets his soul back?   Does their relationship go back to normal?   Because I don’t know how it can.  I guess only time will tell and the show is all about the Winchester brothers so I have no doubt that their relationship will be fine.   But there have been somethings that happened that, realistically, I don’t know how they recover.  I do know that I am happy that they are on the same page working towards the same ultimate goal…getting Sam’s soul back and defeating Crowley!

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LOST Analysis: Supernatural “You Can’t Handle the Truth” S6 E6

I was partially wrong and partially right about Sam.  I was right that there was no way this was the new and not-so improved Sam being an empty shell of himself with no remorse or conscious…although I was kind of wrong.   But I was wrong about Sam being a demon…although maybe he is because the jury is still out.   But I was right that something was wrong with Sam…yeah me!!!   I suck at this.   As it turns out, this is really Sam but he has no soul.   Say what?   Sam has no soul.   So does that mean the real Sam is dead and this is ghost Sam (Veritas said he couldn’t be human.)  Or this is Sam walking around without his soul?  The Catholic in me wonders how that is possible but I keep reminding myself that it’s only a TV show.   Suspension of disbelief is essential with shows like this.   Sam without a soul explains a hell of a lot.  But it opens the door for so many questions.   Who took Sam’s soul?   Was it Lucifer?  Was it a crossroads type demon with whom he had to make a deal…his soul for his life?    How can Sam get it back or can he?   Who sent Sam back to the land of the living and why?  I still think this is about punishing Dean and destroying his life some how but I don’t know who is behind it and if it has anything to do with the civil war in Heaven.  And how can Sam fake his old personality?   If he has no soul, wouldn’t he be soulless Sam all the time without a care of how it impacts Dean?   Why would he try or even care to pretend to be “old” Sam?  That’s why I wonder if it is as simple as “Sam without a soul.”  I like that we are getting some answers this soon into S6 rather than waiting until E18 to find out what is wrong with Sam.   Since next week it looks like we confirm soulless Sam, the next step would be finding out why this happened, who has his soul, and how does he get it back.   We also have to factor Samuel and the “cousins” into the equation.   I’m still not sold on the fact that they are here for the right reasons.   But Grandpa had to have been brought back for a reason.  If he was in Heaven, did the angels know about Sam and bring Samuel back to either protect and help Dean or to help Sam get his soul back?   Or is he there to help Sam go after Dean?    I have no idea where this is going but I am really anxious to find out!

The case this week was the goddess of Truth, Veritas, inserting her presence into this town in Illinois and forcing people to tell the harshest of truths resulting in the suicides/deaths of many people.   Somehow when a person request the truth, that is exactly what they get.  A waitress’ sister she would be better off if she just killed herself and she doesn.  A man at a dentist’s office tells the dentist how he molested his daughter and the dentist proceed to buzz saw the inside of his mouth.   That scene alone caused my husband and I to shift in our seats and grimace in pain.   Can you imagine that death?  Good God.   Guy deserved it though.  Anyhoo, the boys start their investigation and on side moments, Dean is calling Bobby to let him know that he knows something is wrong and that this isn’t Sam.  Bobby isn’t sure what to do and neither does Dean but he wants to keep Sam at a distance.   When Sam gets back to the motel, Dean suggests they investigate seperately…Sam can interview people and Dean will do research.   Just that suggestion alone should throw up a red flag to Sam!    Sam leaves and Dean’s “research” takes him to a local tavern.   Did anyone else notice how much Dean drank in this episode?   Although I would too if I was going through Dean’s issues.  Just last night I threw back quite a few Sam Adams Octoberfests after the lousy work week I had….sorry I digress.  So back to the bar, Dean let’s out the phrase that has Veritas throw down her truth gauntlet, “I just want the truth.”   What ensues are some really funny lines from the bartender and a young lady at a table behind Dean.  “I’m squeezing my boobs together so you notice them.   I just bought them.”  Dean looks, says “good for you”  and leaves.   And then he comes back to take another look in typical Dean fashion.   Ha!!!  He also calls Bobby and Bobby ends up admitting things Dean didn’t want to know, like the fact that he watches “Tori and Dean.”    He also tells Dean that Dean was always his favorite but Sam is the better hunter.  Too funny.  I love Bobby.   He hangs up and then Lisa calls.  I would be torn here.  It’s a great chance to get the honest truth from Lisa about their situation, but I don’t know if I would want to know.   If I were him, I wouldn’t have answered the call.  But he does and it doesn’t go well.  For most of this conversation I think Lisa has every right to question Dean but then she goes too far.   She wants to know why he pushed Ben (very understandable), she says that he keeps so much to himself and doesn’t open up to her (also very understandable) and that when Sam came back she knew they were over because his relationship with Sam is so unhealthy (wait, what?)  And then she dumps Dean.  I have mentioned before about the fact that I like Lisa and Ben but I don’t think they should be in Dean’s life.  This show is not about finding the guys love interests.   And I have always been impressed with how Lisa was able to handle Dean’s life and how cool she has been.  But an unhealthy relationship with Sam?  Are you kidding me?  So brothers who are really close and would do anything for one another is unhealthy?   Since when?   To give her the benefit of the doubt (which goes back to her comment about Dean keeping a lot to himself) maybe she doesn’t understand what happened to them growing up and that their ENTIRE LIVES, for about 95% of the time, all they had was each other.  That’s it.   Dead mother, father constantly on the run hunting, no friends, no co-workers, NOTHING!   You can throw Bobby in there and Jess for Sam (sort of) but for most of their lives, they just had each other.   If she doesn’t know the history and doesn’t get their connection, then she’s right, she shouldn’t be with Dean.  But if she does know and that is her interpretation of his relationship with his brother, then good riddens!

When Sam and Dean meet back up at one of the victim’s houses, Dean says he wants the truth and asks Sam about Vampgate.  “Why did you stand there and not help me?”   Sam tells Dean he froze and was scared.  You can see he is lying his ass off to Dean.   But since Dean thinks he can’t lie, he takes what he said as truth and apologies to him.   I find it strange that Dean would believe him so easily.  Especially since he doesn’t think this is Sam and with everything he has seen in his years of hunting, it’s possible something can out smart the “truth bug.”  I was really surprised he wasn’t more dubious.  In their motel room, Sam thinks, based off items found in her room, that the first victim summoned Veritas and that is why she is in town.  Now to find her.   Dean thinks the local TV reporter Ashley Frank, who has a show called “Frank Talk” (get it?   Frank Talk?)   Moving on, they confirm it is Ashley and they go to her house with knives dipped in blood….yummy!   When they enter the house, Veritas is there and she knocks them out and ties them up.   Time for some Frank Talk with the goddess of truth.  As she chows down on someone’s tongue (eeeeeewwww) Sam tries to cut through the rope with his blood knife.   She goes up to Dean and wants the truth.   Dean tells her that he wanted to kill Sam but after their “Frank Talk” he feels better about him.  He also admits that he was kidding himself about being a family man, he is a hunter and always will be.    Thank God he finally realized that revelation!!!  Next, it’s Sam’s turn.  She asks him about Dean and Sam pulls out some rhetoric about their lives being difficult but they manage.   Veritas is incredulous.  “You are lying to me!  What are you?   You can’t be human?”  Uh oh!  Dean is looking at Sam with both anger and resolve because he had been right all along.  And Sam is looking at her like most people look at Paris Hilton…shut the hell up!!!!   Sam is able to break loose from the rope and passes the knife onto Dean.  Veritas takes the upper hand on Sam but Dean stabs her the back and when she let’s go of Sam, Sam is able to stab her in the heart.   Problem solved….or is it?   Dean then turns on Sam and is now convinced that this is not his brother.  Sam asks him to let him explain.   He let him get turned because the Alpha Vamp has a cure and he thought Dean could handle himself against the Vamps.  This makes Dean REALLY happy.  Sam then says he doesn’t know what is wrong with him.  He knows something is wrong but isn’t sure what.  He doesn’t feel anything.  He has no emotion or connection to anything at all.  And he asks Dean to please help him.  Dean drops the knife, Sam relaxes, and Dean goes Mike Tyson on Sam’s face.   Cut to black.

What do you think about this mess?  It really bothers me when my Winchester boys are not on the same team and right now they aren’t.  How long until we find out what the deal is with Sam and if they can fix it?   Do you like S6 so far and the story it is telling?   Let me know.    Happy Halloween everyone!  Please be safe or a Wendigo might come out and slash you!!!

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LOST Analysis: The Event “Loyalty” S1 E6

I bet you are starting to see which shows I am catching up on since the reviews are coming out-of-order!   But I finally watched 5 episodes of the Event.   Probably not the best idea but I made it work.  Well 6 episodes in and I’m still not sure if I am into this show.  I like it, but I don’t LOVE it.   There are parts I am really interested in (what side is Simon really on, Sean’s search for Leila, why she was kidnapped, who her kidnappers work for, where is her sister, what is up with her dad, pretty much this whole story line) and there are parts I could care less about right now (how Martinez will handle the detainees, will they be released, is Blake corrupt or a good soldier for Martinez, Thomas and Sophia, etc.)   Really whenever Thomas is on the screen I just want to FF because he annoys me.   Also with The Event, I think parts are very predictable…Sean using Vicky’s kid as bait to release Leila, the fact that Vicky’s “son” is the baby from the assassination from 5 years ago, when Sean and Claire were going up to the house in Texas and you see Carter going to leave the house in Texas, you know Sean and Claire aren’t at the same house, and the “Marshalls” coming to pick up Sean at the FBI satellite office, you know they were the bad guys.   So that bums me a little that there are so many predictable parts to the show.   And there are certain characters I am into (Sean, Vicky, Leila, Simon,) certain ones the jury is still out on (Blake, Martinez, Jarvis, Claire, Sophia,) and certain ones I don’t care about (Thomas, Christina.)

As I mentioned before, I already like that this show moves at a quick pace, answers questions, solves problems yet creates new ones.  I like the fact that Sean has found Leila and it wasn’t dragged out all season.  Plus there is still so much mystery there…who targeted Leila and her family and why, what is her father’s connection with Alaska, how did her hair look so good after not being washed or combed for days?   We still need to know where Sam is and who has her although it looks like we may get an idea into that next week.  And just what is Vicky’s deal?  She’s an assassin.  Who is her employer?  How did she get into that?  Does her mother know?  What is her end game?  There seems to be a lot more to Vicky than just cold-blooded bitch.    Or maybe it is that simple, time will tell.

I think Simon is starting to be in quite a pickle.  And I really don’t know who is allegiance is to at this point.  I think he wants to remain loyal to his alien crew (and I am calling them that for now until I have a chance to read further into them) but I think he likes Martinez and has respect for him as well.  But he can’t play on both sides, at least not forever.  And at one point he is going to have to choose.  You can also see how tormented he is by these choices and the time in 1954 illustrates that very well.  Simon (Mason as he was known to his lady friend) falls in love with Violet.  Eventually, Thomas shows up and tells Simon, he has to move on or she has to die.  Simon doesn’t want to because he has built a life with her and he wants to continue that life.  Thomas asks the question I am also dying to know, “how would you explain to her the fact that you never age?”   Great question!   He said he would find a way to work around that.  Ok, sure you would.  But Simon has to leave her.  And years later, after he finished his secret service exam, he walks past a hotel where standing outside is, you guessed it, Violet, 46 years later.  She recognizes him instantly and once he realizes who she is, you can see the pain and love on his face.  He returns to see Violet and apologies for running out her all those years ago.  He tells her that he had no choice.  She tells him but that in fact was his choice to make.  Ian Anthony Dale does some great acting in these scenes.  And even though he is a traitor (on so many levels) you can’t help but root for him because he is so likable.  As Sophia and Thomas escape from the tracking the government has on her, Sophia asks Simon to join them and he says he can’t.  I guess he made his choice.   And as he is leaving the building, the building starts to collapse with him and the FBI inside.  As they are struggling to get everyone out, they notice it isn’t an earthquake or a bomb, but a pretty sky colored hole that is opening up and swallowing the building.   Which of course was created by Thomas and didn’t make Sophia too happy.  Boy everyone is collateral damage with this Thomas guy….jerk.  Everyone is able to get out right as the building caves in.    So what powers do these people have that can move planes in mid-flight or swallow up entire buildings?  And why does Thomas want to kill innocent people?  He isn’t a bitter detainee because he has been free all these years.  I don’t get his anger management issues.  Sophia was held all this time and she doesn’t condone the violence with which Thomas seems to be operating.   So why is Thomas so unfeeling and ruthless?  What is his motivation and what is the ultimate goal of the detainees?   William made a deal with the administration to have himself and his girlfriend Maya, set free in exchange for information about what their doing here.  When he told Maya of his plan, she apparently found herself with the dilemma of joining her boyfriend or killing him to protect the detainees secrets.   She chose the later.  I guess they weren’t as strong a couple as Sean and Leila.     So what is so important you kill your boyfriend to keep quite?

I think the show is getting better and I am investing in seeing what will happen next.   But I also wouldn’t be surprised if this is a one and done season for the show.

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LOST Analysis: Supernatural “Live Free or Twi Hard” S6 E5

I had about 3 episodes to catch up on from my trip and then watch last nights new eppy.   WOW!!!  I think it’s official.  Sam Winchester is not Sam Winchester.  He can’t be!!!  Or is that just my wishful thinking?   Let’s do a quick episode recap and then we’ll get into what is going with Sam…and I don’t like it!!!

In a spin on the vampire craze with teenagers, we open up at some club and a young girl is waiting to meet someone.  Robert, a mysterious, but strange talking, young man shows up and they strike up a conversation…but they have talked before, in a chat room I believe.  When she cuts her hand in her bag and Robert sees the blood he runs off.  Is he a wack-a-doo pretending to be a vampire?  Or is this a real vampire?  Who knows.  Go back to the club another day and our teenage vamp lover is back and Robert shows up again.   This time they talk and he shows her his fangs.  She is obviously excited by this and decides that it would be perfectly acceptable to leave the club with this weirdo and go to his apartment, you know, to get bitten for the first time.   I’m sorry, I like the vampire thing as much as the next teeny bopper, but if I went to a bar and some wacko showed up and showed me his “fangs”, I would burst out laughing and head for the door….ALONE.  What was this girl thinking???  So they leave and when this Harvard potential realizes she is not in the greatest area and Boris, the fat ugly vamp leader shows up, she understands that this was not the best idea.   Really, and Mensa was this close to calling.  We realize they are real vamps and kidnap her with plans to turn her.  Not so exciting anymore is it Kristen?

Sam and Dean are on the case realizing that many girls around the same age have all gone missing.  They go to Kristen’s house to investigate and head to her room.  When they open the door, they see the ridiculously creepy shrine to vampires and all things goth.  This is when Dean drops a classic Dean Winchester line: “these aren’t vampires, these are douchebags.”  Love him.  They find the link to the club and head there.  They run into the vamps and Sam kills one while Dean is confronted by Boris.   Boris overpowers him and proceeds to feed Dean his blood.  In the background, one of the most disturbing and disconcerting things happen…Sam is watching, and smirking!   Not only does he NOT rush to help Dean, he almost goes into a trance like state and he looks as though he is ENJOYING what he is witnessing.  He then seems to snap out of it when it winds down and then he rushes to Dean’s side.

Back at their hotel, Dean is already feeling the vamp effects and informed Sam that he called Samuel to come and kill him so he doesn’t hurt anyone.  Sam doesn’t seem too happy about this but when Dean asks him how he is feeling, Sam says he’s pretty upset.   But Dean can hear his heartbeat, with his super-duper vamp hearing, and it is calm and steady.  More evidence Dean is not sure about Sammy.  When Dean goes to use the bathroom, he escapes and heads to Lisa’s house.  There he is really fighting his inner vamp urges.  He tells Lisa this isn’t going to work and when he almost becomes overwhelmed with the thought of chowing down on her, he leaves and runs into Ben.  Ben wants to hug Dean but Dean begs him to stay away from him and he pushed Ben away.  Dean then leaves and Lisa and Ben are left to wonder what the hell just happened.

When he meets back up with Sam and Samuel at the hotel, he asks Samuel to kill him.  Samuel says “Ok, or I could just change you back.”   Well why not lead with that grandpa?  He tells Dean about the cure and that he needs the blood of the man who turned him as well as inject him with Deadman’s blood.   Dean leaves to go back to vamp land and Samuel then confronts Sam.   Apparently Sam knew about the cure and Samuel wants to know why Sam didn’t tell Dean.  Sam then denies he knew about the cure.  Samuel said he told Sam and Sam denies it.  “You didn’t keep the cure from Dean so you could get closer to the Alpha did you Sam?” Grandpa asks.  “Of course not” Sam replies.  (Wink, wink, fingers crossed behind his back.)  I don’t grandpa is buying this version of Sam either.

Back at vamp land, Dean tries to blend in and resist the urge to drink blood (if takes even a drop, the cure won’t work.)  When he bumps into Boris, he learns that what is going on is a vicious cycle of young girls, who have been turned, lure the young men to the trap so they can be turned.   Then those newly christened vamps, go after young girls to turn them and the cycle continues.   It’s kind of like on campus college recruiting.  And orders are coming from the Alpha Vampire, who we realize is no longer in fear of hunters and is amassing an army.  Long story short, Dean starts going all Sleepy Hollow on the vamps and ends up killing Boris and getting what he needs to cure him.   Back at the hotel, Samuel mixes the cure and Dean chugs it down.   He then pukes up a whole mess of muck and starts flashing all the way back to the point he got turn.  My husband then shouts “He’s going to see Sam watching him!!”  My husband isn’t happy about new Sam either.  He’s right though, and Dean sees the enjoyment in “Sam’s” face when he is getting turned.

As they prepare to leave, Dean tries to reach out to Lisa but then hangs up and decides against it.  And quite frankly, I’m ready for Dean’s family life to be over.  I like Lisa and Ben, but it’s time for them to go away.   When Dean and Sam go to get into the car Dean says to Sam “you always have my back, right Sammy?”  And again in a very eerie and creepy way, Sam replies “of course Dean.”   Yeah and women wearing white linen gloves want to eat ketchup sandwiches on potato chip bread.

So let’s get into what is on everyone’s mind….is this or is this not Sam Winchester?  My initial reaction is no.  Either Lucifer is still inside and still controlling Sam or Sam is dead and this is a demon.  Or, worst case scenario, this really is Sam and he is just a changed, nasty, really buff, person after his time in hell.   Again, this may be my wishful thinking talking, but I really don’t think this is just a changed Sam.   There has to be something/someone else controlling Sam and effecting his personality.  I can’t believe this is the new Sam Winchester, an empty shell of a person with no remorse, conscious, or feeling.  I won’t buy it.  As I have mentioned before, you can’t drink 900 gallons of demon blood to prepare for the entrance of Lucifer into your soul and not be effected.   It’s also possible, that Lucifer is still in there!  I don’t think so.  I think there is a demon in Sam.   I keep going back to the season finale when “Sam” stood under the street light outside Lisa’s house watching Dean and the light flickered and went out.  That screams demon.   But which demon and why?  Is it Ruby or Lilith exacting revenge?  Some other force we haven’t met yet?   Does it have something to do with the civil war in Heaven and the ensuing fight between Balthazar and Raphael?  Whatever demon it is, I am convinced it is coming after Dean with plans to destroy him and using Sam as a vessel to do it.

What do you think?  Is this Sam or not?   Do you like new Sam or not?   And what should Dean do?

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