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RECAP: Private Practice “What Happens Next” S4 E8

Guess I should have kept the Kleenex handy for this week as well.  You know what, I am just going to hit my Wegmans and load up for the rest of season just to be safe!   This week deals with the aftermath of the aftermath…everyone getting back to their lives and jobs after Charlotte’s attack.   There were also 2 cases this week so let’s get them out-of-the-way and then we will jump into Charlotte’s storyline.

The first case was about a young girl named Elisa who was battling lymphoma.   She has gone through many bouts of treatment. including chemo, and it looks like she will have to go through Chemo once again.   Her father Diego, would rather not put her through that again so he suggests taking her to the Shaman for treatment.   Cooper is dead against this and Pete tells him to let Diego take Elisa and see what happens.  While with the Shaman, Elisa has some setbacks and they can’t find a heartbeat.  Diego is begging for the them to let the Shaman finish her ritual and Cooper and Pete call 911 to get her back to the hospital.   Diego is furious about this and wants his daughter released.  Cooper decides he is going to get a judge to rule that Elisa has the chemo.  Pete tells him that due to religious practices being the reason for Diego’s decision, Coop probably won’t win.   He disagrees and moves forward.   Pete goes to Elisa and asks her what she wants.    She says she doesn’t want chemo but never mentions that she wants the Shaman’s treatment either.   When the judge is there, Pete supports Diego’s request for treatment via the Shaman and Cooper stresses how important the chemo is to her health.   Finally Elisa speaks up and says that she doesn’t believe the Shaman can cure her but that the reason she doesn’t want the chemo is because it is bankrupting her family and she doesn’t want her father and siblings to suffer because of her treatment.   What an amazing kid!!!    Naturally the judge orders the chemo and Charlotte also agrees to allow the Shaman to come in and perform her ritual in the hospital for extra measure!

I think due to Charlotte’s situation, you may have Cooper wanting to over involve himself in his patients’ care.    I know he was always very involved before and wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to his patients, but I think it’s different now.   He can’t help Charlotte.   He can’t make her better.   So he is going to run through walls to make all the other people in that hospital better if it kills him.  At least with these other patients, he is helping them.   He is curing them.  Which is something he currently cannot do for the love of his life.  It’s only one week, but I think this could be a sign of how we are going to see Cooper react.

The second case involved a husband and wife, Rachel and Jimmy Berlutti!!!    They have a very loving marriage of 20+ years and Rachel has been struggling with cancer over the years.  Lately she has been having fits of rage and beating on Jimmy Berlutti.  Sheldon wants this reported and Jimmy Berlutti doesn’t want that.  He says he can take care of his wife.   He loves her and he can handle anything.  Rachel goes to see Addison to get checked out and it turns out she has a tumor on her ovary that is spilling high levels of testosterone into her system…which explains the rage outbursts.  Addison wants to perform surgery to check the extent of the tumor and Rachel agrees.   After surgery, it’s revealed to Rachel and Jimmy Berlutti that the tumor was more advanced than they thought and while they removed some of it, they couldn’t get it all and that she is terminal.   This also means the rage episodes will continue and they suggest hospice care for the remainder of her life so she can be with people who have the expertise to manage it.  It’s a heartbreaking scene between them because he wants to spend her last moment together and he promises her he can manage her episodes.   She tearfully tells him she doesn’t want that for him or to hurt him anymore and that she wants the hospice care.   Rachel tells him he can visit her everyday and tell the staff how to properly care of her.    It was really moving and it’s always good to see Michael Badaluco back on TV!!!

While everyone else is getting back to work, so is Charlotte.   She goes into her office at St Ambrose and she flashes to the rape in her head.  She immediately leaves and heads over to Oceanside.   The crew is in the kitchen and Cooper asks everyone to please act normal around Charlotte.  When Charlotte comes in she tells everyone to look now and move on with it.   One by one, people are going up to her to check on her.  Addison wants to get her coffee and let her know that she is there for Charlotte.  Charlotte reminds her that they are not friends and that the only thing she wants from her is to keep her mouth shut.   Amelia brings doughnuts (smart girl)  and offers to take Charlotte to a meeting if she starts to have the urge to take pills again.  “I wrestled my 2 older brothers growing up.  My pain threshold is very high.”   Pete comes to see her to check her injuries and she reluctantly agrees.   You can see in her face that with every touch of Pete against her skin, she is cringing in pain.   I’m sure physically but it’s more emotional trauma than physical.   Finally, Sheldon sees her in the coffee-room and treats her the most normal of everyone.   Charlotte notices this and thanks Sheldon for leaving her alone.  “I’d do nothing for you anytime.  You know that right?”  Sheldon tells her.  “Yes I do.”   Great scene.

Behind the scenes Addison is really struggling with what has happened to Charlotte.   She wants to talk about it but she can’t.   Then we realize there is more to what is bothering her.   She confides in Sam that she was treating a rape victim and the victim did not want a rape kit performed because she didn’t want anyone to know.   Unbeknownst to the victim, Addison performed the rape kit anyway, in case she changed her mind later and wanted to press charges.   By law, Addison is supposed to report the rape to the police.  Sam reminds her of this and wonders why she didn’t call the police.   It then dawns on him that it was because the victim was Charlotte.    Now, I think Addison did the right thing by performing the rape kit.  I think there is nothing wrong with having it performed and if the victim doesn’t change their mind, you discard the evidence.  If they do change, you have it.   But what bugs me is her telling Sam.   What about doctor/patient confidentiality?   I can’t BELIEVE she told Sam this.   And I don’t care that she never said it was Charlotte.  Sam isn’t stupid so of course he would figure it out.    She had no right to do that.   I understand this is hard on her and she wants to help Charlotte, but this isn’t her call and it’s not about her feelings.  Charlotte asked her to keep quiet and she should, to Sam.   To the police, I’m not so sure.   As a doctor Charlotte should know she is putting Addison in a bad spot by asking her to do something illegal, but I don’t care.  I am certainly not going to blame Charlotte!   And I can see where Addison would struggle to tell the police so she can help put the bastard behind bars.   But she had NO RIGHT to talk to Sam about this.   Because look at what happened…Sam goes to Violet, Violet goes to Sheldon, Violet also talks to Pete, Sheldon talks to the police, and then Violet talks to Charlotte.   So it went from 2 people knowing to at least 5 more people knowing.   Let’s look at each scenario:

  • Sam to Violet: never tells Violet what is going on and what happened but he stresses to Violet in a very strange way that she NEEDS to talk to Charlotte.   Violet, at first, is extremely confused and she just wants to leave Charlotte alone because that is what Charlotte wants.   But Sam keeps pushing her to talk to Charlotte.  Violet is also a smart woman and has her opinions as to why Sam is pushing this so hard.
  • Violet to Sheldon: Violet talks to her fellow colleague about what happened and tells him she wishes he was there so they can compare notes.  They begin a very cryptic conversation but then Sheldon mentions that he was with a felon who is accused of raping someone and Violet’s face completely changes.  Sheldon, also a very smart man…who is really growing on me as a character by they way…sees the reaction Violet has to his telling her this news asks Violet if she thinks Charlotte was raped.
  • Violet to Pete: they have a very normal husband/wife discussion and Violet starts to tell Pete about what happened to her in college.   She also asks him why he never asked her about it.   He tells her that he knew she would talk when she was ready.    Violet asks him if he thinks Charlotte was raped.   He tells her he can’t discuss a patient and she agrees but she is just asking his opinion.   Now in fairness, Pete already had these thoughts back from the initial exam of Charlotte.   You could see it in his face.  But he tells Violet that yes, he thinks she was raped.
  • Sheldon to the police: After his conversation with Violet, Sheldon goes back to his detective friend and tells him he thinks he knows who asshole bastard raped.  Oh boy.   Shouldn’t he be talking to Charlotte about this first?
  • Violet to Charlotte (KLEENEX MOMENT):  Violet enters Charlotte’s office at St Ambrose, who by the way just started to feel a tinge of comfort in there after not being able to go in before.   There are no niceties and Violet begins to tell Charlotte about what happened to her in college.  Violet was raped by a man who came in through an open window and beat her head until her hair was caked with blood.   She thought if she stayed quiet about it, then it would be like it never happened.   “Because things like that, they don’t happen to people like me.  Or to people like you.  So I just wanted you to know that I get it.  I get it Charlotte.  And I’m here for you.”   Then she leaves.   And Charlotte loses control.

Violet had gotten on my nerves a lot this season, but this one scene completely reminded me of why I liked her so much in the first place.  Violet can very calmly, respectfully, and compassionately let you know that she understands exactly what you are going through and be there for you the way other people can’t.    She can talk you through something and get you to a level of clarity you couldn’t see before.  In this instance, she handled it perfectly.  She explained to Charlotte what she went through, how she can understand her and her decision-making yet not judge her, and leave the door open for her to talk to her.   Then she leaves her alone.    It was perfectly written and excellently executed by Amy Brenneman!!    When Violet leaves, Charlotte loses control and trashes her office.  I think this is a result of many bottled up feelings: anger for what happened to her, anger for not being able to talk about it, anger that what happened to her got out now people know, anger that she is in fact a victim, anger that this happens to women too much.

The domino effect of this information coming to light is Sheldon going to the police, Addison calling police reporting the rape kit information she has, and Charlotte starting to take the small steps of asking for help by going to Amelia and asking her to go to a NA meeting with her.  Amelia drops everything and leaves with her immediately.

Doesn’t it seem like everyone knows right now except for one person….Cooper.   I really hope that Charlotte is the one to tell him.  Because if he finds out some other way, that won’t be a pretty sight.  This group of people, while their intentions most of the time are good, have a tendency to not respect other people’s wishes and do what they think is best.   I know they all have her back and I know they all want that person punished and castrated for what he did to her.   So do I.   But this is Charlotte’s decision, not theirs!!!   It will make her feel more like a victim and out of control if everyone is making decisions for her.   Like I said I know their intentions are good.   But if they really want to help her and help her get her power back, let her decide how to move and when she will move forward.   You can guide her and direct her on the path of turning the asshole in.   But they need to let her do it her way.  Otherwise, they will hurt her recovery more than help.

I want to give props to the PP writing team for really being so genuine and careful with this story.  Rape storylines are very challenging and you want to tell it with respect as well as power.   The writers of PP are doing just.   And I think it goes without saying that the acting of the entire cast but especially KaDee Strickland, Paul Adelstein, Kate Walsh, and Amy Brenneman have been remarkable.   I really want to hear what you think about the cast, the writers,  and the storyline.

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RECAP: Private Practice: “Did You Hear What Happened To Charlotte King” S4 E7

I thought a lot about how I would start this post.   There are very few times on TV when an episode hits you to your core.   And not to be sexist, but I think if you are a woman, watching an episode like last night, it just impacts you harder and affects you more.    Private Practice went there last night.   They have done violent episodes before (Violet’s attack comes to mind) but something about the way this episode was filmed and executed just resonated with me.   Unfortunately we witnessed the brutal and vicious beating and rape of Dr. Charlotte King….one of the strongest but one of the most emotionally challenged women on the show.  I’m glad the show decided not to show the entire rape scene.  To see Charlotte’s condition, the condition of her office, and the few clips of the actual attack, were enough to demonstrate what a horrific trauma this woman just went through.   And to sensationalize more would have been distasteful.  I thought the show handled that very well.

The opening scene shows the immediate aftermath of the attack.   You see her office in disarray.  A broken fingernail.  Lamps are broken.  Glass all over the floor.  Tables turned over.  An overturned coffee cup.  Charlotte’s bloody arm surfacing on her desk in an attempt to stabilize herself.  She grabs her underwear off the floor and hides them in a file drawer in her desk and then locks it and hides the key in a flower-pot.   It is very consistent with what her character would do instinctively….hide the evidence of what truly happened to her so no one will know.   She walks down the corridor to a supply closet where she is gathering medical supplies so she can treat herself.   Pete walks in and see her.  She collapses and he picks her up and carries her to an exam room.   He begins to help her and she requests a nurse who will “keep her mouth shut” for assistance.  As soon as Pete leaves, she makes a phone call.  You think it’s to Cooper but it isn’t, she calls Addison.    When the exam resumes, Addison comes in and Pete wonders what she is doing there.  Charlotte shakes her head “no” and Addison said she was called in on another case and heard about what happened.  At this point, Charlotte vomits and Addison shoos everyone out of the room, including Pete.  She starts to clean up Charlotte and suggests a HIV cocktail, the morning after pill, some other test for STDs, and a pelvic exam.   She asks if her assumption is correct and Charlotte confirms she is right.

One of the more painful scenes to watch was the pelvic exam.   You see Charlotte shaking and crying and then Addison reaches for her hand for support which Charlotte grabs onto.  It would be fair to assume Charlotte’s cries were for the pain of the exam but it was much more than that.  It was the pain of someone being around an area where she was violated and the idea of someone else with their hands on her (even her friend who is a doctor) is excruciating.  Addison suggests a rape kit and Charlotte refuses immediately.  “I was robbed, I wasn’t raped.”  Addison is stunned and says she needs to do this so she can turn evidence over to the police and it is her legal duty to do so.  Charlotte says no.   The story is she was robbed and beaten, nothing else happened.  She stresses it again, nothing else happened.  Addison reluctantly agrees with her and she begs Addison not to say a word to anyone.   “He took my wallet, he didn’t take anything else.”  KaDee Strickland and Kate Walsh had incredible scenes together.  Both of their emotions were very raw and real and it was touching to see Charlotte lean on someone for help (which she never does) and Addison being there for her every step of the way and the pain she exuded for Charlotte.

At this point, Cooper has finally been told that Charlotte is in the hospital (he was out drinking with Amelia and Sam) and he leaves the bar to be with Charlotte.  He’s pretty hammered so he needs to sober up in order to go see her.  I read that the scene where Cooper sees Charlotte for the first time is also the first time Paul Adelstein sees Strickland in her makeup so the reaction you get from him is real because he hadn’t seen her yet.   Cooper is completely distraught over the sight of her but you see him trying to pull himself together to be strong for her and Charlotte sees right through it.  She asks to come to her bedside.   He goes over and lays his head in her lap as he starts to cry.  Vintage Charlotte, being the strong one, being the one to comfort him and tell him she is ok and that she will be alright.   I wonder how often that happens?   The victim of a violent crime needs to comfort the family around them so they don’t worry and get too upset.  I bet it happens a lot.

Amelia suggests they do a CT scan since she threw up and had damage to her head, she may have a concussion.  As Amelia preps Charlotte, you can see she is uncomfortable and doesn’t know what to say so she goes into doctor mode telling her what to expect and Charlotte reminds her she knows how a CT works.  Amelia then begins to recite the Serenity Prayer and Charlotte chimes in and they finish the prayer together.  “I thought you seemed like you were one of my people” Charlotte tells Amelia.  And Amelia smiles and tells her that she has been drinking a lot lately.  No pills, just a lot of drinking.   Charlotte asks her if she has gone to a meeting and Amelia replies no.  Charlotte tells her that they will go to a meeting together.  “Thank you” Amelia says, “no problem” Charlotte responds.   Again, in the midst of everything she has just been through, she reaches out to help and comfort Amelia.   In one sense it’s a good thing because it takes her mind off what had happened to her and gives her some power back if she is helping someone else in need.  At the same time, I just want to burst through my TV set, throw my arms around her, tell her to stop worrying about other people, take care of herself, and let her cry it out!

In another very painful scene, Charlotte has to get stitches in her arm and she can’t take drugs due to her background with drug addition and her allergy to local anesthesia.  So Amelia has to sew her up with nothing to ease her pain.  Her screams of pain are almost unbearable to watch and listen to and Cooper nearly loses it at the sound of her agony.  He can’t take it and Charlotte realizes this and asks him to get her a latte.  He doesn’t want to leave her side but she convinces him that she wants that latte so he leaves to get it for her.  After she is cleaned up Addison comes back in to see her and begs her to tell the police what has happened so that this won’t happen to another woman.   Addison tells her “if you keep this secret, it will eat you alive, I know it.”  Charlotte begins to enlighten Addison with what she is going through:

“You ever been violated?  Anybody rape you lately?  Let me tell you what it is like.  You know those made for TV movies that always show some woman naked in a shower crouched down on her knees and sobbing?  ‘Cause when she closes her eyes she can still feel the guys hands on her?  How when they show the attack the woman’s eyes go all blank and still?  She goes to some other place in her mind just so she can deal with the horror of what is happening to her while some Lilith Fair song plays (I have to say that made me smile a little because it’s true.)  It is nothing like that.  It’s dirty and sweaty.  And he licks your face and he wipes himself off in your hair and when you try to scream he punches you so hard you see God.  And then he goes at you again…raping stuff you didn’t even know you had ’cause he enjoyed it so much the first time.  I know you are trying to help.   But if helping me, means that everyone, that Cooper, is going to be looking at me the way you are looking at me now?   Please.  Do not help me.”

I was so mesmerized and so attentive during her talk with Addison I couldn’t move.  I could feel her pain, her anger, her fear in my bones.   It made me want to hunt this guy down and torture him with any means possible to try to have him feel of a tenth of what he put her through.  I can’t even imagine or begin to understand that kind of terror.  And she says it perfectly when Pete comes in to help her pain with his “voodoo” medicine and he asks her where it hurts the most?  “My soul” she very matter-of-factly replies.

Cooper is sitting with Charlotte when she realizes that she needs to write a memo about what happened.  She feels people are going to be concerned about their safety since a doctor was attack and she needs to write this memo.  Cooper tells her someone else can do it and don’t worry about it.  She reminds him she’s Chief of Staff and she has to worry about.  “I’m the boss” she says.  “You’re the victim” he says and she slaps her water cup and pitcher all over Cooper and the floor.  She tells him if he ever calls her the victim again their marriage is off.  He apologies and says he understands.  Her face turns very soft and she apologies to him for which he says, she doesn’t need to.  He leaves to give her some space and walk off his anger towards her attacker.  He ends up at her office and goes in to see the destruction and brutality that occurred.  He can see how much she fought back.  Even Violet who follows him was not prepared to see the complete and utter chaos in her office.  Cooper at this point completely breaks down and Violet shuts the door to give him some privacy.

Cooper comes back in to check on her and sees her trying to get dressed.  She asks him to help her and he just wants her to get back into to bed and rest.  But she doesn’t want to be in the hospital anymore, she just wants to go home and he agrees and helps her.   She tells him “thank you for loving me.   Take me home.”   He walks her out of her room and into the hallway where the PP crew is waiting for her.  Pete offers to get her a wheelchair and she informs him that the only way she doesn’t walk out of there on her own 2 feet are if she is in a coma or a body bag.  When she begins to walk down the hall is when you start to see the flashes of what happened to her in her office.  Just those 60 seconds of her ordeal are enough to make me want to throw up.  The look of terror in her eyes as she realizes what is happening to her is bone chilling.  And as we flash back and forth between the attack and her walking down the hall, we see her trying to stand strong in front of her subordinates (“Don’t you all have some place you need to be.?”) she barks at them, while telling Cooper very softly “Don’t you let me fall.”  “I won’t” he says.  And the meaning there isn’t just about her walking out of there on her own 2 feet, it’s about him being there for her through the impossible struggle of recovery they are about to face.

While this entire episode is happening as laid out above, there is Sheldon who happens to be called into the police station to question an unstable man who has blood all over him.  While we witness Charlotte being attended to and the reaction of her friends and colleagues, Sheldon is questioning the dirt ball who raped her and he has no idea.   We find out the man did this to Charlotte because he found his girlfriend in bed with another man and when he went to the hospital for help, Charlotte was mean and told him to wait.  I am now incensed by this statement.  And when he told Sheldon he “gave it to her and he gave it to her good” I just wanted to throw up again.   If I could have jumped through my TV and beaten him within an inch of his life, I would have.  In the end, Sheldon and police determine he has raped someone but the police say that unless some comes forward, they have no case.

“What Happens Next” is the title of the next episode.  This will surely resonate throughout this entire season and have permanent life changing effects for the characters.  How does Charlotte begin to rebuild her life?  How will Cooper be able to stand by and support her?   Will Addison be able to keep her secret and how will that effect her?   Will the other members of Oceanside figure out what really happened on their own?   And will Charlotte decide to come forward and put this asshole away forever?   “What Happens Next?”   That’s what we all want to know.  My money’s on Dr. Charlotte King.

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QUICK REVIEW: Private Practice “All in the Family” S4 E6

The 2 big cases are a comatose woman whose husband can’t seem to let go and actually has sex with her and gets her pregnant and a husband and wife who are trying to get pregnant however it turns out he is gay and having an affair with a prostitute and is HIV positive.

First, how did they not know it was the husband who got her pregnant? That guy was a few burgers short of a happy meal so how is it they were shocked to learn it was him? Again I find myself siding with Addison here. I can understand not being able to let go of your wife and best friend. But you have sex with her and get her pregnant while she is in a coma??? I can’t even begin to express how disgusting and repulsive that is. He should never be allowed near his wife again. I can see wanting to give this man counseling, but keep him away from his wife in the meantime. But I think he should be in jail for having sex with his wife without her consent.

As for the second case, another light one, I feel for both parties. On one hand you have the husband hiding who he truly is because he doesn’t want to hurt his wife because he does love her. On the other hand you have the wife who, as it turns out, has known about her husband’s true feelings for a long time. She is amazingly calm and understanding and you can tell how much these two love and respect one another. Everything seems to be ok until Pete reminds the husband he has one more thing to tell her. And he tells her about being HIV positive. But Pete tells her right away she is ok. When the husband goes to apologize again, she slaps him and leaves crying. I don’t blame her there. It’s one thing to understand that your husband is gay and you deal with that however you choose. But it is something else to endanger her health. Especially since his boyfriend is a prostitute.

The 2 personal stories I wanted to get into are Pete and Violet and Sam and Addison.   Let’s start with Sam and Addison.  They were both on opposite ends of the coma case and when they got back to Addison’s apartment, Sam was ready to let it go but Addison was still stewing about it.   Sam can’t understand why Addison is still upset and she admits she can’t just drop it because they are home.   I agree with her on that.  I think that would be really hard to do.   Sam thinks it’s best to leave work disagreements at work.   Hey that’s what he and Naomi did!  Oh boy Sam…that is a BIG no no.  Addison rightfully yells at him that she is not Naomi.  That’s not fair of him to do that.  Not only is she is ex, but her best friend.   You don’t cross that line.  But there are so many lines being crossed with this relationship, why not cross one more!   I think we are starting to see that this will be a big road block for them.  As I have mentioned before, I am not ok with this romance.  I don’t think Addison should be dating her best friend’s ex-husband.  This relationship comes across as one of pure lust and the idea of finally getting something you could never have before.  I think these 2 are good friends, but I don’t see it for the long haul.  I see the sexual chemistry there, but not the long-term love like I see with Charlotte and Cooper.

As for Pete and Violet, I wanted to kill Violet this week.   Seriously, what is her problem?   That is Pete’s brother and HE gets to determine if he wants a relationship with him.  Not you!!!  And I loved her comment to Cooper “Maybe Adam can help me understand Pete more.”   How?   They haven’t spoken in over 20 years!!!!  How will this guy know Pete better than you?  And then she forces his hand (while Trick or Treating with their son by the way) to tell her what happened to their relationship.  Trick or treating with your son in public is not the best time to make him tell you something so painful he is still destroyed by it.  I was so angry with her about this because this was all about her.   She can try to talk herself into believing this was about Pete but it wasn’t.   This was about what Violet wanted and what Violet thought was best.

Hey does anyone else find it a bit odd that one of the leading neurosurgeons in the country goes to the office everyday like she’s headed to a club?   What’s with all the belly shirts?  She already looks about 16 years old, and the belly shirts aren’t helping.   I really am getting old!!!

So I’m sure everyone saw the last 2 minutes of this week’s show.   This was the big storyline that will change everyone at PP that I talked about before but didn’t want to spoil.   I’ve heard Charlotte’s attack next week is pretty brutal and that KaDee Strickland’s subsequent episodes should put her on the Emmy list.  This will certainly be a game changer for the show and I am curious to see how all the characters will react.

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REVIEW: Private Practice “Playing God” S4 E3

There are 2 topics I want to discuss regarding this episode: Sam and Addison dating and Naomi’s reaction and the decisions surgeons have to make in regards to operating on criminals.

First, Sam and Addison.  I like Addison, I really do, but she is wrong here.  You don’t date your best friend’s ex-husband.   Period.  Or date the ex-husband and chose to get rid of your best friend…you can’t have both.    All the men in LA this woman can have, her 2 choices before Sam were a married man and a man in love with her co-worker.  Now, it’s the ex-husband of her oldest and dearest friend.   As Naomi said in her letter to Addison, “your tunnel vision makes you a great surgeon but a lousy friend.”   She is 100% right.  Addison is my favorite doctor on the show because of her moral standards and decision-making ability.   But her decisions in her personal life are atrocious.  How can she do this to Naomi?  I think Naomi should drop Addison as a friend because this is one you can’t forgive.  I also think Naomi has been NOTHING but class throughout this entire thing.  I love when she said “that night was the beginning of the end of us.  Hey Addie, this is not the beginning of the end of you and me.”  That takes a really big person.  I could never look at Addison ever again.  But Naomi is a bigger person than me.

As for Sam’s situation with the past surgery and current surgery…I am glad I am not a surgeon and would have to make that decision.  While I know what Sam did is wrong and should go to jail and lose his medical license, he rid the world of a horrible human being who was ruining children’s lives.  Inside, I wanted to high-five Sam and throw him a parade in his honor.  However, you can’t have doctors “playing God” as the title suggests, and taking the law into their own hands.  Where is the line drawn?  What if I was Bernie Madoff and screwed hundreds of people out of their money?  Does a doctor get to choose not to help me because I’m a criminal and an ass?  Or worse, end my life?   No.   As Addison said, “our job is not to judge their lives, our job is to save their lives.”   She is right.  It’s hard, it sucks, and I don’t think I could do it.   But when those doctors take their hypocractic oath, if they don’t think they can do it either, they shouldn’t be doctors.   But I would be lying if I didn’t admit good for Sam with allowing the child molester to die.

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RECAP: Grey’s Anatomy “With You I’m Born Again” S7 E1

In the aftermath of the “mass murder” as Lexie Grey calls it, from last season’s finale, we see that everyone is handling this very differently.   Derek is plunging full speed ahead, literally.   He keeps getting arrested for speeding, he resigns as Chief and appoints Chief Webber as CoS, and he is undertaking a tremendously risky surgery on a teenager without giving the patient all the information to make an informed decision.  Meredith is wondering how she hasn’t been cleared for surgery (so I am considering who Dr Perkins already cleared…everyone else except Cristina), she is going in for a DNC and refuses to tell Derek, and she is questioning Cristina’s decision to get married so soon after the crisis.  Alex is being Alex, wanted to keep his bullet because he thinks he can get laid more often with his “battle scar.”   Cristina is more concerned with wedding planning than surgery.   She makes the comment on how she used to make fun of the girls in the magazines because they weren’t special.   She wonders why she can’t be like them because non-special people don’t have guns held to their heads.   Bailey can barely keep it together even after coming back from a month off with her family and she breaks up with yummy Ben and he truly acts like a respectful gentleman giving Bailey her wishes to give her time to glue herself back together.    Lexie had the most visceral reaction to her ordeal.  Jackson and April were kind of there in the background with April having some breakdown moments.   Teddy, Slone, Owen, Callie, and Arizona seemed to be business as usual.

The most important thing with the way this whole episode came about….everyone stayed true to character.  I don’t think one person acted in a way we wouldn’t have expected them to.   And it was interesting to see people’s take: April thought it was her fault Derek got shot, Derek said it was his fault the whole hospital got shot, Cristina said her being special put her in a dangerous situation, Meredith was concerned about Cristina because even though “Derek is the love of my life, you are my soul mate.”   GREAT LINE!  Alex could “care less”, Lexie was completed freaked out but then eerily calm.  And Bailey really struggled just to keep herself from breaking down all the time, but yet still managed to put on a brave, yet caring front in front of her residents.

I thought when Derek said this to the mother of the boy who had the excruciating surgery “This is the fight, this is the fight.  The life that’s in your head, you get if you fight.  This pain is not a dying pain, it’s a healing pain, a victory pain.  We won.”    And that is exacting what the staff at Seattle Grace is going through right now.   Great episode.

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