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ABC Renews 6 Shows for 2011-2012 Season

Some early renewal news from ABC courtesy of TV’s Michael Ausiello:

ABC renews Castle, Modern Family, The Middle, Cougar Town, Private Practice, and Grey’s Anatomy for the 2011-2012 TV season.    Yeah!!!!!   Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters were not on that short list.  DH will probably be back mainly depending on the contracts of the main cast, Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, and Felicity Huffman.  All the ladies contracts are up for renewal after this season and Marc Cherry already has a deal in place for 2 more seasons of DH.  So I would be shocked if that didn’t come back.

B&S is a little different.  The ratings haven’t been as great and creatively, the show has really gone backwards.  It’s very possible this could be the last season we hang with the Walker family.  I almost wish they could have one more season to go out with a bang because this season is so terrible.   But at the same time, if the creative team really had something more to give the Walker’s in the bank, you’d think they would already be using it.  And if what we are seeing this season is it, then it is time for B&S to go to TV heaven.

What do you think?  Are you happy?  Surprised?  I’m thrilled.


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RECAP: Modern Family “The Old Wagon” S2 E1

Yeah!!!  Modern Family has returned!!  Great show, great cast and I am so happy it’s back!

This week Phil and Carol Vessey are trying to sell their old station wagon.  It’s taking up too much room and they haven’t used it in years so it’s time to go.  They find a buyer and once they start cleaning out the car and getting it ready for the buyer to pick up the next day, Carol Vessey starts getting very sentimental and emotional and now she doesn’t want to get rid of the car.  I am now going to take this time to say that while I am calling Claire, Carol Vessey (she will always be Carol Vessey to me) it reminds me of one of my favorite TV shows, Ed.  I miss Ed and the cast and I really miss Tom Cavanaugh on TV.  Can someone PLEASE find a way to get that man back on TV!  And now back to our show….Phil sees Carol Vessey getting upset and does a really sweet thing, he asks the buyer to pick up the car a day later and Phil and the kids take Carol Vessey to get her favorite burgers and fries and the go for a picnic at a lookout point of some sort….kind of creepy with the kids.  In typical Modern Family, and especially Phil fashion, the sweet moment turns into a calamity of errors.  Haley keeps stepping on Phil’s seatbelt choking him.  Luke ate his food too quickly and he wants to puke but the kids can’t get out of the backseat because the doors are stuck.  When Carol Vessey tries to help, her seat breaks and spills soda everywhere.   When they need air, Phil opens the vents only for him and Carol Vessey to be covered in dust.   When they finally flee, Phil forgot to use the emergency brake and the car tumbles over a cliff.   FANTASTIC!!!

Elsewhere in Modern Family land, Mitchell and Cam want to build a princess castle for Lily and Cam has enlisted Jay for help.  Does a 1-year-old really need her own castle at this point?  Seriously?  I’m just saying.  It’s a little over the top for any kid of any age but hey, if they want to spoiler their daughter so be it.   But she can’t even enjoy it, she’s not even 1-year-old!   Anyway, Mitchell is all Jason from Friday the 13th with the power tools so Cam and Jay give him other projects to do, like sorting screws.  Once Mitchell is clued into this, he is not too happy and he leaves them to be on their own.  When Cam and Jay have lunch together, Mitchell sneaks out to work on the castle on his own…uh oh!   Actually it ends up ok, he gets the roof on and it looks great!  Only he trapped himself inside and when Cam and Jay realize he is too proud to ask for help out, they leave him some tools to figure it out on his own and leave.  But not before a bird flies in a window and freaks out Mitchell in homage to probably one of the FUNNIEST clips in MF history last season when the bird was trapped in the house with Mitchell.  I hear him scream and bust out laughing.

Finally, Manny is dating some girl and Gloria insists she will not become one of those “Columbian Mothers.”  When she figures out that is exactly what she is becoming after getting upset and competitive when she sees Manny siding with his girl instead of her (no trans fats so no empanadas, salt in the chocolate milk…ick) Gloria cries,  “Ok I am a Columbian Mother!”  I love her!

So the best comedy of last year is back and better than ever.  If you are not watching Modern Family, I seriously have to doubt your TV viewing prowess.

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