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Showtime Sets Some Premiere and Return Dates

“Nurse Jackie” and the “United States of Tara” are set to return on March 28th while Showtime’s new show, The Borgias, is set to premiere on April 3rd.

Can’t wait for The Borgias and check out my earlier post for a premiere clip!

I don’t watch the US of Tara starring the awesome Toni Colette.   But for the fans of the show, I’m sure you’ve been anxiously awaiting its return.  As for Nurse Jackie….ugh.  I think that show is dreadful.  I hate the lead character, I hate her sleazy boy toy, I can’t stand the annoying nurse, and her daughters grate on my nerves.   Her husband and best friend were alright.   But the best person on the show was her gay best friend and from what I understand, he’s gone.  I stopped watching after season 1.  I just have no empathy for Jackie and think she is a horrible human being.  And it pisses me off that she won an Emmy in the category of comedy series.  COMEDY?  Are they serious?   Have that ever watched that show?   That’s like pegging Dexter as a comedy.   There may be some witty humor, but it’s not a comedy.  Even the brilliant Edie Falco, who I hate in this show, said she had no business being in this category because he show is not a comedy.  Well, if you like Nurse Jackie, it’s coming back for season 3.


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