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RECAP & REVIEW: Once Upon a Time…Season 2 So Far

Does anyone else feel that there are starting to be WAAAAAY too many characters and lands?   We are only 5 episodes in and it’s starting to feel a bit too much.  Let’s take a look at all the new people we have met so far this season:

  • Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Mulan
  • Sir Lancelot
  • Captain Hook
  • Smee
  • Dr. Frankenstein

Rumored to be joining the cast this season are:

  • Aladdin
  • Jafar
  • Rapunzel
  • Ariel
  • Jack and the Beanstalk

And here is who we already have as the main cast or regular recurring characters:

  • Emma
  • Henry
  • Snow White
  • Prince Charming
  • Little Red Ridding Hood
  • The Evil Queen
  • Rumplestiltskin
  • Belle
  • Jiminy Cricket
  • The Mad Hatter
  • Grumpy (and the other 6 dwarves)
  • Pinocchio
  • Geppetto
  • The Blue Fairy
  • King George

Finally, other characters we have met:

  • Cinderella
  • Cinderella’s Prince
  • King Midas
  • Princess Abigal
  • The Magic Mirror
  • Cora
  • Malificent
  • Hansel and Gretel
  • Prince Phillip (Aurora’s Prince)

Wow.  Even I didn’t realize how many people/characters there were until I just wrote that list.  I love the show, but I think we’re getting slightly out of hand.  In addition to all those characters we also have several different lands and possibly another one on the way.  We have current day Storybrooke, past Fairy Tale land, current Fairy Tale land, Wonderland and possibly Neverland.   We are starting to creep into “Lost” territory of becoming too complicated with different timelines and too many characters confusing and frustrating viewers.

I remember when Lost hit its second season and they brought in the “tailies” as they were affectionately called.  Then you had all their back stories and story lines and it took away from the main characters we had grown to care about.  At least for me, and many other Lost fans I talked to, people wanted more focus on the driver characters….Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Charlie, Claire, Sayid, Jin, Sun, Locke, Michael, Walt, and Hurley.  Eventually that extended to Ben Linus, Desmond, Penny, Juliette, Farraday, Richard, The Man in Black, and Jacob.  But anyone else (especially Paolo and Nikki…ugh) were sort of distractions from the core group.  That’s how OUAT is starting to get, for me.   Yes there are lots of Disney and fairy tale characters that would be interesting to see on the show.  However, we don’t need to see them all at once and unless they make sense to the story, we don’t need to see them at all.  For example, Sleeping Beauty.  I love Sarah Bolger but I’m not sure why Sleeping Beauty is in the story right now.  What is her purpose?  Really?   So I hope that OUAT doesn’t get too carried away with all the Disney/fairy tale characters they want to introduce to us and keep it simple and streamlined and make it about the story.

Speaking of which, what do you think is the over arcing premise of this season?  Last season it was getting Emma to believe so she can break the curse.  Now what is it?  Is it getting the characters back to their true land?  Is it learning to live in this new land as their characters?  Is it taking down Regina?  Is it Rumplestilkin’s quest for magic so he can find his son?   Maybe it’s a combination of all of these things.   My early impressions are that season one really set the base of who these people are, how Emma is connected to them, and that once the curse was broken, it opened opportunities to go in many different directions in season two.  And while I’m on board for the ride, I hope the ride has a destination.

Having said all that, I’m really enjoying this season.  Most especially, I’m really enjoying seeing the relationship with Snow White and Emma develop while they are in Fairy Tale land.  Their relationship has to slightly shift from being a BFF type of connection to mother/daughter.   Not that mothers and daughters can’t be BFFs but you know what I mean.  It’s different.  I loved the 4th episode when Emma got to see what would have been her nursery and what her mother did to protect her.  All this time she was angry at Snow for sending her away and that she would have rather been scared but with her parents than safe and alone.  But after seeing the devastation, she can appreciate what they did to protect her.  And to be fair, isn’t that exactly what she did for Henry?  You would think Emma would be more understanding considering she gave her son up for adoption.  But the new closeness developing between her and Snow is awesome.  Likewise, the relationship between Henry and Charming is adorable.

We got a better understanding of one of the big stories this season…Rumpy and his quest for magic.  Belle seemed to think (as I’m sure most of the viewers) that Rumpy was going for the magic because he was still “The Dark One” from FTL (Fairy Tale Land) and he was obsessed with the power it brought.  While maybe there’s a small part of him feeling that way, it’s not the driving reason.  The driving reason is because he feels he needs that magic to find his son…Baelfire (Bae as he calls him.)

I’m going to go out on a huge prediction limb as to who Bae is going to end up being.  Are you ready?  Brace yourself…….I think Bae is going to end up being Henry’s biological father.  BAM!!!  I’m not sure how old Bae was when he went through the magic bean portal to the “land with no magic” and I don’t know when that happened in relation to when baby Emma went through with Pinocchio.  But I think it’s VERY possible, that that is who Bae will be.  You heard it here first people!!!

In Sunday night’s episode, we finally learned who Dr. Whale was.  There was much speculation that because of the “Whale” last name, that he could be Captain Ahab or Ishmael.  Instead, it a surprising twist, he had nothing to do with Melville’s novel and was actually the main characters in Mary Shelley’s novel….Victor Frankenstein. Now call me crazy but at one point, I actually thought he was possibly The Wizard of Oz but my husband said right away he was Dr. Frankenstein.   Before you bust a gut laughing, here’s why I thought he might be the Wizard of Oz.  First, the Mad Hatter described him not only as a wizard, but as wonderful.  Then, there was talk about how things happen in “his land.”  Finally he was looking for a heart (possibly for the Tin Man.)  So there were many references to the idea of him being the Wizard of Oz.  But when you see him bringing back someone from the dead (and his apprentice called him Victor) it was kind of sign, sealed, and delivered at that point that he was the famous Doctor.

I am enjoying this season and I’m anxious to see where all this is going.  What are your thoughts on Season 2 so far?

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SEASON FINALE RECAP & REVIEW: Once Upon A Time “A Land Without Magic” S1 E22

I think it’s fair to say that no one can bitch anymore about ABC’s Once Upon A Time, not moving the story forward.  Not only did it move forward but it gave us a “what the hell happens now” moment at the very end.  I love that!  I’ve loved this show all year and I really enjoyed how they brought everything full circle to the pilot yet there is so much more to learn now.

The thing I love about OUAT is that there are certainly moments you see coming.  Emma kissing Henry to wake him up with True Love’s kiss is one of them.  But there are many other moments that really take you by surprise and question how you didn’t see it coming (like Little Red Riding Hood being the Big Bad Wolf.)  There are certainly things that will annoy you.   Emma supposedly being an expert in telling when people are lying to her yet being duped countless times.  But then there are things that will truly delight you like when August goes to see Marco in his shop and work with him just so he can be close to his father.  The show has a little bit of everything….mystery, romance, adventure, silliness, fantasy, violence, evil, and heart.   And it was all pulled together so perfectly in last night’s finale, while many lingering questions were finally answered.

One of the big events that everyone wanted to happen, happened last night…..Emma finally believes.  Lately it seems as though Emma has been given a really hard time.  People were getting very frustrated that she wasn’t believing.   It didn’t bother me as much as other people because, let’s be honest, would you believe that all the fairytale characters you read about and watched as a kid were real?   Hell no.  It would take some massive convincing and a huge leap of faith.  Your first instinct would be Emma’s….that Henry is having some sort of mental break.   But, when two adults (Jefferson and August) also try to tell you that it’s real, something has to trigger deep down inside….especially since you are supposed to have this gift of knowing when people lie to you.   Actually my problem with Emma is more her gift (or lack of it) than her not believing.  How many times has she been duped this season.  It’s as if the writers completely forgot about that storyline.  Anyhoo, I’m thrilled with the way Emma found out.  She needed a magical push.  When Henry was in the hospital, she was going through his things and she picked up the book.  As soon as she did, flashes started streaming into her head of her parents with her as a baby and scenes leading up to her going into the tree to be saved and she finally believed.  Just then, Regina shows up and Emma lays a beating on her.  It was great.  She confronts her about everything Henry said being true and shockingly, Regina admits to her that it is.  They decide they need help from the only other person who knows the truth and has the power to help….Mr. Gold.  By the way, the look on Emma’s face when Regina says to her “some people call him Rumplestiltskin” was priceless.

They go to see Mr Gold and he agrees to help.  He tells them that there is some powerful magic hidden in Storybrooke but only Emma can go and retrieve it.  We learn that Rumplestiltskin had a vial of True Love he created in fantasy land.  It’s the only thing that can break the curse because nothing is more powerful than True Love.   So that’s what Rumpy was doing with Snow and Charming’s hair!!  He wanted to save it for a rainy day. Why?  Did he know this was going to happen?  Or did he simply want to have something just in case he needed it but not knowing what he will need it for?   So where was this vile hidden where only Emma could go and retrieve it?   Why in the belly of the beast of course!   Charming hid the vial in the stomach of Malificent’s alter ego, the dragon, and when Storybrooke was created, old Malificent was brought over in her dragon form.

One of the things I loved most about this episode (besides Snow and Charming reuniting but more on that later) was the parallel of watching Charming take on the dragon while Emma was using her dad’s sword to fight the dragon in Storybrooke.  Both were doing it for love…Charming to save Snow’s life and Emma to save Henry’s.  It was beautifully done.  Emma wins and off she goes to save Henry, or so we hoped.  Gold tricked her (surprise surprise) and when Emma is untying Regina to go after him, they both get a call from the’s Henry.

They rush in and Dr. Whale (I’m dying to know which character he is) tells them that Henry is gone and that there was nothing they could do.  Everyone is in tears (myself included.)  Emma walks in and over to her son and she tells him how much she loves him and then she kisses him.  Voila!!!  Henry takes the same deep breath that Snow takes when Charming wakes her with a kiss and Henry is back with us.  And while I saw that coming a mile away, what I didn’t see was what happened next.   As the kiss awakened Henry, it also “awakened” all our favorite fairytale characters.  The wave of truth spread throughout the town and one by one we see Granny, Red, Jiminy, the Blue Fairy, Charming, Snow, all start to remember who they really are.  As this happens, the Blue Fairy turns to the Evil Queen and says “I think you may want to run and hide Your Majesty.”  It was great!    But not as great as what happened in the street!!!!!!   We see David/Charming pulling his car into town and pulling over and start running.  Now at this point, we assume he knows who he really is, but it wasn’t until he yelled “SNOW” when he saw Mary Margaret/Snow that we knew for sure.  She softly and sweetly whispers “Charming!”  and they run into the street and kiss and I couldn’t be happier!!!  Nor could I stop crying.  I know, I’m a complete wuss.  But Snow White and Prince Charming were one of my favorite stories as a kid so I am very invested in them!

While all this is going on.  Rumpy has the vial of True Love.  What is he going to do with it at this point?  The curse is broken right?   Well let’s back up a few steps.   Jefferson went to Regina wanting to claim his side of the deal and reunite with his daughter.  Regina basically tells him to piss off since her plan didn’t work.   He tries to explain how that’s her fault, not his but Regina, as we all know, isn’t the fairest in the land.   Ha Ha Ha!!!  Get it?   Fairest in the land?   Fair meaning pretty and amenable….oh never mind.   She balks on her end of the deal and Jefferson is not pleased.  So what does he do, something brilliant!!!  He goes to the jail area where Regina keeps all the people she wants hidden (did you notice the S. Glass name next to the first cell?)  There, he opens the door for Belle’s cell.  He tells her to go find Mr Gold and tell him that Regina is the one who held her prisoner and that Mr Gold will protect her.  Belle’s slightly confused and has really bad hair but she does what Jefferson says because she’s happy to be free.

She finds Mr Gold’s shop and when she walks in and asks if he’s Mr Gold, his back is to her.  He hasn’t seen her yet.  When he turns around to see just who has entered his shop looking for him, he sees her.   His heart stops.  He can’t believe who he is seeing for the first time in a long time.  It’s such a sweet moment because the love of his life has returned (even though she doesn’t know it.)  And when she tells him that it’s Regina who held her captive, it sets him on his mission.   He and Belle go to the well area and as they are walking there, the wave of truth rushes through and Belle remembers that she loves him…yeah!!!!   They go to the well and Gold drops the vial into the well.  Bells asks him why he did that and he tells her because he wants to retrieve the magic.  “Why” she asks.  “Because Magic is Power” he tells her.  The next thing you know, the entire town is enveloped in this cloud of purple smoke.  Henry, Emma, and Blue Fairy watch it from the hospital window with a very panicked look on all their faces.  Snow and Charming see it coming for them.  The Evil Queen takes a moment to stop crying for her misery to watch it from Henry’s bedroom window and a huge grin comes across her face.   The final scene is the purple smoke working its way up the clock tower just as it strikes 8:15!

WOW!!!   What an episode.  So many questions answered but so many more have just popped up.  I see what Kitsis and Horowitz were saying when they told everyone in pre-finale interviews that you will finish watching the finale and say “what the hell happens now?”   They were right.  What does happen now?

I guess the big question is, now that the magic is out, are they all transported back to fantasy land or are they still living in Storybrooke but the magic is now with them.  I believe it’s the latter because there is still more story to tell in fantasy land.  Remember, after Charming wakes Snow, he proposes to her (she accepts of course) and they agree to take back the kingdom, away from his father and her step mother.  So there is a war to wage and witness in fantasy land still.  So I think we will still see the parallel universes.  It will be fascinating to see how the fairytale characters live in Storybrooke now that they all know who they are.  Will they remember their lives as Ruby, Mary Margaret, David, etc?  I think so but I don’t know.  And what about August/Pinocchio?  Last we saw, he completely turned back into a wooden boy/man.  Did August die because the curse wasn’t broken in time?  Or did the magic save him?

That leads me to my final big question….was the curse really broken?  I don’t think so.  The curse seems to be two fold…take away the memories of who they really are and banish them to a land with no magic.  I guess you can argue that the curse is broken because they now remember and Storybrooke now has magic.  But the flip side is that they are still trapped in a world where they don’t belong.  Fantasyland is all their homes.  Not Storybrooke.  So is there more of the curse that still needs to be broken?   I guess time will tell.

What did you all think of the season finale?   Most of what I’m reading, people who have stuck with the show are over the moon about the finale.  People are thrilled.  It was a great payoff finale.   I am already counting down the days until September because I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!!


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RECAP & REVIEW: Once Upon A Time “An Apple Red As Blood” S1 E21

This is one of my new favorites on TV.  I know it doesn’t seem like it because I haven’t really written about it, but I LOVE this show.  OUAT’s penultimate episode basically brought everything back full circle to the pilot.  There were some significant learnings in this episode and sets up for what should be an epic finale next week!

The Queen/Regina is starting to feel desperate.  Things are spinning out of her control and she goes to Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin for help.  He tells her he is not going to help her anymore because he wants the curse broken for his own reasons (which he neglected to share with us.)  But we learn a HUGE piece of information during this exchange….if Emma is killed, the curse will be broken.  Now it makes sense.  I’ve asked myself this question several times and then gotten yelled at by my husband saying “it’s a TV show!”   I’ve always wondered why Regina simply didn’t kill Emma.  She’s evil, she’s murdered before to get what she wants.  If she can kill her own father, Emma should be no skin off her nose.  Now we know why.  Emma’s death breaks the curse.

Regina enlists The Mad Hatter to help her open a portal back to Fantasyland to see if she retrieve some things to help her get rid of Emma.  There isn’t enough magic in Storybrooke (even using the ring Daniel gave her) to get Regina back to Fantasyland.  However, the magic from the ring is strong enough to open a very small window where she can reach through and grab something small, quickly.   She knows exactly what she wants and we flash back to the Queen and Snow having a negotiation (more on that in a minute.)   Needless to say this is a twist on the apple story we all knew growing up and Regina is able to grab the poisoned apple.

Regina gets back to her house and proceeds to cut up the apple and make a very delicious looking turnover.  Just so happens that Ms. Swan shows up at her house.   Emma loves Henry.  She wants him back in her life, full-time.  But that can’t happen.  Emma feels Henry’s life has actually gotten worse since her arrival so she wants to leave Storybrooke, but not without seeing Regina first.  She tells Regina she wants a truce and that she is leaving town but that she has one request, to see Henry whenever she wants.  She thinks the animosity between them hasn’t helped Henry so she wants to bury the hatchet, leave town, but still visit Henry when she can.  Seems fair enough to me.   Regina is floored by this and completely agrees with Emma’s wishes.  As a sign of good faith (yeah right) Regina gives Emma the apple turnover she made for her travels back to Boston. Emma graciously accepts it.

Back at her apartment, Henry comes in and begs her not to leave.  She has to believe and she has to help them.   She doesn’t cave to Henry’s demands and tells him that she’s doing this for him.  He is desperate at this point and when he sees the turnover, he asked her who made it.  She tells him it’s from Regina and he begs her not to eat it.  Emma is getting frustrated with Henry thinking Regina is trying to kill her and goes to pick up the turnover to eat it to prove to him how wrong he is.  Instead, he picks up the turnover and he eats it to prove how wrong she is and promptly keels over with Emma screaming his name.   As Mr. Gold warned Regina…”all magic comes with a price!”

While this is all happening, in Fantasyland, Snow White is looking to break into the King’s castle to free Prince Charming.  I love that in this version of Snow White’s story, she’s very bad ass!  It’s awesome!  She has enlisted the help of Little Red Riding Hood and her granny, the 7 dwarfs, and every fairy ever created.    They all storm the castle and Snow is able to get to the dungeon where James is being kept…or so she thought.  It was a mirage of mirrors set up by the Queen to get Snow there so she can request a meeting with her.  Snow agrees.

They meet where all the bad blood went down…the stables.    There, the Queen shows Snow Daniel’s grave and finally tells her the truth about what happened….that Daniel was murdered and that it was all her fault.  Now here is where I would have stood my ground more if I were Snow.  I would have said to the Queen “really, you want to blame an 8-year-old girl who was manipulated by a very power woman who also had magical powers.   You, yourself, were manipulated by her so many times yet an 8-year-old is held to a higher standard.  I WAS 8 FOR GOD SAKES!!!  Cut me some frigging slack!  Why aren’t you blaming your mother?”   But she didn’t so I’m moving on.  The Queen makes Snow a deal, bite the poisoned apple and Prince Charming doesn’t die.  Snow tells her congratulations, she won.  She bites the apples and collapses.

What I think is so cool about all of this is that both Snow White and her grandson both engage in incredibly unselfish acts out of love.  Snow eats the apple to save Charming’s life and Henry eats the apple turnover to save Emma’s and show her that she needs to believe.  It was very well laid out and I loved the symmetry in the scenes.

I have one comment before moving onto the finale next week.   I’ve read many articles, blogs, and posts and listened to many podcasts where people blame Emma for not believing and are giving her a hard time.  I know it’s a TV show but let’s stop and think for a minute.  Imagine that your son, whom you gave up for adoption 10 years ago, shows up at your door requesting your help.   He tells you that you are savior of all the fairy tale characters that we all have grown up reading about or watching in movies.  Not only are these characters real, and not only are you the only person who can save them, but you are also the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.   Show of hands, how many of you would believe this?   Come on, don’t be shy!   All I’m saying is that I’m cutting Emma a little slack.  Now, having said all that, you have to imagine that at some point, when all these crazy things start happening, when adults like August and Jefferson start telling you that they are fairy tale characters as well and that Emma needs to believe, that you would start to raise an eye brow to what people are saying.  I’m saying jump in with two feet and believe.   But you have to admit to yourself that something is off.  I think Emma does believe that and I think she believes something beyond the norm is happening in Storybrooke, but she’s just not ready to believe “Once Upon A Time…” just yet.

Now that Henry is in the hospital fighting for his life, will all that change?   Is this the push Emma needs to believe?   Will she stay and fight for all the characters who are robbed of their rightful lives?   I guess we will find out next week during the season finale of OUAT!!!!

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RECAP & REVIEW: Once Upon A Time “Desperate Souls” S1 E8

My favorite character on OUAT is Rumplestiltskin aka Mr. Gold.  So I was very happy to see a Rumplestiltskin centric episode.  And we even got to see that at one point, old Rumpy had a heart….and a son! This is why I think OUAT is so successful…great character development.  It reminds a little of Lost in the sense that you have a big cast and everyone has a story.  But we aren’t going to rush to tell it and everyone has multiple layers that will be told over time.  And just when you think you’ve figured someone out, you haven’t.  Maybe that’s why I’m gravitating to this show so much.  Because it’s 100% about the characters.   Even though the premise of the show lulled you in, enticing you with a bigger, mysterious, mystical story, ultimately, the show is about these people.

In “Desperate Souls”, we see Rumplestiltskin (RS…because I can’t keep writing Rumplestiltskin) in fairytale land living in a very poor area that is being bullied by the Duke and the Dark One, whom he happens to control.  They are barging into RS’s village because they are taking all the young children, once they reach the age of 14, and using them in battle.  The parents have no say and these people are cruel and violent.  RS’s son is about to turn 14 and he wants to do whatever he can to stop the Duke from taking him away.  In the middle of night, they try to run away but they are caught and in order to keep the Duke from taking his son right there and then, RS has to be humiliated and kiss his boot.  After being kicked in the head (literally) and publicly humiliated, they leave.  A beggar shows up trying to give RS some advice on how he can save his son.  He tells him the story of the Dark One and how the Duke stole his dagger, therefore, he controls him.  The beggar tells RS, if you steal the dagger, you have the power of the Dark One and the power over the Duke.  RS doesn’t think he can do that.  The other option is to take all the power for yourself by killing the Dark One.

RS sets fire to the castle as a diversion and is able to steal the dagger from the Duke and he notices a strange inscription on the dagger, Zoso.  He goes into the woods to summon the Dark One who appears to him.   He basically tells him what a nothing he is and let his son go off as intended, prompting RS to stab him with the dagger.  As he begins to die, he transforms back into his “human” form….as the beggar from the woods!!!!  The beggar was tired of the toll being the Dark One was taking on him, so he purposely drove RS to kill him so RS would become the Dark One.   The interesting part is that when RS doesn’t want this power because he doesn’t know what to expect, the beggar tells him, “never make a deal where you don’t know all aspects of that deal.”  It’s also interesting when RS asks, why me?  “Because I’m very good at finding desperate souls” the beggar tells him.  It certainly explains why RS was walking around with glitter all over his face like he just left a Hannah Montana concert.  Is she still relevant?  Who knows?  Anyhoo, when RS pulls the knife from the beggar, the inscription that read Zoso, now reads “Rumplestiltskin.”  Guess the beggar’s name was Zoso…sucks for him.  RS returns to the village where the Duke is there to wreak more havoc on the villagers.   The Duke notices the Dark One’s presence but it stunned when he sees that it’s someone new…it’s someone who was once weak and timid…it’s RS!!!  RS tells the Duke he needs to kiss his boot now and when the Duke goes to do so, RS snaps his neck.  He then kills the rest of the Duke’s entourage.  All of this happens right in front of his son who is floored by the look of his new father.  He tells his son that he now has the power  to protect him and he will no matter what.

In reality, everyone is dealing with the Sheriff’s death.  Emma thinks this mean she is now the sheriff, but Regina has other plans.  She appoints a report, Sidney Glass, the new sheriff.  Mr. Gold doesn’t want this to happen.  He supports Emma in her quest to become sheriff.  The main reason (we think) is because she is trying to do this to stay connected to son.  So he brings her the city’s by-laws and we learn that Regina doesn’t have the power to name the new sheriff, only to nominate.  There needs to be a public vote.  Let the dirty politics begin!   And begin they do.  Regina gives Sidney a story about how Henry was born in jail and we see this horrible mug shot of Emma on the front page.  Henry is really upset by this.  He’s already having a hard time with the sheriff’s death and wants to give up Operation Cobra because he thinks the good guys will never be able to beat the bad guys.  Emma storms into Regina’s office to grill her over why she would do something like this to Henry.  It’s one thing to play dirty with Emma but it shouldn’t be at the expense of her “son.”  As they are walking and talking an explosion happens and a fire breaks out.  Emma ends up saving Regina’s life and he is now the hero of Storybrooke.  But things aren’t always what they appear to be.  Emma notices a rag that has a smell she recognizes from Mr. Gold’s office.  She confronts him and it turns out Gold set the fire to set up Emma to look like a hero to overcome the story Regina ran in the paper.

At the debate, Emma decides that she can’t win like this.  It isn’t a good example for Henry and she wants to show him that good can beat evil.  She announces what really happened at the debate.  Mr. Gold isn’t happy and leaves while Emma feels she has lost.  She goes to the bar to have a drink and Henry shows up with the walkie-talkies she brought him earlier on in the show.  He tells her that he was really proud of her and that he does believe in the good guys again and that Operation Cobra is back on!  Also showing up is Regina and Sidney.  Emma thinks they are there to gloat when in reality, they are there to congratulate her.  SHE WON!  She is now the sheriff and the people have spoken.  Not that this was any surprise, but I still liked it.  Regina smiles and tells Emma that Mr. Gold is a scary friend to have, but he’s an even more dangerous enemy.  “Good Luck with that” she tells her.  Lana Parilla is awesome as the wicked queen/Regina!   When she is setting up her new office, Mr. Gold shows up.  He tells her that things went exactly as planned.  He says he knew she would stand up to him and that’s exactly what she needed to win.  I don’t know if I buy this but damn that Gold is good at spinning things to his favor!   She asks him why he was supporting her.  He tells her “because I’m very good at finding desperate souls.”  HHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMM.   Where have we heard that before?   Before he leaves, he reminds him that she owes him a favor and there is no better person to own you a favor than the sheriff of the town.   “Good day to you Ms. Swan.”

A flipping fantastic episode!!  This show keeps getting stronger and stronger every week.  And thank God the ratings have stopped sliding.  That was starting to worry me.  I have really become so engrossed with these characters that I am at the point where I don’t care if they solve the curse…at least, not yet.  I am interested in seeing the back stories and the future stories, that if we mix in some curse stuff, so be it.  I think the show is pacing very nicely and it is now in my top 5 must watch shows every week!

If you haven’t checked out OUAT, stop whatever you are doing, run to your nearest TV, Computer, iPad, iPhone, whatever, and watch these episodes!!!!   They are too good to miss.

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NEW PODCAST: Episode 21 Once Upon A Time vs. Grimm

A new podcast is now available at or on iTunes.

This episode is a simple one.  I recap and review both Once Upon A Time and Grimm and do a slight comparison to one another.  So which show am I watching?  Which one do I like or like better than the other?  I guess you’ll have to listen to find out!

Please let me know your thoughts on both shows below!


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