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SEASON FINALE RECAP & REVIEW: Parenthood “My Brother’s Wedding” S3 E18

I just got around to watching the last two episodes of Parenthood.  Wow did I need some major tissues.  Before I get into the episode itself I just have to ask the writers and directors of Parenthood a question….what is with the CONSTANT speaking over someone every time there is a conversation (especially a debate?)   At first I understood they were trying to keep it real since families do step on each other’s words (you should be at one of our family dinners) but it’s gotten to a gratingly ridiculous level.  Not every time a conversation is had, do people talk over each other.  So why does Parenthood feel the need to have this happen at most times?  Kristina, Adam, and Zeke did it, Kristina and Sarah did it, Adam and Crosby did it.  I just want to jump through my TV and yell SHUT THE F*#@ UP FOR ONE MINUTE AND LET (ENTER NAME HERE) FINISH THEIR DAMN THOUGHT!!!!  In all seriousness, it completely takes away from the enjoyment of a scene and sometimes it’s tricky to follow because everyone is talking at once.  Seriously the scene where Sarah comes to see Kristina about Amber, I was ready to call Jason Katims and rip him a new one.  After “please sit down and shut the door” all Sarah and Kristina did was talk at the same time.   I really wanted to hear Kristina’s explanation and I really wanted to hear Sarah’s response.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get either very well because they both insisted on talking at the same time.  I just want to know if this is something they are being directed to do?  Are the writers writing it this way?  Is it the actors’ choice?   No matter what the reason behind it, it needs to stop.  Or at the very least be severely toned down.  This is some of the best writing on TV and I would actually like to hear the dialogue vs. having to decipher it via facial expressions because everyone is being rude and talking over each other.  Now that I have solved that problem, onto the episode.

Crosby and Jasmine

I’m getting this out-of-the-way first.  Anyone who was read any of my Parenthood posts in the past knows how I feel about Crosby and Jasmine.  I HATE them as a couple.  I don’t like the people they are when they are together.  But I knew it was only a matter of time until the show got them together again.  I was hoping it was going to be a story about them parenting Jabar apart and moving on in separate directions while working together to raise him.  I think that could have been much more interesting but we all knew that wasn’t going to happen.

So in a matter of a blink of an eye, they broke off their seemingly happy relationships because Jasmine all of a sudden realized she loves Crosby and wants to be with him and marry him….like today.  Dr. Joe and Lily hit the pike and the family is beside themselves with excitement over the idea of Crosby and Jasmine getting married at the Braverman estate.   They get married and everyone is having a great time (especially Drew and Amy!)  Save for a best man hiccup (more on that later) it was a great wedding and the couple is officially back together.  Yippee (enter sarcasm here.)

Adam and Crosby

Crosby is one of those characters I can’t figure out yet.  Sometimes I love him to no end and other times I can’t stand him and hate the way his family always picks up for his bone head ways.  I guess I’m so hard on Crosby because I know family members who are like that.  No matter how bad they screw up or screw other family members over, everyone else has to be the bigger people and make it right.  I hate that.  So that’s why at times I just want to throw Crosby through a wall.  This business deal with the Luncheonette was no different.

Adam and he were approached by a rival recording studio about buying them out.  Adam wants to discuss it and Crosby has no time for it because the Luncheonette is his dream.  Adam tries to explain to him that as business partners, they need to discuss this because that is what business partners do.  Crosby’s response: “no, there’s nothing to talk about, we’re not selling, oh and I’m getting married.”  Adam gets a call to meet the buyer who doesn’t want to go without Crosby but he says it’s just drinks and just to talk.  Adam goes and ends up walking away with an even bigger offer.  For some reason, Crosby gets even more incensed about this (as does Zeke which makes no sense….oh wait it does because Crosby is always the good guy and Adam is always the bad.)  Crosby then tells Adam he is longer then best man and a fist fight breaks out between the two of them at the Braverman’s!!!!!  In front of the whole family!!!

The next day Zeke goes to Adam’s house, tells him how wrong he is and ask how he could think of doing something so awful to Crosby and tells him to fix it.  So Adam fixes it by giving the worst best man speech at a wedding ever, and ripping up the offer from the company.  Now Crosby and Zeke are happy and everything is right with the world.

Ok, first and foremost, back off Zeke.  As usual you sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong.  This is between Crosby and Adam.  And it’s a business thing, not a family thing (although they did make it a family thing by fighting in front of the whole family.)  But you know who you need to blame for that?    CROSBY!  Adam didn’t bring it up.  He didn’t want to discuss it in that forum.  But the typically immature Crosby didn’t care and brought it up anyway.  So why are you bitching to Adam?   And instead of storming into HIS home with his family to lay him out for the situation, Zeke should have listened to Adam’s side and then Zeke should have had a conversation with Crosby.  Really what he should have done was mind his own business, but God forbid with that guy.

To be honest, this whole thing is Crosby’s fault.   If he just sat down with Adam and TALKED to him, they could have avoided all of this.   The thing that pisses me off is that everything is always about Crosby.  His dream, his life, his vision.  Well what about Adam?  He has a massive income drop, he has a daughter heading to Cornell, a son with Aspberger’s, and a new baby.  He is drowning in bills.  Can you really fault him for wanting to entertain the idea of selling?  NO.  Just like Adam shouldn’t blame you for wanting NOT to sell.  But Crosby never allowed for the possibility of that mature conversation to happen because he just blew Adam off and dismissed Adam’s wishes, because everything is always about him.  And as usual, Crosby gets what he wants by being an ass and guilting people into doing what he wants.  Can you tell that it really rubs me the wrong way.

Sarah, Amber, and Kristina

I already said my piece about them talking over one another so I won’t go back there.  This is a tough one.  I think I’m still going to side with Kristina here.  What Amber was doing was wrong.  It happens, but it’s wrong.  And it’s gross.  She’s not even a year removed from high school.  She’s 19.  Bob has to be in his mid to late 20s.  I’m not saying relationships that are 5-10 years in age difference can’t work.  My husband is 5 years older than me.  But when you’re talking about someone who was going to her senior prom this time last year, it’s icky.

Having said that, they are two consenting adults who have the right to do whatever they want and make whatever mistakes they choose.  I know Kristina’s first instincts were to run and stop what was happening (which she did), but I don’t agree with how she handled it.  Which by the way, if was Amber, I would never say anything to my cousin ever again.  What a snitch Haddie was!!  But she’s another one I’ve never liked.  Anyhoo, Kristina goes barging into the hotel room and embarrasses Amber, embarrasses Bob.  It was bad.  Her intentions were good and her instincts were right, but it should have been handled a little differently.

When everyone gets back, Sarah goes to see Kristina to find out what happened.  Kristina expected Sarah to be as upset as she was but Kristina was stunned when Sarah was confused as to what the problem was.  Really, Kristina how dumb can you be?   It shouldn’t surprise you at all that her mother. who is dating a man 15 years younger than her (her son and daughter’s teacher no less) who has made countless bad choices throughout her life, can’t see why this is bad.  Sarah seems angry with Kristina for interfering so Kristina asks her to leave.   See maybe, if you didn’t speak while Kristina was speaking, she could have explained why this is a bad thing and you could have listened.

I’ve mentioned before how I love Sarah, but I think she’s a bad mother.  She loves her kids and would do anything for them, there’s no denying that.  She wants to be more of a BFF with them instead of a mom to them and that’s a problem.  How could you honestly be upset with Kristina for trying to stop Amber for making a huge mistake?  And let’s list all the reasons this is a big mistake:

  1. She’s 19 and he’s 7+ years older
  2. She’s his employee
  3. He’s her boss
  4. He’s running for political office so if the affair leaked, it would be really bad
  5. Her reputation will be destroyed if it got out
Should I keep going?  How as her mother does Sarah not see that?   All she seemed to care about was is he married and does Amber like him.  While those things are important, are they the point here?   NO!!  Come on Sarah.  You should be thanking your lucky stars you have a sister-in-law like Kristina who would not only care enough from stopping Amber from making a huge mistake but then would follow-up by stopping to see her and explain why she did what she did.  That’s called PARENTING!!!  By the way, that was a great scene with Kristina and Amber.  Monica Potter and Mae Whitman blew it out of the water with their subtlety.  But then again, they always do.  Kristina basically tells Amber that she made so many bad mistakes when she was younger and that she thinks so much of Amber that she wants to help her not make the same mistakes she did.  She sees so much potential in Amber and wants to see her fulfill that for herself.  It was such a nice scene.  And it worked because Amber broke it off with Bob to come back to work and pursue this as a potential career.  Good call Amber!!!   At least someone is trying to steer you in the right direction!

Julia, Joel, and Zoe

You just knew it was coming.  You knew Zoe was going to keep the baby.  Each week, the writers kept slipping little hints that this was going to happen.   I was hoping it was red herring and Julia and Joel would have their new baby boy, but it didn’t.   In the end, after all Julia did for her, Zoe decided to keep the baby.  And I was so mad at Camille.  When she was helping Joel pack the room, she had to make the comment of “well Zeke and I were afraid this was going to happen.”  You know what Camille, this is really not the time for “I told you so!”  You really think Joel wants to hear that right now?   Dear Lord!

The irony of the entire situation is that while Julia was doing things to support Zoe while pregnant and to give her the love and encouragement she was sorely missing in her life, all she really did was give Zoe the confidence and strength to go back to her family and to be a good mom to her son.  It was that strength she learned from Julia that made her believe she could raise her son.  It beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.  I still wanted to rip her heart out and set it on fire for Julia, but it made sense.  I cried and cried watching that scene.  Although it was tempered because my husband came and sat with me about 20 minutes into the show and not having watched an episode since last season and starts asking me “who’s that girl?  why are they crying?  why are you crying?   what’s going on?  what baby are they talking about?  what’s with the watch?”   If I could have stuck him in a sound proof room, I would have.

So it’s back to the beginning for J&J and they go to an adoption agency to try to get their hands on a new baby.  The agent offers a suggestion of some type of fast adoption should it happen, and they agree to it.   Well, when they say fast, they weren’t kidding.  At the wedding, they get a call that an opportunity has come up.  I can’t remember what happened but I get the impression one parent is going to jail and one is out of the picture so the boy needs a home.  But he’s about 6 or 7 years old.  J&J will take him and get him settled in.

I guess my confusion is, I thought they wanted a baby.  Not a little kid.  I know they didn’t care about race or gender, but I thought they wanted a baby.   That’s all Julia has said…she wants a baby.   Not a kid, a baby.  Guess not.  And, are they foster parents or is this their new son?  I hope they address that next season because I have no idea.  If he is their’s I can already see the storylines of he and Sydney not getting along.  He’s probably going to be manipulative and nasty but play the game in front of J&J until something happens to Sydney and it wakes him up to being a turd.   J&J figure out he’s a turd and then they fix it and everyone’s better.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I can easily see that happening.   Regardless, if he turns out to be their son, I’m so happy for them!!!!

Sarah and Mark

Sarah and Mark are finally starting to realize what we as the audience have noticed for weeks now.   They are too different and want different things as a result of being at different stages of their lives.  Neither one is wrong, it’s just different.

Mark has all these things he wants to experience.  Sarah, not so much.  Mark wants kids.  Sarah, not so much.  Mark wants to move to NY.  Sarah, might want to, but only after Drew graduates and the kids are settled.  See the pattern here?  It’s a shame because I really do like them as a couple.  But it’s clear they are on different paths.  And I really applaud Sarah for making the hard decision to break up with him.  Because it had nothing to do with not loving him and everything to do with wanting different things.  I know Mark came back and proposed to her at the wedding and cliff hanger was left as to what Sarah would say.   But the answer has to be no.  It’s easy for Mark to say, who cares about those other things, we love each other and that’s all that matters.  No kid, it isn’t.  It’s important, but it’s not everything.  And Sarah knows that.  As much as I love Jason Ritter and want him to stick around, it’s time to say good-bye to Mark Cyr.

Drew and Amy

All I want to ask is “why are you so sweaty?”  I was laughing my ass off when Drew and Amy came down stairs and Sarah asked him that.  And they were so nervous they couldn’t look at her and couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

Drew and Amy decided they were both ready to have sex and decided Uncle Crosby’s wedding was the best time.  It’s actually a good idea because everyone is occupied but it’s still VERY risky.   The thing I found funny was how matter-of-fact the beginning was.  They get in the room and then stand off the side of the bed, and start stripping while starring in each other’s eyes.   Then when fully naked, get into bed.   Call me crazy but it just seemed a little stiff to me.  I know they’ve never done this before, but there had to be a more romantic way to do it than that!   It just seemed so business like.  I don’t know.    But I was happy for Drew!

So that wraps Season 3 of Parenthood.  Another solid season that should warrant a renewal from NBC in May. What did you think of the season finale and the season as a whole?  Let me know!


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RECAP & REVIEW: Parenthood “Sore Loser” & “Mr. Honesty” S3 E9 & 10

There were some MAJOR developments in the last two episodes of Parenthood.  As always, there is much to discuss about what is happening with the Braverman clan from parenting to marriage management to really bad decisions and choices.  So let’s break it down by family:


I REALLY hate when Zeke is right.  With every fiber of my being, I hate when Zeke is right because he is such a jerk and I hate his character so much.  But in “Sore Loser”, he was 100% right and he needed to say something to Joel and Julia.  The way he goes about it is still wrong but his instincts about Sydney were dead on.  Sydney is a spoiled brat.  In Julia and Joel’s quest to make sure she feels strong and positive, they created a little monster who has no idea how to behave when things don’t go her way.

The scene where Sydney and Joel are playing Candy Land and she loses it and completely has a melt down, I couldn’t believe what I was watching.  I literally gasped out loud when she threw the cards at him and then proceeded to slap him.  My jaw hit the floor.  Now I don’t have kids so for those of you that do or are around children a lot, does that really happen?   Can kids really have that bad of a hissy fit and be so disrespectful to their parents?  It’s so hard for me to fathom.  A child accusing their own father of cheating and then getting physical with him out of frustration.  Wow.  And I have to say, Joel really did a great keeping his composure because I don’t know if I could have.

I’m really proud of J&J for not giving into Sydney’s tantrum but I wish we could have seen the calm discussion J&J had with her to explain how that behavior isn’t acceptable and how you should be a gracious loser.  I know Joel went through some of that with Sydney when playing Candy Land but I would have thought that would have went in and out of her head.   It seems like we skipped over that part.  Sydney went from her tantrum to playing chess with Zeke and being a nice loser. That seemed a little quick for me, but I admit, I am nit-picking.

As for the baby adopting storyline, you knew this was coming right?   Something was going to make this not as easy a situation as it initially seemed.  Although I thought it was going to go down one path and it went down a different one.  I am going to preference my next comments with I have no idea of the adoption laws in California and how this whole thing works.  I don’t what is right and what is wrong.  Therefore, I can only comment on what I see on-screen with my limited knowledge.  I can see both sides here.  On one side you have Zoe and Troy.  Two young kids who have created a life that they want to see go to a good family because they have decided they aren’t the best option for their child.  So before they are ready to just sign this child over, they have a conversation with J&J about it and ask about compensation for the child.  J&J are paying all her medical expenses but Troy is looking for a bigger pay-day than that.  In his research, Zoe could get $30,000 for an egg and people usually pay for adoptions so he is looking for J&J to step up and write them a check otherwise, no deal.   On the other side, you have J&J.  A wonderful, successful couple with a great home life that is ready to give a baby a good home.  J&J did not respond well to Troy’s demands.  Julia informed him that in the state of California, it is illegal to solicit money for a child.  Wait, was it illegal to solicit or pay for a baby.  I think it’s pay for a baby.  So Julia tells Troy, it isn’t going to happen because it’s illegal.  So on a side note, how does that work in CA then?  I was under the assumption that when a couple goes through the adoption procedure, there is a cost involved in getting that baby.  In CA is that not that case?  Are adoptions free there?  I’m confused.  Regardless, Julia and Joel are standing firm and are ready to walk away if this is the path Zoe and Troy are taking and I am thrilled to see them handle it that way.  I know how much they want a baby and I am glad to see that they aren’t willing to just do anything to get him/her.

You know where I thought this was going?  I thought Troy wanted to keep the baby and have them try to raise him/her themselves.   Turns out that no, he just wants a big pay-day for his child.  A part of me can understand it because they are young and need help.  But the other part of me thinks he’s a scum bucket for doing it.

Adam and Kristina

Oh boy.   Talk about something blowing up in your face.  I’ve seen this storyline happen in many shows.  Unfortunately, I’ve seen it in real life as well.   When someone cheats (or in Adam’s case, an inappropriate situation happens) and it’s a one time thing….a mistake…do you tell the other person?   What is the right thing to do?  It is such a hard question to answer and I think each situation is different so I don’t think you can make a blanket statement to cover everything.

In this particular situation, Adam should have NEVER told Kristina what happened.   Kristina has been in a very vulnerable situation lately after having just given birth to Nora.  Adam knows this.  Hell even Crosby knows this because he laid it out for Adam why this is such a bad idea.  But Adam decides to tell her anyway.  He thinks he’s doing the right thing by giving her the respect of telling her what is going on and not hiding anything but he really isn’t because he didn’t think this through.  Number One, all he did was relieve his guilt over the situation.  This wasn’t about being honest with Kristina, this was about relieving his own guilt.  Adam knew this was never going to happen again.  He has no attraction to Rachel in that way and both regretted it as soon as it happened.  So why say anything?  Number Two, he had to know that Kristina was going to want Rachel gone.  HOW DID HE NOT SEE THAT COMING?  You tell your wife, your receptionist has kissed you.  Of course her next question after did it mean anything, was it a one time thing and did you kiss her back was going to be, did you fire her?  If you were never planning to fire Rachel, you should have never told Kristina.   Then not only do you not fire her, but then you lie to Kristina about it!!!!  So you don’t want to disrespect your wife by keeping this kiss from her, but you are going to disrespect her by lying to her about firing this girl and think your wife is so dumb she’ll never notice when she calls your office or stops by to see you?  Seriously?   Come on Adam.   You have now made a meaningless situation now VERY meaningful in the way you have handled this.  And I am 100% in Kristina’s corner.  Of course she is upset, of course she is second guessing her husband’s feelings for her, of course she is going to go ballistic.  By lying about firing her, you have now made your wife feel like there is something more going on than there actually is.  No disrespect to Rachel or receptionists but it’s not like she’s their VP of Finance or their top sales person or the only person who knows how to work the equipment.   She answers phones, gets coffee, and entertains the clients.  You can’t find someone else to do that?   You can’t see how Kristina is going to think that?   I just wanted to kill him.  He should have never told Kristina but now that he has, he has no choice but to fire Rachel.  He can’t keep her around if he expects Kristina to be ok.


While I love the character of Sarah, she’s not the greatest mom.  Don’t get me wrong, she loves her kids and she would do anything for them and always put their needs first.  I just think she has a tendency to want to be friends with Drew and Amber vs. being their mom sometimes.   They walk all over her.  And even when she tries to establish some sort of discipline, it eventually goes away because she can’t stand the idea of one of her kids being mad at her.  Prime example…Drew and his grades.  She was furious that his grades dropped and directly related it to his new relationship.  Sarah told Drew that he couldn’t see Amy during the week anymore and only on the weekends.  Which I thought was perfectly fair.  Drew goes to see Amber and Amber tells him how to get around that.   Well Drew doesn’t do a very good job and he gets caught by Sarah and everything is taken away from him…his phone, his iPod, his computer, everything.  But then after Mark Cyr tells her she’s being too hard on him, she backs off and let’s Drew see Amy again.  What’s up with that?  Sarah did the right thing.  If for nothing else, Drew needs to respect his mother when she tells him something.  But  Sarah proved that they can continue to do whatever they want because she doesn’t want them to be mad at her.  It’s the one thing that really frustrates me about her.

As for Amber, she is really struggling.  She can’t make rent, she can’t take care of her car, she can barely buy food…it’s awful.   But it’s great at the same time.  It shows that maybe it’s time to stop trying to live on your own with no education and go back to school!  But I have to say, the scene with her and Camille is heartbreaking.  You can tell she really doesn’t want to be there and it is killing her to ask for help.   I’m sure everyone has been in that situation at least once where you just need some help to stop the bleeding.  So she smartly asks for help before her situation gets any worse.  Camille helps her but also gives her advise to change what she is doing because what she is doing now, isn’t working.   Here’s an idea…..GO TO COLLEGE!!!   Sarah is also trying to help by showing her how to create a budget.  It was during this scene I wanted to drop kick Amber down a flight of stairs.  Sarah is asking her how much money she is bringing in and how much her rent is and Amber just got overwhelmed and said she didn’t know her salary or her rent and doesn’t know how to do this.  How do you not know your rent and how much you are making?  No wonder you are in trouble.  You don’t have that many bills at this point so it should be easy to track and it’s simple math…make sure you have enough coming in to satisfy what’s going back out plus a little.   Early on, it’s that simple.   If Amber can’t manage a basic checkbook, she certainly isn’t ready to be on her own and should come home and go back to school.  But when she got overwhelmed, Sarah said don’t worry we will figure out a plan and work this out.   Here’s a great plan….GO TO COLLEGE!!!!  Are you sensing a theme with me here?   I think it’s a matter of time and Amber is the kind of kid that needs to learn these things on her own.  But she’s very smart and driven and she needs to come to this decision in her own way when she is ready.  I have a feeling she may be at that point soon.


Ugh.   And you know why I’m saying ugh.  Crosby and Jasmine slept together last week.  So now, this make Jasmine no better than Crosby by sleeping with someone else when in a relationship.  So maybe she’ll come off her high horse a bit…but I doubt it.

I don’t like these two together (I bet you never heard that before) and I was really enjoying seeing her build the relationship with Dr. Joe (whose character I really like a lot) and her and Crosby parenting without being together.  I think that storyline is much more interesting but I fear that with this latest development, the direction of this writing crew will be putting Crosby and Jasmine back together.  It cemented it for me when they both told Jabbar that they are never getting married.   Don’t like it but what are you going to do.

So what do you think of Parenthood’s amazing third season and these last two episodes?


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REVIEW: Parenthood “Nora” S3 E5

I know, I know, I’m really behind!  So I am going to try to make this quick.


Ok show of hands.  Who was peeing their pants with stomach cramps when Adam started walking down the street in his ’80s pimp/rap outfit?  He looked like a New Kid on the Block who ran over the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  I was laughing so hard…it was priceless!

I think Adam and Crosby are going to have major problems if they don’t start respecting one another with this business.  Crosby’s expertise is in the music part of the business and his relationship with the artist they are looking to sign.  Adam’s expertise is all the marketing, financials, and logistical side of the business.  And neither one of them was respecting that about the other.  Crosby was all over Adam to not wear a suit and bring a contract to a meeting to land a rapper, Mista Ray.  Adam was all over Crosby for being too casual with the clients and not taking the business seriously and “lying” to him.  I think they could have met in the middle.  I find it very hard to believe that Mista Ray has never had a meeting with anyone wearing a suit before.  I also believe that Crosby’s relationships are strong enough to land the artist without a contract but that there isn’t anything wrong with covering your ass.  What they should have done was go into the meeting, as the people they are.  Crosby could have given Adam pointers on how to talk to and manage informal clients and Adam could have said to Crosby that while he understands they don’t like contracts, he is bringing one just in case and will politely and gently try to get it sign to protect themselves.  Seriously, they need to hire me!!

Well, after Adam had his Run-D.M.C moment, he realized that he can’t pull it off and asked Crosby to get one of his suits for him at his house because he was already at Mista Ray’s and Crosby was still on his way.  When Crosby goes to the house, he and Kristina get into it.  There are times I have Crosby’s back and other times where I want to wring his neck.  This was one of those wring his neck moments for me.  He picks a fight with Kristina about picking Jasmine’s new boyfriend as the family pediatrician.  Are you seriously going to pick a fight with a woman who is 9 months pregnant?  Are you kidding me?   I know it’s always hard to see your ex moving on.  And Crosby does have some valid concerns over Jasmine dating Jabbar’s doctor.  But why are you pissed at Kristina?  I don’t understand.  It’s not like her going to Dr. Hottie is going show a sign of solidarity between her and Jasmine against Crosby.  It was stupid.   But if festered from there and they started fighting about everything…Jasmine, Gaby, the business, Max, you name it.  But when Crosby goes to storm away Kristina asks him to come back for a second because her water just broke.   Yeah!!!

They are off to the hospital but of course they can’t get a hold of Adam because for some reason his cell phone has no service at Mista Ray’s house.  So he thinks Crosby has missed the meeting when he’s really taking care of Kristina at the hospital.  What ensued was a very sweet and funny scene, where Crosby stays to help Kristina through the birth and Adam finally shows up (Crosby sent a text to one of Mista Ray’s boys who told Adam to get to the hospital) right as Nora is born.  That’s right…Nora Walker’s mother is Kristina Braverman and not Marion Cunningham.  Sorry, bad Brothers and Sisters joke.   (Tap, Tap…Hello, is this mike on?)  Next thing you know, EVERY Braverman is there (including Jasmine…ugh) and everyone gets to meet beautiful little Nora.


Sarah and Mark’s relationship is going very well and then something annoying happens…Seth (played by John Corbett) shows up and ruins their evening.  How?  Because he is three sheets to the wind.  Seth has fallen off the wagon it appears.  Sarah is trying to handle the situation while Seth continues to call Mark Captain Morgan (which was a little funny I have to say) and then all of sudden asshole Zeke shows up.  You all know how much I hate Zeke so just bear with me.  He takes over and makes the situation 20 times worse and kicks Seth off his property.  I understand he is being protective here, but it’s none of his business.  Yes, Seth is on his property therefore making it his business.  But if he were a class act (which he isn’t) he would have let his daughter handle the situation herself and only interfere if she asked or if it got out of hand (which it didn’t.)

The next day Sarah goes to see Mark and asks if Seth (and her father) freaked him out to the point that he wants out.  He insist that he doesn’t and he is intent on staying with Sarah.  I love Jason Ritter!!  The one thing I did notice in this scene is that the dialogue seemed very stiff between them.  I don’t know if that was intentional or not but it seemed like I was watching two acquaintances having a discussion about politics where they were treading lightly for fear of insulting the other person rather than watching two people with intimate knowledge of one another because they are in a relationship having a meaningful conversation.  It was very strange.  Regardless, Mark’s all in.

Back at the house, Camille is trying to tell Zeke to back off and let Sarah handle the situation with Seth and to try to be more understanding because he has a disease.  Zeke doesn’t want to hear it and yells at Camille for being as dumb as Sarah for always having a soft spot in her heart for Seth.  It’s called compassion Zeke!   Ever heard of it?   No?   What a shocker.  I seriously don’t know how Camille has continued to stay married to that jerk.

At the end of the episode, Sarah gets a call late at night.  It’s Seth.  She drives to a seedy motel and can’t seem to find anyone answering the office.  She goes towards Seth’s car and hears noises in the alley.  She sees Seth falling by the trash cans and runs over to see him.  He’s beaten very badly and you can Sarah’s heart crushing all over her face.   Regardless of how much of a douchebag Seth is, he is the father of her children, he was the love of her life (right or wrong) and he does have an addiction he is struggling with everyday.  Of course her heart is going to break for him and she is going to help.   The question is, how much and how long will she help him?


At first, I didn’t like where this was going.  And if I’m really being honest, I’m still not sure how I feel about it.   But there may not have been any other solution.  SO I would really like to know what other people think.

Kristina asked Amber if she could stay with Max since he received detention for pushing Jabbar.  Amber reluctantly agrees.  Kristina also asks her to help Max construct the apology letter to Jabbar.  Again, reluctantly agrees.

When at school with Max, Max is having no part of the apology.  He says Jabbar started it and he has nothing to apologize for.  How about you are twice his size and older than him and shouldn’t be getting physical with anyone?  Amber asks him to watch her and ask which apology looks more sincere.  She showed Max a sincere apology and a not so sincere apology.   He couldn’t tell her which one was more sincere.  “You really don’t know do you?” Amber asks Max.  And it dawns on her that this is part of his Aspberger’s.  Emotions are foreign to him.  Amber decides to go down a different road.  She starts showing Max a video of Bill Clinton apologizing for his being a pig and sleeping with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office.  She starts to ask him what he notices about the video.  Little by little they start writing down words that Max uses to describe what he is seeing the screen.  Amber then teaches him what a certain facial expression or tone of voice, means in an apology.  Then they start working on crafting the proper apology to Jabbar (using the ever popular Tootsie Roll as incentive.)  It works and Max gives Jabbar a heartfelt apology and asks Jabbar if they can still be friends.  Jabbar tells him they never stopped.  I love that kid!

Here’s where I didn’t like what was going on.   Did Amber teach Max how to FAKE being sincere or did she teach him how to really be sincere.  Because if she taught him how to act the part, nothing was accomplished.  But in fairness, if Max simply has no control over his emotional state, because of his Aspberger’s and this was as close as she could get to having him emote an apology, then she did an amazing job.  That’s where I get confused because I don’t know enough about his disease to know if someone with Aspberger’s can really learn emotion or not.  I honestly don’t know.


Not much to say here other than latte girl is going to give her baby boy to Joel and Julia and there were some really cute scenes with Sydney and latte girl as well as some touching scenes with Julia and latte girl in the hospital.

I really do believe at this point, that Julia was truly being nice to latte girl because she really liked her and saw that she was in a tough place with very little support around her.  I don’t believe she was doing it in the hopes of getting her baby…which is exactly what happened anyway.  For now.

Does anyone else believe that this girl may change her mind?   because after she decided to give her baby away, she turned and burst into tears.   Yes, I know.  These decisions are brutally hard and there is a ton of emotion that happens during this time.  But I just have to wonder if she may be changing her mind.  Guess we’ll see.

What are your thoughts on Parenthood?  Let me know below!


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REVIEW: Parenthood “Clear Skies from Here on Out” S3 E4

I know we have a new episode of Parenthood (and it’s a big one) in a few days, but I was able to watch last week’s episode and I wanted to make a few comments about it.  I’m not going to get into the little stories but I do want to touch on the two big ones.

Haddie and Alex

I really liked this relationship from the very beginning.  I have been rooting for it with every fiber of my being.  There is this very strong love and respect I have for the character of Alex and I think he made Haddie a better character because he brought a level of maturity to Haddie that was desperately needed.  But lately they have been growing apart.  Watching what is happening in this relationship is one of the reasons I love Parenthood so much…it’s very realistic.  You have Alex, who’s 20 years old, working full-time, has a significant amount of baggage in his past, and has had to grow up much faster than most kids should have to.   His life is at one level.   Then you have Haddie, who’s 17, a senior in high school, planning to go to college, looking to enjoy her final year of high school with her friends, still has A LOT of growing up to do, and is still, in many ways, a very young, naive girl.  Her life is at a another level.  For most couples, a three gap in age isn’t a huge deal.  But when you have two kids this young in a relationship, those three years could seem like 20 years to more mature adults.  And it’s not just about the age difference, it’s about their life experiences up until this point.  Even though he’s only 20, Alex is extremely mature for his age and has had a past most people in their 30s might experience.  Haddie is very much a regular high school senior with the only drama in her life really being to help her parents manage Max.  So in all realism, what happened tonight, was just a matter of time.

With everything Alex has been dealing with so far this year, he has been distancing himself from Haddie a little bit.  This is where his maturity kicks in.  He sees the vast difference between himself and Haddie.  She a giddy senior who wants to celebrate her dominance at the top of the high school food chain before she is chum once again in college.   And he doesn’t begrudge that.   But that is not where he is at.  He also has more adult issues he has to face that Haddie just can’t quite understand.  And in fairness to her, how could she?  So slowly but surely over the last few episodes, we have been seeing Alex pull away.  It all came to a head in this episode.  Alex tells Haddie that he doesn’t think they should see each other any more because they are at different stages in their lives right now.  Haddie completely proves his point when, in typical Haddie fashion, when someone tells her something she doesn’t want to hear, she storms off like a brat instead of talking about it like an adult would.  Several times, Alex tries to talk to her about it so she would understand, and all she did was walk away from him.   We have seen her act like this several times over the course of the series.   She even acted that way earlier in the episode.   When her mom noticed the distance between her and Alex, she tried to talk to her and Haddie rudely interrupted her, wouldn’t listen to her, and kicked her out of her room.  And she wonders why a guy like Alex would break up with her.

The most heartbreaking part of this scene came when Haddie walked up stairs and slammed her door, leaving Alex in the family room with Kristina.  Kristina knows what is going on but in typical Kristina fashion, is nothing but a class act.  You can see that Alex is having a really hard time with breaking up with Haddie and he can’t bring himself to tell her what is going on.  Compounding this is when Kristina tells Alex that they all consider him family.   And can I just say, thank God I still had a box of Kleenex from when I was sick, by my bed because I just lost it.  His lip started going and tears started to fall from his eyes.  He tells Kristina what a wonderful mother she is and how much he appreciated how great they have been to him.  Then she starts to tear up and I start crying like someone who’s team was the best team in baseball and lost in a game 5 to a wild card team that shouldn’t have even been in the playoffs to being with….but I digress.  Needless to say, I was bawling!  He hugs and kisses Kristina good-bye and tells her to tell Mr. Braverman thank you and to tell Max to keep working on his jump shot.  I know this is a small point, but I always loved how respectful Alex was by calling Kristina and Adam, Mr. and Mrs. Braverman.  So many kids just assume they can call adults by their first names and I think it’s incredibly disrespectful.  But I’ll save my Andy Rooney rant on horrors of our youth for another time.

While I think this relationship unfortunately was headed down this path, I was still sad to see it happen.  I hope this isn’t the last we see of Alex.   Maybe he can start dating Amber!!!   But they already went down that road so it’s probably not likely.  But I need to see more of Michael B. Jordan on my screen because he is sensational!


This was doomed to end badly wasn’t it?  I know Crosby makes a lot of choices that I don’t agree with, but I have to say that this wasn’t one of them.   In this case, I 100% agreed with what he did and, as usual, hated the way Jasmine handled it.  But to be fair to both, this was a lose-lose situation.   I don’t know how this could be handled without someone getting hurt.

To set it up, Jabbar has been hanging out with Max at school, which I think was really cool.   I wasn’t sure if he was aware of Max’s Aspberger’s but apparently he was not.  They have been having lunch together and Max announced to Jabbar that they are best friends and are supposed to have lunch together everyday.   Jabbar’s adorable friend comes over to ask if both Jabbar and Max want to join them for lunch at their table.   Jabbar wants to go but Max doesn’t since they sit at the same table everyday.  Also Max wants Jabbar to quiz him on multiplication tables which Jabbar is growing very tired of quickly.

Jabbar tells Jasmine about this and she tells him that he doesn’t have to do whatever he doesn’t want to do.  Again, this is where I want to drop kick her out of 10 story window.  While I agree that Jabbar shouldn’t be saddled with this and should be allowed to have lunch with his friends, she is very well aware of Max’s situation.  What she should have done was have a conversation with Crosby about how they can explain this to Jabbar and then handle the situation from there.  Instead, she tells Crosby to tell Adam that Jabbar won’t be having lunch with Max all the time and has the right to sit wherever he wants.  You know, for someone who constantly berates Crosby for his lack of maturity, she keeps showing over and over again how incredibly immature and childish she is.

Crosby goes to talk to Adam but before he gets the chance, Adam tells him how much he admires and appreciates Jabbar and the way he has been with Max.  He confides in Crosby that they have been so worried about Max’s transition to main stream schooling, that Jabbar’s friendship with Max has been a God send and has made the transition so much smoother than they could have hoped.  He also tells him that Max considers his cousin, his best friend.   Well as soon as Crosby hears this, he changes his mind about talking to Adam about this.  Instead he decides to talk to Jabbar about what is going on.   He tells Jabbar that while he understands how frustrated he must be, sometimes we have to do things for family that we don’t always want to do.   He tells him that sometimes Max has trouble making friends and that right now, he is his only friend.  So he asks him to hang out with him a little longer and then if it’s still bad, they can reevaluate the situation again.  Jabbar agrees.   I liked the way Crosby handled this.  He didn’t ignore Jabbar’s concerns and validated to Jabbar that he understood and respected how he felt, but then explained a very difficult situation and asked him to be the bigger person and that if it didn’t work out, they would fix it.  The only mistake Crosby made is forgetting that he was trying to rationalize with a 6-year-old.

Jabbar has lunch with Max again, but it goes badly when he finishes eating with Max and goes to leave to meet up with his other friends.  Max isn’t finished yet so he yells at Jabbar not to leave.  Jabbar tells him too bad and walks away.  Max gets up and grabs him and starts screaming at him.   A really bad fight breaks out and ends up with Max shoving Jabbar to the ground.  Crosby, Jasmine, Adam, and Kristina are all summoned to school to address the situation and everyone except Crosby is very confused.   Jasmine is yelling at him for not telling Adam and Kristina that Jabbar won’t be having lunch with Max anymore.  Then making the situation worse, Jabbar said that Crosby told him he needed to have lunch with Max because there was something wrong with Max.  That doesn’t sit well with Adam and Kristina and Crosby tries to explain that that is not what he told Jabbar at all.  A huge fight breaks out between Crosby and Adam while Jasmine and Kristina have words.  It ends with Adam and Kristina storming off and Jasmine yelling at Crosby that if he only did what she told him it would have been fine.   Well she’s an idiot.

I have to say, I hate the way this worked out.   Adam is at the Lunchonette and Crosby shows up.  They are cross with one another until Adam tells Crosby that their loan came through and they are officially in business.   The next thing you know, Crosby is playing the drums and Adam is singing on a mike and everything is just fine.  I was hoping they were going to have a talk so Crosby could explain his side of the story and Adam would understand what Crosby really did which was try to look out for Max’s best interest.  I hope it gets addressed next week and that doesn’t get left hanging and I hope Jasmine gets cut from the show very soon.

Parenthood is off to an AMAZING start this season.   If you are watching, what are your thoughts on this episode and the first 4 episodes of the season.  If you aren’t watching, what is the matter with you????   You better start watching because this is a solid hour of TV every week.   And with this TV season not being very strong, you should check out Parenthood!


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Some early good news coming out of NBC this week!!  It’s official!!!   Parenthood and Harry’s Law are both coming back for the 2011-2012 TV season.  Yippie!!!!!!   Still no official word on Chuck but the rumor of a 13 episode renewal is still out there.  So I am not making it official on my 2011/2012 Renew Cancel Tracker until it is.

Parenthood has really become a solid show.  Where it was very much on the bubble last year and in the early parts of this year, it came on strong towards the middle/ end of the season and looks to be a real hit for NBC….it’s about time!

Harry’s Law, you all know, I hated at first.  But it grew on me and David E Kelley finally toned down his political lecturing and now I really enjoy it.  So I am happy for the cast and crew!

As upfront approaches, I suspect we will be hearing more and more information coming out.   The timing of this really sucks though….network upfronts which is the same week as finale week which is the same week as my vacation.   The networks did not plan this well because there will be much to discuss!!

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RECAP & REVIEW: Parenthood S2 E18-21

I am BRUTALLY behind on recapping Parenthood.  Possibly because I was BRUTALLY behind on watching it.  I was finally able to catch up this weekend.  I recommend to anyone who watches this show and if there are any of you out there who cry as much (or as easily) as I do, DO NOT watch 4 Parenthood episodes back to back to back to back.  I had a migraine for the rest of the weekend!   There is a lot to cover and I wanted to catch up before the season finale tomorrow night so I will make this as quick and painless as I can!


I have made my thoughts pretty clear that I can’t stand Jasmine any more.  I also don’t think she and Crosby should be together.  In all honesty, I’m not sure why Crosby is pushing this so hard.  They weren’t that happy leading up to the break up and there have been many times that Crosby has had issues with Jasmine’s parenting philosophies.  So why is he buying a house and doing all these things when she has made it very clear that they are over?   And why is he pushing so hard?   She can still be in your life….as a Jabar’s mom and as a friend.  But you don’t have to be with her.   I mean I HATED what she did with Jabar and his school project.  The project was supposed to be about his family so Jabar was putting pictures of himself, Jasmine and Crosby.  Of course this bothered Jasmine and she wanted to have included pictures of things that were special to just her and Jabar.  No Crosby.  How selfish can you be?    Suck it up.  This is a school project for your son about his family.   His ENTIRE family.   And this has been the problem with Jasmine the whole time.  She still treats the parenting situation with Jabar like she is a single parent and she isn’t.  He has a father who is very involved in his life and she wants to completely ignore or push back on that.  I hate that.  And I really dislike her for it.

Speaking of annoying, there are times where Crosby can be really bothersome and I can understand where Adam wants to throw him through a wall sometimes.  Crosby makes bad decisions and then puts on the puppy dog eyes and expects everyone in his family to drop everything and support him even when he is being a douche.  And then whines like a 5 year if no one supports him.  Like this house thing.  Everyone needed to be at this house (if you can call it that.)  He also wants Joel’s help in fixing it since he is a contractor.   That makes perfect sense.  But he is being so particular and Joel is very politely trying to explain to him that while he is trying to create this house to Jasmine’s exact specifications of what she would want, he may not have the money to support that dream and what if he does all this and she still says no?   I can understand Joel giving Crosby a break on things with this remodel but Crosby is making plans based off a budget he doesn’t have and a finance who doesn’t want him.  It’s ridiculous.   I think it’s in both Jasmine and Crosby’s best interest to move on and find other people.  Because they certainly don’t bring out the best in each other.

The best part about this whole thing with the house was that it brought Adam and Crosby back together.  I had no problem with Adam being mad and Crosby for what he did and Crosby certainly deserved it.  But I also agreed with Sarah that at some point, you have to forgive and move on.  He’s his brother and they need to find a way to work it out.  Luckily, they did.


Finally these two are given some real material to use.   J&J have been trying to get pregnant for a few months now and it isn’t working.  So Joel goes to get tested and it is stinking hilarious!!!!   He calls Julia from the “deposit” room and he is having a hard time getting things to work properly so he can do his thing.  Like how nicely I phrased that?   So Julia offers to give him phone sex so he can do his business.   But when he is ready, she gets ready to start and realizes she can’t so she tells him “good luck” and hangs up on him.   I loved it!!!!

Unfortunately, it was not all laughs and jokes.  After Joel is found to be fine, Julia decides to get tested and news isn’t as good.  She has so much scarring that she won’t be able to get pregnant again and both break down and cry.  It was such a sweet and personal moment for them I almost felt like I was intruding while watching the scene.   Julia tries to put on a brave face for everyone and, as is typical in many situations like this, is more concerned about making sure no one else is weird about the news and making sure they are ok.    But her breaking point came when her parents came to visit.   Julia was with Sydney and you could tell that since she realizes she is only going to have Syd, that she is pushing really hard to have Julia and Sydney time/events that are going to be just for them.   But Syd starts to question, like a normal kid, why her mom is always wanting to institute all this Julia/Sydney time and activities.  So Sydney says no to having her mom teach her how to play golf and that they have enough stuff to do together.  This hurts Julia and she walks into the kitchen.  Camille follows (after Joel presumably tells them what is going on) and she kindly touches her daughter on the shoulder and Julia just loses it.  She completely breaks down in her mother’s arms and cries like a little girl who just lost her best friend.   My heart broke for her.

Adam/Kristina/the kids

Lots going here as usual.  First, Max finally finds out he has Aspbergers and Adam and Kristina have to explain to him what that means.  I think overall, it was harder on the parents than it was on Max but it was really nice they talked as a family and now maybe they can work a little differently with Max now that he is aware what his challenges may be.   They get very concerned though when they get called into Max’s school.  They think that maybe he’s acting out now that he knows but that isn’t the case at all.  They wanted to see A&K because Max is doing so well is school academically, that they worry he may not be challenged enough and will need to find another school to challenge him.   This is both amazing news and scary news.  Adam wants to mainstream Max while Kristina wants to keep him at the school he is at.  She is so afraid of how mainstream kids will treat Max and is worried that all his social progress will go backwards.  Adam thinks he’ll be fine and for the sake of his academic career, they should try it.  I can completely understand how this situation would be so tough.   On one hand, you want your child to flourish academically.  But on the other hand, he is getting to the age where kids a brutally cruel and you want to protect your child any way that you can.  But you know what, ANY kid will have that struggle and at some point, you have to let them go and give new opportunities a try to see how he can handle it.   Ironically, the one person who was able to help Kristina realize this was Gabby.   They bumped into each other (at Kristina’s BFF’s house) and as a result, Gabby came to see her.   They talked and Gabby told her that Max is much stronger socially now and that she thought it was a great idea for him.   They hugged and Kristina also forgave Gabby for what happened.   Kristina really is awesome.  She’s just a wonderful person and mom and I have so much respect for her.   Jasmine could learn some things from her!!!!    Eventually Kristina agrees with Adam and they decide to mainstream Max.   Yeah!!!!

Things are also going well for Haddie and Alex…that is until Prom Night!!!   A&K seem to have settled in on Haddie’s relationship with Alex, that is until Adam remembered how prom night worked.  Adam was freaking out over Haddie’s prom.   Now to some degree I understand this.   He reminded us about his prom night and his thoughts were all about getting his date’s dress off…nice.   He is worried this is how it is going to be for Haddie.  I get that but he went a little over the top in my opinion.  He looked miserable the day/night of prom.  He kept standing in a corner glaring at Alex and Haddie.  How awful.  It’s your daughter’s prom.  At some point, you have to hope that you raised her right and allow her to go out and make her own decisions.    I also have to wonder if A&K’s constant worry about this leading to Kristina asking Haddie about having sex Alex didn’t lead her right to it.  You know what they say?   When you try so hard to prevent something from happening, you just might be the person that causes it to happen.  Did that happen here?  Could the idea not have even been in Haddie’s head and because her parents asked her about it and were weird with her about, Haddie started thinking about it?  I don’t know.  I would think as a teenager, the thought was already there.  But who knows.  So guess what happened?  That’s right.  Haddie and Alex had sex on prom night!

The worst part of this whole thing though was that not only did Haddie get found out but the WAY in which A&K found out was both horrifying and hysterical at the same time.  Basically, Haddie butt dialed her parents while having sex with Alex and they could both hear her having sex through their car’s bluetooth connection.  Oh.  My.  God.  That has to be a parents 2nd most horrific way of finding out your child is having sex (the first being walking in on them.)  But I give Kristina a whole lot of credit for how she handled this.  She confronted Haddie and Haddie lied through her teeth.  Kristina never told her what she heard.  Eventually, Haddie came to her mom and told her the truth.  Again, one of the best facial actors in TV hit it out of the park.  You could see the devastation on her face yet her also trying to keep it together because she doesn’t want to freak Haddie out to the point that Haddie never tells her anything again.   She cries but pulls it together and has a nice conversation with her daughter.   And Haddie asked her how she knew, Kristina never told her as to not embarrass her but just said it was a parent’s intuition.  Great parenting!!!  I love Kristina.   Adam on the other hand didn’t take it so well and I can understand it.  He couldn’t look at Haddie or talk to her and he was really upset about it.  I don’t blame him.  Eventually Haddie goes to Kristina in tears that her dad is so upset with her and she doesn’t understand why he is acting like this towards her.   Really Haddie?   Your father just found out that his baby girl and only daughter just had sex for the first time at 17.  What do you expect him to do?   Throw you a “way to give it up” party?  He needs sometime to absorb this and you need to respect it and give him that space.   Are teenagers that self-absorbed or that stupid to not understand how their actions can devastate their parents and they aren’t always going to be happy with the decisions they make….especially decisions that can have life changing impacts?   Eventually things work out between in probably the sweetest moment those 2 have ever had.   He goes to pick her up from soccer and when he sees a cut on her arm, he gets the first aid kit and fixes it for her.   He then tells her, he doesn’t ever want to see her get hurt.  Guess who bursts into tears?   That would be me.  She finally gets it and they go have ice cream together.  Love it!


Sarah has written a story.  After Seth left and reminded her how she was always the talent in the family, she began to write.  And write and write and write.  She ended up writing the first act of a play.  She has no idea if it’s any good so she goes to someone for an opinion she can trust…Mark Cyr (Jason Ritter.)   Is awful of me to pray that The Event gets canceled so I can see Jason Ritter back on Parenthood as Sarah’s other half?   I don’t think it’s a stretch since the Event isn’t doing so well but it’s still awful isn’t it?  I don’t care.  I want him back on Parenthood full-time!!!  You hear me Jason Katims!!!  Anyhoo, she brings it to Mark and leaves it with him to review while insane chemistry floats between them.   When he brings it back to her, she doesn’t let him get a word out and already debunks the work as horrible.  He finally gets her to stop talking long enough to tell her that it is really, really good.  But he tells her there is one catch.  It doesn’t read like a book.  It reads like a play. Sarah is stunned but excited at the time.  It is such a wonderful moment and I am so happy for Sarah because she is finally starting to find something that works for her and no one else.

So she continues to pursue this and Zeek (ugh) sets her up with a friend and former Broadway actor and director, Gilliam Blount (played by the remarkable Richard Dreyfuss.)  Blount likes the play and think it has huge potential.   So Blount and Sarah start to work together to see how they can make this play come to life.  It’s so great to see Sarah doing something so challenging and rewarding and apparently be very good at it.  While Adam, Crosby, and Julia all seem to have their careers completely intact and firmly heading in solid directions (although Adam’s company seems a little dicey) Sarah was always the one who didn’t really have a direction or path to go down.   But now she does and it’s so nice to see.  And it isn’t contrived or far-fetched.  It’s been mentioned several times about Sarah’s creativity and how she was the one who wrote all of the great music Seth and his band play that people respond to.  So it isn’t crazy that she would be a talented writer.     Blount is hard on her but it’s because he sees such potential in her that he is pushing her as hard as he can.  He tells her that while he understands that she has a family to support and children to raise, she also needs to devote her attention to this.  If she wants to pursue this seriously, she has to take it seriously and it needs to be a high priority in her life.   And we see her do this a few times even when Amber comes in to see her with this darkness surrounding her that Sarah is unaware of.   Sarah knows something is off but a few times put this ahead of other things.  And I believe she is 100% right for doing so.  Not only for her sake but because no matter how much she tried to help Amber, at this point, there was no helping her.  Which leads me to what is going on with Amber who has been on the back burner slightly as of late.

Amber is waiting to hear back from college and we learn she has only applied to 2 schools.   That seems a bit light but not unheard of.  The first school she hears back from, she did not get in.   She is slightly concerned since that was her safety school.  But Sarah tells her to keep her head up because Berkley should work out with her grades and SAT scores and her interview.  Eventually Amber gets a personal call from Carly Barow telling her that the letters are going out later in the week but that she didn’t get in to Berkley.  I thought it was classy of Carly to call Amber to tell her instead of letting her find out like everyone else.  Amber is now devastated and as a result heads on a completely downward spiral.  After prom she basically breaks down when she finds out that someone not nearly as smart as she is, got into Yale (due to Amber’s tutoring) and she loses it.  She leaves prom and when she gets home tells her mom that things are going to change.  She has done it her way and it didn’t work so she is not going to school or anything and she is going to live her life the way AMBER wants to live it.  What does that mean?  That means she is now going to regress back to being the Amber we first met when the show premiered.  Lots of smoking, drinking, and hanging out with the wrong people.  And boy does she destroy everything she has worked to hard to build.

She ruins her working relationship with Julia by getting stoned at worked, acting like a jerk, embarrassing Julia and then quitting.  She then starts hanging out with loser valet guy Gary, and starts drinking and getting high with him on a regular basis.  She is starting to have sex in Julia’s office when she remembers she has to meet her mom for dinner.   When she shows up, at first Sarah has no idea that her daughter is high.   But slowly she sees the signs.  After years of being married to someone with a substance abuse problem, she can tell that Amber is on something stronger than pot.  She is furious with her and storms out of the restaurant.  Drew and Sarah both confront her about her behavior and how she is not allowed to go out with Gary anymore.   They also go through her purse to check for more drugs and that sets her off on an almost manic temper tantrum.  She runs out the door to see Gary who has shown up to take her out and her mother is trying to prevent her from leaving with him.  Sarah grabs Amber and Amber turns around a forcefully pushes Sarah to the ground while calling her a crazy bitch.  She leaves with Gary and Sarah is uncontrollably crying with Drew trying to comfort her.

It’s hard to put into words how upsetting that scene was on so many levels.  To see Amber completely fall apart the way she did, after building such a beautiful relationship with her family and pulling herself together, was troubling to watch.   To see her talk to her mother and brother like that but especially Sarah was awful.  While I understand her feeling destroyed and frustrated, I can’t feel compassion for the way she treated her family.  Sarah, Drew, and Julia were all collateral damage in tornado Amber’s path.  She has some severe making up to do after the way she behaved.  And don’t get me wrong, I can 100% understand her being heartbroken over not getting into school and feeling like a failure and loser (even though she isn’t close to any of those things.)   But it’s no excuse for her to act the way in which she did.   However, I don’t think any of that will matter considering what happened at the end of episode 21.

Amber was with Gary driving and drinking and Gary wasn’t paying attention and ran a red light while an oncoming car broadsided them sending them both to the hospital.   The season finale will tackle the fall out from that and I have a feeling that Amber will be physically ok but I am curious to see how emotionally, she comes out of this.

I am going to watch the season finale tonight and comment tomorrow so please check back for the season 2 wrap up of Parenthood.  It should be epic!!!

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REVIEW: Parenthood “Do Not Sleep With Your Autistic Nephew’s Therapist” S2 E17

I think it’s fair to say that I am going to need a HUGE box of tissues for next week’s Parenthood.  You all know how much of a crier I am and you know it’s bad when you start crying DURING THE PREVIEW!!!  My husband hasn’t stopped laughing at me.  And he shouldn’t…I’m pathetic!!!


Let’s get this one out-of-the-way so we can get to the big stuff.   And I hate to do this because I have been clamoring for a big Joel/Julia focus for a while now but like I said, I am trying to cut down on the length of these reviews.  Sydney is now all of a sudden a vegetarian.  I think it’s pretty funny for a 6 year-old to decide that but whatever.  J&J have decided to go with it.  It’s probably a good idea because you know what, after a while, she’ll hate it and come back to eating normal food.  And if she doesn’t, then she’ll appreciate the fact that you supported her and it was obviously legit.

As usual, Zeek becomes his typical asshole self.  Instead of respecting J&J wishes for THEIR daughter, he decides what is right and wrong and what the rules should be in J&J’s house.  Now, in general, do I think kids today have too much to say and parents are letting them dictate too much of how things should be in a household…yes.  But for Pete’s sake…she’s 6!!!!  So she wants to eat vegetables instead of meat.  Is that really a hill you want to die on?  I don’t think so.  And I am with Julia that he undermines her as Sydney’s mother when he decides to change the rules that J&J have agreed to.

Camille surprising backs him up and as a result Zeek comes to thank her while she is folding laundry.  They end up making out and getting busy in the laundry room.  So it’s nice to see their relationship moving forward.


Adam seems to be getting his panties in a bunch over the fact that Alex is spending so much time at their house.  I don’t really see what the problem is.  Would he rather Haddie and Alex spending time at their house where they can supervise them constantly?  And instead of whining to Kristina about it, maybe he should sit Haddie down and tell her that Sundays are just for family right now.  He can come over any other time but he would Sunday just for them.  That’s not so hard is it?  Sheesh.


Seth and Drew are getting closer each week and now it seems Sarah is also liking the idea of having him around.  Guess who still hasn’t warmed up though? That’s right.  Amber.  Seth brings her a guitar as an olive branch and she is having no part of it.  Later Drew comes to her room and asks her not to be so mean to their father.  They get into it but Amber tries to explain that he is just going to leave again and she doesn’t want Drew to get hurt.

Before Sarah leaves for work, she is trying to make them dinner but is absolutely brutalizing a chicken.  Seth and Drew come in and help her with dinner.  Then Amber comes down and Seth asks her to go with him and Drew to Alcatraz since he knows how much she likes it.  Well this set her off.  She starts ripping into him about what little he knows about her and all the things he has missed in her life.  She starts crying hysterically calling him a loser for missing out on their lives and tells him she doesn’t want to see him.  It’s grueling to watch Amber go through this but as usual, Mae Whitman hits a home run.  She is so amazing in this scene.  Actually when isn’t she amazing, really.

This also hits Seth right in the gut and after this beat down he receives, surprise surprise, he now has a gig in Seattle and he needs to leave town the following morning.  He goes and tells Sarah at the bar and asks her to tell the kids to which she begrudgingly agrees to do.  I was so pissed at her for that but then she quickly redeemed herself.  When Seth leaves, she storms out after him and tells him that he can’t do that to them and don’t make her the bad guy because she will bad mouth him to the kids for this.  She tells him that he will be at the house in morning to say good-bye to his children.  I wondered if he was going to show up or bail.  I thought he was going to bail.  But he showed up and said good-bye and off he went.  But not before he bumped into Sarah and told her that she is really the true talent and artist…he was just the dumb ass who played the guitar.  You can tell this means a lot to her and is breaking her heart at the same time.  As she said, this guy was the love of her life (still is if you ask me) and she still loves him and sees those glimpses why she fell in love with him to begin with.  So it crushes her just as much as the kids, every time Seth bails.  Do you think we’ve seen the last of him?   Something tells me no.


What is going on here really shows how your actions can sometimes have such huge ramifications on innocent people you never even thought about.  Obviously Crosby and Jasmine are having a rough time and it’s about to get worse since Crosby slept with Gaby.  When Gaby was working with Max, Jasmine showed up at Kristina’s and was apologizing for missing Max’s party and she starts to tell her what is going on.  Gaby overhears and she just can’t take it.  Later that night, she shows up at Kristina and Adam’s and tearfully resigns as Max’s teacher.  A&K are dumbfounded and have no idea where this is coming from.  Kristina goes to see Gaby at her home.  She is so confused by this and really wants to know the real reason Gaby is leaving.  She tells her that she can open up to her even if it is personal.  Gaby basically tells her what is going on and Kristina, who was not expecting that, looks like she is going to kill her.

Jasmine has finally decided she wants to talk to Crosby about what is going on.  She goes to see him on his boat and Crosby is pretty hammered.  He wants no part of talking to her in that condition but she insists, especially when he won’t even look at her.  Crosby tells Jasmine that he slept with someone else.  She wants to know who and he won’t tell her.  He goes to hug her and apologize and she completely freaks out (rightfully so), throws stuff at him, and storms out telling him that she will never forgive him for this.  Oh boy.  While I have not been part of the Jasmine fan club, she did not deserve this.  I would never forgive that either.  You have one bad fight (granted it was pretty bad) and your instinct is to sleep with someone else.  Ugh.  I wouldn’t blame Jasmine if she packed up her stuff and left town with Jabar.

Back at Adam and Kristina’s, Kristina tells Adam what is going on and why Gaby really resigned.   Adam is livid.  He wants to go to Crosby’s and give him a beat down.  Apparently Crosby’s ears were ringing because he walks into A&K’s to apologize for what happened.  He and Adam get into a screaming match.  Crosby apologizes for them losing their babysitter and that just sets them off.  Come on Crosby…babysitter?   Really?  When Adam tries to explain to him that Gaby was more than just a babysitter, that she was his teacher and a specialist who works with autistic children with Aspberger’s and does Crosby get that Max has Aspberger’s, guess who is standing on the steps listening to whole thing?  Max.  If you haven’t been watching Parenthood, Max doesn’t know he has Aspberger’s.  A&K have never told him.  Well now he knows he has Aspberger’s but he has no idea what that means which means A&K are going to finally have to have that difficult discussion with him.   And Crosby has forced their hand.

There were so many relationships destroyed or damaged as a result of Crosby and Gaby’s horrible decision…Jasmine and Crosby, Crosby and Adam, Crosby and Kristina, Gaby, Kristina, and Adam, Gaby and Max, and Adam, Kristina and Max.  Not only would I expect Jasmine to never forgive Crosby but if I were Kristina or Adam, it would be really hard for me to ever forgive him as well.  As a result of Crosby’s actions, Max lost his teacher with whom he was very connected to and this could possibly destroy much of the progress he has made and significantly set him back.  And on top of all that, A&K are forced to talk to Max about Aspberger’s before they were ready to do so.  How do you forgive that?  I know they will eventually but in the immediate future, things between all of them will be pretty strained.  It’s just a horrible situation.

I hope you all go out and buy lots and lots of Kleenex before next Tuesday’s episode because you are going to need it as Adam and Kristina finally tell Max about his Aspberger’s.

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QUICK REVIEW: Parenthood “Amazing Andy and His Wonderful World of Bugs” S2 E16

Max’s Party

God bless Kristina and Adam.  I can’t even begin to imagine how tough it must be to manage a birthday party with a houseful of autistic children.  I give them a ton of credit.  And even Kristina looked like at one point she was going to snap, she never did.   Maybe because  when she went in her room to get aspirin for her headache, she walked in on Joel and Julia getting their freak on in her bathroom!!!! That was probably better medicine than the Excedrin!  She laughed it off and when she returned to the party, was relaxed and still laughing about what she saw.  It was also so nice to see Michael Emerson back on my TV as Andy, the bug guy who also had Aspberger’s.  It gives Kristina and Adam some confidence that when Max grows up, he could live a happy and productive life like Andy has.


The first and only time I have ever liked Zeek.  He was only trying to be nice to Seth and considering how awful Seth made his daughter and grandchildren’s lives, I thought he was pretty generous.  Seth and he got into and I love how Zeek threatened him.  Drew is being pretty blind throughout this whole thing.  I don’t blame him though.  He’s a young boy who wants a relationship with his cool dad.  Of course he is always going to give him the benefit of the doubt because he doesn’t know what a douche his father was growing up.   What I disagreed with, was Sarah thinking it was an ok thing that the fight happened.  How is that an ok thing?  He’s obviously becoming a bad influence on him.  Do you think Sarah is really trying to give him the benefit of the doubt or do you think she is setting Drew up for the big fall knowing Seth will screw it up somehow?  It would be a pretty cruel lesson but maybe a necessary one.  I think the way this is setting up, Seth is going to make a huge mistake and break Drew’s heart.


Yikes.  This situation has become a mess.  I’m a little surprised how quickly this relationship is dissolving right in front of us.  I know last week’s fight was pretty huge and pretty severe but it’s really the first BIG fight they have had.  Why won’t Jasmine sit down and talk further with Crosby about it?  I find that odd.  So what does she do this week, exactly what Crosby was trying to tell her last week.  She decides she is taking Jabar to see her aunt who’s supposedly sick, along with her mom, to get away for a few days.  Crosby reminds her about Max’s birthday and she makes some snide comment about how everything is about the Bravermans.  Um, no.  Everything has been about what she and her mom want.  That’s why Crosby is pissed!!!!   She just doesn’t get it and as usual, doesn’t care about anyone else except what she or her mom want.  I have to say, I’m at the point where I think they should break up.  The more I see of her, the less and less I like her.  I also got the impression that Crosby was heartbroken about this yet she looked like she was ready to move on.  I hope she does because I don’t think they are good together.

Then it gets worse.  Crosby and Gaby sleep together.  I thought this was coming due to the previews but then after the margarita scene, I thought he was going to make the right decision and not hook up with her and the cheating preview would have been a farce.  Guess I was wrong.  Oh boy.  As much as I don’t like Jasmine, she doesn’t deserve that.  Although I will say I think the chemistry between Gaby and Crosby is better than Jasmine and Crosby and Jasmine may be right that they are together for the wrong reasons.  But what does that also tell you about Crosby’s relationship with Jasmine that he so easily and quickly would sleep with someone else?   I can’t wait for next week to see the fall out from all this!!

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REVIEW: Parenthood “Just Go Home” S2 E15

Two HUGE, blow out fights and one very calm resolution and you have “Just Go Home”, this week’s Parenthood episode.  This show is really starting to hit its stride.  I still think they forget about Joel and Julia way too much but I’ll talk more about that in a different post.  At first I was a little disappointed in how quickly and easily the Haddie/Alex storyline wrapped up but upon further review after re-watching the episode, it was fine and completely appropriate.  I’m also thrilled with how it wrapped up.   I was thrilled to see Sarah, Amber, and Drew take front and center again and it was nice to see Lauren Graham showcasing her talents.   Also we get the introduction of John Corbett as dead-beat dad Seth.  But the storyline of the episode revolved around Crosby and Jasmine.  It was storyline I bet some people didn’t even realize was being built because many times writers have more isolated couple issues and then they get dropped.  What happened between Crosby and Jasmine has really been building all year and had one of the best fight scenes I have ever seen on TV.   My husband and I both found ourselves on different sides of who was right in this situation and it may surprise who I backed and who he supported.   Let’s break it down:


Let’s get the boring out-of-the-way shall we?   Kristina and Adam miss Haddie and Haddie misses her parents.  But both are so stubborn, no one is budging.  Camille has trying to be Switzerland between these two sides for over a week now but she finally opens Haddie’s eyes to some very obvious information that has been staring her in the face.   You aren’t living with your parents because they won’t let you see Alex.  But Alex won’t see her unless her parents approve it.   So why exactly is she living with her grandparents?  Haddie finally realizes this too and while Kristina, Adam, and Max are having dinner, she comes home, luggage in tow, and asks what’s for dinner.  It’s a really nice scene because Kristina and Adam really want to burst with excitement but contain themselves and they enjoy dinner as if nothing ever happened.  If that was how this wrapped up, I would have been pissed.   But it wasn’t.  They sat down and had a conversation with Haddie about Alex.   It was the conversation they should have originally had with her before all this craziness started.  It was like they were channeling one of my earlier posts because they laid out the same exact scenario I suggested…grades must stay up, she has a strict curfew, she is not permitted to hang out at his apartment, they will know where they are at all times and have approved date locations.   Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.  And Haddie agrees with them 100% and gives them the biggest hug she can manage.   Later, Alex is in the park shooting some hoops when Haddie shows up, along with Max, Kristina, and Adam in their warm-ups ready to play ball.  Adam walks over and shakes his hand and Kristina hugs him.  Then a 3 on 2 game breaks out.  It was a great scene.

I was slightly surprised, especially after last week’s episode, that Kristina would go for this.  She spent the whole episode last week talking about how her gut was telling her what a bad idea this is and she knows it isn’t right.  She is crying her eyes out because of what happened to her mother and doesn’t want to see her daughter go down the wrong path.  Now, what could be a day or two later, she’s okay with them dating?   It doesn’t make sense.  I still think it’s the right thing to do and should have been what they did from the beginning.  But how did she go from being so dead set against this to being on board?  If there was a conversation with Adam about it, I wish we would have seen it because I thought it undermined the character.  In any event, I’m glad Haddie is back home and reasonable compromise was made in regards to the Alex situation.


Looks like the sheer mention of daddy Seth’s name sends the Holt family into utter chaos!  Amber and Drew are fighting and they are really getting into about their father.  Drew tells her how he went to see him and that he was invited to his dad’s gig and he’s going to go.  Amber is floored by this and thinks it’s a bad idea.  She asks if he told mom and when he says no, she threatens to tell Sarah herself if he doesn’t.  A couple of things with this fight.  Amber has mentioned several times how she remembers what it was like with their dad but he has no idea.  She can’t be more than 2 years older than him right?  And it’s possible she is only a year older than him.  So how is it she can remember so much about how bad it was but he can’t?  I don’t know if I follow that.  But they have written her that way since the beginning so I believe she remembers how bad it was.  I’m just not so sure Drew doesn’t.  I just think he’s a boy desperate for a relationship with his father who is apparently a lot more ready to forgive him than the Holt women.  The other thing that surprised me a little was how ready Amber was to throw Drew under the bus to Sarah.  I know Amber has done a huge amount of growing over the past year, which has been wonderful to see, but is she that far removed from when she was moving in with Damian that she forgets what rebellion looks like?  And as Drew reminded her, look at all the times he covered for her.   She couldn’t return the favor?  I know she is playing the protective older sister but I was a little shocked she would so easily want to blow his cover.  Now, I do think Drew was wrong for not wanting to tell Sarah and if you are so afraid to tell your mom the truth, you should know something is wrong with what you want to do.  All this is for naught because Sarah finally hears the fight and comes up to investigate.  They both pull the “nothings wrong” card and thank God she doesn’t buy it.  Amber looks like she is about to cry and asks Drew if there is something he’d like to tell mom.  He’s pissed at her for that and now Sarah is freaking out that something is wrong.  Drew eventually tells her that he saw Seth and he was invited to his concert and that he is going whether she likes it or not.  Well that was uncalled for, I think.  Zeek is also hanging around listening to this whole thing and I blame him for part of this but I’ll get to that in a minute.  Sarah is livid that Drew went to see Seth without her knowledge and explains to him, rather vociferously, that he is not to see his father until Sarah has seen him to make sure he is in a condition with which it is appropriate to spend time with their children.  There is much shouting and finger-pointing back and forth and it ends with Sarah telling Drew he is not to go to the concert and storming off to see Seth to objurgate him for not telling her he was in town and for seeing the kids without her permission.

I don’t blame Sarah one bit for being angry about this.  You can tell all the different emotions she was feeling in that argument…betrayal, fear, anger, sadness.  I think most of her ire was due to the fact that Seth was with Drew without her knowing and maybe slightly, the fact that he didn’t call her to tell her he was in town.  Well Sarah isn’t messing around and she goes to see Seth right away.  When Seth sees Sarah, he looks pleased to see her and a little surprised.  Sarah looks like she is seeing her high school crush all over again for the first time but you can see her compose herself and do what she came there to do…which was drill him about his intentions.  When he offers her something to drink, she asks if it’s vodka.  He starts to laugh but she isn’t laughing at all!  He denies it and she asks about anything else.  He tells her he’s been clean for  several months.  There are some very awkward moments between them and you can see all the confusion on Sarah’s face.  As she told her dad, this was the love of her life therefore this must be brutal for her.   There’s probably a part of her that wants to throw him on the bed and have her way with him but then the other part of her wants to throw him out of the 2 story motel window for being so horrible to their children and to her.  He ruined their lives.  He seems sorry and sincerely heartbroken about what he did but I’m still not buying it yet.  He explains to her that Drew called him and came to see him and he thought it was alright with her.  But now that he sees that wasn’t the case he tells her no more behind the back stuff and will be honest.  He has invited Drew to see him play and he would like to see him.   She tells she has to think about it and as she walks out the door, she warns him, hurt them again and I will kill you.  It is so nice to see Lauren Graham back in action!!!  After thinking about it, she lets both Amber and Drew go but she stays behind.   They go to see the show and Drew wants to stay but Amber wants to get out of there as fast as she can.  She still hasn’t forgiven her father for what he did to all of them.   They get home and thank their mom for letting them go and head to bed.

I’m not sure where this storyline is going, but I hope whatever direction it goes in, it gives Sarah the opportunity to do something in her life for her.  It sounds like the Seth years weren’t so great and everything she has been doing up until this point, have been for Drew and Amber.  But I can only imagine how upset she is that she has to live with her parents at this stage in her life and I’m sure she would like to make a career for herself and life for herself so she can finally get some much-needed (and deserved) happiness.  If she gets that with Seth, great.  If she doesn’t, I don’t want to see them put her down a destructive path with him.  Although it would be interesting, I think she’s been through enough already, even if most of it was off camera before we met them!   As for Zeek’s involvement in all this, I don’t think he was wrong to encourage Drew to have a relationship with his father, but he should have let Sarah know about his advice to him.   That way, Sarah could have talked to Drew and Seth about it and avoid this situation entirely.  Actually, knowing what Seth is (a drug addict) and knowing what he put his daughter and grandchildren through, he should have checked with Sarah before giving Drew any advice at all and let Sarah decide how it should be handled.  I appreciate what Zeek was trying to do but he is part of the reason things went down the way that they did and he should have been more open with Sarah since they are her children.

Crosby and Jasmine

Sweet Mother in Heaven.  Now THAT was a fight and it was coming for a long time now!  The funny thing is after that fight, I was on Crosby’s side and my husband was on Jasmine’s…ha!  Now, my husband hasn’t watched every episode of Parenthood so he hasn’t seen Jasmine in all of her controlling beauty but his point is valid that based solely on what he say, Crosby was wrong.   I think the only thing Crosby was wrong about was his timing and the way he did this, but I certainly understand it.

While unloading the dishwasher, Crosby suggested they load it a different way and Jasmine said no her way was better.  I think Crosby was trying to bait Jasmine here because he wanted to fight about this.  Earlier in the episode, they had to go to couples counseling with the reverend who is going to marry them because her mom thought they should.  Any of you who are Catholic would recognize this as your interview with your priest mingled with a little Pre-Cana.  The reverend asked them how they view their marriage in 5 years and Jasmine knew exactly what she wanted.  Crosby, being slightly overwhelmed, had no idea, he just knew the future involved him, Jasmine and Jabar.  Jasmine wasn’t too happy.   Then later on, her mom was over and they were making wedding plans.  Turns out Jasmine and her mom, changed the date of the wedding, changed the reception from Zeek and Camille’s to another location, and adding over 100 more guests.  When Crosby questioned some of these changes, Jasmine blew him off (as usual) and told him not to worry about it because she and her mom have it under control.  Fast forward to the dishwasher scene.  You can see how Crosby was ready to snap.  And he did.

“I can’t marry someone who doesn’t let me make any decisions.”  Wow, that’s one way to start this.  Probably a little harsh since she didn’t see this coming so I can see why she would be so taken aback.  He starts listing all the things she is “controlling” with…unfortunately none of the things he lists with the exception of the wedding, are that big of a deal and forgot some of the HUGE things like how she is when it comes to raising Jabar.  Jasmine takes a step back and tells him she isn’t sure how to respond while he apologizes for how it came out.  She takes off her ring and asks if he wants it back.  He of course says no and she freaks out.  They get into a huge screaming match and she keeps referring back to the dishwasher and Crosby keeps trying to tell her that it isn’t about the dishwasher.  He feels like he is getting lost and that none of his ideas matter and that it is her way or the highway.  She starts to stick up for herself by saying that if she didn’t take the lead on things and step up, nothing would get done.  What he calls controlling is her being responsible.  He then reminds her that she didn’t find him in a ditch and that he was able to live a responsible, productive life before he met her.  He tells her that she has no idea how to compromise at all.  Then he brings up the exercise from earlier and asks when she was going to tell him about wanting 3 more kids.   Was she just going to drop them on his step like she did Jabar?   Now wait a minute.   You can be pissed but that was a low blow.  It was 100% true, but a low blow.  And he knew it and apologized right away but it was too late.  The screaming continues and finally Crosby decides her can’t talk to her anymore and goes to leave.  As he walks out the door, she turns and breaks down into tears.  Show of hands, how many of you have had fights like this??  It was an amazing scene because it was so realistic.  You have something on your mind, you don’t talk about it and let it fester, and then it explodes all over the place and the next thing you know, you have no idea what just happened.  By the way, did anyone else notice the camera constantly showing Jasmine’s left hand?  What was that about?  I know she took her ring off to give it back to him but I’m not sure why the camera kept flashing to her hand.

Let’s break this fight down a bit.  I felt bad for Jasmine because she had no idea this was coming.  And I’m sure like most people, when you get attacked like that, your first instinct is to defend yourself and attack back.  Crosby ambushed her and really didn’t articulate his point well at all.  When you start off a conversation with “I can’t marry someone who…” it doesn’t matter what you say after that because all that person heard was you don’t want to marry them anymore.  So it was a doomed discussion from the start.  On the other hand, it was about time Crosby told her how she was behaving.  But like I said before, he missed the boat by using things like the groceries and the toilet paper to argue his point.  What about when she made the executive decision on who Jabar would live with when she went to Europe for work?   What about when she undermined Crosby’s authority with Jabar when he didn’t want to do the play, Crosby thought he should, and she said Jabar didn’t have to.  Those were some of the issues he should have brought to light.  No wonder she was so confused about why he was so angry.  How could anyone get that upset over groceries!   But it wasn’t about the groceries.  It was about everything always having to be Jasmine’s way or by extension, her mother’s way.  It isn’t fair to Crosby and he has a right as her partner and Jabar’s father to have a say. I’ve said this before.  Jasmine is still raising Jabar like she is a single mom.  She isn’t a single mom anymore and not only is she with someone, she’s with Jabar’s father.  Crosby has made many concessions and has deferred to Jasmine’s judgement early on until he got his feet wet with the whole parenting thing.  Not only are his feet wet, but he’s in the deep end of the pool now and it’s time for Jasmine to let go of the life raft.

I was so glad this happened because I really think it was a long time coming.  But I really wish Crosby would have handled it differently.  If he would have calmly talked to Jasmine about what was bothering him, he may have gotten a different response from her.  He may not have, but it still would have been a better approach.  But I can be a big girl and admit that I have been there.  I have not said anything about something that was bothering me and let it fester to the point where I blow up over something that isn’t really the focus of my anger and confuse the hell out of my husband.   That’s why he sided with Jasmine….ha!!!  But as a selfish TV viewer, they way this went down was SOOOOOOOO much better than the “right” way.   That scene was just awesome to witness.   But where do you go after something like that?  If it helps them both grow and change as a result, perfect.  If not, then maybe they shouldn’t be together after all.

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REVIEWS COMING SOON: Glee, Parenthood, The Good Wife, Traffic Light

Have to do my real job today people.    Sorry!   But later tonight I hope to get to all these reviews.  Some quick thoughts:

Glee: now this is the Glee I fell in love with.   This was sooooo much better than the Superbowl episode and got back to what makes this show great…the relationships and the music tying in so perfectly.  There were parts I loved and parts I still raise my eye brow towards.   Which ones were which?   Come back later!

Traffic Light: another comedy about 3 couples and their friendships vs. their relationships.  Didn’t this show basically premiere on NBC?  Perfect couples?  It was fine, wasn’t great.  More later.

The Good Wife: Alex P. Keaton is back!!  Another stellar episode and again, there is much to get into.   Many interesting facts were revealed tonight but there were still many points that kept you guessing.  And next week’s preview pissed me off.  I’ll tell you why later…although if you saw the preview and read my blog, you already know why!

Parenthood: I think this show has really hit its groove.  The Haddie/Alex storyline has really been in the forefront lately and it wrapped up (a little quietly for my taste considering all the fireworks) last night.  But Seth coming to town is finally going to put Sarah back in the mix and I don’t like Lauren Graham on a back burner.  She’s too good.  Plus there was the whole Crosby Jasmine dynamic…wow!!  Another show with lots to get into and I have lots to say…but it has to come later!!

So check back later tonight or tomorrow for these full reviews!!!

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