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QUICK REVIEW: Private Practice

During Charlotte’s storyline earlier in the season, I was reviewing this with more regularity because of the severity of the story and the amount of substance to discuss.  But I hadn’t watched PP since the beginning of March so I had to catch up so I could review the upcoming wedding of Charlotte and Cooper and of course the eventually season finale.


Addison has had 2 major things happen to her…Bizzy killed herself and she has realized that she wants a baby and isn’t going to wait any longer because she has waited long enough.   Addison is slowly dealing with the loss of her mother and as a result has decided she wants a baby.   Addison has mentioned this before and this is not news to us but it coming more to the forefront now.  Sam, who she is still dating, has mentioned that he isn’t sure he wants anymore children.  So Addison gives him an ultimatum…either stay with me and we have a baby now or we go our separate ways.

This is tough because I see both sides of this argument.  While I am not a big believer in ultimatums (in fact I hate them) I can understand why Addison is doing what she is doing.   Her speech last week really highlighted the dilemma  a lot of women face….do I stay with the man I love even though he may not want to have kids, he’s unsure about having kids (or more kids in this case), or he just isn’t ready right now.  Addison is in her mid 40s and physically, she cannot have a child.  It isn’t possible for her.  But she could adopt or go the surrogate route.   She has several options.  What she doesn’t have is patience because she feels she has been patient long enough and now this is a priority for her.  I don’t blame her at all.  However, she decided to fall in love with a man who was married before (to her best friend) and already had his child who is now grown, married, and has her own child.  He mentioned that he doesn’t want anymore children.  I’m not sure if Addison knew that going in, but knowing Sam’s situation she had to wonder.   Now she is pressuring him to make a decision.   This isn’t something you can rush into or decide on quickly.  It’s obvious Sam made up his mind to not have anymore children yet he is in love with someone who wants kids.  He may need time to think about that one.  But Addison has made it perfectly clear that she isn’t waiting anymore so he needs to decide.  He asks if they are breaking up then.

I never liked Addison and Sam.  First, I don’t think there is any chemistry there.  Second, I had a HUGE problem with her dating her best friend’s ex-husband.   Major no-no in my book.  So I think they should break up.  Add in the fact Addison wants a kid like yesterday and Sam doesn’t want a kid (or at least wants more than a few days to make up his mind), they should part ways now while they can still be friends.  I hope that happens.

Sam and Naomi

When last I had seen, they slept together.  I think they slept together.  Well they at least kissed.   Now here is a couple with chemistry.  And while it seemed to me that Sam was excited about exploring what that meant between them, Naomi didn’t want to look back and in fact, wanted to forget what happened.   Bummer.   I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up since Audra McDonald is leaving but I always loved Sam and Naomi.

Naomi right now is having a crisis of conscience.  She doesn’t want to be at Oceanside anymore.  In fact, she doesn’t want to be in the Los Angeles area any more.  She has been very unhappy and she realizes that when she was most happy was when she was traveling the world building hospitals and saving children who really needed her help.   So she decides to leave and go back to that life.  I couldn’t be happier for Naomi.  Sad for me as a viewer that she is going away but thrilled for her character.  I’m also glad that the annoying Fife is now gone.  I never liked him.  I never saw the appeal.  So I’m glad that she will go off ALONE and leave Fife behind.  And she said “you’re part of my past Gabriel.”   Thank God!

Pete and Violet

These two have annoyed me during various parts of the season but Pete more so than Violet.  He has been a complete and utter hypocrite that thankfully Amelia called him out on being.   During one episode, he lied about a patient’s health so that she could keep her baby.  It could have been dangerous for the baby but Pete thought it was what was right so therefore, lied so he could get the outcome he wanted.  I have issues with Cooper about this as well but Cooper is VERY different from Pete (more on that in his section.)  While Cooper and Pete both push their patients to do what THEY think is right, Pete sometimes goes overboard…like conspiring with a patient to lie to her family so she can keep her baby.  In the meantime, also completely disrespecting Amelia as a doctor for not thinking she would figure it out.  But the tables turned and a friend of Amelia’s came in for a test to see if she had Huntington’s disease.  The test confirmed she was positive but Amelia lied to her and told her it was negative.  The reason why…her friend said she would kill herself if it was positive.  She wanted to protect her friend so she lied.  Also WRONG.  Pete was giving Amelia all kinds of grief about keeping this from her and he wouldn’t let it go.  At one point, Amelia reminded him that this is coming from the same guy who lied to his patient about being able to see so she could defraud her family into keeping her baby.  He immediately shut up.

Then there was the whole story with his mother.  I know this sounds terrible, but I don’t really care about this and FF through most of it.  Pete’s always hated her (and right fully so based on the stories told about how she raised him) and his brother always supported her and gave Pete grief when he wouldn’t.  She was in jail but now she’s out because she was so sick (due to Pete’s brother drugging her) she had to get help.  Everyone was pushing Pete to make up with his mother before she died and he sort of kind of did.  Then she died.  Why was everyone pushing this on him?   He had a right to feel the way he felt.   If he chose not to forgive his mother, so be it.  I know that sounds cold, but I’m not in his shoes.  I can’t begin to understand how that woman made him feel but I should respect it and let him handle it how he sees fit.  Why push him to forgive someone he doesn’t want to forgive and quite frankly, doesn’t deserve it?

Violet has been promoting her book.  As a result, Katie, the woman who attacked Violet and took Lucas from her and left her for dead, is suing her for breach of patient/doctor confidentiality.  Violet goes to see her and tries to talk her out of it.   But Katie explains that she is trying to move on with her life after tons and tons of counseling.  Violet tries to explain to her that her book was part of Violet’s healing process.   But Katie tells her, that people aren’t stupid and are able to figure out that the person in the book is her and therefore, she can’t move on with her life.  I have to side with Violet here.  If I have to give the nod to anyone having a leg up in the healing process, it’s Violet.  If that is what she needed to do to heal, so be it.  If it makes it harder for Katie, oh well.  Katie violently attacked her and while I believe she deserves to get help, her healing comes second to Violet’s.  Sorry.  Eventually Katie realizes this as well and she comes to Violet to apologize for projecting her issues onto her and that she will drop the lawsuit.  She also gives a very heartfelt apology to Violet for what she did to her and I believed her.

Cooper and Charlotte

The wedding is coming and they are prepping for their happy day.  Charlotte still had a picture of her ex-husband lying around which of course Cooper had an issue with.  So he goes to see the ex-husband and we learn that Cooper has nothing to worry about because Charlotte’s ex-husband is gay.  It leads to a great conversation with Charlotte and the ex because he explains to her that the reason he cheated on her was to see if it was her he had an issues with or all women.   Turns out, it’s all women.  She’s beating herself up for not seeing it and he reminds her that if he wasn’t 100% sure himself, how could she know?  It was a great moment and it confirmed what we already know…Cooper is THE one for Charlotte.

I’ve always really liked Cooper and if I were a kid, I’d want him as my pediatrician.  However, like Pete, he can get a little tunneled visioned on what is best for the patient.  Unlike Pete, he doesn’t lie to them.   I really do believe Cooper pushes so hard because he cares so deeply for his patients and just wants what is best for them.   The problem is, you can’t disagree with him.  He thinks he always knows what is best and will do whatever it takes to get his patient to do what he wants.  I thought doctors were supposed to present the options, talk about the rewards and risks of all options, and then let the patient decide.  If the patient doesn’t do what he wants, he will talk to them till he is blue in his face until they change their mind.  Like the case where the minor is one of the best pianists in the world.  The one operation (brain surgery) will save his hand so he can continue to play but he could POSSIBLY be paralyzed as a result.  Not definitely, possibly.  The other procedure is safer but he would lose all feeling in one hand and therefore never be able to play again.  The patient wants the surgery that will spare his hand.   Cooper is so against this but in my opinion, it’s not his choice.  He and Amelia presented the options and the patient chose.  He didn’t like it so he is trying to change his mind.   Not your call dude.  It’s not a matter of life of death.   it’s a matter of losing ability of a hand or a possibly leg.  What do you think the concert pianist wants?  And the leg thing wasn’t a guarantee…only  a possibility.   I just wish that sometimes Cooper wouldn’t be so pig-headed and respect his patients’ choices even though they may disagree with what HE thinks they should do.


The only thing I really want to say here is how awful a friend I thought Violet was to him.  This man has twice fallen for someone (Violet and Charlotte) who was in love with someone else (Pete and Cooper.)   Now he finally found someone who he likes and because it happened to be the woman who gave her book a bad review, she thought he shouldn’t see her.  She said if they were really friends, he wouldn’t pursue it.   I think that’s horrible.   Get over it Violet and stop being an asshole.   If you were really his friend, you would see how happy he is and put your own insecurities behind you and let him be happy.   She eventually does but I thought she was awful for how she was treating him.


I love this character and I really wish we could give her more storylines.  Also a love interest.  This girl needs some loving!!!!   But I’m really happy she’s been added to the cast and now I am ready to see her character grow to the next level.

Still have to watch the wedding episode from last week and the season finale will be here before you know it!!!!  Boy it was a fast, but strong season for PP!!!


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REVIEW & RECAP: Private Practice “Blind Love” S4 E13

I know what part we really want to get into but let’s get the other cases and storylines out-of-the-way so we can dive into what happened with Charlotte tonight.

Baby Natasha

I really didn’t like Pete in this one and it confirms why I would never want him as my doctor.  He makes so many decisions based on his heart instead of what is right.  And while it’s a somewhat admirable quality, it can cloud his professional judgement a lot of the time.  In this case, a solider has come back from Iraq after her fiance was killed from a car bomb and that same car bomb caused her to lose her one eye and semi-blind her in the other.  She has a newborn baby named Natasha.  Pete has asked Amelia to help out on the case since there may be a chance for her regain her sight in one eye.  She has shrapnel lodged in her brain that is causing the blindness.  Amelia thinks if she can remove it, there is a chance she may be able to see out of her one eye again.   While explaining this to her, they notice Natasha turning blue due to lack of oxygen they successfully resuscitate her but realize that Lizzie (the mom) was suffocating her but didn’t know it.  This starts to cause a rift between Amelia and Pete.  Amelia calls Eric’s (her dead fiance) mother and she wants to take Natasha with her if the surgery isn’t successful.   Pete is furious with Amelia but Amelia said she is looking out for Natasha’s best interests.  She performs surgery and when it comes time to see if it worked…Lizzie tells them all the colors in the room that she sees…the surgery was a success!!!!   Or was it?  Turns out the surgery didn’t work and Pete coached Lizzie on what to say to make it seem like it was success.   IS HE FOR REAL?   Did he really think so little of Amelia’s intelligence and abilities that he coached the patient to lie and think Amelia would never find out?   That is beyond appalling to me!  The guilt finally eats at him and he does the right thing and tell’s Eric’s mother the truth.   She and Lizzie come to agreement that his mom will stay and help her as long as she needs and Lizzie agrees.

I am so floored by what Pete did I can’t believe it.  If I were Amelia I would never work with him again and insist that they have a meeting about whether or not Pete should stay in the practice. How could he do that?  This woman had no family, friends, or money to pay for help to assist in raising her baby.  In front of them, she showed how dangerous that is with her almost suffocating the baby.   Amelia was simply looking out for the baby’s best interest and safety and Pete was making her feel like she was an awful person.  There have to be so many ethical medical rules Pete broke when he came up with the genius idea to have the patient lie about her true health.  Was he not concerned for the baby’s safety at all?   Just because she’s her mother doesn’t mean she’s the best fit for raising her in her condition with no help.  I really don’t understand how he didn’t see that.  And I really don’t understand why it was an all or nothing deal….either the baby was with Lizzie or her grandmother.   If Lizzie really had no family or friends around to help her and she wasn’t working because of her condition, then why not move to San Diego to be closer to Eric’s family so they can help her?   Wouldn’t that have been the best and easiest solution?   Lizzie would still be her mom everyday but his family would be able to be in her life more often by helping her.   Seemed like a no brainer to me.   Seriously though Pete, you are now the person on this show I most dislike.


Continuing from last week, Susan is rushed to the hospital and after he announcement to Addison last week about how she signed a DNR, you know where this is going.  They are able to stabilize her but when Susan wakes up the next day, she can’t breathe.  Addison goes to help her and Susan reminds her not to take any extra measures.  Just as she is crashing, Bizzy comes in.   Now remember, Bizzy has no idea about the DNR, which is another issue I will get to.  Addison doesn’t bring the crash cart in and follows Susan’s wishes and allows her to die.  Bizzy is furious and blames Addison for the whole thing…how surprising and uncharacteristic of Bizzy (cough..sarcasm…cough.)  Knowing Bizzy the way she does, why would she tell Addison about the DNR but not Bizzy?  She should know that if Addison doesn’t help her, Bizzy is going to blame her for it, which is exactly what happened.  Susan should have told Bizzy the truth.  The only person who was spared any pain from that decision was Susan.  But she made it 20xs worse for Addison and Bizzy.

Addison is devastated not only over losing Susan but that her mother is so angry with her.   She goes to see her in the chapel and tries to talk to her but it doesn’t work.   Bizzy is still furious with her and won’t let her forget it.  She storms out and leaves Addison there.  Later Addison goes to her hotel room where Bizzy’s room is in complete disarray and Addison tries to help her.  Bizzy just wants her gone but Addison refuses to go.  Bizzy finally stops and tells Addison how alone she is going to be without Susan and she finally starts to ease up on Addison and let her off the hook.  Addison tells her that even though Bizzy’s never told her this, she will tell her: “I love you” she tells her mom.  Does Bizzy tell her “I love you too?”   Nope.  But she hugs her and instead of agreeing to let Addison spend the night with her asks her to meet her for breakfast in the morning.  Addison agrees and she looks really happy when she leaves because she and her mom have made peace.  Now at this point, I knew when Addison came back that she wouldn’t be happy.  But I thought it was going to be because her mom left.  I had no idea what was really going to happen even though all the signs were there.  Addison does come back, but later that night.  When she walks in Bizzy’s room, she drops everything and runs to the bed.   And now I know exactly what is going on.  Bizzy has killed herself.

I’ve never liked the Bizzy character and I really hated her after this.  Not only did she do this, knowing her daughter would be the one to find her, but when they were having their conversation earlier about saying I love you, I think Bizzy knew at that point what she was going to do.  And instead of her giving her daughter the one and only thing she has ever wanted from her mother, to tell her she loves her, she didn’t do it.  I think that’s awful.

Charlotte and Crew

I know I have mentioned this before but I still think it warrants mentioning again that I think KaDee Strickland should be up for an Emmy this year.  She has been simply sensational and she brings it again this week.  I also think Paul Adelstein and Brian Benben deserve consideration as well because they have also been terrific.  Just when it looked like, over the last couple of episodes, that Charlotte was slowly starting to show some signs of her old self again and let her guard down slightly, reality smacks her right back in the face.  Guess who was rushed to the hospital with a stab wound to the chest?   Lee McHenry!  You know why he was stabbed in the chest?  Because he was beating the tar out of his girlfriend and she needed to defend herself or he was probably going to kill her.  Sam is the doctor in charge of treating him which I find to be a great choice considering what we learned about Sam earlier this year.  He goes and tells Charlotte that he is in the hospital and why.  Her first instinct…let him die.   That would be mine too.  Sam has basically told Charlotte that whatever she wants him to do, as the Chief, she needs to let him know.  It looks like she is going to want him to die.  Again, me too.  When she bumps into Cooper back at the practice she tells him what is going on.  Cooper, shockingly, wants her to tell Sam to let him die.  She enlightens Coop on a very difficult dilemma:

“If I tell Sam to kill Lee, that’s on me, forever.  If I tell Sam to save Lee, he’ll always be out there.  Either way Coop, I lose.”

To get away, she hides out in Sheldon’s office.  I really didn’t like Sheldon when he first came on but now he is one of my favorite characters.  With all the insanity that is on this show, Sheldon always seems to be the rational voice of reason.  Charlotte starts to talk to Sheldon about this and how she wants to inflict pain on the man who destroyed her world.  He gives her the best piece of advice in regards to how she should handle this: ”

“You make life and death decisions for patients every day.  I see you do it.  You’re logical and brilliant and dispassionate and if I ever had an emergency, I would want you to my doctor.  If you saw him on the street and he tried to attack you again, I believe you could kill him but when he comes into your hospital needing help, that’s different.  He took a lot from you Charlotte.  But you can’t let him take what makes you, you.”

That was brilliantly stated.  And I also agree that if I were in need of medical attention I would want a doctor like Charlotte King to treat me.   Sheldon is 100% right.  If she okays this, it would be understandable but it doesn’t make her any different from Lee.  She would be taking away someone’s husband, father, son, brother, whatever.  By law, even though we all know it isn’t true, she would be taking an innocent man’s life.  Again 100% justifiable.  But Charlotte King isn’t like that.  She’s better than that and Sheldon is just reminding her to look past her pain and deep into her soul to remember that part of her.

At the hospital, Sam is checking on Lee when Cooper comes in ready to rip Lee to shreds.  Sam is able to stop him and calm him down but you can see the devastation, anger, contempt, fear, sadness, and disgust all over his face.  Cooper tearfully asks Sam why he isn’t letting him die and Sam doesn’t answer him.  He tells him that he can’t see Charlotte get this hurt again after starting to get her life back on track.  Sheldon comes in and backs Cooper off Sam.  Cooper gets in Sheldon’s face and tells him to back off since he has nothing to do with this.  Sheldon (again the voice of reason) reminds Cooper that yes he does and that by the way, he and Charlotte are friends and is devastated at the fact he feels that he has let his friend down.  Cooper realizes he is right and apologies to him and to Sam.  But before he leaves politely asks Sam to let Lee die.

Now I know everyone’s emotions are on overdrive here and rightfully so but no one ever stopped to think about what they were asking Sam to do and the position they were putting him in.  They were basically asking Sam to betray his Hippocratic oath and either let the man die or outright kill him in surgery.  Talk about putting Sam in a horrible spot.  What makes it even more horrible is that Sam was already in this position before (with the child molester) and he chose to let the man die.  It has been haunting him to this day.  In fairness, I think the only people who know this are Addison and Naomi.  But still.  It’s a little much to ask Sam to do this and then to try to make him feel guilty if he doesn’t.  Obviously, it’s not people’s intentions to do that but that’s exactly what they are doing to him.

Outside of Lee’s room, Charlotte is watching Lee’s wife Nancy stand vigil by his side.  She can’t understand that at all and neither can I.  Naomi (the other voice of reason on the show) comes to talk to her.  Charlotte is still going back and forth over what she should do and Naomi reiterates, to some degree, what Sheldon already told her.  Basically she told her that if she allowed him to die, would that really bring her the peace she is looking for?  Charlotte asks her how she is supposed to know that.  Naomi says she doesn’t know but for her, when the man who almost killed Maya and Olivia was in the hospital, her gut told her that the only way she could let go of all of her anger and find true peace, was to forgive him.  Wow.  I don’t think I could do that and I can’t see Charlotte forgiving him.  I can see her doing the right thing, but forgive him?  I don’t know.   When Sam comes to see her, she tells him she’s made a decision…do what you can to save his life.  That’s my girl Charlotte!!!!

Before the surgery, Sheldon is still trying to calm down Coop and when Coop sees Sam getting ready to go in, he stops him and asks him one more time not to save him.  Again, do you realize what you are asking this man to do?  Sam tries to remind him of the oath they took and how he doesn’t have the right to do this no matter how bad this man is.  He tells him that Charlotte wants him saved.  Coop still doesn’t understand how Sam can do this and Sam tells him, because it’s wrong and where does it stop once we start.  Where is the line drawn?   He’s right and I know deep down, Coop knows he’s right too.  Coop leaves and Sam goes in.  Sam is prepping him for surgery and Charlotte comes in.  She goes and puts her face right in front of Lee’s.  It was so tense and at one point I could feel my breath catch for a second not knowing what she was going to say to him.  He looks absolutely terrified which is fantastic!!  She tells him that just in case he didn’t survive surgery, she wanted to be sure that the last face he saw, was hers!   She then looks up, confidently, at Sam and nods her head to move forward.  It. Wa. Awesome!   I love seeing Charlotte get her power back!

Nancy comes to see Charlotte.  There was a part of me that just wanted to throw things at her, like beer, and scream at her for being so incredibly insensitive to Charlotte.  But the other part of me felt so bad for her because she probably lives her life everyday in fear of this man.  She asks Charlotte if Lee is going to be ok and she tells her she has the best doctor working on him.  She looks around her office and asks if this is where it happened.  Charlotte now realizes she knows all about the rape (and is still with him anyway!!!!)  She apologizes to her and turns to leave.  Charlotte asks her just what she is sorry for.  That her husband raped her, that she’s too gutless to leave him, or that the male role model in her son’s life is a monster?   She tries to tell Charlotte how sweet and gentle he can be when he wants to.  Are you kidding me?  This woman, with a battered face so swollen and bruised she can barely see, is trying to tell the woman he brutally raped and beat, how GENTLE he can be?  I really don’t know how Charlotte kept her composure.  She tells Nancy that her relationship with Lee is going to end badly and she has one of two options.  The first one being trying to kill him again when he goes to attack her again, which he deserves.  But that won’t do her or her son any good.   The second one, is to take her son and run.  Run as far away from Lee as she can.   Nancy gives her a look and turns and leaves.

Now comes the scene of the episode.  When Lee wakes up from surgery in his room, it’s very dark.  He goes to life his arm and he sees it’s handcuffed to the bed.  Charlotte is standing by his window and you can only see her silhouette.  She comes toward him and tells him his wife called the police and told them that he admitted to raping Charlotte.   Thank God Nancy came to her senses!!!!  Lee asks Charlotte if she is going to hurt him and she laughs in his face.   And she puts him in his place in quintessential Charlotte fashion:

“If I wanted you dead, you’d be gone by now.  I spent all this time building you up in my head as some big bad monster.  Truth is, you’re nothing.  Nothing but a sad little man who has to beat and rape women to make himself feel big.  You got no power over me.  I’m not afraid of you, but I do pity you.  And I forgive you.”

Charlotte, as calmly and as powerfully as she made her statement to Lee, walks out of his room, shuts the door, turns around, holds her head high, and walks away.  Utterly amazing!  I have to say, I am SHOCKED she forgave him.  I knew she would put him in his place but I never thought she would forgive him.  I thought the writers did an excellent job of handling this and staying true to character.  There was no screaming or crying.  No ranting or raving.  Just a cogent, strong woman getting her ownership back and letting the disgusting, vile thug know, that she is just fine and that he is nothing to her.  From start to finish, this storyline was handled so beautifully and respectfully.  Not only do all the actors, in particularly KaDee Strickland, deserve mad props for their portrayal of this, but the writing team was outstanding!

In the end, Coop comes to find her in her office and asks how she is doing.  She is smiling and she tells him honestly that she’s ok.  Her office is just her office again and for the first time in a long time, she really feels like everything is going to be alright.   They hug and it’s a wonderful moment for the two of them.  I am so happy for Charlotte and Coop and think this was handled exactly how they wanted it to and on their terms.  You’re probably thinking, wait a minute…not on Coop’s terms because he wanted him dead.  I still say that Coop got what he wanted because deep down, all Coop wanted was for Charlotte to be alright and get the peace, she needed.  Not him.   Coop probably also realizes that with Lee going to jail, what will happen to him in prison being a rapist and wife beater, will be 50xs more horrible than what they would have ever done to him.

I am looking forward to seeing Charlotte and Coop rebuild their relationship together after getting some closure with Lee.  I think there will still be work that needs to be done, but with one enormous obstacle out of their way, I think these two can handle anything life throws at them!!

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Audra McDonald is Leaving Private Practice

This news really isn’t that shocking considering there have been rumors about her wanting to leave for some time now.

After the end of this season, which is Season 4, Naomi (Audra McDonald) will no longer be a series regular on Private Practice.  She will however be a some what recurring character as her schedule and storyline allow.  Audra has been commuting to the left coast the entire 4 years of the show (her family is rooted in NYC.)   According to reports, she would like to spend more time with her family but would still like to guest on PP as Naomi when it works out.

I had no idea she was commuting from NYC to film the show.  My goodness!  I should never complain about a 3 hour drive to a client appointment ever again!  I am going to miss Naomi.  I love Audra McDonald and being someone who loves Broadway, I hope she is back on the NY stage very soon because she is one AMAZINGLY talented lady!  I will also miss Naomi because I thought she was such a strong character on the show.   But I am happy for Audra that she will be able to spend more time with her family.

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ABC Renews 6 Shows for 2011-2012 Season

Some early renewal news from ABC courtesy of TV’s Michael Ausiello:

ABC renews Castle, Modern Family, The Middle, Cougar Town, Private Practice, and Grey’s Anatomy for the 2011-2012 TV season.    Yeah!!!!!   Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters were not on that short list.  DH will probably be back mainly depending on the contracts of the main cast, Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, and Felicity Huffman.  All the ladies contracts are up for renewal after this season and Marc Cherry already has a deal in place for 2 more seasons of DH.  So I would be shocked if that didn’t come back.

B&S is a little different.  The ratings haven’t been as great and creatively, the show has really gone backwards.  It’s very possible this could be the last season we hang with the Walker family.  I almost wish they could have one more season to go out with a bang because this season is so terrible.   But at the same time, if the creative team really had something more to give the Walker’s in the bank, you’d think they would already be using it.  And if what we are seeing this season is it, then it is time for B&S to go to TV heaven.

What do you think?  Are you happy?  Surprised?  I’m thrilled.


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REVIEW: Private Practice “Can’t Find My Way Home” S4 E9

I have very mixed feelings about this week.  I am very happy that Charlotte picked that jerk out of a lineup and decided to put him behind bars.   But I am really not sure about how Cooper found out.  I am so pissed about it but happy at the same time, if that makes any sense.   Let’s clear out the other cases first.

Pete/Adam/Mama Wilder

During the Halloween episode, we found out why Pete is estranged from his family…his mom was a drunk and skanky ho who always had a different man around all the time and his brother always made excuses for her.  The one man who stuck around, Henry, and was the closest thing Pete ever had to a father, she killed him and was sent to prison for manslaughter.    Pete never forgave her and Adam stood by her side.   Now she is dying and Adam has come to see Pete to ask for his help.  Adam is an attorney and he wants Pete to find a way to get her released from prison, medically, which is apparently possible if she has a condition that can’t be treated in prison.  Pete is really struggling with what he should do and Violet is being very supportive by not pushing him but offering up different reasons for both sides and having his back on whatever he chooses.  He decides to visit his mother and he agrees to come up with a reason to get her out.  But when he goes back to see his mom and she says she’ll tell Pete whatever he wants to hear because she doesn’t know what he wants from her, he realizes he knows exactly what he wants from her….absolutely nothing.   He leaves her and decides he will not lie to get her out of jail because she deserves to be there.  When he is back at home, Adam stops by and is pretty upset with Pete.  He asks once again to help their mom and Pete refuses.  Adam gives him an ultimatum and says if he doesn’t help their mom, then they are done.  It’s not much of an ultimatum since they hadn’t spoken in about 20 years.  Pete sticks to his guns (good job Pete) and Adam leaves.

Addison/Amelia/Seizure Case

A woman and her daughter come in to see Addison because the daughter hasn’t gotten her period and all her other friends have.  When Addison tells her she’s fine and not to worry, her mother collapses and has a seizure.  Her daughter knows exactly what to do and is able to help her mom through it.   Turns out the seizures started after a car accident they had in which her father was killed and her mother suffered head trauma resulting in the seizures.  Amelia wants to perform a surgery on the exact spot that is causing the seizures so they will stop and her mother can live a seizure free life.   Addison is there to tell the patient all the side effects and all the things that can go wrong and that maybe waiting and seeing if the seizures can be managed without the surgery.  The mother decides to opt for no surgery stating that she and her daughter are managing just fine.   Amelia asks to see Addison private and they have it out about their different sides.   Now I have to agree with Amelia on this.   Addison isn’t a neurologist.  Even though she’s a physician, what gives her the expertise to tell this patient what is the right course of action?   She doesn’t.  She should have deferred to Amelia’s judgement and discussed her opinion with her in private or suggested and second neuro consult.  In the end, the daughter just wants her mom to do whatever makes her happy but the daughter would rather her have the surgery.   She tells her mom this and they decide to go for it.   Amelia performs successful surgery and the mom will be just fine.  She is really excited and wants to go celebrate and she sees Cooper in the elevator and asks if he wants to go out.   He tells her that when Charlotte was attacked, he was with her, flirting with her, and getting drunk with her.   He doesn’t want to go out with her and basically wants Amelia to never be near him ever again.   Ouch.     That’s not fair.   However I can understand his reaction (but I hope he apologizes to her later) which leads us to….


Cooper and Charlotte are at the police station because Charlotte was asked to identify the man they have in custody (thanks to Sheldon) in a lineup.  She refuses to do it and leaves.  Back at Oceanside, Addison, Violet, and Sheldon are all in the break room when Charlotte comes in to ask who else they told.  Sheldon admits he told the police and Addison admits she submitted the rape kit, Charlotte asked her not to do to being with, to the police as well.   Charlotte is livid at this point and I don’t blame her.   She storms out to her office.   Cooper, who is the only one besides Naomi who still doesn’t know,  goes to Violet and asks her to talk to Charlotte about going back to ID the perp so he can go to jail.  Violet goes to Charlotte and tells her the story about her rape trial and how she noticed one particular woman in the seats everyday of the case.  In the end, the woman thanks Violet because she had the courage to do what she couldn’t…face her attacker.   Violet’s rapist had raped that woman 6 months before.   Violet tells Charlotte she just wanted to punch her because if she had come forward and put the bastard away, Violet would never have been raped.  Charlotte tells her to get out.  Next, Sheldon comes to see Charlotte about doing the line up so they can arrest Lee.  Seriously people, can you leave this poor woman ALONE!!   She shoos him away too and he leaves dejected.  But something worked, because Charlotte tells Coop that she will go back to police station to ID the guy but that she wants Violet to go with her, because of her experience with Katie.  Coop is fine with that.

The go to the cop shop and Charlotte and Violet are going through the line up.  When Charlotte gets to #4, Lee, she says “he’s not here” and she leaves.  Outside, Violet asks her “it was #4 wasn’t it?”  Charlotte denies it but Violet sees right through it.   When Violet goes to bring up another one of her stories, Charlotte has had enough.   She lets her have it and tells her to back off and stop comparing their situations.   Violet is really frustrated with her and Charlotte is ready to kill Violet.   Now here is where things get fuzzy.  Back at the office, Coop sees Charlotte and asks how it went and she tells him the guys wasn’t there.   Coop is confused because the cops were so sure they had the right guy, but Charlotte says no.  Coop is really upset and Violet sees this.   She goes into Cooper’s office and announces she is going to break a promise  because the lie is wrong and it’s a bad thing.   She tells Cooper that Charlotte was raped and he is devastated.

Later that night, when Coop comes home and he looks at Charlotte, she knows immediately that he knows and she begins to cry.   Coop then sits across from her and says that he loves her and that he will always love her.   He tells her that the guy needs to pay.  She has to be able to sleep, and breathe, and be her again.  He’ll get a gun, he’ll make it look like a mugging, he doesn’t care what happens to him, but the man will not go free.  He says it calmly but firmly, but you know that he is dead serious.  Charlotte knows it too and she makes him stop talking, touches his face, and gives him a smile thanking him for his love and support.   I love how Cooper handled this situation.  It wasn’t about him or the fact that she didn’t tell him about this.   This was about wanting to punish the man who did this to her and to show Charlotte his never-ending love and support of her.  This was the kick in the ass she needed to get her strength to go back to the police station and positively ID Lee, while holding Coopers hand.   You the see the power, the control, the “Charlotte” back in her face as she IDs Lee.  And you start to notice that Charlotte will be Charlotte once again, eventually, with Cooper right by her side, not letting her fall.

Here is where my mixed feelings come in.  I think it’s great that everyone wants to rally around Charlotte and punish the bastard who did this to her, not only for Charlotte’s state of mind, but for the safety of other women.  I think it’s great that she has so many people who love and care about her that they will put their friendships on the line to make sure she is protected and safe.   BUT, they have no right to force her to handle this how they think she should handle it.  I understand wanting justice and wanting to make sure he doesn’t do this to someone else.   But that is Charlotte’s decision, not theirs.   And however she chooses to handle it, they should support it.    After some time has passed, if they want to try to broach the subject of her fighting her attacker again, that’s fine.   But respect her wishes and choices.   And how DARE you tell her fiance?  She should tell him when she is ready.   And if she is never ready, so be it.  Again, HER decision.  Not Violet’s.   But I guess you can’t argue with how it turned out because had it not been for Violet doing what she did and Cooper reacting the way he did, Lee may never have been IDed and gone free.  So was it really wrong?  I still think it was.   Even though the result is what we all wanted, Lee getting arrested for the crime, I don’t like the way it went down.  And I’m sure down the road when Charlotte starts to recover and get back to part of herself, she will thank everyone for pushing and showing their support.   And what really is the right thing to do?   Ignore the wishes of your colleague/friend and submit evidence to the police and tell her fiance so that she can start to heal and they can protect this from happening to someone else?  Or support her decisions, whether you agree or not, and be there for her and not judge her.  It’s a tough call.

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RECAP: Private Practice “What Happens Next” S4 E8

Guess I should have kept the Kleenex handy for this week as well.  You know what, I am just going to hit my Wegmans and load up for the rest of season just to be safe!   This week deals with the aftermath of the aftermath…everyone getting back to their lives and jobs after Charlotte’s attack.   There were also 2 cases this week so let’s get them out-of-the-way and then we will jump into Charlotte’s storyline.

The first case was about a young girl named Elisa who was battling lymphoma.   She has gone through many bouts of treatment. including chemo, and it looks like she will have to go through Chemo once again.   Her father Diego, would rather not put her through that again so he suggests taking her to the Shaman for treatment.   Cooper is dead against this and Pete tells him to let Diego take Elisa and see what happens.  While with the Shaman, Elisa has some setbacks and they can’t find a heartbeat.  Diego is begging for the them to let the Shaman finish her ritual and Cooper and Pete call 911 to get her back to the hospital.   Diego is furious about this and wants his daughter released.  Cooper decides he is going to get a judge to rule that Elisa has the chemo.  Pete tells him that due to religious practices being the reason for Diego’s decision, Coop probably won’t win.   He disagrees and moves forward.   Pete goes to Elisa and asks her what she wants.    She says she doesn’t want chemo but never mentions that she wants the Shaman’s treatment either.   When the judge is there, Pete supports Diego’s request for treatment via the Shaman and Cooper stresses how important the chemo is to her health.   Finally Elisa speaks up and says that she doesn’t believe the Shaman can cure her but that the reason she doesn’t want the chemo is because it is bankrupting her family and she doesn’t want her father and siblings to suffer because of her treatment.   What an amazing kid!!!    Naturally the judge orders the chemo and Charlotte also agrees to allow the Shaman to come in and perform her ritual in the hospital for extra measure!

I think due to Charlotte’s situation, you may have Cooper wanting to over involve himself in his patients’ care.    I know he was always very involved before and wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to his patients, but I think it’s different now.   He can’t help Charlotte.   He can’t make her better.   So he is going to run through walls to make all the other people in that hospital better if it kills him.  At least with these other patients, he is helping them.   He is curing them.  Which is something he currently cannot do for the love of his life.  It’s only one week, but I think this could be a sign of how we are going to see Cooper react.

The second case involved a husband and wife, Rachel and Jimmy Berlutti!!!    They have a very loving marriage of 20+ years and Rachel has been struggling with cancer over the years.  Lately she has been having fits of rage and beating on Jimmy Berlutti.  Sheldon wants this reported and Jimmy Berlutti doesn’t want that.  He says he can take care of his wife.   He loves her and he can handle anything.  Rachel goes to see Addison to get checked out and it turns out she has a tumor on her ovary that is spilling high levels of testosterone into her system…which explains the rage outbursts.  Addison wants to perform surgery to check the extent of the tumor and Rachel agrees.   After surgery, it’s revealed to Rachel and Jimmy Berlutti that the tumor was more advanced than they thought and while they removed some of it, they couldn’t get it all and that she is terminal.   This also means the rage episodes will continue and they suggest hospice care for the remainder of her life so she can be with people who have the expertise to manage it.  It’s a heartbreaking scene between them because he wants to spend her last moment together and he promises her he can manage her episodes.   She tearfully tells him she doesn’t want that for him or to hurt him anymore and that she wants the hospice care.   Rachel tells him he can visit her everyday and tell the staff how to properly care of her.    It was really moving and it’s always good to see Michael Badaluco back on TV!!!

While everyone else is getting back to work, so is Charlotte.   She goes into her office at St Ambrose and she flashes to the rape in her head.  She immediately leaves and heads over to Oceanside.   The crew is in the kitchen and Cooper asks everyone to please act normal around Charlotte.  When Charlotte comes in she tells everyone to look now and move on with it.   One by one, people are going up to her to check on her.  Addison wants to get her coffee and let her know that she is there for Charlotte.  Charlotte reminds her that they are not friends and that the only thing she wants from her is to keep her mouth shut.   Amelia brings doughnuts (smart girl)  and offers to take Charlotte to a meeting if she starts to have the urge to take pills again.  “I wrestled my 2 older brothers growing up.  My pain threshold is very high.”   Pete comes to see her to check her injuries and she reluctantly agrees.   You can see in her face that with every touch of Pete against her skin, she is cringing in pain.   I’m sure physically but it’s more emotional trauma than physical.   Finally, Sheldon sees her in the coffee-room and treats her the most normal of everyone.   Charlotte notices this and thanks Sheldon for leaving her alone.  “I’d do nothing for you anytime.  You know that right?”  Sheldon tells her.  “Yes I do.”   Great scene.

Behind the scenes Addison is really struggling with what has happened to Charlotte.   She wants to talk about it but she can’t.   Then we realize there is more to what is bothering her.   She confides in Sam that she was treating a rape victim and the victim did not want a rape kit performed because she didn’t want anyone to know.   Unbeknownst to the victim, Addison performed the rape kit anyway, in case she changed her mind later and wanted to press charges.   By law, Addison is supposed to report the rape to the police.  Sam reminds her of this and wonders why she didn’t call the police.   It then dawns on him that it was because the victim was Charlotte.    Now, I think Addison did the right thing by performing the rape kit.  I think there is nothing wrong with having it performed and if the victim doesn’t change their mind, you discard the evidence.  If they do change, you have it.   But what bugs me is her telling Sam.   What about doctor/patient confidentiality?   I can’t BELIEVE she told Sam this.   And I don’t care that she never said it was Charlotte.  Sam isn’t stupid so of course he would figure it out.    She had no right to do that.   I understand this is hard on her and she wants to help Charlotte, but this isn’t her call and it’s not about her feelings.  Charlotte asked her to keep quiet and she should, to Sam.   To the police, I’m not so sure.   As a doctor Charlotte should know she is putting Addison in a bad spot by asking her to do something illegal, but I don’t care.  I am certainly not going to blame Charlotte!   And I can see where Addison would struggle to tell the police so she can help put the bastard behind bars.   But she had NO RIGHT to talk to Sam about this.   Because look at what happened…Sam goes to Violet, Violet goes to Sheldon, Violet also talks to Pete, Sheldon talks to the police, and then Violet talks to Charlotte.   So it went from 2 people knowing to at least 5 more people knowing.   Let’s look at each scenario:

  • Sam to Violet: never tells Violet what is going on and what happened but he stresses to Violet in a very strange way that she NEEDS to talk to Charlotte.   Violet, at first, is extremely confused and she just wants to leave Charlotte alone because that is what Charlotte wants.   But Sam keeps pushing her to talk to Charlotte.  Violet is also a smart woman and has her opinions as to why Sam is pushing this so hard.
  • Violet to Sheldon: Violet talks to her fellow colleague about what happened and tells him she wishes he was there so they can compare notes.  They begin a very cryptic conversation but then Sheldon mentions that he was with a felon who is accused of raping someone and Violet’s face completely changes.  Sheldon, also a very smart man…who is really growing on me as a character by they way…sees the reaction Violet has to his telling her this news asks Violet if she thinks Charlotte was raped.
  • Violet to Pete: they have a very normal husband/wife discussion and Violet starts to tell Pete about what happened to her in college.   She also asks him why he never asked her about it.   He tells her that he knew she would talk when she was ready.    Violet asks him if he thinks Charlotte was raped.   He tells her he can’t discuss a patient and she agrees but she is just asking his opinion.   Now in fairness, Pete already had these thoughts back from the initial exam of Charlotte.   You could see it in his face.  But he tells Violet that yes, he thinks she was raped.
  • Sheldon to the police: After his conversation with Violet, Sheldon goes back to his detective friend and tells him he thinks he knows who asshole bastard raped.  Oh boy.   Shouldn’t he be talking to Charlotte about this first?
  • Violet to Charlotte (KLEENEX MOMENT):  Violet enters Charlotte’s office at St Ambrose, who by the way just started to feel a tinge of comfort in there after not being able to go in before.   There are no niceties and Violet begins to tell Charlotte about what happened to her in college.  Violet was raped by a man who came in through an open window and beat her head until her hair was caked with blood.   She thought if she stayed quiet about it, then it would be like it never happened.   “Because things like that, they don’t happen to people like me.  Or to people like you.  So I just wanted you to know that I get it.  I get it Charlotte.  And I’m here for you.”   Then she leaves.   And Charlotte loses control.

Violet had gotten on my nerves a lot this season, but this one scene completely reminded me of why I liked her so much in the first place.  Violet can very calmly, respectfully, and compassionately let you know that she understands exactly what you are going through and be there for you the way other people can’t.    She can talk you through something and get you to a level of clarity you couldn’t see before.  In this instance, she handled it perfectly.  She explained to Charlotte what she went through, how she can understand her and her decision-making yet not judge her, and leave the door open for her to talk to her.   Then she leaves her alone.    It was perfectly written and excellently executed by Amy Brenneman!!    When Violet leaves, Charlotte loses control and trashes her office.  I think this is a result of many bottled up feelings: anger for what happened to her, anger for not being able to talk about it, anger that what happened to her got out now people know, anger that she is in fact a victim, anger that this happens to women too much.

The domino effect of this information coming to light is Sheldon going to the police, Addison calling police reporting the rape kit information she has, and Charlotte starting to take the small steps of asking for help by going to Amelia and asking her to go to a NA meeting with her.  Amelia drops everything and leaves with her immediately.

Doesn’t it seem like everyone knows right now except for one person….Cooper.   I really hope that Charlotte is the one to tell him.  Because if he finds out some other way, that won’t be a pretty sight.  This group of people, while their intentions most of the time are good, have a tendency to not respect other people’s wishes and do what they think is best.   I know they all have her back and I know they all want that person punished and castrated for what he did to her.   So do I.   But this is Charlotte’s decision, not theirs!!!   It will make her feel more like a victim and out of control if everyone is making decisions for her.   Like I said I know their intentions are good.   But if they really want to help her and help her get her power back, let her decide how to move and when she will move forward.   You can guide her and direct her on the path of turning the asshole in.   But they need to let her do it her way.  Otherwise, they will hurt her recovery more than help.

I want to give props to the PP writing team for really being so genuine and careful with this story.  Rape storylines are very challenging and you want to tell it with respect as well as power.   The writers of PP are doing just.   And I think it goes without saying that the acting of the entire cast but especially KaDee Strickland, Paul Adelstein, Kate Walsh, and Amy Brenneman have been remarkable.   I really want to hear what you think about the cast, the writers,  and the storyline.

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RECAP: Private Practice: “Did You Hear What Happened To Charlotte King” S4 E7

I thought a lot about how I would start this post.   There are very few times on TV when an episode hits you to your core.   And not to be sexist, but I think if you are a woman, watching an episode like last night, it just impacts you harder and affects you more.    Private Practice went there last night.   They have done violent episodes before (Violet’s attack comes to mind) but something about the way this episode was filmed and executed just resonated with me.   Unfortunately we witnessed the brutal and vicious beating and rape of Dr. Charlotte King….one of the strongest but one of the most emotionally challenged women on the show.  I’m glad the show decided not to show the entire rape scene.  To see Charlotte’s condition, the condition of her office, and the few clips of the actual attack, were enough to demonstrate what a horrific trauma this woman just went through.   And to sensationalize more would have been distasteful.  I thought the show handled that very well.

The opening scene shows the immediate aftermath of the attack.   You see her office in disarray.  A broken fingernail.  Lamps are broken.  Glass all over the floor.  Tables turned over.  An overturned coffee cup.  Charlotte’s bloody arm surfacing on her desk in an attempt to stabilize herself.  She grabs her underwear off the floor and hides them in a file drawer in her desk and then locks it and hides the key in a flower-pot.   It is very consistent with what her character would do instinctively….hide the evidence of what truly happened to her so no one will know.   She walks down the corridor to a supply closet where she is gathering medical supplies so she can treat herself.   Pete walks in and see her.  She collapses and he picks her up and carries her to an exam room.   He begins to help her and she requests a nurse who will “keep her mouth shut” for assistance.  As soon as Pete leaves, she makes a phone call.  You think it’s to Cooper but it isn’t, she calls Addison.    When the exam resumes, Addison comes in and Pete wonders what she is doing there.  Charlotte shakes her head “no” and Addison said she was called in on another case and heard about what happened.  At this point, Charlotte vomits and Addison shoos everyone out of the room, including Pete.  She starts to clean up Charlotte and suggests a HIV cocktail, the morning after pill, some other test for STDs, and a pelvic exam.   She asks if her assumption is correct and Charlotte confirms she is right.

One of the more painful scenes to watch was the pelvic exam.   You see Charlotte shaking and crying and then Addison reaches for her hand for support which Charlotte grabs onto.  It would be fair to assume Charlotte’s cries were for the pain of the exam but it was much more than that.  It was the pain of someone being around an area where she was violated and the idea of someone else with their hands on her (even her friend who is a doctor) is excruciating.  Addison suggests a rape kit and Charlotte refuses immediately.  “I was robbed, I wasn’t raped.”  Addison is stunned and says she needs to do this so she can turn evidence over to the police and it is her legal duty to do so.  Charlotte says no.   The story is she was robbed and beaten, nothing else happened.  She stresses it again, nothing else happened.  Addison reluctantly agrees with her and she begs Addison not to say a word to anyone.   “He took my wallet, he didn’t take anything else.”  KaDee Strickland and Kate Walsh had incredible scenes together.  Both of their emotions were very raw and real and it was touching to see Charlotte lean on someone for help (which she never does) and Addison being there for her every step of the way and the pain she exuded for Charlotte.

At this point, Cooper has finally been told that Charlotte is in the hospital (he was out drinking with Amelia and Sam) and he leaves the bar to be with Charlotte.  He’s pretty hammered so he needs to sober up in order to go see her.  I read that the scene where Cooper sees Charlotte for the first time is also the first time Paul Adelstein sees Strickland in her makeup so the reaction you get from him is real because he hadn’t seen her yet.   Cooper is completely distraught over the sight of her but you see him trying to pull himself together to be strong for her and Charlotte sees right through it.  She asks to come to her bedside.   He goes over and lays his head in her lap as he starts to cry.  Vintage Charlotte, being the strong one, being the one to comfort him and tell him she is ok and that she will be alright.   I wonder how often that happens?   The victim of a violent crime needs to comfort the family around them so they don’t worry and get too upset.  I bet it happens a lot.

Amelia suggests they do a CT scan since she threw up and had damage to her head, she may have a concussion.  As Amelia preps Charlotte, you can see she is uncomfortable and doesn’t know what to say so she goes into doctor mode telling her what to expect and Charlotte reminds her she knows how a CT works.  Amelia then begins to recite the Serenity Prayer and Charlotte chimes in and they finish the prayer together.  “I thought you seemed like you were one of my people” Charlotte tells Amelia.  And Amelia smiles and tells her that she has been drinking a lot lately.  No pills, just a lot of drinking.   Charlotte asks her if she has gone to a meeting and Amelia replies no.  Charlotte tells her that they will go to a meeting together.  “Thank you” Amelia says, “no problem” Charlotte responds.   Again, in the midst of everything she has just been through, she reaches out to help and comfort Amelia.   In one sense it’s a good thing because it takes her mind off what had happened to her and gives her some power back if she is helping someone else in need.  At the same time, I just want to burst through my TV set, throw my arms around her, tell her to stop worrying about other people, take care of herself, and let her cry it out!

In another very painful scene, Charlotte has to get stitches in her arm and she can’t take drugs due to her background with drug addition and her allergy to local anesthesia.  So Amelia has to sew her up with nothing to ease her pain.  Her screams of pain are almost unbearable to watch and listen to and Cooper nearly loses it at the sound of her agony.  He can’t take it and Charlotte realizes this and asks him to get her a latte.  He doesn’t want to leave her side but she convinces him that she wants that latte so he leaves to get it for her.  After she is cleaned up Addison comes back in to see her and begs her to tell the police what has happened so that this won’t happen to another woman.   Addison tells her “if you keep this secret, it will eat you alive, I know it.”  Charlotte begins to enlighten Addison with what she is going through:

“You ever been violated?  Anybody rape you lately?  Let me tell you what it is like.  You know those made for TV movies that always show some woman naked in a shower crouched down on her knees and sobbing?  ‘Cause when she closes her eyes she can still feel the guys hands on her?  How when they show the attack the woman’s eyes go all blank and still?  She goes to some other place in her mind just so she can deal with the horror of what is happening to her while some Lilith Fair song plays (I have to say that made me smile a little because it’s true.)  It is nothing like that.  It’s dirty and sweaty.  And he licks your face and he wipes himself off in your hair and when you try to scream he punches you so hard you see God.  And then he goes at you again…raping stuff you didn’t even know you had ’cause he enjoyed it so much the first time.  I know you are trying to help.   But if helping me, means that everyone, that Cooper, is going to be looking at me the way you are looking at me now?   Please.  Do not help me.”

I was so mesmerized and so attentive during her talk with Addison I couldn’t move.  I could feel her pain, her anger, her fear in my bones.   It made me want to hunt this guy down and torture him with any means possible to try to have him feel of a tenth of what he put her through.  I can’t even imagine or begin to understand that kind of terror.  And she says it perfectly when Pete comes in to help her pain with his “voodoo” medicine and he asks her where it hurts the most?  “My soul” she very matter-of-factly replies.

Cooper is sitting with Charlotte when she realizes that she needs to write a memo about what happened.  She feels people are going to be concerned about their safety since a doctor was attack and she needs to write this memo.  Cooper tells her someone else can do it and don’t worry about it.  She reminds him she’s Chief of Staff and she has to worry about.  “I’m the boss” she says.  “You’re the victim” he says and she slaps her water cup and pitcher all over Cooper and the floor.  She tells him if he ever calls her the victim again their marriage is off.  He apologies and says he understands.  Her face turns very soft and she apologies to him for which he says, she doesn’t need to.  He leaves to give her some space and walk off his anger towards her attacker.  He ends up at her office and goes in to see the destruction and brutality that occurred.  He can see how much she fought back.  Even Violet who follows him was not prepared to see the complete and utter chaos in her office.  Cooper at this point completely breaks down and Violet shuts the door to give him some privacy.

Cooper comes back in to check on her and sees her trying to get dressed.  She asks him to help her and he just wants her to get back into to bed and rest.  But she doesn’t want to be in the hospital anymore, she just wants to go home and he agrees and helps her.   She tells him “thank you for loving me.   Take me home.”   He walks her out of her room and into the hallway where the PP crew is waiting for her.  Pete offers to get her a wheelchair and she informs him that the only way she doesn’t walk out of there on her own 2 feet are if she is in a coma or a body bag.  When she begins to walk down the hall is when you start to see the flashes of what happened to her in her office.  Just those 60 seconds of her ordeal are enough to make me want to throw up.  The look of terror in her eyes as she realizes what is happening to her is bone chilling.  And as we flash back and forth between the attack and her walking down the hall, we see her trying to stand strong in front of her subordinates (“Don’t you all have some place you need to be.?”) she barks at them, while telling Cooper very softly “Don’t you let me fall.”  “I won’t” he says.  And the meaning there isn’t just about her walking out of there on her own 2 feet, it’s about him being there for her through the impossible struggle of recovery they are about to face.

While this entire episode is happening as laid out above, there is Sheldon who happens to be called into the police station to question an unstable man who has blood all over him.  While we witness Charlotte being attended to and the reaction of her friends and colleagues, Sheldon is questioning the dirt ball who raped her and he has no idea.   We find out the man did this to Charlotte because he found his girlfriend in bed with another man and when he went to the hospital for help, Charlotte was mean and told him to wait.  I am now incensed by this statement.  And when he told Sheldon he “gave it to her and he gave it to her good” I just wanted to throw up again.   If I could have jumped through my TV and beaten him within an inch of his life, I would have.  In the end, Sheldon and police determine he has raped someone but the police say that unless some comes forward, they have no case.

“What Happens Next” is the title of the next episode.  This will surely resonate throughout this entire season and have permanent life changing effects for the characters.  How does Charlotte begin to rebuild her life?  How will Cooper be able to stand by and support her?   Will Addison be able to keep her secret and how will that effect her?   Will the other members of Oceanside figure out what really happened on their own?   And will Charlotte decide to come forward and put this asshole away forever?   “What Happens Next?”   That’s what we all want to know.  My money’s on Dr. Charlotte King.

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