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REVIEW: Game of Thrones “The Kingsroad” S1 E2

I hope with every fiber of my being that it is a Direwolf that comes and kills every Lannister that is still living….starting with Prince Shithead, I mean Prince Joffrey and ending with Queen Bitchlips, I mean Queen Cersei.   Seriously, how much did last night’s ending bother you?   Because it bothered the hell out of me.  I kept shouting at Ned not to do it but my shouting couldn’t save the Direwolf.

We start with Daenerys (really couldn’t we have named her Caroline or Amy…these names are killing me and my spell check) and she is still terribly sad over this arrangement/marriage with Khal, her new husband and head of the Dothrakis.  However she starts to make some friends and her first order of business is to ask one of them (who apparently has been in a brothel since age 9) how to please her husband.  Her new friend proceeds to show her and gives her some pointers on how to make him happy.  The only reason I can think of that would make her want to do this, is because the other ways they have been intimate are painful for her (both physically and emotionally.)  At least if she can take some control back in the bedroom, she will begin to regain some control over her life.  Maybe even soften him up to the point where she could leave.  I guess we’ll wait and see.  Her brother the asshole, Viserys, is still on this mission of power.  He and Dothrakis are on the move to get into a position to take out King Robert.

Speaking of his highness, he and Ned are on their way to King’s Landing, along with his two daughters Sansa and Arya.  Catelyn, Ned wife’s, is really unhappy that he has chosen to leave Winterfall and not remain with his family.  The last time he went away, he came back with a son from another woman.  We know her name, Wyla, but we still have not met her and Ned doesn’t like to speak of her.   While he loves his son Jon, who is his son with her, he does seem terribly ashamed of his actions while he was away.  Catelyn is not only upset about Ned leaving for fear of being cheated on again, but also because she doesn’t trust the Lannisters and she fears for Ned’s life.  She insists that they were behind the murder of Jon Arynn (Ned’s predecessor) and now she believes they had something to do with Bran’s “fall.”  I’m not sure at this point if King Robert is aware of this revelation but I have to believe that he isn’t based on his words and actions.  Sansa is being prepped to marry Joffrey and she is really happy about it.  She really wants to impress him.  He seems equally interested in her.  The go walking together and come across Arya “sword fighting”…the sword are sticks…with the butcher’s son.  When Joffrey asserts himself and belittles the butcher’s son and starts to slit his face with his real sword, Arya yells at him to stop.  Joffrey doesn’t so Arya takes her rather large stick and smacks him on the arm.  The butcher’s son flees and Joffrey comes after Arya with the sword and calls her a rather nasty name I refuse to put in writing.  As he threatens her with the sword, her Direwolf comes out of the woods and bites his arm so he drops the sword.  Yeah Direwolf!!!!  Arya then picks up his sword and aims it his throat.  Loser Joffrey then starts crying like a wimp begging Arya to leave him alone and she then take his sword and hurls it into the water and runs away.  Meanwhile Sansa offers to run and get Joffrey help while he yells at her to do so.  I love Arya.  I love her spunk and feistiness.  I have a feeling that some day, she will rise to power and control all the kingdoms!   In the woods, Arya finds her Direwolf and begs her to run away so they won’t find her.  She refuses and stays by her side ( I want a Direwolf!)   She has to throw a rock at her to convince her to leave so she won’t get caught.  Arya is eventually found in the woods and brought to the king and queen instead of her father.  When Ned goes to see Robert and Cersei he asks why she wasn’t brought to him.  Then each child (Joffrey and Arya) explain what happened.  Joffrey obviously lies and Arya defends herself.  The king has had enough of the arguing and Queen Cersei asks sweet Sansa to come forward to say what really happened.  Not wanting to betray her sister or soon-to-be husband, she says he can’t remember and Arya attacks her…ha!   As a result, the Queen asks that the Direwolf be destroyed since he came after her son.  The king doesn’t like it but gives the command.  Ned says he will take care of it.  His daughters are crying saying it wasn’t her fault and she was only protecting Arya.  Unfortunately once the king gives his order, there is nothing Ned can do.  So he goes outside to see this sweet face tied up to a post and kills the wolf.  From that moment on, me and the Lannisters, are on opposite sides.   They have made an enemy out of me and I will NEVER root for them.  They are evil and I hope what goes around, comes around.

Another reason the Lannisters are so awful is that they are still trying to kill Bran.  Once they got word that he wasn’t dead, the sent an assassin to kill him.  Unfortunately for the assassin, not only was Catelyn there to protect her son but so was his Direwolf and the Direwolf ripped the assassin to shreads….literally.   Then he jumped on the bed, checked on Bran, and went to sleep.   Mission accomplished.  This all happened while Catelyn watched.  At least she knows that if her husband or herself can’t be there to protect Bran, the Direwolf will.

So not a lot of plot moved forward but we starting to see the battle lines being drawn.  We all hate the Lannisters (although my jury is still out on Tyrion because I don’t think he’s part of the cool click and he maybe on the outside looking in.)  And we all hate Viserys Targaryen for killing Ned’s sister and then whoring his own sister out to Khal for ambitious reasons.  I really like all the members of the Stark family (especially Arya) and I am sympathetic to Daenerys.  I really hope she will start to gather her inner strength and see if she can escape the clutches of her jerk of a brother and brute of a husband.   And I forgot to mention in my last post and they weren’t mentioned this week but what the hell are those creepy Winter Walkers?  That was so freaky and disturbing at the same time.  I don’t know what to make of that but they are also looming out there.

What do you think of Game of Thrones so far?  I am thoroughly enjoying it and now that I am starting to understand the characters a bit more, I think it will be even more enjoyable.


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REVIEW: Survivor Redemption Island “The Buddy System” S22 E9

Remember last week when I said that there is really no one playing a strategic game better than Rob and that at this point, I can’t see anyone taking him out or a way he could lose?   Well I have figured out the person that can take Rob out…Rob.   He is starting to play a very dangerous game here and his enormous ego may be his downfall (that and Julie’s one liners at tribal council.)   The thing that shocks me is that no one else on Rob’s tribe sees this dictatorship forming.  And if they do, they aren’t doing anything about it!   You had one small comment from Grant about being his own man and making his own decisions but he still went back to his group when Rob called him over.  It’s amazing to witness.  But the most surprising revelation of all last night, was Philip.   Philip is down right nuts…or is he?

There was a brief clip last night that showed an interview with Philip where he talked about his place in his alliance.  And I’m not talking about the part where he said he realizes he’s on the bottom and likes it there so he can look up at everything happening above him.   Was he talking about Survivor or his favorite sexual position?  I wasn’t sure.  But I’m not going to go down that road right now.  I’m talking about the side bar where he said that he is very aware of what people think about him.  He also mentioned that they are playing a game and knowing Rob the way he knows him, who would be the type of person Rob rather take to the finals?  Someone who’s “polarizing and insulting” and someone who doesn’t look so pretty.   That would be one Phil Sheppard.  You know what, Philip just moved up huge in my book.  I still think he’s bit crazy.  But if this has been more of an act than we have been led to believe and he is playing Rob and the other members of this tribe the whole time to get to the finals…kudos Philip because I thought you were 100% crazy.   And if he plays it right, he could steal a million dollars.  Think about it, as crazy as this sounds.  He’s always worked hard around camp, NO ONE would deny that.   He has been a 100% loyal solider and never lied to anyone and kept true to his word and alliance.  And he was able to fool everyone into thinking he was a crazy nut job to get himself further in the game and land himself in the finals.  He outwitted everyone in that sense.  His downfall is not being very strong in challenges.   But Philip could make a solid argument for the million dollars.  I never thought I would write those words down but maybe Philip deserves a little more credit for being savvier than we have given him credit for.

You know who isn’t getting props for being smarter than he appears…Matt.  At least he realizes how much of an idiot he was.  What really drove me crazy was when he said, “well this wasn’t the outcome I wanted but I guess it’s God’s will.”   AAAAHHHHH.   Did he miss the part in the bible where God gave us the greatest gift he could…..FREE WILL!!!!  If God wanted us walking around like zombie’s having him control our destiny’s he would not have given us the power to make our own decisions.   Don’t get me wrong. I really do respect someone who has a strong relationship with God and wants to honor that as best they can.  But you know what?   This is Survivor.  And I don’t think the Big Man Upstairs would be too thrilled knowing you were using him as the excuse for your poor decision-making or lack of decision-making.   If you wanted a certain outcome, then do your best to make it happen.  You don’t sit there and say, that isn’t the right thing to do and God will steer me on the path I should go on.   NOOO.   God gave you free will for YOU to choose your path and to suffer the consequences or enjoy the rewards of those decisions.   That’s why it pains me to say (as much as I like Matt as a person) that I am rooting for Mike to beat him and David this week on RI (if that’s what is going to happen.)   I was rooting for Matt in a huge way but when he came back and made the same mistakes as before and betrayed Andrea and their pact and decided to go down the enlightened path vs. the winning path, I didn’t like him anymore as a Survivor competitor.

I know I’ve said this before but I will say it again.  Zapatera’s lack of game play infuriates me to no end.  I feel bad for Mike who I do believe got the short end of the stick on the tribe he ended up on.  I think he has tried to play the game a little bit but you’re really limited when no one else plays the game with you.  These guys have done NOTHING to try to break up Ometepe.  At least Ralph, tried to do something when he went up to Ashley and Natalie.  It’s the dumbest “strategic” move I ever saw but I give him credit for at least TRYING.  Steve, Julie, and David have done nothing.  The only thing Julie has done, which I think is more hurtful to Rob than helpful to her, is by dishing out the one liners at tribal.  In the first tribal council this week, after Philip proclaimed he was secure with his tribe while other Zapatera were trying to tell him how he is in the bottom, Julie simply reminded them that Matt thought he was tight with them as well.  Nicely played Julie!  It wasn’t nasty or snarky, it was very matter-of-fact.  Then at the second tribal council she brought up how Stealth R Us isn’t an alliance, it’s a cult with Rob running the whole thing.   Here is her quote: “Rob has complete control over them.  It’s not even a tribe, it’s a cult.”  Did you see the look Rob gave her?  And I can’t imagine a guy like Grant being too happy sitting there hearing that he’s a puppet in Rob’s game.  I know I wouldn’t.   And Rob was not pleased that she laid out his strategy on the table for everyone to hear.   But then what is Zapatera doing about it?   Nothing!!!   You know what I would do?  If I knew it was just a matter of time to get picked off, I would go out with a bang.  I was start stirring stuff up to try to make something happen.  If Rob doesn’t want them alone and talking.  Fine.  Then in front of all 6 of them, I would lay out what Rob is doing to them and how every move he makes is not in their best interest, but in his.   Because as much as he wants you to think it’s still a team game, it isn’t and everything he is doing is to win himself a million dollars and you are just there to help him make it happen.   If I could get just one person to crack, that could be all it takes.  If not, at least I tried.   But these guys are doing nothing.  And really Steve?   You are in a fight for your Survivor life and you would rather eat a cheeseburger than try to win immunity?   That was the lamest thing I have ever seen.  Some people were saying it didn’t matter because he wouldn’t have won.   You don’t know that.  And I don’t understand how you don’t at least try.  That was almost as bad a quitting.  I lost a lot of respect for him there.

Now what do you think is going to happen at RI?  Are they just going to lump a bunch of people out there and have one big duel to come back in?   Because at some point, now that we are down to 9 (not including the 3 on RI), I would think the jury would start to be formed.  If it’s a duel between the 3 and that person comes back in, then you have 10 people.  You could then vote off 7 for the jury and have a final 3.  I hate a final 3 by the way.  I much prefer the final 2.   But I guess you could have the winner stay and continue RI with the loser heading to the jury instead of going home.  I don’t know.  I’m still not sold on it but let’s see how it goes this time around.

What do you think?  Is Rob’s ego going to cost him a million dollars?   Can Zapatera open up enough cans of worms to derail all the Boston Rob fanaticism?  Or will he cruise to his first million dollar check because no one is playing the game or no one has the guts to stand up to him?

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REVIEW: Survivor “It Don’t Take A Smart One” S22 E7

Finally!!!  Zapatera makes a vote that will keep their tribe stronger vs. keeping all the people they like and trust.  Although I think they waited about 1 vote too late to make that decision.

I have been keeping up with Survivor but my work has been extremely busy lately so it’s been hard to keep up with the updates.  Sorry!  The last 2 episode were kind of boring too so I really wasn’t rushing to find time to discuss them either.

Let’s talk about Philip real quick.  Oh my goodness gracious!!!!  That man is all sorts of entertaining.  I hope he never gets voted off because I think he is so damn hilarious.  You never know what that man is going to say and he is completely coo coo for Cocoa Puffs.  As Rob said “he’s probably the most unaware person I’ve ever met in my life.”  No truer words have been spoken on Survivor.  Philip is completely unaware of his surroundings and reality.  But I love it.  I would probably hate him if I had to live with him on that island but since I get to watch from the comfort of my own home, it’s pure joy.  When he started talking about Matt being a true Samurai, my husband and I couldn’t stop laughing.  He is so serious in his delivery and really honestly believes what he is saying….how can you not chuckle with glee?   Also, when he starts talking about how he is getting crossed by the members of his tribe and therefore look out because he will take them all out…I started laughing even harder.  Really Philip?   You and who else is going to take Rob and his cronies out?   I’ll tell you what though.  Rob better be very careful with Philip because if he’s pissed off enough, he will flip to the other tribe.  And if Matt re-enters the game and goes with Zapatera because Matt is still resentful of Ometepe voting him out, Rob could be in big trouble.  This is where Rob and his cronies need to do a better job, however annoying he is, of making Philip feel included.  That whole crap with the toasted rice?  I was on Philip’s side on that one.  There was so much of that on the bottom, just let Philip have some.   There still would have been plenty for Rob.  Would it really have killed you to share some with him?   From a strategic standpoint, you should know how he is and know that by being inclusive and sharing with him, you neutralize his outbursts and keep him in check by making him feel part of the team.  With a merge looming, you should be doing everything you can to keep Philip in line.  Instead, they are stroking the gorilla/lion!!!  It’s just not necessary but common for young inexperienced players.  Since Rob wasn’t there he couldn’t really address it with them.  But this could spell trouble for them.

We are now getting into the part of the season that usually get veeeeeeeery interesting.  The merge is coming and based of previews for next week, it looks like not only is the merge coming next week, but the person who wins the final RI duel will enter back into the game.  My money is on Matt but you never know.  I can’t wait to see what he does when he’s back in the game and who he aligns with.  I think if Matt goes back in the game and doesn’t win individual immunity, he could be a goner quickly because people will see him as a threat.  But, if he aligns with Zapatera and makes it an even 6 split and they get Philip to flip, Rob and his cronies could be in for a lot of trouble.  This will be the part of the RI twist I am most curious to see play out.  So far I think it’s been fine.  It’s a little boring, from a sheer RI standpoint, because Matt has won every challenge.  From a being reintegrated back into the mix standpoint, it’s fantastic!!!   If Matt wins again of course.

I’ve read a few other posts about this Survivor season and I think I agree with the assessments out there.  While I like Survivor trying something new and the RI twist has been slightly entertaining from an informational standpoint and a strategic standpoint, I miss the idea of when you’re voted out of the game, you’re out for good.  I think it loses some of the drama and impact (especially from a blindside standpoint) when you get voted out but moved to RI.  Then when you lose there, you burn your buff and leave.  There is something so great about Probst saying “The tribe has spoken” while snuffing out the torch and the “aaaaaaaahhhhhhh” chant playing in the background.   You know?   Now we get “It’s time for you to go” and the buff is burned and the person walks off.  It sucks!!!!  It really sucks.  But having said that, we’ve still only seen the one part of this so far.  The next part, the interesting part, is bringing that person back in the game.  I really hope it’s Matt which would be so much more compelling.  If it’s Sarita….booooooring!!!

While I think this season is very entertaining, it is also incredibly frustrating.  Why you ask?  Because there has been very little game playing.  Other than Rob, Russell, and a little bit from Stephanie and Kristina, no one else is playing the game or really seems to care to play.  Let’s start with Ometepe.  Have Ashley, Natalie, and Andrea ever watched Survivor before?  Have Grant and Philip had complete brain farts?   Why is Rob the ONLY one who ever looks for clues to the hidden immunity idol during the reward challenges?  I know it doesn’t matter because Rob has the idol but no one is even trying!!!  Are they that clueless or that confident in their positions in the game?  Either way, I’ll ask it again, have you people never watched Survivor before?  It bugs me.  But Rob gets the clue and then proceeds to toss into the volcano since he already has the idol.  If Rob at some point gets voted out of the game, his cronies will be completely lost because they won’t have any idea what to do.  They will be screwed.

As for Zapatera, they aren’t much better.  Their strategies (if you can call them that) from the beginning have been completely backwards.  First, they were so tunnel visioned on getting rid of Russell, they threw a challenge to get him out and now they have lost 3 out of 4 challenges ever since.  Second, they get rid of Krista and Stephanie, who are better in challenges, but aren’t “trustworthy” so they had to go.   Their first 3 votes were all due to trust.  While trust is important, it’s too early in the game to worry about that.  You need to win challenges.  But they didn’t care.  Now, after losing their 3rd challenge in a row, they have decided that it may be in their best interest to keep the team physically strong, so now let’s get rid of Sarita.  Ugh!!!!   You are getting to the point where you are about to merge.  You will be down in the numbers, by 1.  You have no idea what is going on (from a cohesiveness aspect…sorry Ralph) on the other tribe.  NOW is the time where you want people you can trust.  Once the challenges start for individual immunity, you DON’T want the strong players around.  You also don’t want to go into a merge with lower numbers than the other tribe and a disgruntled tribe member that could flip to the other group.   You know what I am about to ask don’t you?  HAVE YOU ALL NEVER WATCHED SURVIVOR BEFORE???  Egads!!!   I just want to throw things at my TV because these people are so frustrating.   I just feel like these people would rather hang out with people they like than play the game.  And now that they have realized that “Holy shit, I’m playing for a million dollars here, maybe I should try to win” they make a dumb decision.  I really don’t know what to think.

That’s why, I am still rooting for Boston Rob.  He’s the only one really playing the game.  Maybe second after him would be Grant because he has been a beast in challenges and doesn’t seem completely oblivious.  On Zapatera, I really don’t know any of them enough to say whether or not I would root for them to win.  If I had to pick someone it would probably be Mike the marine.  But I’m really reaching.

Whatever happens from here on out, especially if there is a merge and Matt comes back in the game, I really hope it jumps starts these people into putting their game faces on and start (like my man Herm Edwards says) playing to win the game.

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CBS Renews Two Reality Shows

Great news for the fans of CBS reality TV.  CBS has renewed The Amazing Race and Undercover Boss for the 2011-2012 season.

I don’t watch either one of these shows but for fans of these shows….yeah!!!!  I think the Amazing Race is in its 18th season.  I always forget how long that’s been on.  I know Survivor has been renewed for seasons 23 and 24 (wow!!) but I can’t believe TAR has been on almost as long as well.   Good for them!

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REVIEW: Survivor Redemption Island “Don’t You Work for Me?” S22 E4

Before we even get started, please click the link below to set the tone for the forthcoming post:

In Honor of Russell Hantz

Instead of doing a plug for Craftsman and Sears, maybe there should have been an advertising plug for Kleenex.    My goodness.  I was not expecting tears.  You know what Probst should have shouted don’t you?   “There’s No Crying on Survivor, Redemption Island!!!”   But he didn’t.  Oh well.

I bet you thought you would never see it.  But guess what?  It happened.  Russell Hantz is finally out of the game of Survivor.  Now I know the feelings on Russell are pretty divided with no middle ground.  You either love him or hate him.  There’s no in between.  However, there are different ways to love or hate Russell.  As human being, I hate the guy.  As a survivor player, I hate the guy.  As an entertainment factor, I tolerate even mildly enjoy the guy.  But love or hate him, you can’t deny that the guy put his heart and soul into playing Survivor.  I know it’s only a TV show but in this instance, it is more than that because this show is all about competition.  As someone who played sports her whole life at various levels, I always respect and appreciate someone who gives everything they have to win.  Now, I don’t agree with being an asshole in order to do it, but Survivor is a different type of game and I’ve always said, you can’t hold real world values and decisions to the same standard as Survivor.   You just can’t.  Say what you want about Russell and the way he plays Survivor but he played it hard, he played it all out 100%, and he never took the easy road.   After reading that you’re probably thinking, “well then how could she hate him as a Survivor player?”  Because I still think there were things he did that were unnecessary and awful and the way he talked about and treated people was atrocious.  Also I think the Russell you see on Survivor, is the Russell you get in the real world.  I don’t know that for a fact, that’s just my opinion.  I have less of a problem with people who behave a certain way in the game of Survivor because they are trying to win but it isn’t who they are in real life.  Meaning, sometime you have to lie and go back on your word to win the game but the way you behave and how you treat people isn’t how you would behave or treat people in real life.  There are certain people I never liked on Survivor…Russell, Johnny Fairplay, Sandra Diaz, Courtney Yates, NaOnka.   Those are people who I think are just as awful in the real world as they are in the game.   I know it’s not fair to say that because I don’t know any of these people personally.  I base my opinion on interviews I’ve heard them in, other comments they make on Twitter or other social media sites, and the fact that they themselves have declared time and time again that “what you see is what you get.”  Again, I know it’s not fair to judge them like that because I don’t know them and have never met them.   That’s why, it’s an opinion.  I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

I know Russell mentioned that this is his last time playing Survivor.  I find that hard to believe.  I can’t imagine Russell will ever stop unless he wins or Mark Burnett decides he was leaking spoilers and therefore violating his contact so Burnett wouldn’t want him back.  Besides all that behind the scenes stuff, as long as Russell is invited back to play, I think he will play.  Think about this for a minute…Russell has been playing Survivor almost non stop for over a year.   I’m sure he’s burned out from Survivor at this point.   But I think he’s being a bit of a baby as well.  Part of the reason he got so far the first two times was that no one ever saw him play before.  (Samoa and Heroes vs. Villains were filmed back to back.)  No one really knew the kind of player he was.  Until RI.  So of course he had a huge target on his back.  But you know why Russell will always come up short on Survivor?  He refuses to learn from his mistakes and adjust his game play.  Look at Boston Rob.  In Survivor Marquesas, Boston Rob was more ruthless and cutthroat in his game play but he was loyal to his alliances.  A tribal switch was really his downfall and only made it to the merge.  In Survivor All-Stars, Rob played a more social game and made a key alliance from day one (both on Survivor and personally) with Amber Brkich.  Even though Rob was still cutthroat (just ask Lex and Kathy their thoughts on him) he played a more standup game than Marquesas getting him to the end with Amber and sort of winning.  Amber won the title but since they got married, they both won the money!  In Heroes vs. Villains, Rob again went with the more social aspect of the game that worked for him in All Stars and wasn’t nearly as cutthroat, but an Immunity Idol and a man by the name of Russell Hantz was his downfall (and the fact that Tyson is an idiot!!!)  In this season of RI, Rob now is playing the Immunity Idol game better and adjusting his strategy of  how to use the idol to his advantage.  We’ll see how it works out for him.  One thing that was always consistent with Rob, he always stuck to his alliance no matter what.  But as the game evolved, so did Rob’s game play.  Russell only knows one way to play…like a bull in a china shop.  He thinks his way is the best and he won’t change it.   That’s why he will never win no matter how many times he comes back.   If he doesn’t change how he plays, he’s a goner.  And even if he does change it up, I think the damage may already be done.   The only chance Russell may have of winning Survivor is if he is back on some sort of All Star team or someone comes along more devious than he is that he plays along with (probably again on some sort of All Star season.)  I think Russell will be back at some point, but it won’t be anytime in the near future.

Let’s get into the continuing stupidity of Zapatera.  Last week I thought they made a mistake throwing a challenge and voting out Russell.  I thought they were really short-sighted and were so tunnel-visioned on voting him out that they couldn’t see the big picture.  Well I may be the big buffoon after all because I really thought them throwing the challenge to vote Russell out was going to shift momentum to Ometepe.  It didn’t because Ometepe lost again.  Just when I thought Zapatera might be vindicated two stupid things happen…both involving Ralph.  First, Ralph tells everyone, for no good reason, that he has the immunity idol.  Dear God here we go again.  WHY???   What purpose did it serve to tell your tribe you have the idol??   All you did was put a target on your back.  If I was on that tribe, the first thing I would think to do is blindside Ralph to get the idol out of play.   But here is the kicker with that logic, which would have worked beautifully in the past, what happens to the idol if Ralph is voted out without using it?   Does he have to give it up and therefore it goes back in the game?  Or does he get to take it with him to RI and keep it so that if he re-enters the game he still has it?  I don’t know.  Either way I think it’s dumb.   Then Mike starts crowing about how this is great for them.  How is it great for you exactly?  Ralph has the idol not you.   Has he given ANY indication he would use it for the tribe’s benefit instead of his own?   I don’t think so.  But I always love how people get excited when someone else they think they are close to, finds an idol.   The second stupid move by Ralph happened right after Russell lost at RI.  After Russell had his tearful breakdown, he stood up and in a split second remembered that even if it was only for a few more minutes, he was still in the game.  He talked about how pissed he was that his team had so little respect for the game, that they threw a challenge to get him out.  He also talked about being the star QB on a team full of pee-wee leaguers.  Ha!  Well Ralph had enough and started having diarrhea of the mouth.  He tells him he is clueless and how he found a hidden immunity idol without a clue 15 seconds into the game.  Russell starts to laugh and asks him to show it.  He goes to grab it and Sarita tells him not to do it so he all of sudden yells just kidding!  I faked you!!  Yeah right.  Nice try rooster.  Now not only does Ometepe know Ralph has an idol but then Russell proceeds to tell them that Sarita is in charge and Mike and Steve are really tight.  “See Jeff, I had to stay in this game somehow.  Now through these 2 (pointing at Kristina and Philip) I can stay in this game.   Now if their tribe wins and takes out these dummies, more power to me.”  This man’s ego will not be denied!  Again, way to go Ralph and let everyone on the island, including the opposing tribe, know you have an idol and take all your power with it away.   It’s people like Ralph that I always can’t wait until they are voted out.  These huge egotistical people who think they are the greatest Survivor players and who think they are unbeatable yet couldn’t be more stupid.

My final thought is that I worry Boston Rob maybe making some big mistakes that could cost him.  While I think he is playing an amazing social game, the strategy part is concerning me.  He has now gotten rid of Francesca, Matt, and Kristina.  Three very strong physical players are now gone and the only challenge they have won is the one Zapatera decided to throw to get rid of Russell.  I think Rob has forgotten one of the most important rules in Survivor…get to the merge with the dominate tribe numbers.  How do you do that?   Win Challenges!!!  If he keeps voting out strong people, there will be no one left fast.  Now Zapatera has proven to not be the most strategic players yet.  Physical, yes.  Strategic, not so much.  Some bad decisions have been made and I wouldn’t be surprised if their tribe alliance falls apart at some point.  The previews for next week are already starting to allude to that.  David and Julie to me don’t seem on board with Ralph, Sarita, Steve, and Mike.  Not 100%.  If Stephanie and Krista can get those 2 to flop and start to divide that 6 person “alliance”, then Rob may be ok because he is 4 strong and possibly 6 if Andrea and Philip stick with him.

Can’t wait for next week!!!

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REVIEW & RECAP: Survivor Redemption Island “Keep Hope Alive” S22 E3

Not a huge shocker with who went to RI and not a lot of crazy drama surrounding camp life on either tribe.   But we did have our first duel over at RI!!  Matt vs. Francesca in the first for their Survivor lives.  How did it play out?

Matt was completely blindsided.  So much so, he didn’t even bring any of his stuff to TC.  I love when that happens because it is really obnoxious to not bring your stuff.  How many times have you seen blindsides on Survivor?  You can’t even count because it’s been so many.   So why wouldn’t you always bring your stuff?  I don’t care how secure you feel in this game, you never are.  So don’t be so cocky that you think you don’t need to bring your stuff.  When Matt gets on the island, he wakes up Francesca to let him know it’s him and she is shocked it isn’t Philip.  (Matt is too!)

In what seems like the next day, it is duel time.  In addition to Matt and Fran battling it out, they are joined by 2 members from each tribe to watch what goes down in the stadium seating.  By the way, what an incredible job the set people did of building the RI arena.  It’s pretty awesome!  I have to say though, I don’t think I like some of the remaining Survivors coming to watch.  Other than knowing who wins, what is the point of them going?  I think it gives anyone else going to RI an advantage because you know who remains and what type of challenges are being run there.  I think it could affect people’s strategies.  If I don’t know what type of challenges there are at RI, and I think I am on the chopping block, I may adjust the way I fight to stay in the game, especially if I am not a physical player.  But if I know the challenges aren’t physical at all, then I could approach things differently.  It could also change, who you chose to send to RI.  I don’t know, for me, I think everyone should be completely in the dark about RI until you go there.   Just my opinion.

The duel begins with Ashley and Andrea from Team Rob watching, and Steve and Dave watching from Team Russell (I can’t remember the tribe names so it’s easier to go with TRob or TRussell.)  The challenge is: tie sticks together to make a long pole and retrieve 3 keys on key rings.  Take the 3 keys, unlock the 3 locks that are secured to the gate door you are behind, and walk through the unlocked door to stay alive in the game.  Survivors Ready?   Go!   Fran jumps off to a huge lead and gets 2 keys very quickly meanwhile Matt can’t keep his pole from drooping.    That didn’t sound good.   Moving on before this goes in a direction it shouldn’t, Fran starts to have the same problem with her pole falling apart before she can get to the last key.  By the this time, Matt has fixed his droopy pole and is gathering keys.  He has 2 keys now and Fran has fixed her pole.  They are both going for the final key.  It’s neck and neck and down to the wire but Matt ends up getting the key and staying alive.   It’s Fran’s time to go but before she does, she has to throw her buff into the fire.   That sucks that they can’t keep it but a great way to go out!   Matt returns to RI to await his next opponent.   I didn’t know how I was going to feel about this RI development.  I think once you are voted out, you should be gone from the game. But I liked it last night.  It’s still early but so far, so good.  I just wish no one watched it.

Back at camp Rob, Rob is talking to two players he thinks he needs to keep in line…Philip and Andrea.  He flat-out tells Philip that he is the 5th in a 5 person alliance and Phil seems totally fine with this.  Most non-crazy people probably wouldn’t be, but I think Phil is of the mind-set that if it isn’t me and I’m needed, I’m ok with that.  So be it.  Then Rob sits down with Andrea and pretty much tells her the exact same thing although, it comes across as convincingly as he told Philip.  Andrea isn’t buying it and doesn’t trust him but will stick with him as long as it suits her.  Do you think Rob may be OVER playing at this point?  I worry that Rob is over thinking and maybe playing too many steps ahead that he may trip himself up.  While Matt and Andrea may have been a dangerous twosome, he still had a very strong foursome (fivesome if you add Philip in) that could have broken them up.  I just think he may be over thinking and if he isn’t careful, will over think himself right out of the game.

At camp Russell, what else is new…everyone hates Russell and wants him gone except for Krista and annoying Stephanie.  Now team Russell makes two interesting decisions…one is stupid and one is so completely pointless I’m still trying to find out why it was necessary.   Let’s start with the latter one.  When Steve and Dave come back from RI, they decide they are going to tell Russell that Fran won instead of Matt so that when he goes, it will mess with his head.   Huh?  And what was even more strange was that the other people at his camp also thought this was funny and a good idea.   Again huh?  How is telling Russell the wrong person won “messing with his mind?”   This is where people can get really stupid on Survivor because they are so tunnel visioned.  What’s the point of lying to Russell here?   Just because, why not?  Dumb.    You don’t lie in Survivor just for the sake of lying.  It should have a purpose otherwise it will bite you in the ass.  Plus it will show your other tribemates that you can’t be trusted.    That you will make up dumb shit, for no reason.  Not a great idea in my mind.

The other stupid decision they made was to throw the challenge.  Now, I am not a Stephanie fan and think she’s a complete buffoon.  And I hate to say it but she was 100% correct when she said that throwing a challenge is “plain stupidity.”   Again, you have a tunnel visioned mentality that could possibly destroy you in the game.  At this point, you have the numbers on Russell and Ralph has the immunity idol.  So Russell has no power in the game at all.  Plus, everyone hates him and wants him gone.  However, you do have the momentum by beating the other team constantly.  WHY, this early in the game would you want to shift momentum and give them a glimmer of hope?  Because you want Russell gone so badly?   Stephanie was right…STUPID!!   When you are beating a tribe like that, you don’t take your foot off the gas petal and you keep pounding them into the ground so that when you go to the merge, you have the numbers.  That way you can still beat the other tribe and still get Russell out.  And the only one who didn’t think throwing the challenge was a good idea (that we saw) was Julie.  Now I don’t know how hard she pushed, but I would have pushed that harder and laid out the strategy for why, more succinctly.  In the end, the reached their short-term goal, and Russell was voted out and sent to RI.  There was a small failed drama with Julie potentially flipping but that was never going to happen.  It was only there as a smoke screen since it was so obvious Russell was getting voted out.   But now he is on RI and will have to fight Matt in order to save his Survivor life.  Can he do it?  I guess we’ll have to see!

Final thought…does anyone think there may be a hidden immunity idol on RI?   Probably not but wouldn’t be great if there was and the person who came back into the game did so with an idol?   Again, it’s probably not likely but I think it would be very interesting!

I would write a little more but Word Press is acting up and I had to re-write this post 3 times already.  Ugh!

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