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CASTING NEWS: Survivor Redemption Island is Russell vs Rob!!!!

WOW!!!! When Rob threw out the idea at the Heroes vs. Villans show to do battle against Russell, you knew it was only a matter of time before it was to be reality. I just didn’t think it would happen this soon. Russell vs. Rob? I AM IN!!! I loved the dynamic of these two and just so we are clear…Team Rob here all the way!!!!

Now I’m curious about what people think because you can look at this a few ways. One way, is awesome, bring them back and let them go at it….that’s what I want to see!! Another is, I wanted to see this but it is WAY too soon and it should be spaced out more. Another is, enough already. This will be the 4th time for Rob and the 3rd time for Russell. Let’s get other people in here because I am sick of seeing these people. I can see this from all sides and all side being valid. But I love it!!! And I am secretly hoping that they form a secret alliance that no one will see coming to take everyone down…even though they are on different tribes. And I would love a Rob vs. Russell for the final vote. Who wouldn’t love that???

You know what will be the worst thing that could happen though? One of them gets voted out early and doesn’t make it on Redemption Island. Then it’s just regular Survivor. If I was playing with Rob, I would want him out right away. Russell I don’t know. Part of me would want to keep him because he is so stubborn and arrogant, he will piss everyone off and again, no one will give him the money. But, if he has learned from his mistakes (because with Heroes vs. vVllans, he went right into the next game not knowing if his game play won him a million dollars or not) and changes the way he plays, he could be very dangerous.

Either way, I can’t wait for Feb 6th to see how this plays out!!!   Check out the link below for a preview video interview with Jeff Probst, Russell Hantz, and Rob Mariano.  Awesome!!!!!

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