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SEASON FINALE QUICK RECAP & REVIEW: Scandal “Grant: For the People” S1 E7

Is it possible to love and hate the First Lady at the same time?  Well I do!!!   While I really hated her after the whole faking a miscarriage to get your husband elected situation, I really LOVED her after her very poignant conversation with Olivia and getting her husband’s presidency back on track.   Bellamy Young has been sensational as Mellie Grant.  I couldn’t help but root for her.   But I have so many questions.   Did she and Fitz ever like or love each other?   Or was this always a business transaction?  What else has Mellie done to get her husband elected?  Do we think she had ANY idea about the Amanda Tanner kidnapping and murder?   She’s a fascinating character for me and I hope we see much more of her in Season 2.

Does anyone else think it’s strange that the big cliffhanger this season was who Quinn really is?   Do we care? I care to the point that I want to know who she is but not to the point where I am waiting with bated breath for the premiere next season to find out.  Quinn isn’t a character they’ve spent a whole lot of time on for me to care enough at this point for it to be the big cliffhanger.  And I know I’m about to say something unpopular but I wanted to strangle her in the finale.  If she asked one more time in Gideon’s apartment “what’s happening” I was going to throw my remote at my TV.  Your boyfriend is dead, your fingerprints are everywhere (which apparently is problematic for reasons other than incrimination), and we need to clean this up so you are ok, so shut the hell up and stop moving.  That’s what I would have said.  I know it’s a traumatic situation she walked into…I get that.  But pull yourself together and let them help you and shut up.   And can I just say, has this chick never watched TV or movies before?   What is rule number one with a sharp object lodged into someone’s person?  DON’T REMOVE IT!!!!  It’s keeping blood from spilling everywhere and actually giving the victim time for help to arrive and possibly do something.  Don’t touch it and don’t remove it.  Not only does she remove it but she waits until AFTER she removes it and has to apply pressure on it to lunge for her cell phone that is out of reach to call for help.  Ugh!

Speaking of stupidity, what was Olivia’s team thinking?  You take everything from Gideon’s apartment to cover up the fact that Quinn was there.  You meticulously leave no stone unturned.  But when you get back to your office and get all the information off of it that you need, you leave the ringer on?  Seriously?    THEN, Olivia goes to Cohen’s office and tells him everything that happened and everything her team did.  WHAT?  What was the point of putting your entire team in a precarious situation of doing something illegal (to cover something up) only to tell the play-by-play a few hours later?

This is my one problem with Scandal but it’s also the thing that is great about Scandal.  Olivia Pope is really fallible.  Olivia is the best but when her heart gets involved, she makes too many mistakes.  I like it and I don’t.  I like the fact that it makes her human and real.  I don’t like it because if she’s that good, she wouldn’t be making so many mistakes.  She would find a way to push her emotions to her side and do her job.  It’s probably why I love the scene with Mellie so much because Mellie called her on it.  She told her, I do my job, why couldn’t you do yours?   Basically by letting Olivia’s emotions weaken her, Billy Chambers was able to destroy the President from the inside.  That’s a tough pill to swallow.  But I respect that Olivia let her talk and let her run the show.  She knew Mellie was right too.  She didn’t go after her or go toe to toe with her.  Not that Olivia couldn’t, but it wasn’t appropriate.

I have to say though, I love the fact that Scandal has made the President an enigma.  Is he a good guy or a bad guy?  Is he weak or strong?  Easily swayed or cunning and on his game?   We’ve seen both sides of Fitz.  He’s another one that when his emotions get involved, he’s a jellyfish.  When he’s on his game, he’s a tank.  I love that and I don’t.  Who needs a wishy washy President.  Not us!  But when he’s focused, he’s unstopable.  It must be something between him and Olivia that makes them both idiots when they are around and involved with one another.  And the chemistry with Washington is undeniable.  But I’m glad they are staying apart.   To me, this isn’t a will they or won’t they.  This is better if they don’t.   We know they want to, but can’t, yet still need to be in each other’s lives.

Finally, we learn that it was Cyrus, not Billy, that was responsible for Amanda’s kidnapping and murder.  It makes sense.  It made sense that Billy would use Amanda to set up the President but it made no sense to have her killed.  I still thought it was the First Lady, but I guess it was Cyrus.   Tip for the day…..don’t mess with a man who grows beautiful roses people!

What did you think of the first season and finale of Scandal.  I really enjoyed this show.  It has some kinks to work out but overall, I loved it!


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RECAP & REVIEW: Scandal “Enemy of the State” S1 E4

This is very quickly becoming one of my favorite shows on TV.  This show is on fire.  While we continue to have our case of the week, it’s the Amanda Tanner/President Fitz case that has me on the edge of my seat dying to know what is going to happen next.  Who’s good, who’s bad?  Who’s right, who’s wrong?   Who’s telling the truth?  Who’s lying?  Every time we get an answer to one question, it leads us to another.  If you aren’t watching Scandal, what’s wrong with you?

I had many favorite moments in this episodes.  One of the most clever was how we received background on the team at Olivia Pope & Associates.  It’s been clear since the beginning that these people would run through fire for Olivia.   But we don’t know why.  These people could have prestigious jobs in any law or security firm in the country but instead choose to work for Olivia.  Why?  With war being declared between OP & A and the White House, Cyrus has a team come in and give him the background on each person working for Olivia including Olivia herself.  It made perfect sense and gave us a peek behind the curtain to each of Olivia’s team member.  The most revealing being that Abby came to work for Olivia after she got her out of an abusive marriage.  The second most revealing being that Quinn didn’t exist before 2009.  Finally, that character is getting interesting.

Another great moment (actually two moments) were Abby’s speech to Olivia and Cyrus’ speech to the President.  Both took a lot of guts and brutal honesty and both are what the individuals needed to hear.  I thought the same thing Abby thought.  Why in the world would Olivia take the case of a known dictator who is an enemy of the state?   Take that a step further, why would she side with said dictator after she learns that his “missing” wife isn’t missing at all.  She fled to a woman’s shelter because she is afraid of him and doesn’t love him anymore.  She wants to take her kids away from this horrible man.  So Olivia’s allegiance is to the dictator?  I don’t get it and I was 100% behind everything Abby did.  Including her talk with Olivia (which was more of a screaming match.)  She reminded Olivia that she was the one who helped her get out of her abusive marriage and that after her husband broke her ribs and dislocated her jaw, it was Olivia who took a tire iron to his kneecaps.  Now that’s an Olivia I would like to see more of.  It woke up something in Olivia and she decided to align with the wife and get her away from her marriage and get her children out of a dangerous situation.  Now the speech Olivia gave to General Flores was completely over the top and unrealistic but I can look past it because in the end, he leaves and Mrs. Flores and her children are granted asylum in the USA.

As for Cyrus’ talk with President Fitz, it was brilliant.  Jeff Perry has been sensational in these first handful of episodes. He lays out for the President exactly what will happen as this Amanda Tanner storyline progresses and the story ends with President Fitz putting a bullet in his head.  It was a brutally graphic but probably true depiction of what happens to people in situations like this.  But similar to Olivia, it was the kick in the ass the President needed to remind himself why he got into politics in the first place and that from now on, it is game on.  Sweet!

Now, we have Amanda Tanner.  Two HUGE things happened.  First, we learned through a phone call she placed that she is lying about something.  Second, is that after that phone call and after the President decides he is ready to play ball, Amanda is kidnapped.  You know who I think is behind this whole thing?   The First Lady.  Mellie Grant is one tough lady.  We know she knew about the affair and when Fitz asked her if she could walk away from all of this, she was vehemently against it.  She basically bitch slapped him and told him to get his head out of his ass.  One.  Tough.  Lady.   So I wouldn’t be surprised if she is behind getting Amanda to lie about whatever she’s lying about.  Why would the First Lady want to do this?   To destroy Fitz and Olivia’s relationship which was obviously affecting him in a way that could negatively impact his status as POTUS.  The question is, what is Amanda lying about?  It’s not the pregnancy because Olivia made her take 5 tests.   It could be the fact that the President is the father of the baby.  But you would think the people behind this would know that is so easy to disproved with a paternity test so it makes me think it’s something else.  Something bigger.  Maybe Amanda was talking to someone else (not the First Lady but someone in her regime) about how she can’t lie to Olivia anymore.  Is the lie the fact that this was set up from the beginning by the First Lady?  Meaning she wanted Amanda to seduce her husband to set this all in motion.  But it would take a lot of planning and things to fall just right for it to land in front of Olivia and therefore move her plan forward.  It’s not impossible but it’s a little harder to believe.  Regardless, I think Mellie is behind this whole thing.

I can’t wait for next week’s episode!  If you haven’t watched Scandal yet, please, I implore you to go check it out on-line or on demand so you can watch these last three episodes with me and enjoy it as much as I do!


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TV RANT: Shows That Premiere WAAAAAAAY Too Late in the TV Season

My apologies for the formatting.  Not sure why the paragraphs are messed up making it harder to read!  Tried fixing but it didn’t work.

I don’t know about you but I have a shit load of TV shows that I try to watch.   My husband makes fun of me constantly about the amount of shows on our DVRs.  Remember I have three (yes you read that right…THREE)  DVRs.  Every single DVR right now is at 60% full or more.  Part of the problem is being so busy that I haven’t been able to keep up.  But the other problem is that it seems like every other week, ANOTHER show is premiering.  Seriously, what the hell?  It’s impossible to keep up with all these shows.  It’s already hard enough because almost every channel out there has original programming ’round the calendar.  And it wasn’t that big of a deal when AMC, HBO, Showtime, F/X, Bravo, TBS, TNT, etc premiered shows April – July because that was when the TV season was winding down and they only had shows that typically had runs of 10-12 episodes.   Plus it’s nice to have new programming for the summer.  But when the networks start jumping in on the fun (and moving your current shows all over the place) it gets to be too much.

Take a look at the list of shows that have premiered since mid January:

  • The River
  • The Firm
  • Smash
  • Alcatraz
  • Are You There Chelsea
  • Betty White’s Off Their Rockers
  • The Finder
  • GCB
  • Scandal
  • Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apt 23
  • Best Friends Forever
  • Bent
  • Napoleon Dynamite
  • I Hate My Teenage Daughter
  • Remodeled
  • Rob
  • Work It
  • Touch
  • Missing
  • Awake
  • NYC 22
That’s 21 shows!!!!!   And guys, that’s just the network shows.  I didn’t even put in shows like House of Lies, Luck, Girls, Veep, etc.  Not to mention, all the returning mid-season shows like Cougar Town, 30 Rock, Breaking In, Survivor, The Voice, American Idol.   It goes on and on.  But look at that list!!!   And anything in bold premiered in the last 2 weeks!  It’s ridiculous.
First of all, it’s too many shows.  I understand having shows ready to go in case other shows fail but guess what?  There were plenty of shows that failed but these shows still premiered late.  On ABC, Charlie’s Angels, Pan Am, Work It, and Man Up were all canceled.  Charlie’s Angels lasted 3 or 4 episodes.  Same with Man Up.  Work It lasted two.  Pan Am was slightly longer but still pulled from the schedule only to have episode burn off later.  So why couldn’t Scandal, GCB, Missing, or Apt 23 premiere sooner?   NBC canceled Free Agents after 3 episodes.  So where was Bent or BFF?  I don’t get it.  Why order that many shows to pilot if you are just going to premiere them in a dead month and then burn them off when the ratings suck?  Oh, and not promote them.  Why?
Secondly, people are too entrenched in what they are already watching or too far behind on their DVRs to try something new this late.  I’m both.  If it wasn’t for this blog, there are so many shows I would blow off because I already have too many shows to watch and I’m so far behind on many of them, I have no time to catch up let alone start a new series.
It’s really unfair to the cast, the crew, the creators, and the TV viewers.  Scandal is a good show.  Bent is a solid comedy.  Detroit 1-8-7 was an awesome show.  The Chicago Code was a fantastic show.  But you know what?  No one watched them.  Why?  Because they premiered too late and there was no promotion to help get the shows off the ground.  To put it very simply, they were set up for failure.  So TV audiences are missing out on great shows because the networks don’t know how to schedule.
We are in a “throw it against the wall and let’s see what sticks” environment.  While I don’t believe what I am about to say is the case, it does APPEAR that the networks aren’t putting a great deal of thought into their shows’ schedule after the major fall premieres.   I believe the networks put forth huge efforts to make sure their fall schedules are strong and successful. Sometimes they win.  Lots of times they lose.  But they put, what they believe, is their best foot forward.  After that, whatever happens, happens and whatever is left over, we’ll deal with it then.  That’s how it seems.  How else do you explain shows premiering in this quantity this late into the season.  These aren’t summer shows.  These were promoted as mid-season shows.  When exactly do the networks think mid-season begins?  Because I can tell you right now, it isn’t April.
March, April, and May are no man’s land…dead zones…for new premiering shows.  They are too late for mid-season and too early for summer.  February should be the latest they premiere for mid-season.  If you miss that, then June for summer programming it is.  Now there are always exception to the rules, but it should only be the exception, not the norm.  And as each TV season progresses, it seems to be getting worse and worse.
So what’s the solution?  It seems simple to me but if it were that simple, you would think someone would be doing it.   My first suggestion (with all of my vast years of TV programming experience) would be to limit the shows ordered to pilot.  Once the networks have determined what will premiere in the fall and what will premiere mid-season (by no later than the second week in Feb) then you create your back up plan…2 comedies, 2 dramas with maybe a game show or reality show just in case.  Now this can change depending on your network. A network like CBS which is more drama focused, maybe you have 3 dramas in the works.  Plus, CBS likes to give their shows full seasons regardless of ratings (see A Gifted Man and $*%# My Dad Says.)  So CBS isn’t likely to pull as much as trigger happy NBC.  So maybe CBS only needs 1 drama and 1 comedy.  It all depends on the schedule.  NBC on the other hand has been so bad for so long, they need more shows just in case.  But when something fails, then bump a pilot up.  Why have reruns of Grimm when Awake could have premiered?
Suggestion number two, is tighten up the schedule to fit more shows.  We’ve all bitched about it.  I know I have.  What is she talking about?   Bitched about what?  About when our shows go on hiatus for weeks at a time!!   First, don’t premiere shows the last week in Sept or first week of Oct.  Premiere your fall schedule right after Labor Day weekend (and not before!)   Then, run your shows solid through the week before Thanksgiving and have a mid-season break through the holidays.  Then come back the first or second week in January and run through March/April.   Then, if you have left over shows, no one will be upset if they premiere in April or May because the major TV season will be complete and people will have time to watch something new!   Unfortunately, the problem with that is May Sweeps.  You miss that time period by moving things up.  But there are two ways to handle that: move sweeps to April (if the NFL can remove kickoffs from the game of football….Bruce I want your thoughts on that genius idea….then Sweeps can be moved to April) or start the fall season later (the end of Sept/beg of Oct) end at the same time (mid Nov) and then come back mid Jan and run through early May.  It just makes for a really short early part of the season, but it gets you to May Sweeps.  I don’t like the latter idea but if Sweeps are that important, you have to make it work.
Lastly, if you don’t need it this season, can you move it to next season?   If a show like Bent or Scandal really wasn’t necessary this year, why can’t you keep in the bank until next fall?   Just have a smaller pilot season if you know those shows are moving to next season.  I’m not sure if this is more expensive due to locking up cast and crew without really using them for an extended period of time.   My thinking behind this is, if you don’t think a show like Bent is good enough to risk putting on the regular fall or mid-season schedule, then why order the show to pilot and why pick it up for 9 or 13 episodes?  I have to imagine it’s more expensive to have shows waiting in the wings for spots on the schedule and then burning them off vs. not having something to fill the pipeline and running repeats of another show.  I don’t know the answer to that.  But really that’s what this all comes down to….money.
I believe the way it works is the networks sell advertising on futures.  Meaning, they do their up front presentation to the major advertisers and show them their fall and mid-season line-ups.  They forecast what ratings will be and the advertisers make their decisions based on the strength of schedules and price.  In some cases, the advertisers make out by paying for ad space based off a 2.3 rating when a show ends up getting a 3.7 rating.  In other cases, they lose when they pay for space based off the 2.3 rating and the show gets 1.1 and eventually gets canceled.  Now your ads are running during reruns of 30 Rock.   Not good.  And it’s already tough enough for advertisers when DVRs, iPads, Netflix, Hulu, and Computers make watching shows so much easier (and without all those pain in the ass commercials!!!)   So I empathize with the position the networks are in.  But something still needs to change.
Network TV is in a difficult position right now.  Between mediocre to bad shows being developed, to having to compete with the cable channels that have more freedom and flexibility with content, to other ways to view programming, to the pressure of driving more revenue, network executives are scrambling to create successful line-ups and find more ways to reach viewers, live.  It’s not easy, I get that.   But, there still has to be a way to fix these over-programmed TV seasons.  There are talks of not relying so heavily on Nielsen’s (which have boxes in a few thousand homes vs. the millions of people who watch TV) and finding a way to better capture what people are really watching.  There are studies that show the ratings we see on our favorite sites aren’t really capturing all the people truly watching a particular show.  So what will networks and advertisers use in the future?  It’s yet to be determined.  But it’s a good sign to see that industry people are starting to realize that as technology advances, the ways in which we view TV shows are ever-changing and that using archaic methods to make major decisions about programming that affect people’s livelihoods, needs to be adapted and altered.  If that happens, the way TV programming is managed currently is sure to change for the better.  At least, one would hope.
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