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Renewed Shows: Dexter!!!!

Get out your tools and your sea hats boys and girls because the “Slice of Life” is not being docked anytime soon!!

Dexter has just been renewed for a 6th season (yeah!!!!) and it looks like that if they can work out the contract negotiations with the key participants, Dexter will be also good to go for a 7th season as well!   The main contracts will be up for renegotiation during seasons 6 and 7.  I take that to mean that they need to work out Michael C. Hall’s contract.  No offense to anyone else on that show, but there is no Dexter without Dexter.   But if they were to lose anyone else, the show would be just fine.

Now, since this season has already been taped, there is no way for them to alter the ending since there has been a pickup (unless they taped multiple endings!)   So if Lumen somehow dies in 2 weeks, oh well.  I still don’t think she will.   But for those of you Lumen/Dexter fans, if she survives the finale, this could give some life to her coming back next season.  I hope so.  I really like her character.

So what are your thoughts Dexter fans?   Are you happy our favorite serial killer will be back to kill off Miami’s worst criminals?   I know I am!!!

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