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Chaos Premieres Friday April 1st on CBS at 8pm

There are a lot of shows premiering this week.  And by the way, Sunday night is going to be a brutal night because 3 shows are premiering at the same time (The Borgias, The Killing, and The Kennedys….all cable shows.)

This was one of those shows that I heard about last summer but completely forgot about until I saw a commercial for it the other day.  Chaos is about a group of rogue CIA agents that go on all these wacky missions.  It looks hilarious and interesting at the same time.  It stars Eric Close, Freddy Rodriguez, Tim Blake Nelson, and James Murray.  It premieres this Friday April 1st on CBS at 8pm.  Other than Supernatural there really isn’t anything else I watch on Fridays so I am going to check this out.

Preview clip is below so check it out and tune in Friday to see if Chaos is going to be added to your viewing lineup!

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REVIEW: Nikita S1 E1-11

I love a good spy show.  Ask anyone who knows me about my favorite all time shows (list will be coming in the summer time) and you will be sure to hear “Alias” in my top 10 (maybe even top 5.)  “Alias” was perfect.   The ultimate protagonist….the intelligent, hot, ass-kicking, sensitive, loyal Sydney Bristow played by the awesome Jennifer Garner; the no-nonsense, hard-assed, don’t want to mess with double agent (who also happens to be Sydney’s father) Jack Bristow played by one of my favorite all time actors, Victor Garber;  the handsome, smart, by-the-book handler/love interest Michael Vaughn played by Michael Vartan; the quirky but funny and lovable tech geek, Marshall Finkman played by Kevin Weisman, the partner who is the veteran and pseudo big brother/protector of Sydney, Marcus Dixon played by Carl Lumbly; the best friends with whom Sydney could not survive without, who are also civilians that have no idea Sydney is a spy, Francie and Will, played by Merrin Dungy and Bradley Cooper, and the evil leader of SD-6 who the CIA is trying to bring down who is crafty and funny (a likable bad guy) Arvin Slone, played by Ron Rifkin.   Look at that cast!!!   Are you kidding me?  Alias was an intelligent, action packed, fast-moving show that sometime got a little too intense and congested with too much happening at once that would confuse the casual viewer.  When it went off the air, it was time, but I still felt like I was losing a member of my family when Sydney and crew were no longer on my TV.

When I heard about another reboot of La Femme Nikita, I rolled my eyes.     My first thought was that this was going to be a show that was going to feature an attractive Nikita and be more about a titillating experience on TV rather than hard-core spy drama.   I’m very happy to say, I was completely wrong!   At first, I thought Nikita was really sloooow.  But thankfully, the last few episodes have started to pick up.  It probably has something to do with the fact that I have learned more about the characters and are a little more invested in them.  There are still some issues with the show (Jaden needs to go and suspension of disbelief only goes so far) but overall it is enjoyable.

For those of you who haven’t checked out Nikita yet and are considering but don’t what’s going on or have been watching and maybe just need a little review, let’s break it down character by character:

Nikita (played by Maggie Q)

As a young girl, Nikita was on death row and ended up being recruited by an US government agency called Division.  Division brought her in and trained her as a spy and an assassin.  Nikita was led to believe that the people she was eliminating were dangerous people or companies who threatened the safety of Americans.  She trusted Division but they ended up betraying her trust.   They killed her fiance and she found out that they had become corrupt and went rogue from the CIA.  She has managed to escape Division and now she is on her own but she certainly isn’t safe.   She is trying to bring Division down for what they did to her and what they are doing to many innocent people.  But Division knows that Nikita knows their secrets and they are determined to bring her down before she brings them down first.  Maggie Q does a wonderful job with Nikita.  She is smart, intelligent, tough, resilient, sexy, and broken.  But even with this hardened exterior, she is heartbroken on many levels and a really good person who wants to do the right thing.   Can one woman bring down an entire rogue CIA branch with lots of power and money behind it?  I don’t think so.  She needs help.  Luckily she has Alex.

Alex (played by Lindsay Fonseca)

Alex is a troubled young girl who was arrested after a robbery gone bad.  Like Nikita, Division recruited Alex right out of prison, staged her “death” and brought her on board for training.  What Division doesn’t know is that Alex is a mole planted inside Division by Nikita to help take them down from the inside.   Alex’s parents were killed by Division and Nikita took Alex under wing after that.  Alex is strong, feisty, and has good instincts but still lacks Nikita’s worldliness and knowledge.  Her emotions can get the better of her sometimes but Nikita is there to give her guidance and direction and calm her when needed.   But as she grows and becomes more confident and has more experience, she will no doubt be someone you don’t want to mess with.  They have a security code they use to communicate through a sort of instant messaging program and they are able to let each other know what is going on.  Nikita is able to let Alex know what the behind the scenes meanings are for the tasks Division is asking her to do…because Nikita has gone through them herself.  And Alex is able to give Nikita advanced knowledge on any missions Division is planning on executing.  Alex has advanced quickly through Division’s training program so far…maybe a little too fast.   The last episode before hiatus, Alex was promoted to field agent and will be living on her own instead of inside Division.  This may be bad for her and Nikita and time will tell.  But Nikita isn’t the only one who has her best interest in mind.  Michael seems to have her back as well.

Michael (played by Shane West)

Michael is very complex.   I think Michael is a good guy that unfortunately has gotten caught up with the wrong people.  He is fiercely loyal and it’s this loyalty that is aligning him with the corrupt members of Division.  Michael was recruited to Division many years ago after his wife and daughter were killed by a man he trusted.  He was promised to get his revenge for their death.  He came on board and now he is in charge of recruitment and training and was Nikita’s handler.  They had a very close friendship but now that friendship is strained due to them being on opposites sides.  But are they?   As I mentioned, Michael is very loyal and the people in Division became like a family to him for a long time.  Lately though, he has seen certain sides to the people and directives within Division that make him question what is right and what is good.  In the field, he and Nikita have come face to face many times with guns aimed at each other.  At first, they seem to be enemies.  But you soon learn that they are still “friends” and have a mutual respect for why they are doing what they are doing.  They can’t always trust one another but they watch out for each other as much as they can without Michael setting off any red flags.  Michael has also taken a special interest in Alex because he sees a younger version of Nikita in her.  He has no idea she is Nikita’s mole.   There are some people who sense a romantic element between Alex and Michael but I don’t.  I see this as a big brother/little sister type relationship forming.  And I think he wants to protect her from the corruption as best he can but wants her to be the best agent for them at the same time.   Because even thought Michael has his doubts, he still believes, maybe naively, that Division does some good things and is necessary for the safety of Americans.  At least that’s the bill of goods Percy keeps selling him.

Percy (played by Xander Berkley)

Percy is the head of Division and the man who recruited Michael many years ago.  Percy started Division on request from the CIA but has since become obsessed with power and greed and his turned Division from an upstanding branch of the CIA to a rogue mockery of justice.  Division is hired by many high-ranking officials, businesses, and government agencies and politicians, who pay them to take out anyone who stands in their way.  It is usually framed to their agents that the people they are taking out, are dangerous to our country.   So the agents have no idea that they are killing innocent people.  How has the CIA not shut this down?    Right now that’s not 100% clear.  What we do know is that Percy has these black boxes hidden in various locations around the world that houses secrets and information that he uses to blackmail people into leaving him and his Division alone.  We don’t know what this information is, but it must be powerful because Division is still going strong.  Percy is not a good person and only cares about himself and his ambitions.  And other than power and money, his only other goal…destroy and kill Nikita.

Thom and Jaden (played by Ashton Holmes and Tiffany Hines)

Fellow recruits at Division.   Thom came in a couple of years after Nikita left and a year before Alex.   Jaden was brought in a few months before Alex.  These characters are ok.  Thom and Alex have become friends (Thom even has a crush on Alex that isn’t reciprocated) and Jaden and Alex hate each other.  About halfway through the season, Thom is promoted to full agent while Jaden and Alex are still grunts.  Neither one of these characters do much for me and I wouldn’t be unhappy if they went away.   SPOILER ALERT….Thom is accidentally killed by Alex at the end of episode 11 so at least Thom is gone.  Now if we can only get rid of Jaden (who I dislike even more than Thom) I would be a happy camper……END OF SPOILER. Thom and Alex do have a sweet friendship and it is nice for her to have someone on the inside she can trust.  Jaden is Jaden.   She’s a pain in Alex’s ass and mine.

Birkhoff (played by Aaron Stanford)

Birkhoff is the tech geek guy inside Division.  He’s absolutely brilliant but he’s a jerk and an asshole.  I have no sympathy or care for this character so I don’t really have much more to say on him.

Amanda (played by the wonderful Melinda Clarke)

Amanda is Melinda Clarke at her best.  MC is the queen of being able to play a character so even-tempered and dare I say monotone that you never know if she’s good, bad, loving, or a psychopath.   Amanda is like Hannibal Lector without the cannibalism.  She’s Division’s psychologist and Sayid Jarrah.  She is beautiful, sophisticated, brilliant, and charming. But she is sinister, calculating and manipulative.  She is there to “assist” the recruits but also to give Percy status updates on what is going on and deal with difficult people Percy needs information from.  I would like more of her back story to know why she is there and how she came to Division.

Owen (played by Devon Sawa)

Finally we have Owen.  Owen is also another former Division agent who is out on his own.  Nikita finds Owen through Percy because Owen has one of the black boxes she is looking for.  At first they don’t trust each other (shocking) but they eventually bond when Owen’s girlfriend Emily is killed and he wants to seek revenge on Division.  While at Nikita’s he tells which part of Division he was in. Owen was part of a nasty team at Division called the “Cancellation Team.”   Their main job was to go after agents and anyone who was close to them and kill them.  Nikita finds out that Owen is the one who killed her fiance, Daniel.  Not the best way to start a partnership.  He tells her that Division betrayed him, specifically Percy, and he wants his revenge, especially now that they killed Emily.  Nikita promises to help them, but he leaves before they can pinky swear their allegiance to each other.  They meet back up in episode 10 when he asks for Nikita’s help with a plan he has to locate more black boxes.  They work together and slowly a trust is forming.

Those are pretty much all the main players and what is going on up to date.  I was planning on doing this post for a while but it kept getting pushed to the back burner.  But with Nikita returning this Thursday January 27th on the CW at 9pm, I thought now was as good a time as any to finally get this finished!   I wasn’t sure I was going to stick with Nikita but it has gotten really good and became one of my favorite new shows of the season.  Again, check it out, on demand it if you have to, but this is some quality TV you must watch!

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REVIEW: Chuck “Chuck vs. the Balcony” S4 E11

Almost caught up on all my shows!  I feel like I haven’t watched Chuck in a year, it’s been off the air for so long!  But I was happy to see it back in full force.  The 2 stories I am going to home in on is the engagement between Chuck and Sarah and Sarah’s new mission that was thrown at us at the end of the episode.

The whole episode’s “side mission” was Chuck trying to find the perfect time to propose to Sarah.  It starts with him in the restaurant and had Morgan bringing balloons and roses, champagne was chilling, a quartet of violinists, and a horse and carriage ride were all set to romance Sarah.   Then she tells him the story how her father did this elaborate engagement for her mother and all these things went wrong and they ended up think it was a bad omen for their marriage since it fell apart.  So Chuck decides to call off the dogs and not do the proposal in this manner.  They get a mission in France so the proposal is completely scrapped for the time being.  However, once they get to France, Morgan is helping Chuck to think of a time or place in France to propose to Sarah.  Something mission related always seems to get in the way so Chuck thinks that maybe this is a bad idea.  He keeps going back and forth but Morgan keeps reminding him that he can do this, make it romantic, and Sarah will love it.  It doesn’t work out but not all is lost.  When they get back to castle, Beckman gives them another mission and they are going back to France.  Meanwhile, Sarah knows Chuck is trying to propose and gets in touch with Morgan.  She is taking over the side mission and will help him help Chuck propose to her.  Awesome!  After the mission is complete, Chuck asks Sarah to meet him on the balcony where she really liked the view and have a glass of wine together.  She agrees.  Morgan, now joined by Casey at castle, are watching them on the security feed and Morgan can see how nervous Sarah is.  To calm her nerves, he gets on her earpiece and talks her through it and in a really sweet moment, gives her permission to marry Chuck.  It was a great scene and since you know how much Chuck means to Morgan, it was perfectly acceptable for him to do that.  It was great and it was just what she needed to hear!  So Chuck is finally going to do it except for one probably, he dropped the ring on the ground and doesn’t know it.  Casey notices this and tells Sarah.  She able to distract Chuck to the point that she gets the ring back in his pocket.  The moment has come and Chuck is about to pop the question!!!!   As he gets on one knee and Sarah is beaming, CIA security comes barreling onto the scene to arrest Sarah for treason to the surprise of everyone watching.   WHAT?????   What the hell just happened?  Sarah?  Treason?  No freaking way!!!  Something must be up here because there is no way Sarah is a traitor.

Before the first mission to France, Sarah stays behind after everyone is dismissed to tell the General that she will do anything to help bring down Volkoff and get Chuck’s mom out from under Volkoff’s hold on her.  General says her request is noted.  After Casey, Sarah, and Chuck return from the first mission, the General gives them the 2nd mission to go back as rogue agents and drop this tracking chip to Pierre.  When they all leave, the General has Sarah stay behind.  She tells her that she wants her to be the one to make the drop.  I thought this was odd but went with it.  They go to France, Sarah makes the drop and goes to meet Chuck.  As the proposal is happening everyone looks so happy (Chuck, Sarah, Morgan and Casey) and I just know something is coming.  I thought it was going to be that Chuck realizes since all this proposal stuff isn’t going and Sarah is already weirded-out by the idea of marriage, that he was going to commit to her but not propose to her out of respect for her wishes.  What happened instead I had no idea was coming.  CIA agents descend on them and arrest Sarah for treason.  As happy as everyone looked 5 seconds ago, those same people look equally stunned over what just happened.  Back at castle, Chuck is going crazy over Sarah’s arrest.  He tells Casey he was going to propose because he had no idea Casey was watching them on the security footage!  Casey tells him how he once proposed to Kathleen and the best part of it was not the location or the mood or the atmosphere, it was the look on her face.  “All you need is the girl” he tells Chuck.  So Chuck leaves to see Sarah in her cell.  When he gets there, General Beckman is in the cell with Sarah and immediately leaves.  Again I find this very strange.  Chuck goes in to see Sarah and gets ready to propose, again.  She stops him and says she’s leaving.  She tells him this was all part of the plan to have her go deep under cover as a double agent to Volkoff.  Chuck is devastated because this is what happened to his mother.  He doesn’t want her to do this but she says she is doing this to save his mom and bring her back to her family.  She is doing it for them.  He understands but it is breaking his heart (and mine I might add.)  Sarah gets taken away in shackles to her new mission.

WOW!!!!  I had no idea that was coming but I think it’s going to be awesome!!!!  Do you think Sarah knew even before she went to France that this was happening?  She looked to be surprised and upset by the news when she was telling Chuck but was she upset because she knew Chuck would be upset or because she didn’t know what the CIA had in mind for her?  I’m not sure.  I think this is a great storyline and I can’t wait to see how this plays out the rest of the season.  Chuck came out of the box a little slow this year but this episode reminds me of why I love it so much…intrigue, action, romance, tender moments, humor, and Jeffster!  It had everything that makes Chuck great.  Can’t wait for tomorrow night!


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QUICK RECAP: Chuck “Chuck vs. the Leftovers” S4 E10

Chuck has certainly been better these last few weeks.  Especially last week’s episode (Chuck vs. Phase Three) was the best of the year.  This one brought back Volkoff and Mama Bartowski and had the Bartowski’s celebrating Thanksgiving together.

The short version of what happened this week, Volkoff realizes that Chuck is still alive.   Mama B goes back to warn Chuck but in doing so, Volkoff thinks he has kidnapped her.  Volkoff heads to Burbank to not only get Mama B back but to take care of Chuck.

Chuck “returns” his mother to Volkoff and in doing so Volkoff wants to kill him as a “romantic” gesture towards Mama B.   As he is about to shoot, Mama B stops him and tells him not to because he is her son.   Oh boy.  Don’t know if that was a good or bad move.  Then Volkoff, recognizing Bartowski as Ellie’s last name, asks him if he has a sister.  It is confirmed when Ellie calls Chuck about coming over for Thanksgiving dinner.   Volkoff then decides to invite himself over to meet the family.

Everyone shows up at Ellie’s and Volkoff threatens Chuck and Sarah that if they try to do anything, he will kill everyone they know and love.  After dinner a game of charades breaks out.  As Volkoff’s turn is up, Chuck tells Awesome what is going on and that he needs his help since he is a civilian and no one would be the wiser.   Awesome fakes needing some sugar at Chuck’s place and he goes to get it.  At Chuck’s place, he gets a gun and activates the CIA distress call.  He goes back with the “sugar” and gives it (the gun) to Sarah.  He pretends to answer a call from the hospital and tells Ellie they need to go.   They leave and Volkoff realizes what is going on and points his gun at Chuck and Sarah.  This doesn’t sit well with Mama B and she tells Volkoff that if he hurts Chuck or Ellie or any of their friends, she will take him down.   Volkoff loves her feistiness and tells Chuck “that’s how you make a threat.”    They leave and Chuck thanks his mom and tells her that he does trust her again.  See I still don’t.  I know she keeps proving herself but she still hasn’t proven herself to me.  I don’t trust her yet.

Awesome has a conversation with Chuck in the courtyard of Casa Bartowski and tells him how pissed his was that Chuck is spying again and brought it around Ellie and their home.  I know I have mentioned my huge crush on Awesome but before I will say it again…I LOVE AWESOME!!!  I love that he has a strong enough relationship with Chuck that he can go after him like that but still be respectful about it.   And Chuck also respects that Awesome is just looking out for his sister and he can appreciate that as well.  I think it’s great that Awesome is so protective of Ellie that he will do anything to make sure she is happy and safe.   As he should.   As a result of protecting Ellie, he gives Chuck the laptop that was in his dad’s car and Chuck brings it to Castle to investigate.   Turns out it is another form of the intersect redownloaded into Chuck’s brain and Chuck once again has the intersect.

Ok does anyone else find it strange that there are all these copies of intersect downloads and intersect erasers out there?   Seriously, how many copies of each can these people have.   Not to mention, you would think that everything that has been done to Chuck’s brain in the last 5 years, the man would have to be in a mental hospital.   How is this not effecting his brain?  If I were Sarah, I would have him checked out constantly!

What are your thoughts?   Are you happy Chuck is intersect 3.0 again?   Do you trust Mama B?   And any bets on when Ellie finally has Awesome Jr?

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Canceled Shows: Undercovers

NBC has canceled JJ Abrams’ new spy drama Undercovers.  It will last air on December 1st.

New dramas are not doing well.  This is now the 5th canceled show this season…Lone Star, My Generation, Outlaw, The Whole Truth, and Undercovers.   And there are some other shows where it is just a matter of time…Running Wilde, The Good Guys, Life Unexpected, Chase, Detroit 1-8-7, and The Defenders.

I think it’s getting harder and harder for networks to determine how many people are actually viewing their shows.  Between DVRs, internet, and iTunes, people’s viewing habits have changed.   I know Neilsen can account for some DVR viewership, but it still doesn’t get everyone because you have to watch the show within a certain period of time in order for it to count.   And I’m pretty sure internet and iTunes downloads aren’t tracked.  So what is a network to do.  I can’t even answer that one.

But the advise is still the same…if you watch any of these shows and want them to stay, do all you can to watch them when it, literally, counts!

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RECAP: Chuck “Chuck vs. the Aisle of Terror” S4 E6

FINALLY, Chuck is getting back to Chuck.   I’ll admit, I was very worried about one of my favorite shows early on in the season but the last 2 episodes have been MUCH better.    I was so tired of every week there is a Sarah/Chuck relationship catastrophe.   She doesn’t want to unpack her stuff and he wants to know why.   She doesn’t want to get married and have kids, he does.  He doesn’t think they communicate and wants to work on it, she doesn’t get it.   Ugh.   Enough already.   Just let them be normal and have fun and at some point if you want to interject a REAL problem, ok.   But starting with last eppy (Chuck vs. the Couch Lock) the writers got away from that angle and just did Chuck/Sarah/Casey as spies and added the surrounding characters in for support stories.   Yeah!!!!

This week was a pretty good episode.  The main case was Freddy Krueger possessing a potential dangerous bio-toxin that messes with people’s minds.  After he tests it and states it’s ready for release, a woman says she has a buyer in LA.   Guess who that woman was?   That’s right….Mama Bartowski!   Mama B calls Chuck on his phone and says she wants to meet with him in the park alone.  Chuck at this point is wondering what the hell is going on.   He has been searching tirelessly for his mom and now she just calls him on the phone and asks for a rendezvous in the park.  Ok.

Chuck goes to the park (and Sarah is with him watching his back) and Chuck receives another phone call.   He knew it was too good to be true, his mother showing up.  But she tells him to look at 3:00 and there she is.   She tells him to go towards the playground and includes Sarah in this bit of intel.  When Sarah moves over to the park area, a gun is then raised to her head.    Sarah quickly turns and aims her gun at one Mama Bartowski.    Great introduction of mom and the girlfriend right?  “I don’t know how to say this but please don’t kill one another.”  Isn’t that always the first thing a guy says when introducing his girlfriend to his mom for the first time!   Ha!  Once Chuck explains who each party is, the guns are lowered and the women seem to ease up, a little bit.   Chuck then starts having a weird let’s-tell-mom-every-moment-she-has-ever-missed-in-my-life moment and Mama B quickly puts an end to it.    She doesn’t want to know anything about Chuck or Ellie.  Harsh much?  But then she explains that she is deep undercover in the Volkoff Organization and doesn’t want them to find out she has a family and use it torture information out of her or worse, go after them.    Sarah asks her why she doesn’t have a CIA file if she is undercover and Mama B explains that it was expunged to make sure she wasn’t found out.   She then tells C&S that she is there to ask Chuck to pose as a buyer for the toxin so it will get into the hands of the CIA.   Sarah asks why Chuck and Mama B says, because she knows she can trust him.   Really?  You can trust the child you abandoned 20+ years ago?   Does that make sense?   Nope.  She’s up to something.   But she leaves to set up the meeting between Chuck and Freddy Krueger.

Back at CIA Buy More, Chuck admits he has a soft spot for anything related to his mother and asks Sarah if he should help her.   She agrees but you can tell she wants to be cautiously optimistic about Mama B.  General Beckman meets with the team and Chuck explains the plan to her based on some intelligence he received.   She agrees with the plan and they are set to meet Freddy Krueger.   Casey thinks something is up and Chuck explains that he found his mom and she is the one that gave him the intel.   Casey isn’t buying this and I usually trust Casey’s instincts.

The meet takes place at an outdoor cafe where Sarah is undercover as the hostess so she can keep an eye on Chuck and Casey is nearby in the van keeping watch on the scene.  Mr. Carmichael is seated and when Freddy Krueger shows up, he sits down and they discuss business.  As the transaction is moving forward, guess who shows up?    That’s right kids, Mama B is there.  She tells Freddy Krueger not to sell the toxin because Chuck is CIA.   The look on Chuck’s face is one of confusion and betrayal and then pain because Mama B pulls out a gun and shoots Chuck in the chest!   The scene isn’t too upsetting because you see black chalk fly instead of blood so you know Chuck is wearing a vest.   Freddy Krueger and Mama B escape during the shootout and Chuck is left to lay there after his own mother shot him.

At Castle, Chuck tells Sarah that his “heart hurts.”   She understands why considering his mother just betrayed him.   “No she shot me in the heart!”   Ha!!  Love Chuck.  Casey, Morgan and Sarah think Chuck should go home and get some rest and he reluctantly agrees.  As he is leaving Buy More, a mysterious car shows up.  Guess who it is again?   Mama B tells Chuck to get in the car and he wants no part of this because she just shot him.   She threatens to shoot him again if he doesn’t get in.   Mothers can be demanding!  He gets in the car and activates his emergency tracking device on his iPhone.    While driving to whereabouts unknown, Mary explains to Chuck that she was deep undercover in Volkoff for the CIA under case name Project Isis.   Unfortunately she got in too deep and the CIA had to drop the project and erase her former life.   She tells Chuck that she knew he was wearing a Kevlar vest and that is why she shot him.  She knew Volkoff was watching, it would look like Charles Carmichael was dead, and he and Ellie would be safe.    “I knew she was going to say that!” my  husband exclaims.   Sure you did sweetie!!   Mama B also tells Chuck that if she could do over again, she would have never left her family.  I guess I have to believe her here but I’m still not so sure.  They end up at rail car depot and she instructs Chuck to follow her.   She takes him to a container where Freddy Krueger is mixing more toxin so he can take him in.   They hear sirens.   Chuck tells her he had to activate his tracking device in his phone so Sarah and Casey could find him.   “Good boy” she says.   She goes to leave and Chuck asks her to see Ellie before she goes.  She tells him she can’t and she goes to leave again.  “Ellie is pregnant!”  This stops her in her tracks and Chuck asks her one more time to please see Ellie.   When he turns away and sees Sarah and crew approaching, he turns back to see his mother is gone.   The CIA sees Chuck with Freddy Krueger and asks how he got there.  “My mom gave me a ride.”   Ha!

Back at Castle, Casey tells Sarah he doesn’t trust Mama B.   Well if Casey doesn’t trust her, neither do I!  Sarah tells him there is no way to investigate her because all her files were erased.  He says he has a friend who is an expert in finding such files.   Of course he does!!!   We flip over the Ellie and Devon who are baby shopping for clothes and toys.  Honey, Awesome’s mom, has been staying with them and she is going to be helping Ellie out with the baby.  Ellie wants a stuffed bear for the baby but Honey thinks it’s a dumb gift because the baby can’t learn anything from it and goes off to find a baby dictionary.  Honey can be a little much but at least she is there for Ellie.  “That’s more than I can say for my own mother.”   Again, guess who is in ear shot of that comment?   How did she find them by the way?  Did she follow them from home?  Was she picking an item for her friend’s daughter who is pregnant and just so happen to be in the same story as Ellie?    I guess since she is a super spy it isn’t THAT far-fetched.   But when Ellie walks away, she goes and picks up the bear that her daughter wanted.   Chuck gets a text message from his mom, she wants to see Ellie.   When Chuck arrives back at Casa Bartowski, Ellie is in the courtyard reading the book Honey got for the baby.   She tells Chuck how much she appreciates Honey being there for her but it would be nice if her own mother were around for support and be there to talk to.   Chuck then smiles and asks if she is busy later that night.

I am going to skip through the toxin being released part and everyone being ok to Casey finding out the intel on Mama B that he wanted.   Two random cars pull up in a remote area and Casey and Sarah each get out of their respective cars.  Sarah wants to know what this is about and Casey tells her it’s about Chuck’s mom.   He didn’t want Chuck or Morgan to hear this and he only wants Sarah to know about this right now.  His buddy was able to pull the information on Project Isis and discover that the project was discontinued over 20 years ago!   Mama B has been lying to Chuck.   Uh oh!   In the meantime, Ellie and Chuck are at a restaurant waiting for their mom.   Ellie looks like the 12-year-old girl who was abandoned all those years ago in anticipation of her mother’s arrival.  And it’s really sweet.   Chuck thinks she may have gotten lost because she is running a bit late, so he goes to look outside for her.   He sees her approaching the restaurant and she had Ellie’s bear in her hands!   Just then, a van skids behind her and hooded men jump out to grab her.   Chuck rushes to her rescue but they get her inside very quickly.   Chuck grabs one of the hooded men and pulls his hood off only to reveal that the hooded man is actually a hooded woman.   It’s Sarah!!!!  She quickly tells him that Mama B has been lying to him and  that she isn’t the person she claims to be.  Sarah jumps in the van and the van speeds away from Chuck who is left in the street dumbfounded.    He returns to the restaurant to tell Ellie that mom is coming.   And you can see that Ellie is crushed.  I seriously almost started to cry for her!    “Why does she keep doing this?”  Ellie asks.   “Because she is a spy” Chuck replies.   Ellie looks shocked.  I don’t know why at this point.   Her father and brother were all spies, why not her mother!

This could be a major turning point in the season for Chuck and Sarah.   Obviously sides are determined.  Casey and Sarah don’t believe Mama B and Chuck will be torn between believing in his mother and his allegiance to his partners.  At this point I have no idea if Mary is bad or not.  The show is leading you to believe that she is, which means she probably isn’t.  I am hoping she’s a baddie and I’ll tell you why.  You can’t always have everyone be the good guy.    These shows work when there is an element of surprise and when a pseudo major character is the bad guy.   Papa B ended up being a good guy.   I think it would be really interesting story telling to have Mary be the Irina Derevko (aka Sydney Bristow’s mom) of Chuck.  It would be fascinating to see how that impacts Chuck’s relationship personally and professionally with her and how Sarah and Casey would handle her and Chuck.   So I am rooting for a bad Mama B.   How about you?

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RECAP: Chuck “Chuck vs. the Suitcase” S4 E2

Classic Chuck episode and there was a lot going on Monday night!  The underlying theme in “Chuck vs the Suitcase” is that Chuck is a little concerned that Sarah refuses to unpack her suitcase after living together all this time and starts to question if she is really happy living with him.  She tells him not to worry, she just always likes to stay packed because at any moment she can be off on another mission.  Speaking of mission, the case this week: Volkoff has created a smart bullet that is able to track down the target with a built-in GPS and kill it.  “Something a good spy would never need” says Casey….love him!   Their mission is to steal the weapon from Volkoff’s weapons dealer, Sophia Stephanova (played by Karolina Kurkova) whose cover is a real stretch, a runway supermodel.  I love that even though Sarah is this tough girl, kiss ass spy, she also gets jealous and miffed when her boyfriend starts drooling over another woman.  The look she gives Chuck in the situation room, down right chilly!   Chuck and Sarah are off to Milan for fashion week where the intersect can intercept (try saying that 3 times fast) the weapon transaction between Sophia and the buyer.  When they spot her, Chuck goes to grab her purse and inadvertently grabs her cheeks.  In typical Chuck fashion instead of removing his hand  quickly and tries to talk his way out of why he just grabbed her ass and leaves his hand there during the explanation.  When he says “don’t worry I’m with someone” and he turns to point at Sarah but instead points at Balki from Perfect Strangers!  Sophia then says no biggie and walks away.  She leaves her purse with the bartender and when he goes to return it, Sarah and Chuck intercede and take her purse.  Instead of the smart bullets, they find a bomb.  As Sarah quickly tries to disarm it, Chuck professes how much Sarah having never unpacked suitcase in their closet is ok with him after all and that he still loves her.  Sarah dismantled the bomb and gives him another look and cries “you STILL love me?”  Oopsie!

Sarah and Chuck decide to break into Sophia’s suite thinking she must have the weapon in her room somewhere.    The first place they look, the closet where Sophia is fully unpacked!  Chuck makes the comment about how she, as a spy, has no problem settling herself in and this starts to get under Sarah’s skin.  They notice a safe where they begin to break into it when Sophia comes back to her room with the Incredible Hulk as her bodyguard.  If you are going to have a bodyguard, it might as well be the Hulk right?  They hide in her clothes and Sophia proceeds to strip down and jump into the shower, which is fully visible from the closet.  When Chuck asks if she can see anything she replies “ARE YOU SERIOUS?”  Chuck says, “who do you think I am, if you can’t see anything, she probably can’t either.”  This is one of the reasons I love Chuck so much, you take the most unrealistic situation and incorporate elements that the every man can relate to, such as a jealous girlfriend and a couple having some trust issues.  When they go to leave after finally getting the weapon, Chuck is caught by Sophia as he is trying to leave.   She, dressed in her birthday suit, asks Chuck to give her the weapon and look at her so he can see the gun and how serious she is.   Chuck, trying to be a gentleman, is avoiding looking at her and asks her to get dressed, when Sarah comes back in and she grabs Chuck.  “Is she naked” Sarah asks.  “Who” Chuck responds…ha!  She rescues Chuck and they escape via zip lines with the weapon in hand.

Back at Spy More, they realize the weapon isn’t working because the microchips aren’t in there.   When Chuck and Sarah get back home, Sarah starts to unpack but Chuck tells her not to.  He only wants her to do that if she wants to, not because she feels he wants her to.  That’s when it hits them, with all of Sophia’s clothes unpacked, she packed the sequence dress only in her suitcase and they noticed she has worn it more than once.  Why would a supermodel wear the same outfit more than once when she has a closet full of clothes?  Because the microchips are sewn into the dress…of course!  Back to Milan they go to get the dress.   Chuck is able to subdue 2 large security guards with tranquilizer gloves and enter the changing area of the models.   They find the dress and Sarah takes off her coat to reveal that she is wearing close to nothing.  She puts on the dress and they go to leave.    But they can’t…they haven’t had their girl cat fight scene yet!   And here it comes.  Sarah kicks her ass and they have the dress with the weapons.   The world is safe again!   When back home, again, Sarah does unpack, for good this time.  She explains to Chuck that she has never really had a home before so this is something new for her that she needs to get used to.   But no matter what, where ever Chuck is, he is her home.  And here come the tears!

The side stories were good this week.  Morgan is telling Beckman you can’t have a Spy More filled with hot, ripped guys like the Old Spice man (although I’m not complaining) if you expect it to be a cover.  So Morgan gets all the old crackpots from the Buy More, including Jeff and Lester, to make the cover more believable.   As long as Old Spice man stays, I can live with seeing Jeffster again.  I have to say though, with the season premiere and the first part of E2, I didn’t miss Jeffster or Big Mike at all.  I’d rather see more Ellie and Awesome than them.   Which leads me to the Awesomes.  Devon is fawning all over Ellie to make sure she is ok with the pregnancy and she asks why he is being so crazy.  “Is this because of my mom” she asks.  Devon agrees and Ellie reminds him that she didn’t need her  mom at all the other important events in her life and she doesn’t need her now.  Devon and Chuck are her family!   But when Ellie gets up in the middle of the night to look at family photos, especially of her and her mom, we realize she was more trying to convince herself more than Captain Awesome.  I also think Devon realizes Chuck is back in the spy life.  He may say he believes Chuck but I don’t think he does.  Should be an interesting SL throughout the season.

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