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QUICK REVIEW: The Chicago Code “The Gold Coin Kid” S1 E6

Kind of a blah episode for me.  Maybe because Alderman Gibbons wasn’t in it and I love the chess match he and Teresa Colvin play.  But it was a pretty basic episode.  Basically an OD case turns into a murder case and Jarek and Caleb have to find out what is going on.  They are able to track down the dealers/killers and go under cover in order to do so.  Meanwhile Teresa is still dealing with the politics of her position and getting into it with the Mayor’s Chief of Staff over police radios that aren’t working.  In the end she gets what she wants and even more than she thought.  While working the case, Jarek comes across some intel that will open up their investigation into corruption.    As a result, Colvin needs to suspend Jarek and Caleb for 2 weeks to save face with the Mayor’s CoS.  After he leaves, while Colvin and Jarek laugh it up, Caleb has a look of disdain and annoyance on his face.

This was the most interesting part of the episode and I think brings up two very important questions:

  1. Is keeping things from your partner (no matter how young or new he is) a good thing?
  2. Is Teresa being too conspicuous with her relationship with Jarek?

Caleb learned this week that Teresa and Jarek are working together to bring down someone.  And these two are laughing about their inside “joke” while Caleb is left standing there wondering what the hell is going on.  It was very 6th grade-ish on the part of Teresa and Jarek.   Now Caleb knows that Jarek is working on something that he has no idea about.  What does that do for their partnership?  While I understand Caleb has to earn his stripes and Jarek may not tell him everything until he trusts him further, then don’t get him involved in what you’re doing unless you are going to tell him.  You can’t have it both ways.  You can’t have your partner help you with an investigation you don’t plan on telling him about.  And if you do plan on using him, then tell him why.  Be honest with him.  Even tell him part of what is going on but until further notice, he can’t tell him everything just yet but he trusts him enough to clue him into to ABC parts of the investigation.  Caleb seems like the type of guy that would be fine with that.  He’d actually respect you more if you did that then the way you handled it already.   I just think it will be interesting how this plays out and how this will affect their working relationship.

I know Teresa and Jarek used to be partners but don’t you think they are awfully chummy in public?  I’m not saying they can’t be friendly but they are always talking closely and always make these comments about how they know each other so well and she’s much more casual with him than with other cops?  I think for a woman in that position, you don’t want to make any more enemies than you already have just by being there.  You don’t think other cops are going to notice the treatment you give your old partner?  I think they need to tone it down and Teresa may want to distance herself from Jarek a bit more in public.

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QUICK REVIEW: The Chicago Code “Gillis, Chase, and Baby Face” S1 E3

I’m still catching up so this will be quick.

How difficult is life for Teresa Colvin right now?  She has to deal with an extremely powerful and corrupt alderman in Ronin Gibbons.  She has to deal with the fact that many of the cops under her command and have little to no respect for her and hate her.  And she has to deal with the mother of Antonio suing her because of his death.  How that woman isn’t drunk all the time is beyond me.

I am loving the chess match being played between Colvin and Gibbons right now.  Gibbons is starting to realize that he doesn’t have as much “control” over Colvin as he thought he would so he is setting some things in motion.  He sets up her Chief of Staff so he can be fired and Gibbons can place one of his people in her office to stay one step ahead of her.  Colvin is on to him though and she decides that this could benefit her because she can feed the information to her new CoS that she wants Gibbons to hear.  Each player is thinking a few moves ahead and each one thinks they have the leg up on the other.  It’s really fantastic to watch.

Delroy Lindo is terrific as Alderman Gibbons.  He is the perfect mix of perceived class, sophistication, and intelligence mixed with greed, violence, and sleaze.  He is truly a bad ass and a bad guy.  He made the top Irish Mob Boss putty in his hand when he set him up as a child pornographer after Gibbons didn’t take a liking to a tone that Killian was taking with him.  It showed that the alderman is not some one you want to mess with.  He can get to anyone at anytime and come out looking like the hero.  Prime example, he sets up Colvin’s CoS on a bribery charge and then he goes on TV to talk about how he is going to clean up the corruption inside the CPD.  No wonder Colvin started hurling objects across her office!

I am also really enjoying the developing partnership between Caleb and Jarek.  Jarek’s a great cop and I really respect his loyalty to Colvin, his ex-partner, even though he is risking his own reputation within the CPD.  As I mentioned before, lots of veteran cops are not on Colvin’s side and since Jarek is, other cops are giving him a hard time…to the point that they put he and Caleb and a 6 year-old girl in terrible danger but not responding to his call for backup.  But as Jarek has Colvin’s back, so far Caleb has Jarek’s.  And that’s tough as a young detective trying to make a name for yourself to be aligned with one of the best but one of the most mistrusted currently in the CPD.  I give Caleb a lot of credit for that because that takes guts.  And Jarek is slowly becoming one of my favorite characters on TV.

The ratings climbed a little this week for the Chicago Code which is encouraging but we need more people watching because this is the best cop show on TV right now.

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REVIEW: The Chicago Code “Pilot” S1 E1

Oh look another cop show!  How fun.  Actually, it was.  The Chicago Code (CC) is a fast paced show that introduced us to the main players and set up the main story arc for the year…corruption in the name of Alderman Ronin Gibbons.  This is Shawn Ryan’s first network show since doing The Shield.  I never watched The Shield but have heard amazing reviews about the show and Ryan’s use of story and characters.  So I had high hopes.  And it didn’t disappoint.  Right away, I liked how they set up the main players and what this show (at least at this point) will be about.   Good cops taking down bad, corrupt politicians and the people who support them.  The lines that have been drawn are clear.  You know who is good and who is bad and I like that the show is not sugar coating anything or leaving anything up to interpretation.  It’s clear the show knows what direction it wants to go in and I think for new shows, that’s really important.  If the people behind the show don’t know what’s going on, how am I supposed to?  A show doesn’t always need mystery to work.  A clear vision with a solid cast is usually a blueprint for success.  It seems, at least initially, that CC is using that blueprint quite effectively.

The Chicago Code stars Jennifer Beals as Superintendent Teresa Colvin from the CPD, who is the first woman to hold the position.  My husband hates when shows use voice overs because he thinks they can be distracting.  I don’t mind them if they are used the right way and I think they were used very effectively here.  There was a lot going on in the pilot and the show runners wanted to give you the background on the main players as simply and quickly as they could to be able to set up the main storyline.  I also liked that it emphasized who we should be paying attention to as the main players.  We got to hear how Teresa became a cop and worked her way up the ranks faster than anyone else.  So not only is she the first woman to hold the post, but the youngest.  She’s smart, she’s tough, and she’s experienced.  But being in her position, as who she is, she has a tough road and not everyone is supportive of her.  This is amplified when she has to demote a veteran detective and he threatens her.  It was a short scene but it set up that not everyone is ready to jump in line with Teresa Colvin.  Her ex partner is Detective Jarek Wysocki (played by Jason Clarke.)  When I was first getting to know him, I thought to myself “oh great.  Here’s another detective who always takes chances but is always right and blah blah blah.”  Jarek isn’t like that at all.  He’s a great detective and he is very by the book.  I think he’s a good guy who really loves the city of Chicago and wants it to be a safe as it can be.  He’s tired of the lying.  He’s tired of corruption.  He’s tired of not being able to trust his own people.  It’s probably why he gone through a bunch of partners since Teresa got promoted.  But then he gets assigned a newbie who may work out.  The newbie is Detective Caleb Evers (played by Matt Lauria.)  I instantly like him.  He’s not as experienced as Jarek but he’s smart and seems to have good instincts.  Eventually, Jarek notices this too and tells him they can be partners, even though Jarek’s a Sox fan and Caleb’s a Cubs fan!  The other set of partners we are introduced to are Officers Isaac Joiner (played by Todd Williams) and Vonda Wysocki (played by Devin Kelley.)  If you ask me if Vonda and Jarek are related I may have to throw beer at you.  With a name like Wysocki???  Of course they are!!!  She is his niece.  His brother, who was also a cop, died and Jarek raised Vonda himself.  Needless to say, he is very protective of her and is always giving Isaac the old stink eye.  She denies a relationship with Isaac but that admission comes into question later when they are at the hospital (more on that later) and she is crying in her car.  Isaac thinks she’s crying for her own safety since she was in a tricky situation earlier in the day that could have been very dangerous and Isaac was able to intervene.  She tells him she could care less about her life but she is incredibly afraid for his.  Finally, we meet the Big Bad, Alderman Ronin Gibbons (played by Delroy Lindo.)  Ronin is a corrupt politician with huge power in the city.  People in the past have tried, but failed, at taking Ronin down.  But Teresa and Jarek think they would like a crack at him now and think they have the people in place to do it.  Especially since Ronin was the one who put Teresa in the position of Superintendent, he thinks he has an ally in her…a lackey.  But he is terribly mistaken.

This is one of the best pilots I have seen this year.  I have seen too many shows with a great premise but fail to deliver on interest and succinctness.  The Chicago Code was pithy and impactful.  It even had an element of surprise!  STOP READING IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED!!!   SPOILER ALERT!!! Near the end of the episode when Teresa is getting out of her car with her aide (I think his name was Anthony), shots rang out and she and Anthony are both shot.  She was hit by the first bullet and Anthony stepped in front of her to take the hit from the other bullets.   Just as I mentioned there are cops who have issues with Teresa, we learn that the cops who are behind her (Jarek and Anthony for starters) are clearly in her corner and would do anything for her…including taking a bullet.  Teresa ends up being ok but her aide is killed.  The weird thing is, when he was meeting with that gang on Teresa’s behalf, I said to my husband “I think this guy is going to die.”  Don’t ask me why, I just had a feeling.  Jarek meets her at the hospital and asks why she was wearing her vest?  She wasn’t wearing her vest, she tells him.  It was Anthony’s and he wouldn’t let me get out of the car without it. SPOILER END!!! I know a show is really good at character development when I have only know these people for about 30 minutes and I am already touched by them.  Or it could mean I am a complete and utter sap, I don’t know.  It’s probably the latter but I am going with the former and giving Ryan and the writers props!  That simple scene with the veteran cop also set up a side mystery…who wants Teresa out?  Is it them?  Is it Gibbons and his people?  Or someone else entirely?   Guess we’ll have to tune in to find out!  I know one thing is for certain, they have found a loyal viewer in me (and my husband!)


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