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RECAP & REVIEW: Supernatural “Shut Up, Dr. Phil” S7 E5

I didn’t even recognize James Marsters at first.  He looked like he aged 30 years since Buffy!  I know he was older than what he was playing on Buffy, but wow.  Maybe it was the dyed bleach blonde hair vs. his natural look that threw me.  But it took me a few times seeing him on-screen to realize that was Spike.   Maybe running on 10 hours of sleep for my entire week also had something to do with not seeing clearly!   Regardless, the much-anticipated Buffy reunion was last night’s Supernatural and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  I’ll talk briefly about the episode itself but I’m much more interested in the two things we learned last night (one I seem to be late to the party in realizing.)    But let’s bang out the recap first, shall we?


We are witness to what seem to be random yet very disturbing deaths…a young woman at a hair salon gets fried under the blower (makes me never want to get under one of those again) and a man in a port-a-pot gets killed with his own nail, right between the eyes…yikes!  At first, the only thing they have in common are an old coin that has shown up in every location.  Eventually we learn that they also have in common a real estate development deal that went bad.   One of the main parties involved in that deal, is Don Stark (special guest star James Marsters.)

The boys go to see Stark and we learn he and his wife Maggie (special guest star Charisma Carpenter) are having some problems and are currently separated.  Maggie believes Don is having an affair with his assistant.  Don admits to having a one night stand, but not with his assistant.  While Dean is talking with Don, Sam goes to use the “bathroom” and takes that time to investigate the house a bit more.  In a half empty closet, we discovers some materials that suggest witchcraft.  Now it’s all starting to make sense.  They leave the Stark residence and head to where Maggie is currently living.

Dean and Sam break in and find a “target” board of people Maggie is going after.  The boys notice that the next target is the assistant and quickly leave to get to her place.  But Maggie has already started the spell and while the assistant is baking cupcakes, she takes a bite and the next thing you know, little live hearts are in the cupcakes (gross) and she starts puking up copious amounts of blood and God knows what else.  As this is happening, the boys break in to save her.  Sam finds the hex coin in her kitchen and shoots the coin, breaking the curse.

Later that evening, Maggie is prepping with her friend Sue, for an art gala/auction.  Sue has always had Maggie’s back and has been a loyal friend to her.  I also think Sue wants a little more from Maggie than just friendship.  As Maggie is preparing her speech and yelling at the staff, she starts to notice the art work melting in front of her.  As this is happening and Maggie is freaking out, we flash to Don siting outside the event and we learn that he is also a witch.  The paintings are ruined and as Sue tries to comfort Maggie, a silver tray rises up and slashes threw her throat decapitating her.   Gruesome!  It’s now all our war between the Starks.

Back at the Stark’s mansion, they are fighting and Dean and Sam show up to kill them.  They aren’t having much luck because these are pretty powerful witches.   The spell they are trying to put on the witches isn’t working so they decide to do the next best thing….couples counseling!!!   And it worked.  Turns out that not only are these witches very old (the Medici and Columbus references should have made that obvious) but are very much in love with one another.   That’s why when it comes down to it, they can’t kill each other.  Basically, Sam and Dean counsel them to the point that Maggie no longer wants to kill Don and they make up.    Yeah!

Dean and Sam arrive back at their hotel and come to find an unwelcome guest in the most recent leviathan who has been tracking them down since the last episode.  It doesn’t look good for the boys when guess who shows up and saves them?   Spike!!!!!  He was coming to thank them for saving his life when he saw the leviathan and put him down without much effort.  He even asks the boys what the hell is that because he’s never seen anything like it.   They wrap him up in chains and are on their way to take him to Bobby’s.


Like I said in the beginning, there were two learnings for me in this episode.  The first one being that Don Starks is a powerful enough witch to neutralize a leviathan.  Bobby, Sam, and Dean hadn’t had much luck with all the information and tricks they have learned over the years on stopping creatures in the past.   Nothing would work on these guys.  But Starks’ comes in and bam, leviathan down.  Was it because he is THAT powerful?   Is it something else we haven’t learned yet?  But it makes me think we haven’t seen the last of the Starks (which makes me very happy) and that they may come back into play to help Sam and Dean take these bastards down.   If we don’t see them again, maybe they can take what they have learned about the Starks and their power and come up with a solution.  Everything they have been researching so far, they have come up either empty or it hasn’t worked.   At least this is something that actually worked to some degree.  Even if they are only incapacitated for a little while.  It’s still more than Bobby and the boys have been able to do.   Plus it’s so early on in the season, we can’t find out how to get rid of these guys yet!

The second learning I had is that Dean is having a problem with alcohol and the weight of the world on his shoulders is getting heavier and heavier each week.   I read in another post on another site last week about Dean’s drinking problem.  I’ll be honest, I never noticed it before.  I’ve noticed plenty of other issues with Dean’s personality that we have discussed here, but the drinking wasn’t one of them.  I always noticed that he likes his booze, but not to an abusive level.   But I have to say, I noticed it big time this week.  Maybe because I was looking for it more closely, but it seems even the show was purposely trying to point it out with camera angles and of course Sam’s reaction to Dean’s imbibing.

Over the course of seven seasons, we’ve seen all different sides of Dean…the funny side, the kick ass side, the family side, the loner side, the asian porn loving side, the serious about his work side.    But there is one thing that has always been consistent about Dean (beside his hotness) and that is that Dean goes through his life with a very heavy heart and allows each and every decision he makes (whether good, bad, or indifferent) to define him.   After a while, that type of self burden will destroy you.   Whether it’s mentally, emotionally, physically, or a combination of all three, no one person can carry all that around forever.  And I think we are starting to see it catch up with Dean.

Think about this.  When was the last time Bobby and Sam were really worried about Dean for an extended period of time?   Probably not since Season Four when he came back from hell.  It’s always been Dean worrying and Sam and Bobby.   Now I know that Bobby will always worry and care about the boys, but he also realizes that they are grown men who can take care of themselves and live their life and they choose to live it…consequences and all.   That’s how Bobby lives his life and hopes people respect that about him.  So he respects Sam and Dean and their choices.  But ever since the start of Season Five, Dean has been in worry wort, protective mode when it comes to Sam and Bobby but more so Sam.   And yes, Dean has ALWAYS been protective of Sam because he is his older brother and Sam is his whole world.  But it’s different now and it has been for a while.

I would even say that starting with the middle of Season Four, after everyone realizes that Dean is ok from his return from hell, he and Sam start to spilt a bit…Dean is more connected with Castiel, Anna, and the angels while Sam is connected more to Ruby and the demons.  We eventually find out that Ruby used Sam the whole time to get to Lilith so she could open the final gate and let Lucifer out.  She got him hooked on demon blood and Sam became someone no one liked.   Ever since that point, Dean hasn’t really had a moment to stop worrying about Sam.  In Season Five, Sam wanted to make amends for siding with Ruby while Dean wants to take that burden off of him and find the solution himself for getting Lucifer back in his cage.   As a result of Lucifer being out, Lucifer wants to use Sam as a vessel to destroy the world.  That burden isn’t hanging over Sam as much as it is Dean because Dean, always needing to be the fixer, needs to find a way to prevent this from happening.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a burden hanging over Sam as well, but since they both handle these types of situations so differently and Dean is always so much harder on himself than Sam, it’s a completely different type of burden for Dean than for Sam.  Skipping ahead, not only can Dean not stop Lucifer’s plan (Lucifer takes over Sam AND Archangel Michael takes over half-brother Adam’s body) both Sam and Adam jump into the portal of hell and get trapped in Lucifer’s cage.  Talk about a devastating blow!   And we are still seeing the repercussions of what happened at the end of Season 5 today.

All of Season 6 was about Dean wanting to figure out what was going on with Sam and beating himself up because of what Sam is going through.  In Season 7, Sam’s wall is down and he is still fighting those inner demons (mainly one BIG demon in Lucifer.)    All Dean wants to do is figure out how to not have this brother feeling this way any more.   Add to that, he killed someone he felt was dangerous even after Sam asked him not to.  Compounding all that guilt, Amy’s son witness Dean murdering his mother.  I think that’s another big part of this weighing on Dean’s head.   Yes, he’s upset about what he did to Amy and going behind Sam’s back, but look at what he did to that little boy’s life.  Remember, if it wasn’t for the Azazel killing Mary Winchester, Dean wouldn’t be in this life because his father wouldn’t be in this life.  Same with Sam.  If Jessica isn’t killed the same way Mary was, Sam would be a lawyer in Ohio right now.  But this boy witnessed the killing of his mother and Dean knows, it will be that kid’s life mission to track him down and find him and kill him.  He will probably ruin his life in many ways because of what he will be tunnel visioned to do because of Dean.

So Dean has ALL this hanging over him.  And the one escapism he has right now, is booze.  Dean is not a sit down and talk about his feelings type of guy.   He just isn’t.   He’s a brooder.  Sam will talk until the cows come home and he is trying like hell to get Dean to open up because he sees him going down a dark path.   But not only will Dean not open, he can’t.  How can he talk about Amy and her son to Sam without risking destroying his relationship with him?  No wonder he’s drinking a 750ml of scotch a day!   It’s really sad to watch quite frankly.  But it’s so fascinating at the same time.  I am so curious to see where they take Dean and just how dark this storyline is going to get.

I think this is one of the dynamics that makes this show so great.  Yes it’s fun to watch them chase monsters and we love all the tongue in check moments and of course there is the strong mythology surrounding the show.  But this show is much deeper than that on so many levels.  With the main level being Sam and Dean and their relationship with one another.  And major credit goes to the strength of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki and their acting chops and chemistry.  This show doesn’t work without them.

So what are your thoughts on Dean and his developing dark passenger (Dexter reference yeah!)  Are you as worried about him as I am or am I reading too much into this as usual?   Let me know!


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RECAP & REVIEW: Supernatural “Defending Your Life” S7 E4

Supernatural is on fire this season.  After a mediocre S6, S7 is off to a strong start.   We have a clear-cut big bad (the Leviathans…although we don’t know who their boss is yet.)  We have our “monster of the week” episodes (which are starting to kick into gear now.)   And we have good, solid drama with the boys in Sam’s mental state and how they are handling it.  But there is still plenty of mystery and uncertainty surrounding the episodes, but it’s the good kind…who do the Leviathans report to and what is their end game?  What is going to happen with Sam?  How will he survive what is going on with his fragile mental state?  How will Dean and Sam’s relationship change when Sam learns (and you know he will) what Dean did to Amy?  How will Amy’s son factor back in?  Will it be this season or will it be down the road (my guess is a few seasons from now.)  When is Sam going to get a haircut?

In “Defending Your Life”, we see people getting chased down from their past and being murdered.   The first case is a man being chased and killed by a car (which was because he killed a young girl with his car 10 years prior.)  The second was a man being chased and killed by a dog because he ran an illegal dogfighting ring.  Can I just say, I love how there were two Michael Vick references in this story.  Do you think that had anything to do with the fact that Dean is a Cowboys fan in real life and would take any chance to take a shot at the Philadelphia Eagles QB?  Could be.  I’m an Eagles fan but I hate Michael Vick so I loved it.  So no one was really crying for these guys biting the big one.   The other case was a man who killed a couple when he was robbing a house 30 years ago.  But he had been in prison and seemed genuinely sorrowful for his actions.   Sam and Dean try to save him by putting him in a circle of salt but it wasn’t enough to save him.  And you knew that was going to happen.  He breaks the seal, takes off running, and the couple track him down and he’s a goner.

Turns out, the cause of all these murders is the Egyptian God, Osiris.  Osiris feeds off the guilt people are feeling about sins they have committed in the past, or perceived wrong doings that they can’t get past and are convinced are their fault.  Dean ends up at a bar drowning the sorrows of his guilt over Amy’s death with a bartender he plans to meet up with later.  We notice a man in a baseball hat siting off to the side and you can’t help but wonder if he’s behind all this.  He is.  It’s Osiris.  When Dean goes to meet bartender girl, he gets swiped by Osiris.  Sam just so happened to be looking for Dean and when he sees his cellphone on the ground with the dust of an abandoned mill, he knows where he has to go.

Sam tracks Dean and Osiris down and Dean is on trial for his life.  Sam tries to rationalize with Osiris but when that doesn’t work, he announces he will be Dean’s lawyer for the trial.  Osiris loves this idea and agrees.  Osiris tries bringing in witnesses and evidence that back the idea of Dean’s guilt but Sam is going to make this difficult.  He keep throwing out objection after objection with one objection sounding very official.  Both Dean and Osiris were impressed.  When Sam told Dean “I saw it on an episode of The Good Wife” I was cracking up.  It also reminded me that I am WAY behind on my The Good Wife posts, but I digress.  As much as Osiris was enjoying this little tete a tete with Sam, it wasn’t going to derail him of his objective…destroy Dean.   The first witness is none other than….Jo Harvell.  If you read any of my past Supernatural posts, you know I wasn’t a huge fan of Jo.  She kind of annoyed me (ducking to avoid sharp objects being hurled at me.)  I always loved Ellen, but Jo…I never got on board with her.   So I wasn’t so excited to see her return.  However, it made perfect sense.  If this whole exercise was regarding Dean’s inner guilt and turmoil, you have to include what happened with Jo and Ellen because Dean has never forgiven himself for that.  Dean is someone who holds on to everything.  He doesn’t let it go.  He let’s it fester inside him until he explodes or he just keeps letting it eat at him.   Jo tells Osiris that what happened wasn’t Dean’s fault nor was he the one that led her to a life of hunting.  Regardless of what Jo is telling Osiris, he knows that Dean carried that guilt with him still.  To prove it, he calls his second witness…Sam Winchester.

Sam gets on the stand and Osiris starts questioning him about how he got into the hunting life and what he was doing right before he became a hunter full-time.  The interesting part about each interrogation, is that as the person was speaking, we got flashbacks to those times.  While the flashbacks were great, it also gave a look inside Dean’s mind.  These weren’t just flashbacks we were seeing.  These were Dean’s memories of what was happening during the time Osiris is questioning the witnesses about.  These are his vivid memories that continue to haunt him.  Sam does everything he can to deny that’s it’s true, there are somethings he simply can’t deny.  After a while Osiris asks Dean what he wants to do and if he wants to keep fighting this….or should he bring on his last witness.  Now, Dean knows who the last witness is, Osiris knows, and we, the audience, knows.   But Sam has no idea.   To protect Sammy once again, Dean decides to take the punishment to absolve Sam of having to see the final witness.   Dean has a date with death….again.

Back in the hotel, Dean is waiting for his punishment at the hands of Jo.  Meanwhile, Sam is out trying to find a ram’s horn (I think it was a ram) to use to kill Osiris, because that is the only thing that will do it.  I completely forget why, but he finds one at a synagogue.  Back at the hotel, Jo is there and she tells Dean that she doesn’t want to do this but Osiris is making her so she has no choice.  She also tells him that he is holding onto to way too much (which he is) and that most of what he blames himself for, isn’t his fault (which is true.)  But you can tell Dean that until you are blue in the face.  If he thinks something is his fault, there is no changing that boy’s mind.  And he will punish himself for it.  Sam goes to the bar where Osiris has been plucking his victims and as he goes to grab another victim, Sam is there to stab with the horn and Osiris is zapped back to Ancient Egypt.  As Sam kills Osiris, Jo vanishes and Dean is once again saved.

The boys have their ubiquitous beer to recap the job and Sam asks Dean who the final witness was going to be.  Dean plays it well and tells him he has no idea.  They have a brief conversation about guilt and Dean asks Sam if he ever feels guilty over the things he has done.   Sam admits he does but he also admits that he finds ways to move on from it.  He can’t hang onto it because it doesn’t do him any good.  And for every bad thing he’s done, he tries to do something to make up for it.   Dean nods his head and the boys take off to find their next mission.

That’s really the big difference between Sam and Dean.  Sam can let things go easier than Dean can.  Sam certainly feels guilt and sadness but he doesn’t let him eat him up the way Dean does.  He finds outlets and positive ways to repent for his sins so that he can start to move on.  Dean, while also doing good to make up for his faults, can’t let it go.  No matter how much good he does, he still continues to beat himself up everyday for his mistakes…for wrongs he feels he caused.  It’s what will eventually doom his character.  Not from an appeal standpoint but from a mortal standpoint.  One of these days, Dean will push so hard, it will kill him.  It’s already happened but he’s been able to come back.  But one time, he’ll go to a point of no return.

I have to say that as much as I am intrigued by the Leviathan storyline, I was happy to have a break from it this week and have a straight “monster of the week” story.   But the new ongoing storyline I can’t wait to see play out is how Sam will react when he finds out Dean killed Amy.  I’m glad it didn’t happen this week.  I would have been pissed if it did because I think it’s too soon.  I would rather see it play out in a more shocking way and watch the fallout from that.

So what are you all thinking about the first four episodes of Season 7?  I am LOVING it!!!!  I feel like my Supernatural is back and I couldn’t be happier.  I want to hear your comments to let me know your thoughts!

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QUICK REVIEW: Supernatural

I can’t believe I am about to say this, but I am so disappointed in the last two episodes of Supernatural.  So disappointed that I’m combining them into one quick review!!  But really, so disappointed that I am not even looking forward to the season finale this year like I have been in seasons past.  There are shows out there right now where I am jumping through my skin to get to the season finale…Castle, Bones, The Mentalist, The Good Wife, How I Met Your Mother, Survivor.  But this season, I could care less.  You know why?  I haven’t been given a reason to care.  I know I’m repeating myself but it really bugs me.    All other seasons, the episodes have built to a final showdown or confrontation between the Winchesters and whomever or whatever they were battling during that particular season.  This year has been so up and down with knowing what the real end game is and who the big bad is that I have lost interest.   First we thought it was Soulless Sam and what was going on with him.  Is he evil?  Is he not evil?  Does he play a part in all this?   Then there was Samuel and Crowley.  Crowley was looking for purgatory and he brought Samuel back to help him so we thought those were the bad guys.   Then there was Death’s role in this and the conversation he has with Dean about the souls and how the Winchesters mess with the natural order of things (that’s the one consistent theme of the season.)  Then the Mother of All, Eve, showed up so maybe she was the big baddie.  We got know her for about 5 minutes and then, dead.  Now Crowley is alive again so it’s back to him and his partner, Castiel.

While ALL this is going on, there was the war in Heaven.   I was frustrated with this before and now, after last week’s episode, I am even more frustrated about how this was handled all season.   If you read my Supernatural posts with any consistency, you will know that I have been asking about what is going on in Heaven and is it a big deal?   It must be a big deal because it’s been mentioned enough times but it can’t be that big of a deal because other than MENTIONING it, we haven’t LEARNED anything about it….until last week.   Turns out the war in Heaven is the impetus for everything we have been watching this season.   Really?   And the reason we haven’t learned more about it until now is?????   In all seriousness, why couldn’t the conversation between Castiel and Raphael happened in the middle of the season?   Was it because the writers wanted us to question Castiel’s motives and whether or not he turned bad?  Well that would be dumb on many levels.  Number One, people love Castiel.  There’s about as much of a chance of Castiel tuning “bad” as Sam.  It’s not happening.  He may make bad choices but it will always be for a good reason.  His heart will be in the right place.  Number Two, It wasn’t until the last couple of episodes that you started to wonder what the hell Castiel was doing anyway.  Then you give him his own episode to explain it and poof, bye-bye wonder.   Number Three, we just learned he was working with Crowley last week.  So in terms of Castiel working with the dark side, it never came to light until later.  So I think the Raphael/Castiel meeting could have happened months ago.   At least it would have given us SOME inkling as to what was going on in Heaven, why it was happening, and why it was so important to the arc of the season.    For those who don’t know, the brief run down is that Raphael still wants the apocalypse to take place and wipe out man kind to start over again.  Castiel doesn’t want that to happen and if he can keep Raphael from taking over while God and Michael are MIA, he can stop his plan.  It’s why he needs the souls and why he’s been working with Crowley to find purgatory.   He doesn’t have enough power to fight Raphael so he needs more power sources to do it.  Hence the hunt for souls and purgatory.

It’s also why Eve was brought in and was so pissed.  She has no problem with the natural order (there’s that theme again.)  Her children (Vampires, Werewolves, and such) kill some humans, humans kill some of them…it works.   But when Crowley was using hunters to wrangle up all the creatures and kill them in bulk quantities for their souls, she had an issue with that.  That’s why she came around…to put an end to that.  Unfortunately (or fortunately however you choose to look at that story line) she got killed by Dean before she could really get going.   It’s a shame because if it was handled the right way, she could have been a very formidable monster the boys would have to battle.  But she came and went so quickly, she was a waste in my mind.

My final gripe is the way the boys handled the news about Castiel.   Am I not mistaken that they are the pot calling the kettle black here?   How many times did either Sam or Dean have a secret that he didn’t share with the other brother or Bobby out of wanting to protect them?  For a while there it would happen once or twice a season.  So how exactly can they get on Castiel for not telling them what was going on?   And how could Sam, of all people, give him grief about working with a demon.   Does the name Ruby ring any bells to him?   I found this incredibly hypocritical of the boys.   The only interesting part that came out of that scene where they trapped him, was that we found out it was Castiel that brought Sam back, not Crowley.  But we don’t know why and we don’t know if it was intentional or by accident that his soul didn’t come with him.  Now that is something I am very curious to find out about!

No Supernatural this Friday but the 2 hour finale is going to be May 20th.  Are you excited about this year’s finale?  Or are you like me and kind of indifferent at this point?


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REVIEW: Supernatural “My Heart Will Go On” S6 E17

While I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, I have to admit that I am starting to get a little frustrated.  There are only 5 episodes left this season and I feel like there are so many questions out there that need to be solved and unless they are going to carry over to next season, I don’t know how they will all get answered in time without being rushed.  Does anyone else feel like that?  I certainly do.  I just feel like this war in Heaven and Eve are all tied into one another but I have no idea how or why and at this point of the season, we are no closer to finding out what the hell is going on.  The only thing that happened this week is we were introduced to Rory Gilmore’s Yale roommate, I mean Fate, and we learned that Castiel is going with “the end justifies the means” motto to win the war in Heaven.  I know people looooooooove Castiel, I’m not one of them.  I wouldn’t say I dislike Castiel, I guess I’m just indifferent to him and never understood the big fuss people made over his character.

This week highlighted a reversal of fate that had huge rippling effects on everyone involved.   You could tell there was something really weird going on when the boys weren’t driving the Impala and Bobby was married.  The most bittersweet moment of the episode was the person Bobby was married to…..Ellen!!!  I really miss Ellen.  She was awesome and kicked some serious ass.  But I was incredibly confused when I saw her again.   Happy as a clam but very confused.  But no one else seemed confused so I thought I missed something.  It wasn’t until the boys were researching a little unknown ship called the Titanic and came across one of the first mates (Mr. I. P. Freely) that it started to make sense.  Angel Balthazar was First Mate Freely and as it turns out, was responsible for UNsinking the Titanic.  This set off a chain reaction of the descendants of the survivors being killed off one by one by Fate.  It also changed the course of time where Ellen and Jo are still alive and Ellen is married to Bobby.  We soon realize that things need to go back to the way they were.  The big reason why?   Fate is seriously pissed off and if Castiel and Balthazar don’t go back and let the Titanic sink the way it was supposed to, then she will kill our Winchester boys.   See Fate is pissed because if angels can suddenly go back and undo events that have already happened, it will render her obsolete.  And Fate, does have a purpose in this world otherwise, God wouldn’t have created her.   So she strikes a deal that if they fix the Titanic mess and she and her sisters are left alone (meaning no one kills them), the Winchester boys are safe.   So that’s exactly what happens.

Now with this whole Titanic mess (like the pun), there was a pretty significant revelation.   Balthazar was not the angel behind the unsinking of the Titanic.  He actually was there to make sure it didn’t happen but he wasn’t the mastermind behind it….Castiel was.   Why?  Because by unsinking the Titanic and having all those passengers survive and therefore have offspring, would allow Fate to go and kill all those people who should have never been born to begin with and he would therefore have more souls to fight the war in Heaven.  Wow.  That’s pretty sinister don’t you think?    Let’s save 2,000 people so we can then kill 50,000 people for their souls!!!  And this is where my frustration really lies.  What the hell is going on in Heaven?  I know it’s a civil war but about what and why?   It’s very possible I am forgetting a big portion of the story (because my memory stinks) so if someone can fill me in, great!   All I remember is that because Michael and Lucifer are trapped in the cage in hell and God is kind of MIA right now, civil war has erupted.  But what are they fighting over?  It can’t be control of Heaven because regardless of where God is, Heaven is His.  I don’t think that’s negotiable.  So are some angels on the side of making sure God keeps control while the other angels are trying a Mutiny on the Bounty approach to take control?   I don’t know.  But I feel like the writers haven’t really cared so why should I?   This war in Heaven has only been brought up maybe 3 or 4 times this season.  And you would think if it is a really big deal, it would have been a little more front and center.   Now, it’s also very possible other things are happening that relate to the war in Heaven but we don’t know about it yet.  I guess what it comes down to is I don’t really care about this war in Heaven because I’m not 100% sure why I should care.

Before we move on to the Eve front, and there isn’t much there to discuss, I want to bring up another question I have.  Why do you need Fate if you have Death and the reapers?  Or is Fate a reaper of sorts?   To me Fate isn’t necessarily a reaper because your destiny doesn’t always have to do with death.  So I can see why you have Fate around, I’m just not sure why she was around in this episode (other than to introduce her to us.)  Remember when Dean made the deal with Death and he had to be a reaper for a day?  Remember during that day, he didn’t want to reap the young girl and that as a result of him not doing so, set off a chain reaction of other people dying whose time it wasn’t yet?   It was a lesson Death was trying to teach Dean that every time he and Sam upset the apple cart and save someone who’s time it was, someone else has to go in their place.   There is system to the universe which they constantly disrupt.  So even though they are saving these people’s lives every week, what they don’t realize is that someone else is dying in their place somewhere else.  Isn’t that sort of what happened with the Titanic?  Those people were saved and now other people are dying.  So wouldn’t the reapers take care of that?   Not Fate?  And if that isn’t the reaper’s job and it is Fate’s to correct, then shouldn’t we have met her sooner in the series due to all the people Dean and Sam saved who shouldn’t have been?  Maybe I’m over thinking it but that’s what I do!   I just find it strange that it wouldn’t have been a reaper to do what Fate was doing.  You would think it would be a partnership of sorts.

My final frustration is the Mother of All/Eve story.  I think she’s the big bad and we have met her once for 5 seconds and saw one of her minions (in the form of a nasty worm) when it was inside Bobby for a short time.   This is another entity where I have no idea what is going on.  She’s pissed off and wants to kill all the humans and replace them with all her people (vampires, werewolves, etc.)   Ok.   Why?   And why now?   Here is another “big” story that was really just introduced to us a few episodes ago and we only have 5 left to figure this all out.  However, of the two “big” storylines (Heaven and Eve) I would think Eve could transition over to next season and the war in Heaven would wrap up this season.  So if this is the set up for next year, I would be ok with that.  But if this is somehow to wrap up in 5 episodes and it isn’t executed well, I won’t be too happy.    So I am going with cautious optimism that this is the set up for a really big story and show down for next season.  But we’ll see.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am still loving Supernatural.  I just wish this season flowed a little better (from the major story arc standpoint.)   Some of the individual episodes have been fantastic!!  But I am not losing hope yet that the last 5 episodes will be epic…as they usually are!


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