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The Event to SyFy Network? Say It Ain’t So!!!

Negotiations are happening as we speak to bring The Event to the SyFy channel as a mini-series.  So is it possible this show isn’t dead yet?   I’m not sure.  It sounds like it would be tricky but not impossible.  I’m also not sure if this would be a one time thing like an 8 episode arc to wrap things up and then be finished or if it would be a mini-series for the next 2-3 years.  You know what it all comes down to?   Money.  Can this work from a financial standpoint?   That will be the main deciding factor on whether or not this moves forward.  I think for fans of the show, let’s see if SyFy picks it up, then you can worry if it will be a one time shot or something more long-term.

I stopped watching after episode 6 or 7 so for fans of the show, this could be potentially great news!!!  Congrats!!!

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RIP, Law and Order: LA and The Event. NBC has just ended your run on their network. Again, no surprises here since both shows were horrible in the ratings.

There is some optimistic news for fans of The Event. Looks as though the show is being shopped to other original programming entities. Can someone say Netflix? So while The Event is dead on NBC, it may still have life if someone like Netflix is interested in picking them up!


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The Event is Back Tonight

Do you even care?  I’m not sure if I do.  I still have 4 episodes on the DVR from the fall that I have yet to watch.  That’s never a good sign.  I hate to say it but it has been so long since the show has been on that I really don’t care what happens at this point.

I will keep saying this until someone tells me to shut the hell up (and even then I probably won’t but it may make me cry) but networks have too many shows for a single TV season.  Do you know the last time The Event was on TV?  NOVEMBER 29TH!  Yes, right around Thanksgiving.  That was the last new episode of The Event. It was 13 weeks ago….over 3 months.  This is a perfect illustration of a network killing a show.   The Event has been off for so long that I have lost interest in it.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if people thought it was canceled.  At this point, it probably will be.

NBC pulled The Event to premiere The Cape and unfortunately we all know how that worked out.  So NBC wasted 9 weeks with The Cape and ostensibly destroyed The Event.  Now the ratings for The Event weren’t great.   I’ll give you that.  But do you really think having a show like The Event being off the air for over 3 months is going to HELP the ratings?  Of course not!  I would have rather seen NBC pull The Cape from broadcast and run the episodes on-line, and re-run the first 10 episodes of the Event or even some recap episodes and re promote the comeback heavily and bring it back in February.  If they really cared about the show and helping it to succeed, they would have handled it differently, but they didn’t.  To me that says, they have already given up on this show and are content to let it run out and not bring it back next year.

Are you going to watch The Event when it comes back tonight or are you like me and are fine with walking away from it at this point?

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LOST Analysis: The Event “Loyalty” S1 E6

I bet you are starting to see which shows I am catching up on since the reviews are coming out-of-order!   But I finally watched 5 episodes of the Event.   Probably not the best idea but I made it work.  Well 6 episodes in and I’m still not sure if I am into this show.  I like it, but I don’t LOVE it.   There are parts I am really interested in (what side is Simon really on, Sean’s search for Leila, why she was kidnapped, who her kidnappers work for, where is her sister, what is up with her dad, pretty much this whole story line) and there are parts I could care less about right now (how Martinez will handle the detainees, will they be released, is Blake corrupt or a good soldier for Martinez, Thomas and Sophia, etc.)   Really whenever Thomas is on the screen I just want to FF because he annoys me.   Also with The Event, I think parts are very predictable…Sean using Vicky’s kid as bait to release Leila, the fact that Vicky’s “son” is the baby from the assassination from 5 years ago, when Sean and Claire were going up to the house in Texas and you see Carter going to leave the house in Texas, you know Sean and Claire aren’t at the same house, and the “Marshalls” coming to pick up Sean at the FBI satellite office, you know they were the bad guys.   So that bums me a little that there are so many predictable parts to the show.   And there are certain characters I am into (Sean, Vicky, Leila, Simon,) certain ones the jury is still out on (Blake, Martinez, Jarvis, Claire, Sophia,) and certain ones I don’t care about (Thomas, Christina.)

As I mentioned before, I already like that this show moves at a quick pace, answers questions, solves problems yet creates new ones.  I like the fact that Sean has found Leila and it wasn’t dragged out all season.  Plus there is still so much mystery there…who targeted Leila and her family and why, what is her father’s connection with Alaska, how did her hair look so good after not being washed or combed for days?   We still need to know where Sam is and who has her although it looks like we may get an idea into that next week.  And just what is Vicky’s deal?  She’s an assassin.  Who is her employer?  How did she get into that?  Does her mother know?  What is her end game?  There seems to be a lot more to Vicky than just cold-blooded bitch.    Or maybe it is that simple, time will tell.

I think Simon is starting to be in quite a pickle.  And I really don’t know who is allegiance is to at this point.  I think he wants to remain loyal to his alien crew (and I am calling them that for now until I have a chance to read further into them) but I think he likes Martinez and has respect for him as well.  But he can’t play on both sides, at least not forever.  And at one point he is going to have to choose.  You can also see how tormented he is by these choices and the time in 1954 illustrates that very well.  Simon (Mason as he was known to his lady friend) falls in love with Violet.  Eventually, Thomas shows up and tells Simon, he has to move on or she has to die.  Simon doesn’t want to because he has built a life with her and he wants to continue that life.  Thomas asks the question I am also dying to know, “how would you explain to her the fact that you never age?”   Great question!   He said he would find a way to work around that.  Ok, sure you would.  But Simon has to leave her.  And years later, after he finished his secret service exam, he walks past a hotel where standing outside is, you guessed it, Violet, 46 years later.  She recognizes him instantly and once he realizes who she is, you can see the pain and love on his face.  He returns to see Violet and apologies for running out her all those years ago.  He tells her that he had no choice.  She tells him but that in fact was his choice to make.  Ian Anthony Dale does some great acting in these scenes.  And even though he is a traitor (on so many levels) you can’t help but root for him because he is so likable.  As Sophia and Thomas escape from the tracking the government has on her, Sophia asks Simon to join them and he says he can’t.  I guess he made his choice.   And as he is leaving the building, the building starts to collapse with him and the FBI inside.  As they are struggling to get everyone out, they notice it isn’t an earthquake or a bomb, but a pretty sky colored hole that is opening up and swallowing the building.   Which of course was created by Thomas and didn’t make Sophia too happy.  Boy everyone is collateral damage with this Thomas guy….jerk.  Everyone is able to get out right as the building caves in.    So what powers do these people have that can move planes in mid-flight or swallow up entire buildings?  And why does Thomas want to kill innocent people?  He isn’t a bitter detainee because he has been free all these years.  I don’t get his anger management issues.  Sophia was held all this time and she doesn’t condone the violence with which Thomas seems to be operating.   So why is Thomas so unfeeling and ruthless?  What is his motivation and what is the ultimate goal of the detainees?   William made a deal with the administration to have himself and his girlfriend Maya, set free in exchange for information about what their doing here.  When he told Maya of his plan, she apparently found herself with the dilemma of joining her boyfriend or killing him to protect the detainees secrets.   She chose the later.  I guess they weren’t as strong a couple as Sean and Leila.     So what is so important you kill your boyfriend to keep quite?

I think the show is getting better and I am investing in seeing what will happen next.   But I also wouldn’t be surprised if this is a one and done season for the show.

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“LOST” Analysis: The Event “To Keep Us Safe” S1 E2

Ok, what did we learn this week?  We learned what happened with the plane, where it ends up (Yuma, Arizona), and that Michael hijacked the plane because he was being blackmailed from the people who kidnapped his children and killed his wife.   But that seemed pretty obvious.  We learned that the girl who went scuba diving with Sean was involved with the kidnapping of Leila, but again that seemed obvious.  We learned that Greg, who was with scuba dive girl, was murdered by the group that kidnapped Leila and Sean was framed for the murder.  We learned that the people being held captive in Alaska were from a plane crash in 1944 and that they aren’t human but we’re not sure what they are.  They don’t seem to age and their DNA is about 1% off from ours.   We learned that the President finds out about the circumstances of the people being held in Alaska and after a meeting with Dr Kerry Weaver, decides to not release them.  And we learned that Simon, who is working for the CIA, is also one of the passengers from that flight in 1944 and somehow escaped.  Ew, and that he somehow got some kind of gummy vein in his arm to pass his CIA test, yuck…but clever!

I applaud the writers for not messing around and giving the viewers answers to some of the big issues raised in the premiere, right away.  But there were still some lingering questions out there and new ones raised.  Who is behind the kidnapping of Leila and her sister?  Do they work for a rogue division of the government or are they civilians?  And if their point was to stop the President from releasing the detainees, are they really bad people or good people who are very misguided?  Was Greg part of the plan and botched it or was he collateral damage?  How did Simon escape from capture?  What is he doing working for the CIA and why?  What is the motive and purpose of the detainees?  Is Sean inadvertently getting tripped up in this situation (wrong place wrong time) or is he being targeted as well?  Are all the passengers from flight 514 really dead?   Was Michael Buchanan still with them or did he go off on his own?  Why would Dr Kerry Weaver say “I haven’t told you everything” and then proceed to tell the President nothing except “we mean you no harm?”  Yeah, and the visitors on V said the same thing.  How did the detainees “save” Dr Kerry Weaver and President Martinez? 

2 episodes in and I am really interested in what is going on with all the characters and the storyline.  I am really happy to see that they already backed off on the time jumping.  It still happened but it fit much better with the flow of the show and actually added to the story instead of detracted from it.  I think it will be easier to keep viewers and get viewers by answering so many questions immediately but still raising more questions to keep the story moving.  But the way the writers have set this up, I wonder how long this can go on?  I can’t see this lasting 5 seasons.  1 maybe 2 at most.   But again, that’s why they write the shows and I watch them.  As for this viewer, I am interested and I am in.

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REVIEW: The Event “I Haven’t Told You Everything” S1 E1 (The Pilot)

This was the new show for the 2010 TV Fall Season I was most looking forward to seeing.   Of the whole 3 people who may be reading this, if you watched The Event, I am curious about what you thought of the pilot (and I don’t mean Luke Danes/Mike Buchanan going off the deep end.)  I’m not sure if I liked it.  I think I did.  But going in, I kept my expectations at a medium.  I don’t like when people call a show “the next Lost” or “if you liked Lost, you’ll love The Event.”  No I don’t think so.  There will NEVER be another Lost.  So let’s not get crazy.  I like to take the show for what it is, or what I think it will be…a show with a stellar cast that may potentially have an interesting plot line that will make me think and keep me tuned in every week.  That is what I think The Event will be.

Off the bat, the thing I really hope the writers DON’T do is this time jumping every 3 minutes for the rest of the season.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with jumping timelines that explain backstories or show a different side to a situation we already saw.  I’m fine with that.   But not 7 1/2 minutes ago, 7 1/2 weeks ago, 13 months ago, and this happens all during the show.   I felt like I was on the tea cups at the Magic Kingdom.  So I think that needs to tone down.

Of the different storylines we were introduced to, Sean Walker, President Martinez, Simon Lee, Dr. Kerry Weaver as a prisoner, I think I was most interested in Sean Walker’s story.  Right away, I knew I was going to root for this guy.  What happened to Leila?  How was Sean erased from the cruise ship data base and why?  How does his future father in law tie into all this and why was he piloting that plane?  Why were Leila and her sister taken?  How did Sean get a gun on that plane?  How does he look so good when so stressed out?   Sorry I digress.  But I’m already in and want to know what’s happening with Sean and the Buchanans.   I’m sure I will get more into President Martinez’s story and the prisoners in Alaska and what they have to do with the plane vanishing into thin air.  But those stories right now are part of my “I have no idea what is going on and I have nothing I can relate to here.”  I have heard that when questions are raised on this show that they will be answered quickly so viewers won’t be kept in the dark on everything, but there will still be plenty of mystery.

I think I’m still excited about The Event.  And I will certainly be tuning in each week (so far) to see what happens next.   What are your thoughts?

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