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SERIES PREMIERE REVIEW: The Finder “An Orphan Walks Into A Bar” S1 E1

I guess you can’t really call this show the pilot since the pilot really aired last season.  But this episode officially kicked off the new series The Finder.

(Insert HUGE sigh here.)  I feel like I am being really negative so far this mid season.  I had to watch this episode 3 times because the two other times I tried to watch it, I fell asleep.  I really thought this was a boring case and I had very little interest in it. It surprised me considering how much I enjoyed the pilot episode last spring.  I know many Bones fans who watched The Finder last spring and hated it.  I wasn’t one of them.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  So you can appreciate my disappointment in this episode.  I tell you one thing, if this was the pilot episode last season, I might not have tuned in again.   But I will….especially since Sweets is on next week.

Right off the bat, the cast is strong.  Geoff Stults is great as former military man Walter Sherman, aka The Finder.  Walter has some brain damage from his time in the military but it has made him keely astute in locating people if not very socially awkward.  I’m glad the show revisited that issue because quite frankly, I forgot about it.  Although I’m not sure why he needs to have brain damage to be the way he is.  Can’t he just be that way?  If the idea is to show Walter as a more layered character than simply a dorky wacko, I guess I can go with that but I need more.  Hopefully we will get it.

Michael Clarke Duncan plays Walter’s partner and BFF, Leo.  The episode gave the impression that Walter basically saved Leo’s life.  Not in the literal sense but in the “my-ass-is-not-in-jail-because-of-you” sense.  Leo was telling Isabel about how Walter saved him from killing a man, therefore he owes him his life and would do anything for him.  Can you smell bromance?  I can!!!!  I am already looking forward to the backstory on their relationship and the story that Leo is referencing.

As for Isabel (played by Mercedes Mashon) she is a US Marshall who works with Walter and Leo although she isn’t always happy with the way Walter goes about doing his job.  I already like her much better than Saffron Burrows character and she fits the mold nicely.  Plus it’s always good to have some sort of legal enforcer working with you to keep you in line!

The only character that didn’t work for me at all was Willa (played by Maddie Hanson.)  I don’t understand what the point of her character is.  She’s staying with Walter and Leo in a trailer outside the bar and she’s trying to keep her nose clean, at least that’s the message she is trying to convey to her parole officer.  What she is ACTUALLY doing, is a whole other story.  She seems to be using Walter and Leo’s generosity to steal from them with some dumb sidekick I hope we never have to see again.  Leo is trying to see the good in her while Walter, at this point, sees nothing but someone suspicious and he has his eye on her.  So they have this grouchy, I-Hate-Life teenager living with them who is plotting to steal from them.  Like I said, don’t see the point to this at all and wish she would go away because I could care less about her.

As I mentioned before, the case was boring to me.  Maybe part of the reason why it was boring was because sometimes, they spoke so fast and so technically about what was going on, I couldn’t follow.  When Walter was explaining to Leo and Willa about the “Microwave Ovens” and how that impacted his flight, he explained it so quickly and garbled that he might as well have had marbles in his mouth.  My husband and I had to rewind that scene three times to understand what he was trying to say.  Usually if one of us missed something or didn’t follow, the other did and explains it.  But we’ve never had a situation where we both didn’t understand so many times.  Hey, it still could have been our fault…too many Sam Adams or what not…but I think the dialogue can be more clear.  There were many times I felt that they were speaking so quickly that it lost me….and this is coming from someone who has which show in their top 5 all time favorite, best shows on TV?   That would be The West Wing.   I figured if I could follow the West Wing, I can follow any show.

Am I going to watch The Finder again?   Yes.  Will I rush to make sure I watch it?   No.  But I will watch it.  Maybe it was this one episode and I’ll chalk it up to maybe I wasn’t 100% into it vs. the show’s issues…to be fair…but I am giving it another shot.  I think it can be a very light and humerous show with some solid drama mixed in.  But we’ll see.

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REVIEW: Bones “The Finder” S6 E19

This episode of Bones is to set the table for a potential new series coming out this fall called The Finder.   The Finder is based on a series of books from Richard Greener that features the character of Walter Sherman, aka: The Locator.   I usually don’t like when shows do this because it takes away an entire episode from one of my favorite shows which is exactly what happened here.  I didn’t feel like I was watching Bones last night.  I felt like I was watching a pilot for a new show that kind of had a connection to my Bones family.   So that bugs me because I need my Brennan and Booth fill and last night I didn’t have very much of it.  Although there were two scenes that sort of made up for it which I will get to later.

Now people keep calling this a spinoff.  Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think introducing 3 characters on Bones for the first time which may result as the launching for this new show can be classified as a spinoff.  A spinoff to me is taking a relatively established character from an existing show and spinning them off into their own show.  Private Practice, Frasier, The Jeffersons, Maude, Mama’s Family, The Facts of Life, The Colby’s, Laverne and Shirley…..these are true spinoffs.  To me, putting Horatio Caine or Walter Sherman on a popular show to use it to showcase a pseudo pilot for the following season that may be similar in theme, doesn’t constitute a spinoff.   But tomato, tomahto.

Regardless of what you want to call it, I really enjoyed it.  I was pretty familiar with Saffron Burrows and Michael Clarke Duncan but I’m not as familiar with Geoff Stults.  However once he turned around in that chair and later on proceeded to take off his shirt revealing a lovely physique to admire, I realized I better get to know him and I would be happy to have him on my TV screen every week!   Besides the hotness that exuded from every pore in his body, I found his character to be funny and quirky (in a good way) yet very serious about his work and complex regarding his past.  I think there are many layers to him that will be revealed over time and I am willing to find out what they are.  On a surface level, it seems he had a tour in Iraq that may have left his brain-damaged to the point where he is incredibly paranoid.   But he doesn’t want to pursue addressing it because he feels his keen sense for his job as a Locator has something to do with it as well.  So if he fixes his paranoia, the thing that makes him an expert at his work will be lost as well.   Time will tell.   Ike and Leo (Burrows and Duncan) are his best friends and support team.  Both are equally interesting and bring their own level of humor and realism that are very relatable.  If this series were to get picked up for next year, I would certainly watch it.

I’ll be honest, the case this week wasn’t all that interesting since it had more to do with introducing these new characters and setting up the pilot for next season.   The short story is a maritime museum security is found murdered and the curator of the museum is the one who murdered him.   He also killed Sarah Walker’s CIA friend Carina from Chuck….over a treasure map.  I was waiting for Finn and Tess from Fool’s Gold to pop out and start helping with the search for the hidden treasure!   The funny part was, Walter said how it’s not his job to solve crimes, just to locate people or things he is hired to find.  Solving the crime was B&B’s responsibility.  But Walter ended up solving the crime anyway so it led to very little Cam, Angela, Hodgins, and Squint time.  Sweets was nowhere to be found.

As I mentioned above, there were 2 very awesome Bones moments.  The first one was when Walter returned Brennan’s 1st place Science Fair medal to her.  To prove how good Walter is at his job, Booth told Brennan to tell Walter what is the one thing she is missing.  She tells him that she lost her science fair medal and Walter tells her to say no more and that he will find it.  Brennan doesn’t believe this is even close to possible.  While working in her office, he shows up and hands her a box wrapped with a blue ribbon.  Inside the box is her science fair medal.  But that wasn’t even the best part.  Also in the box was the article from the local paper about her win and the article had a picture of her and her mom.  It was such a sweet moment that got her (and me) choked up. I loved it!   The second moment also had to do with the medal.  At the end of the show, when B&B are having their traditional drink at the Founding Fathers, they are talking about Walter and his abilities but Booth marvels at how Brennan’s abilities are due to her intense attention to detail and her many years of training.   He basically tells her how awesome she is while placing her medal around her neck.  It’s great.  I also loved how Booth got a little jealous when Walter started showing interest in Brennan.  But I always love seeing Booth’s jealous side.  I think Brennan does too!

So what did you think?  Did you like The Finder and if it gets picked up next year, will you watch it?


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