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RECAP & REVIEW: The Good Wife “Hitting the Fan” S5 E5

You know when you’re waiting for an episode of a TV show to air, especially if it’s one of your favorite shows, and there has been all this hype around it…even promotion from the network about how big it is?  You start thinking about how awesome it’s going to be.  To tell all your friends not to talk to you or call you.  You threaten you spouse with something you know they hate if they try to talk to you during the episode.  It’s either going to be truly amazing and meet your wild expectations or it’s going to completely flop and absolutely devastate you.  Ok maybe devastate is a bit strong but you will really be pissed if this episode sucks.  That’s how I felt going into tonight’s much-anticipated (since the season finale of last year) “Hitting the Fan” episode.   So.  Did it live up to the hype or did it crash and burn like Goose from Top Gun?   IT TOTALLY ROCKED!!!!  It completely blew me away.

You know an episode is so well done when you know what’s coming (for the most part) yet it still keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time.   That’s what tonight was like.  I knew Will and Diane would be pissed and hurt at the same time.  I knew David Lee would be out for blood.  I knew Cary and Alicia would be scrambling (as did LG) to keep their clients on board.  I knew there would be screaming, yelling, blame, tears, accusations,  papers flying off desks, security guards…the whole nine yards.   But to know it’s coming vs. actually watching it unfold in front of you and see the performances the actors gave, it was breath-taking.   I knew the two hardest scenes would be Will an Alicia and Cary and Diane.  Cary and Diane had a special bond and Will and Alicia, well, we know how special their bond was at times.  But beyond the personal connections, there were professional mentorships there between them that really punch them in the gut.  It would be one thing if either Cary OR Alicia were leaving.   But to have it be both and together?  Wow.  No wonder it got ugly as quickly as it did.   There were a few surprises (Peter’s involvement and the turncoat Beth) and there was one person I was unsure how this was going to play out for them even though I had an idea but you still never know and that’s Kalinda.   Let’s break it down.


You knew this was going to be the tough one.  Especially if you were a Will/Alicia fan (which I was not.)  But even being a Team Peter person, it was still hard to watch Will walk down that hallway to Alicia’s office with visions of them sleeping together and laughing during happier times.   He just can’t believe she would do this to him.   When he gets to her office he starts off calm but then when she apologies and tells him it’s time for her to try something new, he snaps.  He pushes everything off her desk and lays into her.  “I took you in.  No one wanted you.  I hired you.  I pushed for you.  You were poison.  This firm got you back on your feet.”  Well when you put it that way she does seem out of line for leaving.   You can hear the pain in his voice.  This isn’t just “a business decision” as Alicia put it.  This was personal.  They were friends from college.   And he’s right, when she and Peter were disgraced, LG helped her.  When Diane had an eyebrow raised in her direction, Will always had her back.  He gave her the good cases.  He trained her.  He mentored her.  He fell in love with her.  This was absolutely personal to him.  With Alicia it couldn’t not be personal.  Anyone else, it’s business.  Not with her.  Maybe that isn’t fair, but it’s the truth.

He fires her on the spot and asks her to leave.   She immediately tells him that he can’t and that he ask to get the equity and other partners gathered to take a vote to get her out since she’s a partner.   It buys her some time to try to get files and the word out.  Neither are going very well because Will shut down all access to files for everyone and slowly but surely the 4th years leaving were getting found out and fired one by one.  Later, after the partner votes have been taken to oust Alicia, Will returns with 4 security guards to escort Alicia to the elevator.  She once again tells Will it wasn’t meant to be personal and he tells her he doesn’t care, as coldly as he can.  Which leaves Alicia breaking down in the elevator once the doors have closed.

But the sadness and hurt quickly go away when the claws come out and it’s a race to see who can get to the clients first.   I think my favorite exchange of the night came when one of Alicia’s clients called her and when Will caught them on the phone, he asks for the phone from the client and begins having it out with Alicia.  They start exchanging nasty grams back and forth until the finally tell each other to go to hell.  But before Will hangs up, he tells her that Grace called and needs Alicia to call her school to give permission for her class trip.   Both tones change back to friends for half a second when she asked how long ago it was when she called and he tells her about 40 minutes.  “Ok thank you.”  “You’re welcome.”   It was hilarious!  It showed me that even when the dust settles, which won’t be for a reeeeeeeeally long time, those two will be friends again someday.  They may never get back to what they were, but they will move past this…in about 15 years.


This was another one of the many relationships I loved over the years.  So it didn’t surprise me to see Diane in Cary’s office when he got into the office that morning.   She has already taken his computer and immediately laid into him about his decision to leave.  Diane also has the same “I was your mentor, I stuck out my neck for you” speech although hers lacked the violent thrusting of phones and papers all over the place.  Cary reminded her that they did fire him all those years ago and where was having his back then.  She then reminded him why that happened and as soon as they could get him back, they did because she made it happen.   Cary wasn’t struggling with this as much as Alicia so he wasn’t really buying what Diane was selling and I don’t think Diane was as hurt as Will so I’m sure she really cared all that much if Cary believed her.

Eventually, before she left his office, she fired him but not before he STUPIDLY let it slip about Chum Hum being unhappy with them and giving her the inside scoop that LG’s biggest client (outside of Lamond Bishop) is planning to go with Florrick & Agos.   Cary, Cary, Cary.  How dumb can you be!!!???  It was a huge slip that had a great payout at the end of the episode.   But just like Will and Alicia, eventually these two will get over it and be civil with one another.  Although they shouldn’t take the same 15 years.

Lockhart Gardner vs. Florrick & Agos

The gloves are off.   The lines in the sand have been drawn.  People with this much raw emotion are bound to rip each other to shreds and that’s exactly what starts happening.  Although I have to say, if I needed to get down and dirty, I’d want David Lee on my team.  Advantage: LG.  Lee and the other partners, including Will, start calling clients and insinuating that Alicia and Cary were not on the up and up and didn’t represent the best interest of the client and therefore were removed from their positions.  Meantime, F&A are trying to call the same clients but with less man power they keep getting to each person just slightly behind LG.   So they are quickly starting to lose clients.  Thank God they have Chum Hum right?   Right?  Hello, is this mic on?  WE HAVE CHUM HUM RIGHT?   Not so fast.

Cary doesn’t want to waste any time and wants to meet with Neil Gross (John Benjamin Hickey) as fast as they can.  As soon as they start walking up the steps, boom, injunction filed by LG is served to them barring them from speaking with Chum Hum.  Gross tells them to call him when they sort it out.  They go to court it’s Alicia, Cary, and Carey on one side with Will, David, and Diane on the other.  It’s nasty, it’s caddy, and it’s brilliant.  The judge upholds the injunction and F&A are forced to find another way.  Alicia comes up with an idea for an injunction of their own.  When Will and David go to meet with Chum Hum, boom, they get served with the same injunction from F&A.  “Call me when you get this sorted out” Gross says now to LG.  So each side has an injunction against them barring them from speaking with Chum Hum.  I don’t know why Chum Hum doesn’t just drop them both and find a new firm at this point.

Later, Diane goes to Alicia’s home to offer a truce.  Each party drops the injunction and they each get 1 hour with Chum Hum to pitch.  At first Diane says that F&A presents first and LG is after them.   Dumb Carey insists they switch and Diane is amenable to that request.  After LG presents and is leaving, David tells F&A, you never want to go second.   They barely get up the steps when Neil tells them he’s staying with LG.   So the firm of F&A is sunk before it leaves the dock.  Or is it?

Governor Florrick to the rescue with a plan to ensure Chum Hum goes with the new F&A (see plan below) and it works.   By the end, they are all toasting the landing of a $35 million client and how they are in desperate need of stationary and laptops.   F&A is not dead yet!!  But this means Will and LG have declared war on them and everyone else in Chicago.


Wow did I love them in this episode.  First, I love Peter having Alicia’s back.  I mean of course he would, he’s her husband.   But he was fierce in his loyalty of her.  And since Will Gardner slept with his wife, it finally gives him the ammunition to destroy him.  He’s never been able to truly go after Will because he runs his wife’s firm. If it hurts LG, it hurts Alicia by extension.  Now, with Alicia gone, it is open season on Will for Peter.

Now I have to imagine, the comment he made at the press conference would have never happened in real life.  Because I have to imagine that would come back to bite him.  Especially once everyone learned that the biggest internet provider, Chum Hum, went with Florrick & Agos and thereby Peter’s idea for taxing said companies goes away.   He smartly protected himself by saying that he could be persuaded to think another way and change his mind thus leaving the door open to him changing his mind.   And as a result, instead of Chum Hum staying with LG, they made the switch to F&A to the tune of $35 million a year!!!  I bet Melissa George’s character will have something to say about that when she gets wind of what Peter did.  While I love it as him being her husband, it was a horrible move as Governor.  Really man, what were you thinking!

Enough about that.   Let’s talk about sex baby.  Let’s talk about you and me.   Ok not you and me I just couldn’t get Salt and Pepa out of my mind.   WOW.  What a scene.  So she gets fired, is trying to start a new firm, moves said firm into her house for the night, is trying to land clients, and STILL has time for a quickie with her husband.  As I said on Twitter earlier….my hero!!!!

In the end, Peter asks to see Eli and tells him, he’d like a new list of name for the Supreme Court.  He’s looking to replace Diane and Eli looks legitimately stunned.   “Are you sure” he asks?    “Yes” Peter says very matter-of-factly.  So much for not letting personal matters interfere with business decisions.  I guess Diane’s hand will be forced in regards to LG.  I thought she would choose to go back to LG to help Will in the fight to save the firm.  But now that the judgeship will soon be off the table, looks like she won’t have a choice.


Last but never least….Kalinda.  How hurt do you think Kalinda was that Alicia didn’t want her to join her firm?  I mean Cary asked but never Alicia.  Partly because, she didn’t know Alicia was in on the new firm.  She never told her.  Now with all this going on, Will asked her to make a choice because he’s gunning for everyone, especially F&A, in Chicago.  It will get dirty, nasty and vicious.  He asks Kalinda if she can do that knowing that she’s friends with those guys.  She says she can.  Time will tell.   I think the tough one for her will be Cary.   But I think Kalinda had to say that to Will because 1.) she feels guilty she knew about Cary leaving for 3 months and 2.) she knows that eventually Will will cool off and the tension won’t be too bad.  But I do think she has his and LG’s back.

The breakup of the friendship between Kalinda and Alicia was brutal.  It’s a hard one to recover from.  I know there are some people who think Alicia overreacted to Kalinda because she didn’t know her at the time and there are other people who think she’s completely justified because she is someone who slept with a married man.  I can see both sides but I side with the faction of people who thought Alicia was justified.   Not to mention, I don’t know if I could continue a friendship with someone knowing she slept with my husband when I was married to him.  That’s a little creepy.  I think it’s been pretty clear for a few years now that that friendship is pretty much dead in Alicia’s eyes.  They have been cordial and even shared the rare tequila shot together but it wasn’t the same.  It never could be.   But I guess Kalinda wasn’t sure and maybe even thought they had moved past it.  Well this should be the ultimate sign that they aren’t close and therefore, she really no longer has an allegiance towards Alicia.

With this new revelation, it made the decision pretty easy for Kalinda…stay with LG until the dust settles (if it ever does) and whatever happens, happens.  Kalinda is not an overly sentiment or emotional person so this should be easy for her.  In theory, that’s true.  In actuality, let’s see what happens and how it plays out.

WHEW!  I’m exhausted after that!  I’m really excited because this was a true game changing episode.  Writers and show runners throw that term out way too loosely these days in regards to their shows.  But if you needed to know what a bona-fide game changing episode looks like, watch “Hitting the Fan.”  Also check out Lost S3 E22 “Through the Looking Glass.”

The look of this show will never be the same.  It was always about LG with a little politics thrown in.  Now, it’s LG and F&A and how the new “relationship” (for lack of a better word) between these two firms evolves.  These were teammates.  Now, they’re enemies.  The connections and bonds formed between all parties, will never be the same.  We will be following Will and Diane and the new Will and Diane.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see where this take us this season and moving forward.   CBS, you better not cancel this show!!!!

What did you think?   Did this episode meet your expectations?  Did it exceed them?  Did it fall flat?   And what do you think will happen down the road?

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RECAP & REVIEW: The Good Wife “Outside the Bubble” S5 E4

I haven’t written about the Good Wife in a loooooong time (sorry Kiki!)  But I had to make time this morning because this the penultimate episode before the shit hits the fan episode which is coming next week.  I’ve never been more excited for a Sunday night in my life!

Let’s start with the two dumb story lines of the night.    Surprisingly, I’m not going to talk about Jackie!  She’s always annoying and pointless so why bother…nothing new.   First the case of the paralegal suing the firm.   Are you kidding me?  Does this girl seriously think everyone in the world is hitting on her?  And she’s obviously sue happy because she apparently did this before to another firm.   What does she hope to accomplish here….other than getting the reputation of someone who can’t be trusted because she’s sue someone at the drop of a hat.  If that doesn’t scream “don’t ever hire this girl” nothing does.   I knew someone in my industry who had a reputation of suing companies for sexual harassment.  The first time she won.  The next two times, not so much.   Then she couldn’t get hired anywhere because her reputation was destroyed.  Was it worth it?  I would say no.

The second dumb story line that made me irate involved Diane and Kurt.  I love Diane and Kurt.  What I didn’t like is this idea that they shouldn’t get married because of their political beliefs.   Ask James Carville and Mary Matalin if you can’t be married having differing political views.  This was absurd.  Diane’s friends coming to her home to have a heart-to-heart with her because of Kurt’s views on guns?   Them walking into a bar to meet his friends where Diane is worried she shouldn’t bring up Obama?  WHAT?   Seriously why was she so nervous?   And it wasn’t the nervous “I hope your friends are going to like me because I love you.”  It was “I hope no one brings up Ted Cruz because I will go nuclear on someone.”   Story lines like this really encapsulate what is wrong with this country right now.   If your political view is different from someone else’s, you can’t be in the same room with them.  Wow, if everyone I was friends with I couldn’t be around because we had differing opinions, I wouldn’t have friends.  No one would.  Unless you like to surround yourselves with myopic people who think exactly like you.   How boring!   The differing of opinions is what makes our country great (at least it’s supposed to.)  The key is vocalizing your opinion passionately and vigorously yet respecting that someone else’s opinion may be different from yours and they are just as passionate and vigorous about it.  So respect it.  You don’t have to like it or agree with it.  But it doesn’t make that other person dumb or a jerk (their personalities do that not their opinions.)  It just makes their belief in one area different from yours.   So this story really bugged me.

But enough about that.  Let’s get to the juicy stuff.  We are one week away from Will exploding on Alicia and it’s going to be a doozy.    Can I get a show of hands on how many of you think the 4th years and Alicia’s have handled this VERY poorly?  Everyone in the room?   That’s what I thought.   How dumb can these people be?  You know they are suspicious, you know they are tapping your phones, you know everyone is on edge because of what’s happening with Diane.  So why are you having meetings in the office in plain sight?  And by the way, the office walls and doors are glass, in case you haven’t noticed.   So everyone can see you!!!!   What happened to meeting at Alicia’s or in the parking garage…although how funny would it have been if the partners’ meeting to oust Diane was happening at the same time the 4th years were meeting to leave?   Or how about meeting in your new office space?   ANYWHERE but Lockhart Gardner.   And I knew the one guy was going to be bad news.  He was the one really pushing for Alicia to steal the files of clients.  It’s easy when it’s not your neck on the line to push other people to do the dirty work.  He ends up getting caught feeding information to Viola for her suit against LG and Cary asks Kalinda to give him some time before she tells Will.  Cary brings them together to tell them the situation (again in the office of LG but this time I cut them slack since they’re short on time) and let’s him know he’ll be fired, just roll with it and he’ll come on board in 5 days with them.  He’s pissed saying he’ll lose his bonus and as a result wants them to all share their bonuses with him.  I’m sorry, what is the slime ball who just put them in a dangerous position asking?   For their money?  Well according to Senor Slimeball, if they don’t, he will tell Will what is going on when he’s questioned by him.   If they share the bonuses, his lips are sealed.   Wow, that’s someone I don’t want to start a law firm with!   So he goes out on a limb trying to sabotage a case and gets caught and he wants everyone else to bail him out.  Yep, once we were in the clear, he’d be cut loose.

Diane is back in the office one last time to help WIll and the crew on this ridiculous sexual harassment case.  As a result, she becomes very aware of some things around the office.  First, she notices someone looking at one of her case files.   It’s Alicia.  She confronts Alicia and Alicia apologizes saying it was her mistake.  Diane raises an eyebrow but then let’s it go.   Later, she sees the 4 years in Alicia’s office having a disagreement or very strong, intense conversation.  SEE!!!  Dummies.  Then she goes into Alicia’s office and notices that she never finished decorating her office.   She asks Will if he asked to stop and he says no….brow now raised higher.  Diane has heard all the buzz so on a hunch she has drinks with her client whose file Alicia was in.  Diane very shrewdly is able to get the client to admit that she is looking should Diane leave and take the judgeship and that “the Governor’s wife’s name on the letterhead is hard to pass up.”   GULP.  The look on Diane’s face said it all.   It was amazing.   Even though Diane had her suspicions, I think deep down she was hoping it wasn’t true.   When it was confirmed to be true, she was hurt, angered, betrayed, sickened, and shocked.   She goes back to LG and is looking around her office when…Alicia comes in.  OH.  MY.   GOD.  The look Diane gives her would freeze a boiling pot of pasta.  That cold, icy stare would have sent me screaming for my bed and a bottle of wine…maybe scotch.   Alicia leaves after she can tell Diane is in no mood to chit-chat and Diane immediately turns and slowly walks towards Will’s office.   Will is in a meeting but he knows his partner well…he can tell something is really wrong.   He asked to be excused for a moment and Diane comes in and says “Alicia is leaving the firm with the 4th years and our top clients”….fade to black with the camera on Will’s face.   AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

So here’s what I think will happen.  Diane isn’t taking the judgeship and stays with Will at the firm to try to save what they built.  Together, they go after Alicia and Cary.   And I for one cannot wait to see that!!!   The previews for next week were crazy with Alicia being escorted out by armed guards and coldly telling Will that this wasn’t personal as the elevator doors close.  And of course the scene we’ve all seen a few times now with Will coming into Alicia’s office and destroying what is on her desk.

This season of TGW has been incredible!   Last season started so poorly but this season has been fabulous.  Every episode I can’t wait to see what happens next.   The one thing I am BEGGING the writers not to do and asking them not to go down this path….please please please don’t have Peter cheat, again.   Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, starred in the movie.   It’s old and tired and I think the audience has had enough.  I want to see Alicia with Peter…everyone knows that.   But if you are going to break them up, have it be on Alicia’s terms, not because Peter did something to force her hand.  I prefer you kept them together and so I REALLY don’t want this thing with Melissa George’s character to become an affair.   So please don’t!!!

What did you think of last night’s episode and are you DYING to see next week?  I know I am!!!!

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QUICK REVIEW: Criminal Minds, Castle, Revenge, The Good Wife, Blue Bloods

Criminal Minds

This is not a show that needs recapping every week but every once in a while, an episode or string of episodes happen that warrant discussion.  Last week’s episode broke my heart.  In the early days of Criminal Minds, I rooted for JJ and Reid to get together.  A big part of me, still does.  But I’ve moved on from the idea of those two getting together.  As a result, I was 100% on board with this romance between Maeve and Spencer.  And before you start referencing Manti Te’o asking how can you have a relationship with someone you’ve never met, this show handled it very well to the point I totally believed it.  Matthew Gray Gubler and Beth Riesgraf did a fantastic job selling this relationship that up until this episode, only existed via cryptic phone conversations.  The reason for this, she had a stalker.  So she was in hiding until the stalker was caught. Unfortunately, the stalker found her and kidnapped her and as a result, Reid, who is a very private person, needed to out his relationship to the team and ask for their help in finding her.  Turns out it was someone applying for a PhD and Maeve denied her application and therefore Diane (Michelle Trachtenberg) flipped out and murdered her ex-fiance and ultimately murdered herself and Maeve with a bullet to the head.  It was such a sad scene for so many reasons.  First, Spencer had never seen her face.  Even when Garcia had her picture, Reid refused to see it because he wanted the first time to be face to face.  He also wanted to tell her that he loved her because the last time they spoke, she said she loved him and he didn’t respond.  When he finally saw her, it was with her strapped to a chair with Diane pointing a gun at Reid’s head and Reid pretending to love Diane and not her so he could get her free.  Instead of telling her that he loved her, he had to tell her that he didn’t love her so he could protect her.  Unfortunately, Diane saw through all this and while holding Maeve against her, put a gun to her own head and pulled the trigger, killing both of them.  I told my husband I was afraid she was going to die but then I thought, there’s no way CM would do that to Reid.  Yep, well, wrong again!   Maeve is dead and Reid is crushed.  It was brutal to watch and I’m really curious to see how this will impact him moving forward.  Reid is so private and doesn’t open his heart to many people.  And for him to be ready to make a committment to this girl, only to have her murdered in front of him, will completely damage his already fragile psyche.


Still one of my favorite shows on TV and I’m loving this season.  The last two episodes were great.  Seeing Meredith (Darby Stanchfield) around making things tricky for Castle and Beckett was priceless.  But it was also a nice change of pace to see Meredith and Beckett go to dinner together and really get along.  Unfortunately before she left, when Kate asked why they didn’t work, Meredith told her the truth.   Castle knew everything about her but she really didn’t know much about Castle.  He’s fun and romantic and sweet, but he never let her in, especially when it came to his dad.  And she couldn’t handle being in the dark.  It really resonated with Kate because she’s in the same situation…to some degree.  Castle knows everything about her darkest time…her mother’s death.  But Beckett knows nothing about, what appears to be, Castle’s darkest period…his father.  And I know there were people who thought Meredith did that maliciously, I don’t agree.  I think she was honestly answering Kate’s question without trying to sabotage anything.  I also think that Kate’s relationship with Rick is VERY different from Meredith’s.  Yes, she is just in the dark about Castle’s history with his father as Meredith is, but she has seen so many different layers to Castle that I’m pretty sure no one else has.   They have been through so much together and she has been around some very vulnerable sides to Rick, that she can’t compare her relationship with Castle to his relationship with anyone else.   She has seen a deeper side to him.  But I think this issue regarding his father, could be a driving wedge between them.  I hope it isn’t but I think it’s inevitable.

I just quickly wanted to mention how much I enjoyed last week’s episode which focused on Esposito. I like when the show puts focus on another character (especially Ryan and Esposito) because I care about them just as much as Castle and Beckett.  Ok maybe not AS much, but it’s close.  Esposito is such a great guy.  I love seeing a hard-nosed, tough guy get hit in his heart (figuratively) because he has no chance to avoid showing his soft side.  I hope the show brings Joey back.  I know cop shows always have those episodes where the cop gives the troubled kid his card where the cop says to call anytime and the cop promises to keep tabs on the kid.  Well I would like to see that.  Not all the time, but I think twice a year wouldn’t be out of the question.


I would have to agree with everyone else…this season of Revenge isn’t as good as last season.  I liked the simplicity of last season with a target of the week under the umbrella plan of taking down the Graysons.  Now we have Aiden involved and his story.  Then you have the Initiative involved.  And there’s the Ryan brothers going after the Porter brothers.   It’s too much.  I don’t know why things need to go to this massive levels of story telling.   Sometimes, less is more.  I’d rather go back to last season’s methods with twists and turns complicating matters along the way.   But having said that, I still love the show.  If we can cut down on the side stories (mainly Aiden and the Initiative) I would be ok.  I’m not a fan of Aiden would rather him go away and just have Emily do her thing.  I also don’t know why we needed some major secret group being behind some the Grayson’s decisions.  I would rather have had the Grayson’s be responsible for all their own decisions without having to drag this secret society in.  But if the show can wrap those two things up and go back to business as usual with Emily driving everything and Nolan being there to help her, things will be good again.

The Good Wife

Alicia and Peter sitting in a tree.  F-U-C….whoa!!!!  I’m not going to go there.  But how about that trailer scene? AWESOME!!!   If the show continues down this path with Alicia and Peter doing their thing and Will possibly working on a relationship with Laura (Amanda Peet) I would be very happy.

The second half of the season is already cranking.  They got rid of Kalinda’s God awful husband storyline, the firm is slowly starting to pick itself back up again, the case of the Justice Department going after Eli (headed up by Wendy Scott Carr) resulting in bringing in George O’Malley is fantastic, and Louis Canning is now one of the firm’s creditors which should be an interesting wrinkle.  My biggest complaint?  Cary Agos.   Can we PLEASE find this man a storyline worthy of him?  I’m so tired of him being on the back burner.  It’s time to bring him to the big front burner and let him dominate a storyline.

Blue Bloods

I know I’m really late to the party in commenting on this but I think it’s really shitty the way Jennifer Esposito and her character were handled on the show.  If what she is saying is true, then it’s horrible.  The short version, Esposito had been diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  It went misdiagnosed for years and her form of the disease is pretty severe.  I know people with Celiac and there are varying degrees with some leaving people down right ill for weeks, especially when you don’t know what’s wrong.  Esposito was violently ill but when she finally was diagnosed properly her doctors suggested she have a reduced work load on the show to accommodate her illness.  According to Esposito, CBS didn’t grant the reduced work load nor did they release her from her contract.  She was put on medical leave without pay but because she was still under contract, she wasn’t able to seek employment with another network TV show.   She could do theater, film, or cable TV (as long as it didn’t air at 10pm) but she was pretty much stuck.   That’s the part I don’t get.  You won’t grant her request because it isn’t fair to the cast and crew, that’s fine.  But then let her go so she can find other work.   And they wouldn’t do that.   So she went on medical leave and now she’s gone for good.   I hate it because I thought she was fantastic and her chemistry with Donnie Wahlberg was amazing.  I think it’s a big loss for the show.  Having said that, I don’t think the new replacement, Megan Ketch has been bad.  I actually like her.  Not as much as Esposito of course, but Ketch is doing a good job.  It’s tough shoes to fill and I think no matter who it was to fill them, fans weren’t going to like her.  Now apparently Ketch is moving on and Megan Boone is set to replace her for 4 episodes with an option to be picked up a series regular.  Guess we’ll see how she does.

In terms of the season, as always, I love this show.  I know people can get annoyed at how the Reagan family always does the right thing and makes the right decisions.   But I don’t care.  I like the fact that they are good people trying to do the right thing.  What’s wrong with that?  They still have flaws.  They still struggle with decisions.  But if they always try to go the right way, I’m ok with that.


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RECAP & REVIEW: The Good Wife “Battle of the Proxies” S4 E10

I’m so mad at myself that I haven’t been as up to speed on The Good Wife as I would have liked.  But Sunday’s have been brutal.  I basically had a marathon this weekend and now I’m even more mad at myself.  I know there are some people who aren’t happy with the story lines this season but I’m not one of them.  Well, except for the Kalinda/Nick story line which has been horrible.   But it appears the writers agree and Nick is now gone so I’m not going to crush them for one bad idea over 4 seasons!

This whole thing with Nick probably wouldn’t have been so bad if it hadn’t been for the build up.  The last 3 seasons, we were led to believe that Kalinda was on the run from a really bad dude and that her life could be in jeopardy if he were to find her.  Instead, we got a kinky, sex crazed, wacko, who did nothing but make me want to FF every scene he’s in.  I mean really?   This is the guy Kalinda was so afraid of?  We all know how tough Kalinda is so I would think it would take a pretty significant person to make her squirm.  But Nick was a joke.  Hell, Scott Porter was more intimidating than Marc Warren was.  And I know Kalinda has this whole sex appeal thing going on, but does everyone in contact with her need to be about sex?  Because it’s hard for me to buy her being deathly afraid of this man is she’s constantly screwing him every chance she gets.  But he’s gone…thank God.  So the question remains, HOW is he gone.  The ending was left very vague.  And maybe if this were a more interesting storyline, we would care what happened to Nick.  Since it wasn’t, I don’t…I just want him to stay gone.

I’m loving the addition of Amanda Peet this season.  She doing a fantastic job and I hope they keep her on moving forward.  And seeing Chris Bulter made me realize how much I miss seeing Matan Brody.  He was such a good character and then he just vanished.  Big mistake.  Bring back Matan!!!   But Peet has been solid and I’m liking the chemistry she is developing with Will.  I hope that starts to go somewhere because I really like them together.

By the way, Jackie and condoms…one word…ew.

And I know this happened in A Defense of Marriage but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the last scene in the bathroom between Peter and Alicia.  Holler!!!!!!!   You all know I want those two back together.   They are amazing.  I think the key to remember in all of this is that Peter and Alicia NEVER stopped loving each other or being attracted to one another.  They may have had their issues with their spouses choices (rightfully so) but they never fell out of love.  Which is why they will always find their way back to each other.   And Stockard Channing, I love you woman but STAY OUT OF THEIR RELATIONSHIP!!!  Don’t you be telling Peter to back off.  You back off!

So what do we think is going on with Eli and this investigation?  Is this a Maddie Hayes creation?  And what a crappy position to be put in…assist us in nailing your current candidate or we’ll nail another candidate who just so happens to be your ex-wife.  Low blow man.  Those justice agents go right for the gonads don’t they?   Luckily he has Diane on his side to assist him and I’m sure they will both find a way to get Eli out of this.

And for the love of all that’s holy and good, can we PLEASE give Cary Agos a storyline.  We wasted half the season on this stupid Nick guy, now it’s time for Cary to shine.  Please?   Pretty please?  I’m begging the writing staff…do something for my guy!

How are you all liking this season?   And are you as happy as the rest of the world seems to be that Nick is gone?   Let me know!


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SEASON FINALE REVIEW: The Good Wife “The Dream Team” S4 E22

Unbelievable!!!!  I really didn’t think this would be much of a season finale….when will I learn?  Last night’s season finale of TGW was fabulous.  I’ve mentioned several times how there is no show on TV that has done a better job with guest stars the way TGW has.  All their guest stars should win Emmys.  They are that good and that magnificent.  Martha Plimpton is absolutely brilliant as Patti Nyholm.  And really, what more can I say about MJF.  Them teaming up to take down LG is genius.  But will it be successful?

The Dream Team vs. LG

LG has just won another class action suit.  One they believed they had no chance of winning.  Since they realize this will be tied up in appeals for years, LG tries to go for an immediate settlement to get the money to the client faster.  Seems reasonable.   But Canning isn’t budging.   In fact, he’s delaying the discussion because he is waiting for his attorney…one supermom, Patti Nyholm.  Then the bomb drops…they are suing LG for $50 million for fraud.  Basically the case should have been a $1 million settlement or jury trial.  Instead LG insisted it be a bench trial and they were awarded $25 million.  Canning and Nyholm are accusing LG of judicial tampering since the judge was someone Will played basketball with and mostly likely bribed for the favorable judgement.  We know it isn’t true but with Will’s history and his issues with the bar association now public knowledge, that’s what they are playing off of.   Not to get too off topic, but how can this not be an issue for the firm moving forward?  In real life, they would have to cut Will loose for this exact reason…they can’t have every judgement that goes their way result in a countersuit for fraud.  So regardless of whether or not Will is guilty (and he is) a struggling firm can’t have that liability around.  Especially a firm that is in the financial straits (which learn later on) that LG is in.  Diane will always have Will’s back and therefore will do anything for him.  If Will were a bigger person, he would step down from the firm so they wouldn’t be vulnerable to these types of actions.  But, since Josh Charles is a major character, he isn’t going anywhere.

As this is all playing out, Canning and Nyholm have made one thing very clear to LG….they are there to destroy them.  Now here’s my question.   Is this a personal attack or a professional one?  It’s one thing to go after a firm for your clients.  It’s another to take someone down because of your personal feelings.  What would be the motive for Patti and Louis here?  Patti has lost to them but Louis has beaten them more than he’s lost.  So what’s with all the venom?  Why go after them so fervently?  In the end, everything really spins on its heels.  Just when LG has gotten the upper hand on the Dream Team and destroyed their countersuit and therefore declared victory, the Dream Team had one more shoe to drop…..this wasn’t their end game.  This was all a distraction for a bigger picture move.   Patrick Edelstein, LG’s largest client, isn’t happy with them and the Dream Team was able to snatch him from their client list while this “case” was going on.  This whole thing was a rouse to steal their top client.  So while the intent to destroy them is still going strong, the action by which they are doing it was slightly different from what was originally perceived.  Ouch.  Diane and Will realize that they have been cut at the knees and are in trouble.


I am about to say something very unpopular so whatever you choose to throw at me, please have it be soft.  Kalinda is starting to annoy me.  (DUCK! for throwing objects!!)   I know Kalinda is a very private person.  I respect that.  But she lost the only girlfriend she ever had because of secrets.  Alicia has extended an olive branch to her but it comes with a price…Kalinda has to be more forthcoming and honest with her.  Alicia has been helping Kalinda with a tax case.  She finds an old check and reaches out to the company who issued it to see if they would be willing to reissue the check.  The man on the other line is very serious and cryptic and Alicia senses that something is off with him.  She hangs up and tells him she’ll get back in touch.  She doesn’t, but he gets in touch with her…twice.  Once on her cell and once at her home.  Both times, Alicia tells Kalinda about it and it wasn’t until Kalinda heard that he called her at home and called her by name that she brings her in the loop on who this is….her husband.  Kalinda also keeps all of this from Will when she asks him for money so she can run.

Ok.  I don’t know if Will knows her background.  My assumption is no because I think he would have asked if her running and asking for money had anything to do with her husband.  He didn’t.  In fact, he tells her that he thought she was happy here and couldn’t understand why she’d want to leave.  So I don’t think he knows.  Alicia doesn’t know.  No one knows.   Safe to say, this is a dangerous man.  Why else would Kalinda be so evasive (and have all that ammunition in her dry wall?)  We already know she had another name and life but we weren’t sure why or the story behind it.  I guess this was an abusive relationship that she escaped.  But here is where I start to get annoyed with her.  I get that you don’t want your private past aired out for all to know and discuss.  I get that whatever happened probably screwed you up so badly you don’t know if you like men or women.  I get that whatever happened has you so guarded, you don’t want to let that guard down for anyone.  But you know what, you did let your guard down for two people you thought you could trust….Will and Alicia.  Therefore, they deserve the truth.  Tell them what is going on.  They have proven themselves to the point that you know they won’t tell anyone and keep your confidence.  If this guy is that dangerous to the point where he now knows Alicia’s name and where she lives, you need to do something.  Running away isn’t the answer (which thankfully she changed her mind and is sticking around.)  So ask them for help.  Let them in on what is going on.  Don’t pull this “don’t worry about it I can handle it” crap again.  She is putting other people at risk by withholding information.   I don’t want Kalinda’s inherent character to change because it’s what I love about her. But there has to be some growth.  And this is an area she could grow by keeping Alicia in the loop and having her help her (as well as do what she need to do to protect her family.)  At this point, Alicia deserves to know what she is dealing with so she can protect her family.  Hopefully, Kalinda will give her that chance.  Or blow the guys brains out so no one has to deal with him ever again!   That would work too!

Alicia and Peter

Talk about a dream team.  This is why they belong together….her heart keeps pulling her back to him.  Her heart isn’t pulling her towards Will.  Her vajay-jay might be but not her heart.  It was clear in this year’s elevator scene (which I liked much better than last year’s) that while they don’t regret what they did, it’s over.  It was a moment (or ten) but it wasn’t love.  Will knows it.  Alicia knows it.  You can see it on Alicia’s face and Will’s face as he walks out of the elevator.  You can see it on Alicia’s face as she stands outside her old home.  She wants so desperately to be inside with her family.  But her heart has been shattered so many times, can she really put herself through it again.  I think she can.  I said it when it came out last year that while she was brutally hurt, and rightfully so, that hurt will eventually pass because she will realize that he did it when he was being an ass.  Not after they reconciled and were falling in love again.  Big difference.  It will certainly take time but I really believe that it’s not a matter of if, but when, they are back together as a family!

Another phenomenal season of TGW has come to a close.  What did you think of the finale?  It sets up for terrific 2012/2013 season and I am already looking forward to September!!!!


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Tonight is the season finale of The Good Wife.  I’m not sure if it will be quite as insane as last year’s but this show never disappoints me so I have a feeling it will be as brilliant as always.  Plus we have the incomparable Martha Plimpton and Michael J. Fox in the season finale teaming up to bring LG down.  Love it!!!

I’m not sure if I’m going to be live tweeting or not.  I usually like to watch Game of Thrones live (no commercials) and then watch TGW right after (to fast forward the commercials!)  Plus, when you live tweet, sometimes you miss things and I hate that.  But I do love watching it live with my peeps.  So I will let you know.

No matter what, make sure you check out the blog sometime on Monday for a full recap and review of tonight’s finale.  And as always, I want to hear what you think as well!

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RECAP & REVIEW: The Good Wife “The Penalty Box” S3 E21

There were some very eyebrow raising moments in tonight’s TGW.  Some confused me and some intrigued me.  The only thing I wasn’t confused about was seeing Lemond Bishop again.  Wow is that man just beautiful to look at!!  But more on him a little later.  Let’s break down “The Penalty Box”

Alicia and Diane’s Case

Judge Cuesta (who will always be Leon Kodak to me, played by the fabulous David Paymer) is being asked to step aside from the bench because he is being accused of prosecutorial misconduct stemming from a case in which an innocent man went to prison for 20 years for the murder of his wife.  (DNA later exonerated the man.) This has to be difficult when a lawyer has to defend a judge.  The judge is used to putting these lawyers in their place and having the power that when they speak their directives are followed, most of the time without question.  Likewise lawyers are used to biting their tongues most of the time out of respect for the men and women wearing the robes behind the bench.  But when a judge needs a lawyer, those rules are thrown out the window.  It’s hard for both sides but if the best case is to be put forward, all egos have to be pushed back to do what’s in the best interest of the client.

This case was my first eyebrow raising moment.  It appeared as though Cuesta was bending over backwards to protect his ADA.   First there was evidence that was left in the community smoking area where the jury was able to see it.  This was also evidence that was inadmissible due to the inflammatory detail that could cause prejudicial bias towards the defendant.   Then, there were banking receipts that would have proved the defendant didn’t commit the crime, that were withheld from the defense.  On both counts, Cuesta went over and above to protect ADA Lloyd.   Why?  I understand protecting your people and not being a snitch to save your own skin.  I can respect that.  I can also respect protecting a good person who made a simple mistake and you don’t want their career ruined over an honest mistake.  But Lloyd is out of the practice of law (he’s now in real estate.)  Plus, at what point is protecting someone making you just as culpable as the person who made the mistake?  This is a man who went to prison for 20 years for something he didn’t do.  This is also something that will destroy your career.  It’s obvious this ADA was a bad seed.  Making a mistake is one thing.  But choosing several despicable methods to win your case, shows a pattern of egregious behavior, not a green lawyer making one mistake.   So why was Cuesta so willing to destroy his career for a kid who couldn’t care less about him?  If Lloyd cared about Cuesta as much as Cuesta seemed to want to protect him, he would have owned up to his decisions and not let Cuesta take the heat.  And the other thing I couldn’t get over is that this guy is out of law!!!  He’s not a practicing attorney any longer!  He’s in real estate!  What are you protecting?  At some point, it’s gets to be stupid rather than honorable.   I didn’t get it.  Once you realize there were so many things Lloyd did to send an innocent man to prison, the quest to protect him should have ceased because it proved he could have cared less about protecting you.

Cary vs. Callie 

LG needs a new litigator and ASAP.  Diane wants Cary, Will doesn’t, and Howard just wants to know who Cary will take with him on a desert island.  Which cracked me up when he asked Diane and Will if he was gay considering he mentioned two men and not one woman.  Ha!  Diane also interviews Callie (played by Julianne Nicholson.)  Will didn’t know about this so when she tells him he lets her know that he is sleeping with her.  To which Diane replies “can’t you keep your pants on?”   I love her!   Ultimately Callie takes a job with another firm and Cary is offered the job at LG to which he is welcomed back with open arms…except Will.  His arms are only slightly opened and is very cautious with having Cary back on board.

Eyebrow raising moments #2 and #3.  The #2 moment was Will’s reaction to bringing Cary back into the fold.  Why was he so hesitant?  I know Cary was one of the ASAs prosecuting Will but as he explained to him, it wasn’t his choice.  He was given the case and it was his job to pursue it.  While Will might be upset about that, he has to understand that it wasn’t personal between him and Cary.  He had a job to do and he did it.  So other than the target was you, what’s your beef?  He also has to know that most of the dirty tactics being used were Wendy Scott Carr.  Will’s been around the block long enough to know who was driving the train on that inquiry.

Having said all that, could Will have another reason to not trust bringing Cary back to LG?  Which brings me to moment #3: the end of the episode where Peter calls Cary.  Is this all a set up?  My conspiracy theory mind is going crazy trying to put all these pieces together.  Let’s go back to last season’s season finale.  The final scene is Cary going into Peter’s office to discuss getting his job back.  Peter realizes that he used to work with Alicia and LG.  So all indications were that Peter was going to use Cary to go after LG, Will, and possibly Alicia.  My guess was that Peter wasn’t going to go after Alicia because he still loved her and eventually wanted her back.  But if he can take down LG or Will, then ok.  That seemed to go by the waste side this year though.  I thought that final scene was going to set up a massive showdown with Cary in the middle.  While it did happen (sort of), it didn’t in the way I thought.  Yes Peter wanted to go after Will but when he put Wendy Scott Carr on it and she took it down paths Peter didn’t want it to go, he nipped her and her agenda in the bud.  But Cary was put in the middle of that.   I think since Peter realized that going after Will meant, by extension, going after Alicia, he pulled back.  But maybe he isn’t finished yet and is trying to go about this another way.  That’s where Cary working for LG comes into play.

I think Cary going to LG for a job was originally an innocent proposition.  He lost favor in the SA office so he’s looking for another opportunity.  He loved working there, his relationship with Alicia is much better (or is it), so he took the jump back to the “dark side.”  When Peter found out, he was genuinely upset.  He brings Cary into his office and they discuss the information that was brought to Peter’s attention.  Peter talks about loyalty and Cary tells him that he is loyal.  After Peter tells him to turn his cases over to Geneva and that he’ll receive 1 month’s severance, the scene is over.  Was there another conversation that was had that we weren’t privy to?  I don’t know.  After Cary bumped into Alicia at LG and asked her not to say anything to Peter, does Cary assume it was Alicia who spilled the beans?  I don’t know.  Does that phone call by Peter that Cary took while talking to Alicia (celebrating his return to the “dark side”) mean something more than Peter asking him where he left his stapler?  I don’t know!  As usual, I’m probably reading MUCH more into this than there actually is.  But I can’t help it!  I always think there is more to something than meets the eye and while TGW, for the most part, has been a straight forward show, that doesn’t mean there isn’t something bigger brewing.


Someone needs to explain to me what happened with her and Lemond Bishop…yum.  My husband and I were on opposite sides.  I think my husband was right though (don’t you dare tell him I said that!!!)   He thought Kalinda did some work for Bishop and he was pissed that the FBI found out about and are questioning him.  I thought, you know what, never mind.  What I thought was dumb.  Even revisiting it in my head it makes no sense.  I change my mind, hubby was 100% right.  Anyhoo, Bishop tells Alicia and Kalinda that he doesn’t like the FBI sniffing around him (what a shock) and tells them to handle it.  Kalinda goes to see Agent Delany and tells her…I’m sorry fondles her into submission…to stop going after Lemond Bishop because it will get her killed.  Lana tells her no can do and Kalinda leaves.

This does drive me crazy about Kalinda.  She always uses sex to get what she wants.  Isn’t that how she lost her only friend for a while there?  Hasn’t she learned from that?  Kalinda is sharp and she’s a bad ass.  She doesn’t need to resort to the sex thing every time.  It’s one area I wish the writers would clean up.   In fairness to Lana, it’s not fair of Kalinda to ask her to not do her job.  As a FBI agent and with Lemond Bishop the biggest criminal in Chicago, Lana has to go after him.  On the flip side, can’t she go after Bishop without dragging Kalinda into it?  There has to be a million other ways she can pursue him without bringing Kalinda into the fold.   I don’t think the writers would kill off Kalinda because she’s way too popular a character, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that this storyline does have me a bit concerned.

Next week….the season finale!!!!  It’s hard to believe with the way CBS has scheduled this show all year that it’s already time for the last episode.   But it is.  I have to say, I don’t have nearly the giddiness I had last season for that finale, but I am thrilled to see Patti Nyholm (Martha Plimpton) and Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) returning for the finale.  Will we be seeing a little Chandler Bing as well?  One could hope!

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