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ABC Family Cancels State of Georgia and The Nine Lives of Chloe King

Well this was some disappointing news to come back to.   ABC Family canceled State of Georgia (which I didn’t watch) and The Nine Lives of Chloe King (which I did.)

I’m disappointed but not surprised about Chloe King.  I thought it was a great little summer show that picked up some solid momentum and I was really looking forward to the return next summer because they set up some great storylines moving forward.   Oh well.

I know I have been getting requests about the status of Chloe King.  I was hoping to report better news when it was finally announced.   But sadly, the legend of the Mai is no more!

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RECAP & REVIEW: The Nine Lives of Chloe King “Responsible” S1 E9

The penultimate episode of the first season had some interesting developments going on leading up to the summer finale next week.  Chloe is still confused about Alek and Brian but seems to be committing to Alek…for now.   There wasn’t too much with Amy and Paul this week.  Yeah for the Amy part and bummer for the Paul part, although he did have a good scene with Alek.  Jasmine is prepping to go on a date but as soon as this guy showed up, I didn’t like him or trust him.  There was just something about him.  And Meredith invites her boyfriend Frank over for dinner with his girlfriend Vanessa which turns into quite the storyline.

At first, the dinner party with Meredith, Chloe, Frank, and Vanessa isn’t going very well.  Chloe is really enjoying herself and open to getting to know Frank and Vanessa.   Vanessa on the other hand, wants no part of this.  But when they are in Chloe’s room, while the parents have a little make out time, Vanessa starts to open up to Chloe.  She confides in her that she has a boyfriend and she is really into him.  Chloe convinces her to tell him how she feels and Vanessa tells Chloe her handle so they can IM.

The next day, Vanessa is gone.  She took all her things a disappeared.  Chloe was able to get a hold of her via messaging and sets up a time to meet up with her. Vanessa agreed to meet with Chloe because she wanted her to tell her dad that she’s ok.   I’m not sure why Vanessa wouldn’t have hooked up with a friend she is closer to.  I mean she just met Chloe so I found that odd.   But whatever.  Chloe told her dad about the meeting because she was worried and her fears were confirmed when Vanessa tells her that she’s running off with a 27-year-old!   If there are any teenagers reading this right now, let me give you some advice.  If you start talking to a boy online and you find out he’s in his 20s and he knows you are in your teens and he still wants to meet up and hang out with you anyway…RUN, don’t walk, RUN away from that creep as fast as you can.   Trust me, this has nothing to do with your looks or your intelligence or your personality.  It has EVERYTHING to do with there being something wrong with him.   Guys in their 20s NEVER have good intentions going after teenage girls.  And I’m not talking about if your 19 and he’s 20 or 21.  I’m talking about a 10+ year age difference.  Ok, I’m off my soap box now.  Chloe and Frank try to stop Vanessa but she gets away and off she goes with 27-year-old Cody.  Even his name is creepy….Cody.  When Cody and Vanessa show up a dock filled with cargo ships, you know this isn’t going to end well for Vanessa.  Even more so when the other man shows up to force her into one of the cargo containers that has other young girls in it.  Chloe tells her friends what is going on and somehow (I forget how) they connect Cody with these cargo holders.  They get to the docks and wipe out creepy Cody and his crew while rescuing Vanessa and the other girls.  Vanessa returns home and unfortunately the person who pays the ultimate price, is Meredith.  Frank breaks up with her so he can spend more time focusing on Vanessa.  I don’t understand that strategy.   You can still spend more time with your daughter and still date Meredith.  Why does it have to be one or the other?  It’s stupid.  But Meredith respects it and is just happy she can move on and date again.  I don’t know how much moving on she’s actually doing since she did reach out to Jonathan (Chloe’s dad) last week via email.   Because we all know what’s going to happen…he’s going to show back up.   It wouldn’t shock me if he shows up in the finale next week but my gut tells me we won’t see him until possibly next season.

Now someone please help me out here.  Do we know what the Mai did to Whitley’s family?   He mentioned this week how he wants to destroy the Mai (starting with Chloe protectors) because the Mai destroyed his family.  Has that been explained before and I missed it?   I would really like to know what his beef is and if he is the one who started the Order or if the Order was already in existence when he joined them to go after the Mai.  Plus with everything Brian is investigating, there is something that Whitley is hiding.  Did he kill Brian’s mother?   Does he know who did?  Was it Mai?   Was Brian’s mother Mai?   We’ve learned that the story about Mais kissing humans being deadly is a lie so maybe human and Mai can produce children.  I doubt it and it is probably something else.  But there is something shady going on with Brian’s mother’s death/disappearance.  And I’m not sure what Simone’s end game is but she is protecting Brian because when Whitley wanted to see everyone in Chloe’s life, she removed the picture of Chloe and Brian so he wouldn’t see.

Summer finale next week, which means we should have some episodes in January to look forward to!!!  I will do a full recap next week with analysis on the rookie season as a whole, which I have found very entertaining.


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RECAP & REVIEW: The Nine Lives of Chloe King “Pilot” S1 E1

The Nine Lives of Chloe King (which I will reference as NLCK) premiered last night on ABC Family.   The show centers around Chloe King (played by Skyler Samuels), who was born in the Ukraine and adopted by an American family.  Chloe’s mom, Meredith (played by Amy Pietz) is a single mom (Chloe’s dad left them 10 years ago when Chloe was 6) and seems to have a solid relationship with her daughter.   Chloe’s closest friends are Amy and Paul (played by Grace Phipps and Ki Hong Lee respectively) and they have all been friends since they were little.  At the start of the show, we see Chloe running from a man with scars on his face.  At this point, we don’t know what’s going on but you know the man chasing Chloe isn’t looking to take her to Starbucks for a latte to get to know her better.  Chloe runs into a tower and runs to the top.  At this point have to stop the recap and ask the same question that is on everyone’s mind.   If you are running away from someone, why do you run to the top of a tower where there is no where else for you to go???????!!!!!!!!!   How many times have you seen this in a movie or TV show?  It drives me up a wall!!!!   Anyhoo, Chloe stares out of the tower to see two people in black running around as well. It’s safe to assume they are working with the man with the scars to find Chloe….or is it?    When Chloe turns around, there is scarface (no it’s not Al Pacino, he’s actually played by Kiko Ellsworth) and he pushes her out the window and she’s dead at the bottom of the stairs.   And that concludes the series.    Thanks for watching!!!!   Oh come on, you know that can’t be it!!!   Now comes the ubiquitous, “Two Days Earlier” on the screen.

It’s Chloe’s 16th birthday and she is wishing for something better….different…to happen in her life.  She has always been the good girl and for once she would like to take a ride on the wild side!    So she decides she wants to go to a club with her friends, meet a cute boy, maybe get kissed for the first time, and dance her little heart out.  She meets Xavier and the hit it off instantly.  The night ends with numbers being exchanged and as Chloe turns to leave, she rushes back and kisses him.  Ah, I remember those days!!

The next day, she is telling Amy about Xavier (Amy and Paul left early because they hooked up unbeknownst to Chloe) when a group of popular kids, led by Alek (played by Benjamin Stone), come over and start messing with Chloe and Amy.  Chloe grabs his basketball and hurls it all the way down the hallway and into a trash can.   We are starting to see little things like this that make Chloe stand out a bit.  Alek notices this too and starts to talk to Chloe, alone.  As he leans in to kiss her, Jasmine (played by Alyssa Diaz) shows up and yells at him not to kiss Chloe.   We assume this is his not so happy girlfriend but appearances are not always what they seem.

Little by little, Chloe is starting to notice more things about her that are different.   She’s running a little faster, she’s jumping really high, she is able to balance on the tiniest of areas, her hearing is very acute.  She’s not sure what all of this means but she is loving it because she feels she is starting to develop these “super powers.”  She also must have garnered some super man attracting powers because she meets ANOTHER guy who she connects with named Brian (played by Grey Damon).    Man this girl went from no dates to player in about 30 minutes!!  She really connects with Brian and decides to go on a date with him (especially since she hasn’t heard back from Xavier.)  Unfortunately in the middle of their date, a dog starts barking at her wildly and she takes off.   Later, Chloe is attacked by a homeless man and scratches his face pretty badly.  When she looks down at her hands, she sees claws coming out of the tips of her fingers.   Well that would certainly freak me out.   These changes aren’t so cool anymore are they?

At one point, when Chloe is running away, she runs into Alek and his girlfriend who wants to talk to her about her “transformation.”  She is wondering what the hell he is talking about (so am I quite frankly.)  He tells her that first Jasmine is not his girlfriend but a fellow Mai assigned to protect Chloe.  A fellow what?   Mai.   We learn that the Mai are an ancient race that are facing extinction at the hands of The Order.   Both Alek and Jasmine are also descendants of the Mai.  They are assigned to protect Chloe.  They start to tell Chloe about the Mai and what all this means and you can see this is starting to be a little too much information for Chloe to absorb.   It gets worse when they tell her she can’t kiss humans because a kiss from a Mai to a human can be fatal.  She remembers her birthday night and how she kissed Xavier and hasn’t heard from him.   They rush to his apartment to see the cops taking him away in a body bag.   Chloe is full of tears and completely devastated.  I would be too.  She tells Alek and Jasmine to stay away from her and to leave her alone and that she wants no part of this.   Oh Chloe, I don’t think you have a choice.

Flash back to the tower and Chloe gets pushed off.  She’s dead at the bottom but when scarface gets to the bottom, he sees she is gone.   We also learn that the two hooded figures Chloe saw at the bottom were not part of scarface’s team but were Alek and Jasmine, following Chloe to protect her.  When Chloe walks away from the fall, scarface, Alek, and Jasmine all realize something huge…..Chloe is the Uniter, savior of the Mai race because she has nine lives.  Chloe was brought about to save the Mai race so Alek and Jasmine do everything they can to keep her safe.   But scarface is on a mission.  He meets up with a man in a limo who tells scarface that he doesn’t care how many times she has to die…kill her until she is really dead!   Alrighty then mystery evil man.

Chloe doesn’t know what to do, that is until her friend Paul gets kidnapped by scarface.   Amy is with her so they go to rescue Paul.   Chloe tells her friend to wait in the car and when Amy asks if she will be ok, Chloe flashes her her claws and says she’ll be just fine.  For the record, Chloe had been telling Amy about her new-found “super powers” so the claw thing probably wasn’t as shocking to Amy as it could have been.  Chloe finds Paul and then scarface shows up then……FIGHT SCENE!!!!   Meanwhile Alek and Jasmine land on Amy’s car scaring the crap out of her and ask where Chloe is.   Amy tells them and follows them in.  A&J help Chloe with her fight while Amy starts talking to Chloe.   “Not now Amy” Chloe tells her while still kicking scarface’s ass.   Alek releases Paul and both he and Amy try to help Chloe, Alek, and Jasmine.  Eventually scarface flees the scene but not before trying to throw a ninja star at Chloe, to which Jasmine steps in front of her and takes the shot.  Alek carries her off to his house to heal and Chloe, Amy, and Paul head out.

At the end of the episode, Jasmine is recouping while Alek stands guard outside Chloe’s home, Brian goes to tell his father about the awesome new girl he’s met and we realize Brian’s father is the head of The Order who is trying to wipe out the Mai race and especially Chloe, Meredith is going through Chloe’s adoption papers, and Chloe receives a mysterious email from someone.   The email simply says “Trust no one, Dad.”    DAD?????   I thought he left 10 years ago?   You know what though, I knew since they were mentioning him so much, he had to be in the picture some how.   So is “Dad” also a Mai and knew about Chloe all along when he adopted her from the Ukraine?   Is Dad not a Mai but still knows who/what Chloe is?   Did Chloe have any contact with her father before this email?    Can’t wait to see where that is going!

So what did you think of the premiere?   I liked it.   The cast is good and so far the premise is interesting.  It’s a little predictable and unoriginal but I still like it.   I instantly liked the character of Chloe and the actress playing her.  Seriously though, who doesn’t like an ass-kicking teenager?   Buffy anyone?   The only thing I don’t like is the best friend, Amy.   Quirky is one thing.  She’s down right annoying.  Her voice, her mannerisms, everything quite frankly.  I hope they can tone her down because every time she was on-screen I wanted to scratch my eyes and ears out with Chloe claws.

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Pretty Little Liars Returns and The Nine Lives of Chloe King Premiere Tonight

ABC Family’s summer season kicks off tonight with the Season 2 premiere of Pretty Little Liars at 8pm followed by the Series Premiere of The Nine Lives of Chloe King at 9pm.

When last we left the ladies of Rosewood, PA, Ian was revealed as Allison’s killer and tried to kill Spencer before someone killed him.  Or did they?    Ian’s body hasn’t been recovered so either he’s not dead or the person who killed him, took him away from the crime scene.  And who was that person in the hooded sweatshirt?   Was it A?   Was it someone working for or with A?   Was it Toby?   So many questions to be answered!

Here’s another question I have….are we 100% sure Allison is dead?   Did we ever see her body and receive confirmation that she is in fact really deceased?  Maybe I’m trying to read more into something than what is really there, but I wouldn’t be surprised if awful little Ali really isn’t dead after all.   But if she is really dead, then who is A?  If you have read the books and know who A is, DO NOT SPOIL IT FOR ME OR ANYONE ELSE WHO DOESN’T KNOW!!   I’ve been to other sites where people get their kicks out of spoiling things in the comments section.  Don’t even think of trying that here!

Even in my 30s, I love a good teen show.   This one is very well done.  It’s probably the best teen show on TV.   Maybe because there is a touch of realism where these girls actually go to school, study, have parents that treat them like children, and have real problems girls’ their age face.   They just happen to have this murder investigation hanging around their heads due to the death of their former friend.  But it’s well written and a solid cast and great summer guilty pleasure!

The Nine Lives of Chloe King (which will now be known as TNLOCK) premieres right after PLL.  Skyler Samuels stars as Chloe King who discovers she has these cat-like powers and is part of a group called the Mai.  She meets a young boy, Alek, who also shares these powers and is her mentor in learning how she will live her life with this new-found information.  There is a group called The Order that is out to destroy all the Mai and now they are coming after Chloe.

It sounds like this show will have some mythology to it as well as a young ass kicker similar to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I’ll definitely check it out since it is after PLL.   Tomorrow I’ll let you know guys know what I think.


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