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NFL Draft is Messing with my TV Viewing!!!!

As you all know, I am a HUGE sports fan.  One of my favorite past times is getting together with my family on Saturday and Sunday of draft weekend and watch the NFL draft all weekend.  It was awesome.

Now, the stupid NFL made the first round of the draft on Thursday night, Rounds 2-3 are Friday night and Rounds 4-7 are Saturday.  It sucks!!!  Not to mention, I have some MAJOR TV to watch tonight….Bones, Michael Scott’s final episode of the Office, The Mentalist, Grey’s, Private Practice, Nikita, Community.  Come on NFL Draft you are killing me!!!

Plus I miss the all day Saturday of food, beer, football, beer, friends, and beer.  It’s just not the same.  But it is what it is and I can’t do anything about it.  I guess I should go grab a beer.

Go Eagles!!!!!


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REVIEW: Bones “The Finder” S6 E19

This episode of Bones is to set the table for a potential new series coming out this fall called The Finder.   The Finder is based on a series of books from Richard Greener that features the character of Walter Sherman, aka: The Locator.   I usually don’t like when shows do this because it takes away an entire episode from one of my favorite shows which is exactly what happened here.  I didn’t feel like I was watching Bones last night.  I felt like I was watching a pilot for a new show that kind of had a connection to my Bones family.   So that bugs me because I need my Brennan and Booth fill and last night I didn’t have very much of it.  Although there were two scenes that sort of made up for it which I will get to later.

Now people keep calling this a spinoff.  Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think introducing 3 characters on Bones for the first time which may result as the launching for this new show can be classified as a spinoff.  A spinoff to me is taking a relatively established character from an existing show and spinning them off into their own show.  Private Practice, Frasier, The Jeffersons, Maude, Mama’s Family, The Facts of Life, The Colby’s, Laverne and Shirley…..these are true spinoffs.  To me, putting Horatio Caine or Walter Sherman on a popular show to use it to showcase a pseudo pilot for the following season that may be similar in theme, doesn’t constitute a spinoff.   But tomato, tomahto.

Regardless of what you want to call it, I really enjoyed it.  I was pretty familiar with Saffron Burrows and Michael Clarke Duncan but I’m not as familiar with Geoff Stults.  However once he turned around in that chair and later on proceeded to take off his shirt revealing a lovely physique to admire, I realized I better get to know him and I would be happy to have him on my TV screen every week!   Besides the hotness that exuded from every pore in his body, I found his character to be funny and quirky (in a good way) yet very serious about his work and complex regarding his past.  I think there are many layers to him that will be revealed over time and I am willing to find out what they are.  On a surface level, it seems he had a tour in Iraq that may have left his brain-damaged to the point where he is incredibly paranoid.   But he doesn’t want to pursue addressing it because he feels his keen sense for his job as a Locator has something to do with it as well.  So if he fixes his paranoia, the thing that makes him an expert at his work will be lost as well.   Time will tell.   Ike and Leo (Burrows and Duncan) are his best friends and support team.  Both are equally interesting and bring their own level of humor and realism that are very relatable.  If this series were to get picked up for next year, I would certainly watch it.

I’ll be honest, the case this week wasn’t all that interesting since it had more to do with introducing these new characters and setting up the pilot for next season.   The short story is a maritime museum security is found murdered and the curator of the museum is the one who murdered him.   He also killed Sarah Walker’s CIA friend Carina from Chuck….over a treasure map.  I was waiting for Finn and Tess from Fool’s Gold to pop out and start helping with the search for the hidden treasure!   The funny part was, Walter said how it’s not his job to solve crimes, just to locate people or things he is hired to find.  Solving the crime was B&B’s responsibility.  But Walter ended up solving the crime anyway so it led to very little Cam, Angela, Hodgins, and Squint time.  Sweets was nowhere to be found.

As I mentioned above, there were 2 very awesome Bones moments.  The first one was when Walter returned Brennan’s 1st place Science Fair medal to her.  To prove how good Walter is at his job, Booth told Brennan to tell Walter what is the one thing she is missing.  She tells him that she lost her science fair medal and Walter tells her to say no more and that he will find it.  Brennan doesn’t believe this is even close to possible.  While working in her office, he shows up and hands her a box wrapped with a blue ribbon.  Inside the box is her science fair medal.  But that wasn’t even the best part.  Also in the box was the article from the local paper about her win and the article had a picture of her and her mom.  It was such a sweet moment that got her (and me) choked up. I loved it!   The second moment also had to do with the medal.  At the end of the show, when B&B are having their traditional drink at the Founding Fathers, they are talking about Walter and his abilities but Booth marvels at how Brennan’s abilities are due to her intense attention to detail and her many years of training.   He basically tells her how awesome she is while placing her medal around her neck.  It’s great.  I also loved how Booth got a little jealous when Walter started showing interest in Brennan.  But I always love seeing Booth’s jealous side.  I think Brennan does too!

So what did you think?  Did you like The Finder and if it gets picked up next year, will you watch it?


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QUICK REVIEW: The Mentalist “Red Queen” S3 E16

“When thy little heart doth wake
The the dreadful night shall break”
– William Blake

I know this episode was about 2 months ago but The Mentalist was one of those shows burning up my DVR until this weekend when we had a marathon and this was the first of the 5 episodes we watched.

Quick show of hands.   How many of you knew that as soon as Agent Bertram quoted that line from a poem, you knew it was going to William Blake before LaRoche pointed it out to Lisbon?   Yep…I thought so…lots of you.   Now this is not from the same poem that we are all familiar with “The Tiger” which was made famous during last year’s season finale.  This line is from a poem called “The Cradle Song.”   Now, do the title of these poems have any specific meaning or is it the lines of the poems?  Or is it simply that Red John and Agent Bertram both really like William Blake and nothing more?   I don’t know.   But let’s get into what really matters….is Agent Bertram Red John?    No.

I think the people behind The Mentalist want to keep us guessing and throughout the course of the series, are going to throw up constant red flags to make us think Red John is either this person or that person.   In my opinion, Agent Bertram is not Red John.   He is simply a man who likes William Blake and stated the quote out of pure coincidence.   He’s not significant enough to have any impact as being revealed as RJ and he is too significant to be a basic reveal.

I’m eventually going to do an all out Red John post.   Probably during the summer when the TV scene is much quieter.   But I have always thought and still do that the Red John reveal will not come until the end of the series.  Mostly because RJ will not be someone significant.   It will either be some guy we know nothing about and will be, arguably, a boring reveal or it will be Brett Partridge, the forensic tech that Jane doesn’t get along with.  Why Partridge will be disappointing is that at this point, it is a little too obvious that it might be him and everyone on the internet thinks it’s him.  But the main reason why I think the reveal will not happen until the end of the series is because I think RJ’s accomplice is going to be the bigger reveal.  The person who was his right hand man or woman the whole time and possibly even a worse killer or person than RJ.   And that person, I think, will be one of the CBI team members we have come to love and adore.   Someone who was under Jane’s nose the whole time.   I don’t think it will be Cho.  I think it’s going to be Rigsby, Van Pelt, or Lisbon.  My guess, right now, is Van Pelt.


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QUICK REVIEW: Grey’s Anatomy “Song Beneath the Song” S7 E18

I’m going to do a full review on this tomorrow or over the weekend.  But I wanted to share some quick thoughts on the episode.

Being a fan of Broadway, I LOVED Sara Ramirez from her Tony Award winning performance in Spamalot.  When I first heard about the “musical” episode of Grey’s, I’ll be honest, I rolled my eyes.  But then I remembered that Sara would be singing so it made it more tolerable.  I also knew that Chandra Wilson has an amazing voice so I figured this may not be too bad.

While I thought the performances were pretty impressive (including some surprisingly impressive performances by Kevin McKidd and Chyler Leigh) I don’t know if it fit the gravity of the episode.  In all honesty, I though it took away from some of the power of the scenes when all of a sudden a song broke out.  It seemed strange to me that Lexie would be singing to Slone while he is crying in the stairwell.  It’s one thing to incorporate the songs from Callie’s subconscious and if she thinks she is hearing people singing like Hunt and Bailey due to a brain injury.  But I think it’s another to have the doctors consciously singing in the OR, in her room while taking care of her, or while they are having sex.

I thought the one song that was perfectly placed as the 11 o’clock number (as they call it in the theater) was Callie singing Brandi Carlisle’s “The Story.”  Wow.  Did she belt it out of the park or what?  It moved me to tears (especially when she woke up and said “yes” to Arizona’s marriage proposal.)  The words behind the song were perfect and it was Callie pushing herself to wake up and survive for all the people in her life who need her.  It was awesome.   The rest of it though, I’m not so sure.  There were times I was so moved by what was happening and then a song would pop in that I wasn’t sure how it tied in exactly and then the moment was lost for me.   Maybe it would have worked better if it was a patient we either didn’t know and didn’t have as much of a personal interest in or maybe had a slight connection with (like Scott Foley) or possibly still used Callie but maybe had less songs and put the songs in more appropriate spots in the show to not take away from the emotional moments.  I don’t know.

I want to reflect on this a little further but that is my initial gut reaction.   Great performances from the entire cast.  I love the songs themselves, obviously.  And I really hope I can get Sara’s rendition of “The Story” on iTunes.  But for the impact it provided to an already emotionally charged episode, it missed the mark.  In fact, it actually detracted from it.  But maybe I’ll feel differently after a few days.   So check back because I may have changed my thoughts after letting it sink in a bit more and watching the episode again.

Here were some of my favorite song renditions:

Chasing Cars



How to Save a Life

The Story


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REVIEW: Bones “The Blackout in the Blizzard” S6 E16

I’ll be honest, the case this week wasn’t that interesting to me so I am not going to touch on it.  Sorry!  But I want to talk about the 2 core relationships on the show: Angela and Hodgins and of course, Booth and Brennan.  So this was the much buzzed about episode with Booth and Brennan trapped in an elevator and a major conversation about their relationship takes place there.  I would say some interesting conversation happens there but I think a pivotal conversation happens later at Booth’s apartment.  But let’s get to Ang and Hodgins first.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I cried watching these two.  TJ Thyne and Michaela Conlin are so incredible.  People always talk about the chemistry between Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz and make no mistake, those people aren’t wrong about that.  I am also one those people.  But no one every really talks about the chemistry between Conlin and Thyne.  It is wonderful.  They were so good, I felt guilty watching their scenes.  The reason why, is because I felt like I was intruding on a real couple’s private concern and pain.   Angela was very concerned about being a carrier for this genetic marker that could mean the baby could be blind.  Hodgins was just tested to find out if he was also a carrier (which is the only way the baby could be in danger of being blind.)  He spent most of the episode trying to reassure Angela that everything would be fine.  It was such a long shot (like 1 in a million) that he was going to be a carrier.  However, his buddy Wendell could see that he was also nervous.  Hodgins tried to blow it off and remind him he needs to be strong for Angela but Wendell could see right through it.  Finally Hodgins gets the call.  You don’t need to hear the conversation and you never need to hear him actually say it.  It is all over his face and in the tone of his voice that he is also a carrier.  He breaks down in tears in front of Wendell and is so worried to tell Angela for fear she is going to hate him.  I know I’ve been there when you hear news of something that is completely out of your control and you are so afraid to tell the person this also affects because you fear they will be disappointed in you.  I was crying right with him.  Wendell was being a really good friend by understanding Hodgins’ fear and sadness but also by respectfully telling him that Angela won’t be mad at him and that they will get through this.  As this is going on, Angela walks in with a smile on her face which quickly disappears when she sees Hodgins face.  Wendell excuses himself and we see Hodgins telling Angela through the glass window and she lovingly grabs his face and hugs him as he tearfully tells her that he’s a carrier.  It was such a touching moment and was crying like a baby!!   Towards the end of the episode, after the case was solved and they were heading home, Ang and Hodgins had another beautiful scene.  Hodgins started talking about how Ang would need to learn sculpting because if the baby can’t paint, he/she could sculpt and still have Angela’s artistic influence.  And he wants to take up piano so he can teach the baby piano together.  I loved how he was taking this situation and looking for all the positives.  Angela did remind him that there is still a chance the baby will be just fine and no matter what happens, they can handle anything because they have each other.  Another water works moment for yours truly!  Since the writers are farting around with Booth and Brennan, it’s nice to see such a strong, solid couple we can always rely on.   And speaking of Booth and Brennan….

What did you think of Booth and Brennan during this episode?  I love them.  I have always loved them and I will always love them.  I was cracking up with the elevator scene.  First and foremost, being from Philadelphia (where David Boreanaz grew up) and being an Eagles fan, I can COMPLETELY appreciate Booth wanting those Vet Stadium seats (I actually have 2 seats myself!)  There was some great interacting between B&B and Sweets with Sweets trying to get them to talk about their feelings towards each other.  It got a little ugly when he brought up Hannah but he and Booth were fine by the end of the episode.

What I was waiting for was this BIG conversation B&B were going to have about their relationship in the elevator that was teased to us but it never happened.  Unless you count Brennan bringing up the idea of them sleeping know considering their stamina it would be quite satisfying!   Ha!!  That was fantastic.  But other than that, nothing of significance was discussed and it was the same old, “we’re not a couple” and “we don’t need to talk about this right now” and blah blah blah.  I was pissed.  I thought I was going to tweet Hart Hanson about how I have had enough of all of this teasing of B&B getting together and it never happening.  Because he would listen to me.  I’m sure of it.  But then the scene in Booth’s apartment happened.  And I’m torn on how I feel about it.

In Booth’s apartment, Booth admitted that what happened between him and Hannah really threw him for a loop.  Therefore, he is not ready to go down a serious path just yet.  His heart and head need some time to recoup.  On the flip side, Brennan admits that when he first asked her to get together, she was impervious to those types of advances.  But she also admitted that she could see a time where she isn’t so impervious and would consider opening up to the idea of a relationship with Booth.  So what they decided to do was write down a date and burn it for good luck.  Supposedly that will be the date they are ready to get together.   The good news is that I think this is great progress.  Both parties for the first time, basically admitted that they would like to start a relationship together, just not right now.  That’s a HUGE step from them never admitting to wanting to be together and being just friends and colleagues and also him being ready but she isn’t and then she’s ready but he isn’t.  They are on the same page to want to try just not yet.  The bad news is that with this blind date that was written down and not shared means Hart Hanson and crew can drag this on for seasons to come.  Ugh!!!!!!  Also, I understand what Booth was trying to do, but I thought it was incredibly silly.  I would rather him have grabbed her hand, looked her in the eye and said “look, we aren’t in a position to do this right now.  But I am willing to wait.  Wait until you’re ready and wait until I’m ready to give this a chance.  What do you say?   Do you agree” as he extends his hand for a “seal the deal” handshake.  Brennan would then slap his hand away and say “this is how you seal a deal” and rip off her clothes, rip off his clothes, and have sex with him during the 3 week hiatus.  Really, would that have been too hard to direct?   Ha!!!  In all seriousness, can you imagine how all the B&B fans would be for 3 weeks if THAT happened?  I know I would be dancing in the streets.

While I think it’s great that B&B are moving closer and closer to a relationship together, I still feel like this isn’t happening any time soon.  This is also seems to be the type of story you get after a major fight in the writers rooms.  I have no inside knowledge of this and I am only guessing but I can just imagine writers are very split on what to do with B&B.  I can see some writers vehemently opposing their getting together until the end of the series.  And I can see some writers vehemently saying that they need to stop jerking the viewers around or they are going to stop watching the show.  This placates both parties.  B&B didn’t get together but they did give the fans hope that yes something will happen just not right now.  I have to admit that for a while, I really wasn’t sure that the writers were going to ever put them together.  Now I have confirmation that they will I just may have to wait until I turn 80.

How did you feel about this episode?  Were pleased with the “advancements” in B&B’s relationship?  Or are you just as frustrated as before?   And aren’t 100% convinced the Angela and Hodgins are going to be the best parents ever?   I want to hear from you!!!


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QUICK REVIEW: Bones “The Killer in the Crosshairs” S6 E15

I have finally caught up to Season 6!!!!   God Bless iTunes for having all the current episode available for rent so we could catch up!!!  Bones is back after a 3 week layoff and I am so happy to be able to watch new episodes again.   Although, like my transition with Supernatural from DVD to real-time, I hate not being able to watch the next episode of Bones when I want to.  I’ll get over it.

Killer in the Crosshairs brought back Jacob Broadsky (played by Arnold Vosloo, who I will always think of as Imhotep) and Booth is on a mission to take him down.  Broadsky is continuing his mission to take out really bad criminals who have gotten away with their crimes and it sets up an interesting discussion about justice.  You have the 2 best snipers in the world.  One has a very concrete view of justice and another has his firm belief.  It’s easy to sit on the outside and say what Brennan said to Booth at the end of the episode….”Broadsky is bad.  You are good.”  But is Broadsky really bad?  The first victim (that we know of) was the Gravedigger.  And while I love me some Deirdre Lovejoy because that lady rocks, you have to admit that once the initial shock wore off of what you just witnessed, you were thrilled she was finally dead.  She got what she deserved for not only killing all her victims but for what she did to the members of our Bones family that we love so much…Hodgins, Brennan, and Booth.  I know I was.  Again after I stopped puking for 20 minutes after watching her head explode in front of me.   Seriously how did Sweets not lose his lunch?   Sorry, I digress.  In all seriousness, Broadsky is being hired to take out serious criminals who have either escaped prosecution altogether or more serious punishment.  Now before I start getting hate mail from all 2 of you, I understand the law.  You don’t take matters into your own hands and you let the justice system handle it.  That’s why we have the best justice system in the world.  It isn’t perfect but it’s the best there is.  I have always been less harsh of vigilantes because I can understand (to a point) why they would want to kill the person that killed one of their loved ones.  Have you ever read the book “A Time to Kill?”  If not, have you seen the movie with Matthew McConaughey, Samuel L Jackson, Ashley Judd, and Sandra Bullock?  If ever a man was justified for what he did, that was it.  But here’s the difference, Broadsky isn’t a victim seeking justice.  He’s a paid assassin by the victims seeking their justice.  So is it ok?  If you ask Booth, it’s very clear…it isn’t ok.  Broadsky is a murderer and he will bring him down in whatever way he has to.  There is no gray area with Booth and no discussion.  What Broadsky is doing is wrong and he should pay the price for it.

I really like the way this made Booth look at himself and second guess who he is.   In his love life, Booth has always been wishy-washy and constantly rethinks his decisions and wonders if he made the right call.  But when it comes to his professional life, Booth has always been firm, confident, and incredibly decisive on what needs to get done to make his cases successful.  So it’s fascinating to see him second guess himself and ask the question of “am I just like him?”  Of course when Brennan tells him, in her charming straight forward way, that he and Broadsky are incredibly similar, it really strikes a cord with him.  Is he as bad as Broadsky?  Is he no different?   Of course we all know the answer to that and eventually, with the help of Sweets (great scene with them by the way), Booth realizes the difference between them.  Now if only he can get Brennan to see that too.  Oh please, of course she sees it.  And over their traditional celebratory drink, Brennan confirms that she also sees the difference.   Broadsky and Booth are different in the most important way…their souls.  No you did not just jump to a Supernatural recap.  What I mean by that is, deep down in Booth’s soul, he is a genuinely good person.  He will always make the best decision for the good of the people he protects, the citizens of this country, for his family, for his friends, and for the love of his life, Brennan.   And he does it without thinking about it.  It is second nature for Booth to make the right decision.  Broadsky knows what he is doing is ultimately wrong, however good the intension behind it may be.  And he is choosing to do it anyway even though he knows it’s wrong.  Booth would never do that.  Bingo…difference established!

Next week is the big elevator episode!!  For those of you who are spoiler free you may not have heard about the elevator episode.  I won’t be spoiling anything here by saying this so fear not, but this episode finds Booth and Bones stuck in an elevator during a blizzard and allegedly their relationship moves in a closer direction.   Apparently some big stuff happens in the elevator.  About frickin’ time right!!!

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QUICK REVIEW: Fairly Legal “Priceless” S1 E2

The next time I have a disagreement with my boss, I want Kate Reed around to help me out.  That girl can solve any problem…and she is completely believable.  This week’s case was about a man, Steve Jenks, who was wrongfully accused of murder and spent 22 years in jail.  DNA shows it wasn’t him so he is released from prison.   Justin wants to avoid a trial (Jenks’ attorney wants to sue for damages) so he asks Kate to mediate the case between Jenks and the state of California.

Jenks doesn’t seem to care too much about money and seems distant and sad.  Kate is the only one paying attention to this and backs off pushing him to make a decision on a final number (his lawyer wants $20 million and the state wants to give $2.4 million.)   She tries to do things to help Jenks reintegrate himself back into society but nothing seems to work.  He continues to push away.  He calls Kate and his lawyer and starts saying thank you for all they have done and says good-bye.  You think they are setting this up for him to kill himself but instead, Kate figures out where he went and goes to stop whatever he is planning to do.  He’s at Tommy’s Market (the place where the felony murder took place that he was wrongfully accused of) and he is going all Barry Bonds on the shelves and groceries in the store.  Instead of trying to stop him, Kate joins him and she is thrilled that he is finally letting his emotions run free.  We get to see how much this has effected him and how scared he is about what to do with his life now.  Unfortunately, he and Kate get arrested and Justin wants to send him back to jail.   Kate comes up with a brilliant solution.   They go back to the field behind Tommy’s Market (which is where Jenks used to play ball with his friends when he was a kid) and Kate suggests that the state of California buy the lot and build a youth center.  Jenks will be put in charge and will receive a salary and full benefits.  He also promises to pay back all the damages of the market.  It saves the state lots of money and sets Jenks up for life…it’s a great deal for everyone!

The Reeds are also trying to find a time to get together to read Teddy’s will.  Kate keeps putting it off because of  “work” but it’s because if she hears the will, it really makes it final.   Lauren has also been struggling.  Everyone keeps fluffing her off as the trophy wife who didn’t really love Teddy and just married him for money.  Two episodes in, I don’t believe it.  I think she really loved him and is heartbroken over his death.   None of her clients or subordinates seem to be making her life easier either.  The clients don’t think she has what it takes to run Teddy’s firm but she is slowly proving them wrong.  And the admin assistants either keep getting fired or being rude to her (like Teddy’s secretary.)  But people will go to any lengths to hide their emotions…like filling a sink full of ice water and sticking you face in it and screaming at the top of your lungs.  However, Betty, Teddy’s secretary, was also in the ladies room when this happened and saw the whole thing.  She starts to soften to Lauren a bit and offers to help her moving forward and Lauren appreciates it.

The kicker at the end of the episode was when the will was finally read by Spencer, he announces to Kate and Lauren that the estate has been split FOUR ways.   But there are only three of them.  Spencer then asks “Who the hell is David Smith?”  Well that’s a very good question.  I guess we are going to find out at some point.


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