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Dallas Remake: First Look and New Trailers and Teasers!!!!

I know summer just ended and I am ready for fall and the holiday season.   But seeing this video just makes me want the summer to get here as fast as possible!  I get the chills seeing Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray back playing their iconic characters.   The cast of new characters, the new generation, look fantastic as well.  They look a little young to be their children, but I’ll go with it!   The only role I’m not sure about is Ann Ewing, played by Brenda Strong.   I WANT PAM EWING!!!!!!   And don’t tell me she’s dead and it’s not possible.  It’s a soap opera.  People come back from the dead all the time.   Bring back Pam!!!!!

Anyway, check out some of these teaser trailers below.



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AMC’s “The Killing” Trailer

From the network that brought you Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead comes an all new show…The Killing.  The Killing centers around the murder of a young high school student, Rosie Larson.  The story focuses on three major vantage points of the investigation…the detectives, the family of the victim, and the suspects suspected of involvement and murder.  The series also centers around a local city council member and how politics factor in to the investigation of Rosie’s death.  I  love the way this sounds already!!!

The cast includes Mirelle Enos (lead detective Sarah Linden), Billy Campbell (council member Darren Richmond), Michelle Forbes (the victim’s mother Mitch), Brent Sexton (the victim’s father Stan), and Joel Kinnamen (ex-narc detective who helps Sarah with the case Stephen Holder.)   Some of these actors I am familiar with and some I have no idea who they are but I am excited to see what they bring to the series.

The Killing has a 2-hour series premiere on Sunday April 3rd at 9pm.   To get ready for the premiere, check out the 4 minute trailer below:

The series looks fantastic!!  And considering the quality of original programming that AMC typical launches, The Killing should be a hit.   But we’ll wait and see!

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