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NEW PODCAST: Episode 41 Covers Suits, True Blood, Ray Donovan and More!

After some technically difficulties (and not having enough space on my hard drive and having to clean some things out) the For the Love of TV Podcast is back.   Episode 41 covers the following shows:

  1. The Newsroom
  2. The Season Finale of True Blood
  3. Dexter
  4. Graceland
  5. Suits

All these episodes are through last Sunday’s episodes.  Check out the podcast here or logon to iTunes and download.

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SEASON FINALE RECAP AND REVIEW: True Blood “Save Yourself” S5 E12

Now that’s a season finale!  After a pretty lousy season, to be quite honest, True Blood kicked it into gear the last two episodes leading up to last night’s finale and WOW what a finale it was.  Talk about one jaw dropper after another!!

One of my big problems with True Blood this season (and all other seasons where I haven’t like it) is that there are too many stories running throughout the season.  Here’s a quick run down of the stories and characters we had at some point this season:

  • Sookie and Lafayette helping Tara’s transformation
  • Tara and Jessica getting into it over Hoyt
  • Hoyt inadvertently joining a mini KKK
  • Hoyt’s relationship with Jessica and Jason
  • Jessica turning into sex crazed party girl with Bill gone
  • Bill, Eric, and Nora fighting together against the Authority
  • Roman’s leadership of the Authority vs the Sanguinista movement
  • Salome bringing Russell back and Russell killing Bill
  • Salome turning Nora and wanting her to help lead the new Authority (which involves another 4 people)
  • The Authority wanting to destroy the idea of peaceful living with human
  • Russell and Rev. Newlin forming a bond
  • Luna and Sam being hunted and Emma being kidnapped
  • Emma’s grandmother being very protective of her while Emma stays with her to keep her safe
  • Luna, Sam, Andy, and Jason all learning that the former Bon Temps Sheriff is part of the mini KKK and is led by a female dragon that he was sleeping with
  • Alcide and Sookie finally hook up only to take time off after he finds out she killed Debbie
  • Alcide fighting over who should be pack leader
  • Alcide sleeping with one of the members of the pack who backs him
  • The wolf pack being high on V
  • Alcide going to see his dad and his dad being a douchebag
  • Andy gets a Fairy knocked up and could possibly hurt his relationship with Holly
  • Terry going off the deep end with Patrick and going after their old Army crew
  • Terry having to kill Patrick to have the curse lifted
  • Tara dealing with her new life and new relationship with Pam
  • Pam on the hunt for Eric
  • Eric trying to keep Bill from becoming a psycho on Lilith V
  • Lilith going after everyone in the Authority saying they are the chosen ones

See what I mean?   We only have 12 episodes a season and to me, that is WAAAAY too many characters and stories going on….and I didn’t touch on everything.

The two guest stars I was most excited about this season that ending up failing miserably were Scott Foley and Christopher Meloni.   Christopher Meloni was awesome when he was on, but he was only on for 3 episodes before he was killed.  What a waste!  It was better for the story but the way his appearance was pumped up, I thought we would see him for more than 3 episodes!!  As for Scott Foley’s character, he was a victim of a boring storyline.  Because there were so many other things going on, and since Terry has always been a background character, I could have cared less about what was happening with them.  Plus, their storyline always felt like filler to me.  The best part about it was that it brought Arlene into the fold more, and I love her character, but I FF every time Terry and Patrick were on the screen because their story did nothing for me.

Because we had a lot going on this season, I was glad the writers chose to wrap up the Terry/Patrick storyline and the Hoyt/Jessica/Jason storyline 2 episodes early.  Very smart on their part.  That way you aren’t clouding the finale with these side stories, and Hoyt got the proper send off he deserved vs. being an after thought.  I’m sad Hoyt is gone because I always liked the character and the actor but his character has run his course and True Blood really does need to thin out the crew.

There were three main storylines happening last night: the Authority (which I’ll get to last), Sookie and Jason’s investigation into their parents’ death, and Sam and Luna being hunted and getting Emma back.  Let’s start with the latter.

I’m not a big Luna fan.  She’s always annoyed me since she came on-screen.   I can’t really put my finger on why, but she does.  And while I’ve always liked Sam, his storylines have always bored me.  This season was probably the most interested I was in his SL.  We find out that the guys in the Obama masks were mini KKK members wanting to rid society of anything that wasn’t human.  So it wasn’t a personal attack against Sam and Luna specifically, it was any shifter, vamp, wolf, etc was fair game to these people.  But with the help of Andy and Jason, they are able to track down these idiots and either kick their ass or kill them.  In the meantime, the hunt to get Emma back is on.  They find out she’s with Rev. Newlin and go to the Authority (as mice in his briefcase) to get her back.  It was great.

At some point, Luna was able to shift into Rev. Newlin (she had already shifted into Sam inadvertently in the episode prior to the finale) and therefore was able to grab Emma.   She was just about to escape but not before Rosalyn grabs “Newlin” and forces “him” to do an interview condemning the acts for which they are being accused of starting.  Rosalyn is holding Emma while “Newlin” does the interview.   Everyone can see he is really struggling and then all of a sudden starts convulsing and starts shifting back into Luna.  Luna then tells everyone what is really happening at the Authority when Rosalyn kicks over the camera.  She is about to attack a very weak Luna when Sam flies in (as a fly) into her mouth and then shifts back into himself inside Rosalyn causing her to explode.  It was the nastiest death yet but also the coolest at the same time!

The only thing I really want to say about Sookie and Jason searching for who killed their parents is that we learned that they were killed by a vampire who was promised the first fairy baby from the Stackhouse family.  Which ends up being Sookie.  And that vampire is named Warlow.  Who is he?  Why does he appear in ghost form?  I am curious about this.   I’m also interested in seeing how this is impacting Jason, who has turned into Jason the Vampire Slayer before our eyes.  Between finding out your parents will killed by a vamp, your sister’s heart was broken by one, and you have a major head injury causing you to see visions of you parents, no wonder Jason is going full board into destruction mode.  But I’m anxious to see that storyline continue next season….just not with 10 others!

Leading into last night, the storyline I was most interested in was the idea of the Authority no longer being the Authority as we know it and becoming a sanguinista society in which human and vampires do not live peacefully and the only relevance humans have for vampires is sustenance.  This was most interesting to me because this show started on the foundation that vampires wanted to live peacefully with humans and have the same rights they do.  So a little product called True Blood was created so vampires wouldn’t have to feed on humans.  Now with Lilith’s blood rushing through all of them, this is no longer the society they want and they try to come up with a plan on how to best create this war of vamps vs. humans.  Bill suggests destroying all the True Blood factories so it can’t be produced and vampires have no choice but to feed on humans.  It’s actually a great idea on his part and much easier than what the rest of them were coming up with.  The funny thing is, even though this is what they want, they are still spinning it to the public that this was a terrorist attack and they are still behind the idea of living among the human race without chaos….such politicians!  On top of it, their own people have no idea what’s going on!  Pam was telling Tara all about the Authority but she was telling her about the OLD Authority not the new crazy Authority that’s actually taking form.   But I also have to remember this whole season is taking place over the course of one week (not several months.)

I have to say, I’m glad this storyline wasn’t wrapped up this season but I am glad certain parts of it were. I wasn’t crazy about the whole Lilith angle.  The Authority was something we have come to respect as a viewing audience as the government arm of the vampires that keeps them in check.  Now that’s all gone.  Why?  Because some power hungry members of the Authority got high on Lilith blood and now the Authority as we know it is gone and a crazy cult has formed in it’s place.   I’m curious what you all thought about what/who Lilith actually was.  Because for the entire season, up until the last scene, I thought she was a hallucination.  Now I’m not sure because of what happened at the end of the episode.   Holy crap how about that!!!!!

To set it up, Eric and Nora breakout of the complex so they can warn everyone to what’s going on and they can build a little army to stop it.  Which by the way, Nora turned back to the good side a little too easily for my liking, but I digress.  Eric and Nora bring back Sookie, Jason, and Tara to take down the vamps and they do in classic Dirty Harry fashion.  It was awesome.  Jessica and Pam were in their prison cells so Sookie and Tara break them out.  To celebrate, Pam and Tara play tonsil hockey in a scene we all knew was coming, I just didn’t think I would see it until next year.  The Authority is destroyed and everyone is leaving but Eric and Sookie want to go get Bill.  You see, Lilith came to Bill to tell him over and over again that he is the Chosen One.  The problem is, she also came to about 3 other people and told them the same thing.  So Bill is one by one killing all those other people, including Salome, so there is no one left but him and a vile of Lilith blood.

Eric and Sookie rush to see him and Bill is not the Bill we have come to know.  Actually I like this Bill much better because he is SOOOOO much more interesting than polite, boring Bill.  Bill is going on and on about how humans are nothing but food for vamps and that he is the Chosen One to lead this new regime of the Authority in Lilith’s name.  Eric and Sookie are trying to get to the old Bill inside and convince him he is coo coo for Cocoa Puffs but Bill won’t listen.  Sookie gives him a tearful “if you ever loved me at all” speech and it didn’t work a lick.  He blows her off and proceeds to chug the remaining Lilith blood in the vile.

The next thing you know he is vomiting blood and blood is pouring out of every crevice in his body and then…..BOOM, Bill explodes into the pile of vamp goo all vampires explode into when they meet the true death!!!  Holy shit did I just watch Bill Compton die on my TV screen? I didn’t see that coming at all!!!  I have to say, when that happened, Twitter completely exploded in its own right last night!   But then, slowly, we start to see the blood pull together and here comes Bill (just as Lilith looked) emerging from his “remains” covered in blood and looking quite frightening.  Eric yells at Sookie to RUN and Bill flashes his fangs….cut to black and the music.

So this leads back to my question about Lilith.  I thought she was a hallucination all season.  But after seeing that, I think it’s fair to say that she wasn’t.  So now what the hell is Bill and is Lilith now gone or is he just working with her?  Is Bill dead again or not?   What the hell is he????  It’s been a long time since my jaw completely hit the floor watching a show where I didn’t see it coming and have no idea what’s about to happen next.  I was ready to leave True Blood after this season but there is NO WAY that’s happening now.

Other Standout Scenes from the Finale:

  • Pam and Tara hooking up.   Remember, this season happened over the course of one week in Bon Temps time.  While I saw Pam and Tara giving google eyes to each other all season, I didn’t think they would hook up until next season.  It seemed a bit fast for me, considering their history.   But it was still awesome to see these former foes start to fall for one other over the course of the season!
  • The Fairy Giving Birth.   That had to be one of the funniest scenes I have ever watched on True Blood.  Lafayette, Arlene, and the other lady siting there drinking Cajun margaritas as Holly is helping Andy’s mistress give birth to four fairies while apparently orgasmic at the same time, was priceless.  It was like they were watching a football game together.  That’s where Arlene at Lafayette are at their best…their witty and snarky one liners are the best on the show!
  • Russell’s Death.  I was really hoping the show wasn’t going to bring Russell back only to kill him in the finale….but they did.  I always loved his character so I’m a bit sad he’s gone for good.  I will say though, I didn’t see it coming in the first 2 minutes of the episode.  There were many jaw droppers last night and that was the first of many!

What did you guys think of the season finale and the season as a whole?  Sound off in the comments section below!

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RECAP & REVIEW: True Blood “Soul of Fire” S4 E11

About 2/3 of the way through tonight’s episode, I looked at my husband and said “this feels more like a season finale than the penultimate episode.  I wonder if I miscounted how many episodes were left in the season.”    Then the last scene happened.   Holy crap!!   There was a lot of interesting stuff that happened but then there were a lot of stupid things that happened.   Then there was the stuff I couldn’t give two craps about.  Let’s get the boring stuff out-of-the-way, shall we?


Sam is still on a quest to find Marcus and make him pay for killing Tommy.  He and Alcide figure out that Marcus has Luna’s daughter and when she calls Luna to check in, they figure out that Marcus is at Alcide’s house.   They run right over.  Marcus and Debbie have been hooking up and he wants her to run away with him and his daughter.   She doesn’t want to because she loves Alcide.  Even though she believes he cheated on her and everything she is doing with Marcus is to get back at Alcide, she still wants Alcide.   Unfortunately for her, Alcide doesn’t feel the same way when he busts into the bedroom with Sam to see Debbie and Marcus together.  Sam and Marcus go at it and when Sam looks like he is about to choke Marcus to death, he let’s go.    Then Alcide jumps in when Marcus jumps up and attacks Sam again and starts shooting at him, and Alcide finally finishes Marcus off.  Then he dumps Debbie and walks.  Hopefully that’s the last we see of her.

Andy and His Fairy

Talk about random and weird.  Considering the fact that Sookie is a fairy and they have appeared in Bon Temps before, I think it’s safe to assume that Andy didn’t dream what happened to him nor was it a V trip.   A fairy named Mirella appeared in the woods and wanted Andy to make love to her.   But before he could, he had to promise to protect her.  To prove it, her finger lit up like E.T. and she pressed it to Andy’s finger, which then lit up.  He promised to always protect her and then they made love.   When he gets back home, Arlene was worried about him and sent Terry out looking for him.  Andy then proceeds to tell Marlene what happened and she thinks Andy’s mind has gone to mush from all the V he was taking.

So what was up with that and what was the point?   Is that a storyline they are starting to set up for next season or will it have something to do with the season finale next week?  I have no idea.  I find it strange that we saw the fairies in the season premiere but haven’t seen anything again until tonight.  Hopefully we will get some more details next week.

Marnitonia vs. the Vamps vs. Everyone Else in Town

The war is still going on.  Mostly everyone in town is trapped in the Moon Goddess and Eric, Bill, Pam, and Jess are about to attack the MG.  They can’t get past the barrier that Marnitonia set up which is a wall of sunshine so Bill wants to negotiate with Marnitonia.  This is the first stupid thing that happens.  Why would you try to negotiate with a woman the CLEARLY wants you dead?  There is no other resolution that works for her so why bother?  For leverage, Marnitonia brings out Sookie.  So you know what Bill’s brilliant idea is?  He and Eric will sacrifice their lives so Sookie can go free.  This is the second stupid thing that happens.  You are both going to die for Sookie?   Couldn’t you at least throw everyone else who is in MG a bone as well for something so drastic?  And how can you trust that she will live up to her word?  It was beyond stupid.   At least Pam had some sense to say screw this, this is ridiculous.  Now her mistake was trying to shoot a rocket launcher through the barrier which only came back at them.  NO one was hurt, except for Jason who was badly burned and blinded from the blast.   This is the third stupid thing that happens.  Why do that to Jason only to bring him back with Jessica’s blood?  It’s the part about the show, I hate most.  You “kill” a major character or severely injure the major character to the point you think they are going to die only to use vamp blood to bring them back to life.  It shouldn’t be that easy.  It should be harder to bring them back or there should be a situation where you can’t bring them back.   Because if all you are going to do is just bring them back anyway, why bother injuring them in the first place?  As soon as I saw Jason on the ground, my first thought was that Jess would give him her blood and he’d be fine.  Which is exactly what happened.  BORING!!!  There is never any fear that Alan Ball would have the guts to kill someone major.  So Jason ends up being ok.  Meanwhile Eric sends Pam away furious at her for disobeying him.

Inside the MG, Marnitonia has just killed Casey because she was freaking out.  She told Casey it was ok to leave and when Casey went to walk out, Marnitonia sent a knife flying through the air and straight into Casey’s chest.  Yikes!  At this point Antonia frees herself from Marnie.  They get into a fight and Lafayette is the only one who can see what is going on.   This really freaks out Tara who wants to know when the hell Lafayette turned into a medium who can see and communicate with dead people.  Lafayette tells everyone that Antonia is telling Marnie how she wants to be free of her because she has turned evil and she is not behind her on this anymore.  Marnie casts some sort of body merging spell and Antonia gets sucked back into Marnie against her wishes.  At this point, Jesus realizes he has to do something drastic.  He tells everyone that Casey still has a pulse and asks Marnitonia if he can try to save her life.  She allows him.  He asks Lafayette for his help and they carry her to a back kitchen area to “fix” her.   Lafayette tells Jesus that he’s nuts because she is dead.  He agrees and says he is going to use Casey to tap into his inner Brujos.  It works and Jesus (in his freaky demon face) is able to separate Antonia from Marnie permanently severely weakening Marnie’s power.  As a result of the spell, Marnitonia’s original spell is broken allowing the vampires to enter the MG.  When Bill and Eric enter, they immediately go for Marnie and her butt buddy jumps in front of her.  Eric goes right up to him and rips his heart out of his chest.  He walks up to Marnie and starts sucking on the ventricles and I start gagging.  As Marnie tries to cast another spell, Bill shoots her about 10 times including one fatal shot to the head.  Marnie/Antonia/Marnitonia is finally gone.   Or is she?

The interesting part was when all the chaos in the MG was breaking apart, both Eric and Bill were talking with one another and each glanced over at Sookie at one point but never went over to her at all.  For two men who were about to give up their lives for her, you think at least one of them would have walked over to her to make sure she’s ok.  You would also think that Sookie would have run over to her boyfriend Eric and throw her arms around him.  None of this happened which I found rather odd.

At the end of the episode, we go to Lafayette’s house where he and Jesus are recapping what just went down.  Jesus looks significantly freaked out (I would too if I stuck my finger in a dead girl’s cavity and then sucked her blood off my finger…once again causing me to gag.)  Jesus also looked quite sad over what he had to his dear friend Marnie.  While it was necessary, it was still painful for him because he knew Marnie was a better person than that and they were good friends.  But Lafayette eventually calms him down and they turn over to go to sleep.  Just then, Lafayette opens his eyes to see Marnie floating over his bed.  You know what happens next….Marnie enters Lafayette and her spirit has now taken over Lafayette setting up the season finale next week.

Before those last 30-40 seconds, I was wondering what the hell they were going to do in the season finale.  Because up until that point, I thought everything was wrapped up.  But it looks like poor Lafayette is not done being hated with a crazy woman inside him.  It’s hard to believe that the season finale is next week.  That was a fast 12 episodes this summer.  Wow.   But True Blood gets to the point where it’s time to wrap up the season and it’s time to wrap up the season.  Looking forward to it!!!

What do you think peeps?  Are you ready for True Blood to wrap up?  Are you excited for the season finale?   What do you think of tonight’s episode?  Let me know!


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RECAP & REVIEW: True Blood “Burning Down the House” S4 E10

Tonight’s episode was interesting.   There were pockets of major things happening and other pockets where not much happened and felt like filler.  So let’s jump in:


The fight at Tolerance Conference broke out with Eric on a mission to kill Bill and Sookie determined to stop it.  Mass chaos breaks out and Bill and Eric get into it.  Sookie stops Eric at one point from killing Bill while Bill shot Eric with a silver bullet and Sookie starts screaming much too loudly and piercingly.  The fight intensifies to the point that Sookie puts her fairy power into gear and breaks it up.  In addition, a bigger development happens…Sookie breaks the spell Marnitonia had on Eric.  FINALLY!!!!!  Eric is back to his fervent, Viking self.

This leads to a conversation between Eric and Sookie about what this means for them.  This is also the moment I simply want to strangle her with every fiber of my being.  She tells Eric (who she can’t even look at) that the reason she fought so hard to stop him from killing Bill was because she still loves him.  I would have hoped that no matter what her feelings for someone, she would try to help prevent their murder but maybe that’s me.  I have no problem with her still having feelings for Bill.   I think most people, if they are being honest with themselves, still have feelings for people they breakup with if it was a long, serious relationship.  But at some point, she has to make up her mind.  She can’t have both.  Either she gives all of herself to Eric or Bill.  But she can’t have one toe in the shallow end while trying to get into the deep end.   Pick one and stick with it.   And I swear, if Alcide then jumps into this mix, I will torture Alan Ball on this website for years to come.


Jason and Jess finally did the nasty.  And really, did it need to be in the back of Jason’s truck?   With all the rooms in Bill’s mansion, couldn’t they have had sex in the mansion?   Anyhoo, as you can imagine, Jason is having a pretty hard time with happened.  As much as he likes Jess and would like to have something with her, he just can’t because of Hoyt.  Jessica however has never heard the expression Bros before Hos because in her mind, they haven’t done anything wrong.  Technically she’s right but she also wrong at the same time.  Making matters worse, Hoyt comes over to Jason’s house and cries his eyes out about missing Jess.  While he wants to hate her, he can’t, and misses her to no end.  Nothing progresses too far with this but I will admit that one of Jason’s funniest lines came from all this…”he came over and drank 11 of my beers, and passed out and started farting.”  God love you Jason Stackhouse!


Tommy isn’t looking good from the beating he took from the wolves when he shifted into Sam again.  Alcide tries to help him by taking him to a hospital but Tommy doesn’t want that.  He asks him to take him to Merlotte’s.  Alcide gave Sam the heads up and met them at Merlotte’s.

It would have been a more moving scene if Tommy hadn’t been such a douchebag, but Sam finally gave Tommy what he always wanted…a family member that really loves him.  He told him he loved him and how much he’ll miss him because he’s his brother and always will be.  Finally, Tommy dies.   Hallelujah!!!  I was ready for Tommy to be gone last season.  I’m just glad that whole storyline with Sam’s family is done.  It was awful.

The best part that came out of this was that the one sided feud between Marcus and Sam is no longer one sided.  Sam is going after Marcus with a vengeance and I for one, can’t wait to see it.   Hopefully he can get rid of Debbie while he’s destroying Marcus because she is a total waste this season.


Terry finally found out that Andy was addicted to V and he wasn’t too happy about it.  So he takes him to Camp Bellfleur to have a heart to heart about Andy admitting his problem and kicking the V.  It wasn’t a scene that progressed any major plotline forward but it was amazingly entertaining.  Terry got Andy to admit the problem and Andy will probably kick the V.  So at least that gets wrapped up.  Which is good because there is a lot to tie up in the last two episodes.

Marnitonia and the Witches

The biggest revolution of all happened with Marnitonia.   Turns out, Antonia is not driving this train after all.  Antonia is the one doesn’t want to be that cruel.   It’s Marnie that wants to wipe out all the vampires and destroy them one by one.  So the idea of exorcising Antonia out of Marnie to stop all the spells and save the vamps just isn’t the case anymore.  And I have to say, I love this twist.  If Antonia was the baddie, as was suspected, the storyline would have been much more predictable.  Now, with Marnie being the crazy one, how do they resolve this?  You could sympathize with Antonia on her quest for revenge considering what was done to her, but what’s Marnie’s excuse?   Yes, Eric tried to attack her, so I will give her that one.   But it still doesn’t equate to what Antonia went through.  So while I thought Jesus would be instrumental in helping rectify the situation, after tonight we learn that certainly won’t be the case.  So what will happen?  I have no idea and you know what, I love that!  I can’t wait to see what will happen and how this war will resolve itself.    Marnitonia zapped Jesus, Lafayette, Holly, Tara, and Sookie back into her Moon Goddess shop while Jason was left stranded.  And we saw Eric, Pam, Bill, and Jess all team up to storm the Goddess emporium and end the war once and for all.  I love seeing the four of them team up to work together!!!

So what did you think about tonight’s episode and what do you think would happen in the last two episodes?   How will they stop Marnie other than killing her?  (I hope that isn’t how it gets resolved because that’s the easy way out.)  Sound off below!


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Live Tweet Fest During Tonight’s True Blood

Come join me on Twitter!!!

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RECAP & REVIEW: True Blood “Spellbound” S4 E8

The war between the Vamps and the Witches has officially begun and so far it isn’t looking good for Team Bill.   Team Antonia right now looks to have the competitive advantage so that’s a bad thing…if you are on Team Bill.


Something very different happened this week with Sookie and Eric’s relationship….they had sex.  I know, it’s crazy right.  I’m kidding!!!  Those two can’t stop.  Although I can’t blame Miss Sookie.  But it got very strange this week when they started to go at it in the shower only to have it snow in the shower.  When they pulled back the shower curtain, there was a snow-covered field with, of course, a bed in the middle of it.  This being Sookie and Eric, they take it as a sign that they should do nothing but make love all the time.  I hate to be the one to break it to them but, aren’t they already doing that?  They certainly didn’t need a snow-covered bed before to give them the green light!   It was a very odd scene.   But whatever!

Eric wants to run away perfectly content to never finding out who he really is.  He just wants to be with Sookie.  So why not leave Bon Temps for good so they can be away from all the insanity and just be with each other.  Sookie thinks the idea is sweet and admits to loving this side of Eric, but they can’t leave.  She doesn’t want to leave her family and friends and deep down, Eric is a Viking warrior….that is soooo hot….and she knows that he would always be angry with himself, if he ever ran from a battle because that isn’t what smoking hot Viking warriors do.   Now if he said that to me, it would have taken me all of 8 seconds to pack my bags, load the car, hit the local Wawa for a fountain coke, and be on my way with my Viking.  Which makes me wonder, do you think Sookie is staying for Bill?   I know they had a brutal breakup and she hasn’t forgiven him and she has moved on with Eric, but she loved Bill and was with him for a while.   She wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.   As mad as you are, you can’t just turn that off.  So I think Bill still has a mighty hold on Sookie.

They decide to stay and head on over to his majesty’s house to profess their allegiance to him in his cause against the witches.   Bill doesn’t want Sookie anywhere near this for fear of being killed.  Eric says that it is not Bill’s decision, it’s Sookie’s, which she very much appreciates.  While I understand how Bill never wanted Sookie to get hurt and always wanted to protect her and while I think Sookie can be a real idiot sometimes with the way she interjects herself into situations that stupidly and unnecessarily put her in danger, Eric’s right…it’s HER decision.  Bill always wanted to make those decisions for her when it wasn’t his place to.  Already Eric understands that that way of thinking will get him nowhere with Sookie.   Bill agrees and Eric and Sookie are ready to help Bill fight the witches.  All seems to be going well on the war front. That is until Sookie gets shot….


Show of hands.  How many people jumped out of your seat or let out a squeal when Jessica “killed” Hoyt after breaking up with him?  I did.  At first I couldn’t believe it!!  But then Jess woke up from her dream and thankfully it wasn’t real!  In her dream, in addition to killing Hoyt, she jumped in a car with Jason where he was begging her to bite him and screw him.   That should have been the tip-off that it was a dream because Jason wouldn’t do that to Hoyt.   At least night right away!  The dream probably stemmed from the fact that when Jason rescued Jessica from Antonia’s spell, he brought her inside and they started making out.  All of this leads to Jessica going to back home and break up with Hoyt.   Hoyt’s reaction is real life was slightly different from his reaction in Jessica’s dream.   Where in Jess’s dream he’s very weepy and begging her not to leave him, in the real world he is royally pissed off and furious at her.  He kicks her out and starts kicking things and throwing things around.   Hoyt isn’t taking this well.  But I can’t disagree with her or him.  I’ve been saying it from the beginning, humans and vampires can’t make a life together.

After she dumps Hoyt and Hoyt rescinds her invitation to his house, Jess immediately goes to Jason’s.   She tells Jason that she broke up with Hoyt and Jason isn’t happy with her.  Girl can’t catch a break for doing the right thing.  She tries to tell Jason about her feelings for him and she tells him that she knows he feels the same towards her.  But he wants no part of this because Hoyt is his BFF.   So he rescinds her invitation to his house as well.   Looks like the only place Jessica has left to go is Sookie’s or Bill’s!

I think it’s only a matter of time before Jess and Jason get together.  As much as I think they have really good chemistry, they won’t make it either.  I just don’t want to see Hoyt and Jason’s friendship ruined over this!

Baby Mikey/Lafayette/Strange Ghost Lady

This week we learn that the woman lurking around baby Mikey is the ghost of a dead woman who lost her baby and for some reason, she thinks Mikey is her baby.  I’m not sure where this is all headed or why, but at least we know the baby isn’t possessed by Renee’s spirit.  You know who is filled with a spirit?   Lafayette.  This is now the second time a spirit has entered his body and taken over him.  What I don’t understand is how Antonia has taken over Marnie permanently (or at least until Antonia’s agenda is achieved) but Lafayette only has someone take over him for a small period of time.  I hope that gets explained.  But ghost lady entered Lafayette and he/she broke into Andy’s house where Terry and Arlene are staying and took baby Mikey.

Tommy/Mrs Fortonberry

Unfortunately, Tommy was sort of kind of in the episode this week.  He shifted into Maxine Fornonberry to attempt to get her oil money.  If you remember from a few episodes ago, Tommy answered the door as Maxine’s son and a gentlemen was offering to buy her land which was sitting on some sort of oil goldmine.  He never told her about it and now he is trying to steal her money.  Seriously, can we get rid of this piece of crap character already?  I really don’t know what the point is.   Just get rid of him already.


Luna and Sam seem to be getting back together when Luna’s ex, Marcus, who is also the head of the werewolf pack in Shreveport, barges in and interrupts their dinner.  He is furious that Sam is with Luna and their daughter.  Sam offers to leave but Luna kicks him out and asks Sam to stay.  I have a feeling this isn’t going to go well but I really don’t care either way.


Bill is trying as hard as he can to broker a peaceful coexistence with the witches while the werewolves still want nothing to do with this.  While Bill was talking to Marnitonia about protecting her and making guarantees to her safety, she was pretending to play along.  Luckily Sookie was there to read her mind and she was able to warn Bill that she was casting a spell.  Then all hell broke loose and the vamps started to attack the witches.  Pam was able to corner Tara after Tara killed a vamp.   Pam is about to rip Tara to shreds when Bill comes over to stop her…damn it Bill!   Why???   Pam, as well as myself, is frustrated by this turn of events and runs off.  Sookie ends up getting shot and Eric and Bill both sense her danger.  Bill tries to run off and get her but his covered with silver from other witches and can’t move.  Eric tries to get her but Marnitonia approaches him and puts him under some sort of spell.   So he seems entranced by her.  While Sookie appears to be dying ( which we know she isn’t) there is someone who comes to her rescue….Alcide.  Somehow Alcide sensed her danger and took off with a werewolf following him the whole way.  He ends up finding Sookie and picks her and takes her away from all the danger.   Meanwhile we see the werewolf who is following him and it’s Debbie (which should be no surprise.)  Needless to say, Debbie isn’t too happy since Alcide promised to stay away from Sookie.

The witches/vampires storyline is really getting interesting.  Although, it seems pretty evident that the vampires we know and love will survive, Marnitonia will get her comeuppance, and the real intrigue will be if Sookie and Eric’s relationship will be able to survive him going back to normal (because you know he will.)  I hope True Blood doesn’t get to the point that it gets boring.  There always seems to be danger for our crew but they always manage to survive and move onto the next crisis.  There’s no real danger for any of them.  Unlike shows like Dexter and Game of Thrones where they obviously take risks with their lead characters that make you truly concerned for the safety of the rest of the cast (see Sgt. Doakes and Ned Starks), True Blood doesn’t do that.  So when Sookie gets shot or Eric gets buried alive or Bill gets kidnapped, you are never worried about them because you know they will be okay.  Which makes going down that road, quite pointless.  But we have four more episodes to see where this all ends up!

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True Blood “Spellbound?” Review Coming Soon

I was away this weekend so I didn’t get a chance to watch True Blood yet!  But, I plan on watching sometime today on the awesome HBO GO app on my iPad.    Then I will have a full recap and review as usual!

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