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RECAP & REVIEW: Parenthood “Sore Loser” & “Mr. Honesty” S3 E9 & 10

There were some MAJOR developments in the last two episodes of Parenthood.  As always, there is much to discuss about what is happening with the Braverman clan from parenting to marriage management to really bad decisions and choices.  So let’s break it down by family:


I REALLY hate when Zeke is right.  With every fiber of my being, I hate when Zeke is right because he is such a jerk and I hate his character so much.  But in “Sore Loser”, he was 100% right and he needed to say something to Joel and Julia.  The way he goes about it is still wrong but his instincts about Sydney were dead on.  Sydney is a spoiled brat.  In Julia and Joel’s quest to make sure she feels strong and positive, they created a little monster who has no idea how to behave when things don’t go her way.

The scene where Sydney and Joel are playing Candy Land and she loses it and completely has a melt down, I couldn’t believe what I was watching.  I literally gasped out loud when she threw the cards at him and then proceeded to slap him.  My jaw hit the floor.  Now I don’t have kids so for those of you that do or are around children a lot, does that really happen?   Can kids really have that bad of a hissy fit and be so disrespectful to their parents?  It’s so hard for me to fathom.  A child accusing their own father of cheating and then getting physical with him out of frustration.  Wow.  And I have to say, Joel really did a great keeping his composure because I don’t know if I could have.

I’m really proud of J&J for not giving into Sydney’s tantrum but I wish we could have seen the calm discussion J&J had with her to explain how that behavior isn’t acceptable and how you should be a gracious loser.  I know Joel went through some of that with Sydney when playing Candy Land but I would have thought that would have went in and out of her head.   It seems like we skipped over that part.  Sydney went from her tantrum to playing chess with Zeke and being a nice loser. That seemed a little quick for me, but I admit, I am nit-picking.

As for the baby adopting storyline, you knew this was coming right?   Something was going to make this not as easy a situation as it initially seemed.  Although I thought it was going to go down one path and it went down a different one.  I am going to preference my next comments with I have no idea of the adoption laws in California and how this whole thing works.  I don’t what is right and what is wrong.  Therefore, I can only comment on what I see on-screen with my limited knowledge.  I can see both sides here.  On one side you have Zoe and Troy.  Two young kids who have created a life that they want to see go to a good family because they have decided they aren’t the best option for their child.  So before they are ready to just sign this child over, they have a conversation with J&J about it and ask about compensation for the child.  J&J are paying all her medical expenses but Troy is looking for a bigger pay-day than that.  In his research, Zoe could get $30,000 for an egg and people usually pay for adoptions so he is looking for J&J to step up and write them a check otherwise, no deal.   On the other side, you have J&J.  A wonderful, successful couple with a great home life that is ready to give a baby a good home.  J&J did not respond well to Troy’s demands.  Julia informed him that in the state of California, it is illegal to solicit money for a child.  Wait, was it illegal to solicit or pay for a baby.  I think it’s pay for a baby.  So Julia tells Troy, it isn’t going to happen because it’s illegal.  So on a side note, how does that work in CA then?  I was under the assumption that when a couple goes through the adoption procedure, there is a cost involved in getting that baby.  In CA is that not that case?  Are adoptions free there?  I’m confused.  Regardless, Julia and Joel are standing firm and are ready to walk away if this is the path Zoe and Troy are taking and I am thrilled to see them handle it that way.  I know how much they want a baby and I am glad to see that they aren’t willing to just do anything to get him/her.

You know where I thought this was going?  I thought Troy wanted to keep the baby and have them try to raise him/her themselves.   Turns out that no, he just wants a big pay-day for his child.  A part of me can understand it because they are young and need help.  But the other part of me thinks he’s a scum bucket for doing it.

Adam and Kristina

Oh boy.   Talk about something blowing up in your face.  I’ve seen this storyline happen in many shows.  Unfortunately, I’ve seen it in real life as well.   When someone cheats (or in Adam’s case, an inappropriate situation happens) and it’s a one time thing….a mistake…do you tell the other person?   What is the right thing to do?  It is such a hard question to answer and I think each situation is different so I don’t think you can make a blanket statement to cover everything.

In this particular situation, Adam should have NEVER told Kristina what happened.   Kristina has been in a very vulnerable situation lately after having just given birth to Nora.  Adam knows this.  Hell even Crosby knows this because he laid it out for Adam why this is such a bad idea.  But Adam decides to tell her anyway.  He thinks he’s doing the right thing by giving her the respect of telling her what is going on and not hiding anything but he really isn’t because he didn’t think this through.  Number One, all he did was relieve his guilt over the situation.  This wasn’t about being honest with Kristina, this was about relieving his own guilt.  Adam knew this was never going to happen again.  He has no attraction to Rachel in that way and both regretted it as soon as it happened.  So why say anything?  Number Two, he had to know that Kristina was going to want Rachel gone.  HOW DID HE NOT SEE THAT COMING?  You tell your wife, your receptionist has kissed you.  Of course her next question after did it mean anything, was it a one time thing and did you kiss her back was going to be, did you fire her?  If you were never planning to fire Rachel, you should have never told Kristina.   Then not only do you not fire her, but then you lie to Kristina about it!!!!  So you don’t want to disrespect your wife by keeping this kiss from her, but you are going to disrespect her by lying to her about firing this girl and think your wife is so dumb she’ll never notice when she calls your office or stops by to see you?  Seriously?   Come on Adam.   You have now made a meaningless situation now VERY meaningful in the way you have handled this.  And I am 100% in Kristina’s corner.  Of course she is upset, of course she is second guessing her husband’s feelings for her, of course she is going to go ballistic.  By lying about firing her, you have now made your wife feel like there is something more going on than there actually is.  No disrespect to Rachel or receptionists but it’s not like she’s their VP of Finance or their top sales person or the only person who knows how to work the equipment.   She answers phones, gets coffee, and entertains the clients.  You can’t find someone else to do that?   You can’t see how Kristina is going to think that?   I just wanted to kill him.  He should have never told Kristina but now that he has, he has no choice but to fire Rachel.  He can’t keep her around if he expects Kristina to be ok.


While I love the character of Sarah, she’s not the greatest mom.  Don’t get me wrong, she loves her kids and she would do anything for them and always put their needs first.  I just think she has a tendency to want to be friends with Drew and Amber vs. being their mom sometimes.   They walk all over her.  And even when she tries to establish some sort of discipline, it eventually goes away because she can’t stand the idea of one of her kids being mad at her.  Prime example…Drew and his grades.  She was furious that his grades dropped and directly related it to his new relationship.  Sarah told Drew that he couldn’t see Amy during the week anymore and only on the weekends.  Which I thought was perfectly fair.  Drew goes to see Amber and Amber tells him how to get around that.   Well Drew doesn’t do a very good job and he gets caught by Sarah and everything is taken away from him…his phone, his iPod, his computer, everything.  But then after Mark Cyr tells her she’s being too hard on him, she backs off and let’s Drew see Amy again.  What’s up with that?  Sarah did the right thing.  If for nothing else, Drew needs to respect his mother when she tells him something.  But  Sarah proved that they can continue to do whatever they want because she doesn’t want them to be mad at her.  It’s the one thing that really frustrates me about her.

As for Amber, she is really struggling.  She can’t make rent, she can’t take care of her car, she can barely buy food…it’s awful.   But it’s great at the same time.  It shows that maybe it’s time to stop trying to live on your own with no education and go back to school!  But I have to say, the scene with her and Camille is heartbreaking.  You can tell she really doesn’t want to be there and it is killing her to ask for help.   I’m sure everyone has been in that situation at least once where you just need some help to stop the bleeding.  So she smartly asks for help before her situation gets any worse.  Camille helps her but also gives her advise to change what she is doing because what she is doing now, isn’t working.   Here’s an idea…..GO TO COLLEGE!!!   Sarah is also trying to help by showing her how to create a budget.  It was during this scene I wanted to drop kick Amber down a flight of stairs.  Sarah is asking her how much money she is bringing in and how much her rent is and Amber just got overwhelmed and said she didn’t know her salary or her rent and doesn’t know how to do this.  How do you not know your rent and how much you are making?  No wonder you are in trouble.  You don’t have that many bills at this point so it should be easy to track and it’s simple math…make sure you have enough coming in to satisfy what’s going back out plus a little.   Early on, it’s that simple.   If Amber can’t manage a basic checkbook, she certainly isn’t ready to be on her own and should come home and go back to school.  But when she got overwhelmed, Sarah said don’t worry we will figure out a plan and work this out.   Here’s a great plan….GO TO COLLEGE!!!!  Are you sensing a theme with me here?   I think it’s a matter of time and Amber is the kind of kid that needs to learn these things on her own.  But she’s very smart and driven and she needs to come to this decision in her own way when she is ready.  I have a feeling she may be at that point soon.


Ugh.   And you know why I’m saying ugh.  Crosby and Jasmine slept together last week.  So now, this make Jasmine no better than Crosby by sleeping with someone else when in a relationship.  So maybe she’ll come off her high horse a bit…but I doubt it.

I don’t like these two together (I bet you never heard that before) and I was really enjoying seeing her build the relationship with Dr. Joe (whose character I really like a lot) and her and Crosby parenting without being together.  I think that storyline is much more interesting but I fear that with this latest development, the direction of this writing crew will be putting Crosby and Jasmine back together.  It cemented it for me when they both told Jabbar that they are never getting married.   Don’t like it but what are you going to do.

So what do you think of Parenthood’s amazing third season and these last two episodes?


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REVIEW: Parenthood “Nora” S3 E5

I know, I know, I’m really behind!  So I am going to try to make this quick.


Ok show of hands.  Who was peeing their pants with stomach cramps when Adam started walking down the street in his ’80s pimp/rap outfit?  He looked like a New Kid on the Block who ran over the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  I was laughing so hard…it was priceless!

I think Adam and Crosby are going to have major problems if they don’t start respecting one another with this business.  Crosby’s expertise is in the music part of the business and his relationship with the artist they are looking to sign.  Adam’s expertise is all the marketing, financials, and logistical side of the business.  And neither one of them was respecting that about the other.  Crosby was all over Adam to not wear a suit and bring a contract to a meeting to land a rapper, Mista Ray.  Adam was all over Crosby for being too casual with the clients and not taking the business seriously and “lying” to him.  I think they could have met in the middle.  I find it very hard to believe that Mista Ray has never had a meeting with anyone wearing a suit before.  I also believe that Crosby’s relationships are strong enough to land the artist without a contract but that there isn’t anything wrong with covering your ass.  What they should have done was go into the meeting, as the people they are.  Crosby could have given Adam pointers on how to talk to and manage informal clients and Adam could have said to Crosby that while he understands they don’t like contracts, he is bringing one just in case and will politely and gently try to get it sign to protect themselves.  Seriously, they need to hire me!!

Well, after Adam had his Run-D.M.C moment, he realized that he can’t pull it off and asked Crosby to get one of his suits for him at his house because he was already at Mista Ray’s and Crosby was still on his way.  When Crosby goes to the house, he and Kristina get into it.  There are times I have Crosby’s back and other times where I want to wring his neck.  This was one of those wring his neck moments for me.  He picks a fight with Kristina about picking Jasmine’s new boyfriend as the family pediatrician.  Are you seriously going to pick a fight with a woman who is 9 months pregnant?  Are you kidding me?   I know it’s always hard to see your ex moving on.  And Crosby does have some valid concerns over Jasmine dating Jabbar’s doctor.  But why are you pissed at Kristina?  I don’t understand.  It’s not like her going to Dr. Hottie is going show a sign of solidarity between her and Jasmine against Crosby.  It was stupid.   But if festered from there and they started fighting about everything…Jasmine, Gaby, the business, Max, you name it.  But when Crosby goes to storm away Kristina asks him to come back for a second because her water just broke.   Yeah!!!

They are off to the hospital but of course they can’t get a hold of Adam because for some reason his cell phone has no service at Mista Ray’s house.  So he thinks Crosby has missed the meeting when he’s really taking care of Kristina at the hospital.  What ensued was a very sweet and funny scene, where Crosby stays to help Kristina through the birth and Adam finally shows up (Crosby sent a text to one of Mista Ray’s boys who told Adam to get to the hospital) right as Nora is born.  That’s right…Nora Walker’s mother is Kristina Braverman and not Marion Cunningham.  Sorry, bad Brothers and Sisters joke.   (Tap, Tap…Hello, is this mike on?)  Next thing you know, EVERY Braverman is there (including Jasmine…ugh) and everyone gets to meet beautiful little Nora.


Sarah and Mark’s relationship is going very well and then something annoying happens…Seth (played by John Corbett) shows up and ruins their evening.  How?  Because he is three sheets to the wind.  Seth has fallen off the wagon it appears.  Sarah is trying to handle the situation while Seth continues to call Mark Captain Morgan (which was a little funny I have to say) and then all of sudden asshole Zeke shows up.  You all know how much I hate Zeke so just bear with me.  He takes over and makes the situation 20 times worse and kicks Seth off his property.  I understand he is being protective here, but it’s none of his business.  Yes, Seth is on his property therefore making it his business.  But if he were a class act (which he isn’t) he would have let his daughter handle the situation herself and only interfere if she asked or if it got out of hand (which it didn’t.)

The next day Sarah goes to see Mark and asks if Seth (and her father) freaked him out to the point that he wants out.  He insist that he doesn’t and he is intent on staying with Sarah.  I love Jason Ritter!!  The one thing I did notice in this scene is that the dialogue seemed very stiff between them.  I don’t know if that was intentional or not but it seemed like I was watching two acquaintances having a discussion about politics where they were treading lightly for fear of insulting the other person rather than watching two people with intimate knowledge of one another because they are in a relationship having a meaningful conversation.  It was very strange.  Regardless, Mark’s all in.

Back at the house, Camille is trying to tell Zeke to back off and let Sarah handle the situation with Seth and to try to be more understanding because he has a disease.  Zeke doesn’t want to hear it and yells at Camille for being as dumb as Sarah for always having a soft spot in her heart for Seth.  It’s called compassion Zeke!   Ever heard of it?   No?   What a shocker.  I seriously don’t know how Camille has continued to stay married to that jerk.

At the end of the episode, Sarah gets a call late at night.  It’s Seth.  She drives to a seedy motel and can’t seem to find anyone answering the office.  She goes towards Seth’s car and hears noises in the alley.  She sees Seth falling by the trash cans and runs over to see him.  He’s beaten very badly and you can Sarah’s heart crushing all over her face.   Regardless of how much of a douchebag Seth is, he is the father of her children, he was the love of her life (right or wrong) and he does have an addiction he is struggling with everyday.  Of course her heart is going to break for him and she is going to help.   The question is, how much and how long will she help him?


At first, I didn’t like where this was going.  And if I’m really being honest, I’m still not sure how I feel about it.   But there may not have been any other solution.  SO I would really like to know what other people think.

Kristina asked Amber if she could stay with Max since he received detention for pushing Jabbar.  Amber reluctantly agrees.  Kristina also asks her to help Max construct the apology letter to Jabbar.  Again, reluctantly agrees.

When at school with Max, Max is having no part of the apology.  He says Jabbar started it and he has nothing to apologize for.  How about you are twice his size and older than him and shouldn’t be getting physical with anyone?  Amber asks him to watch her and ask which apology looks more sincere.  She showed Max a sincere apology and a not so sincere apology.   He couldn’t tell her which one was more sincere.  “You really don’t know do you?” Amber asks Max.  And it dawns on her that this is part of his Aspberger’s.  Emotions are foreign to him.  Amber decides to go down a different road.  She starts showing Max a video of Bill Clinton apologizing for his being a pig and sleeping with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office.  She starts to ask him what he notices about the video.  Little by little they start writing down words that Max uses to describe what he is seeing the screen.  Amber then teaches him what a certain facial expression or tone of voice, means in an apology.  Then they start working on crafting the proper apology to Jabbar (using the ever popular Tootsie Roll as incentive.)  It works and Max gives Jabbar a heartfelt apology and asks Jabbar if they can still be friends.  Jabbar tells him they never stopped.  I love that kid!

Here’s where I didn’t like what was going on.   Did Amber teach Max how to FAKE being sincere or did she teach him how to really be sincere.  Because if she taught him how to act the part, nothing was accomplished.  But in fairness, if Max simply has no control over his emotional state, because of his Aspberger’s and this was as close as she could get to having him emote an apology, then she did an amazing job.  That’s where I get confused because I don’t know enough about his disease to know if someone with Aspberger’s can really learn emotion or not.  I honestly don’t know.


Not much to say here other than latte girl is going to give her baby boy to Joel and Julia and there were some really cute scenes with Sydney and latte girl as well as some touching scenes with Julia and latte girl in the hospital.

I really do believe at this point, that Julia was truly being nice to latte girl because she really liked her and saw that she was in a tough place with very little support around her.  I don’t believe she was doing it in the hopes of getting her baby…which is exactly what happened anyway.  For now.

Does anyone else believe that this girl may change her mind?   because after she decided to give her baby away, she turned and burst into tears.   Yes, I know.  These decisions are brutally hard and there is a ton of emotion that happens during this time.  But I just have to wonder if she may be changing her mind.  Guess we’ll see.

What are your thoughts on Parenthood?  Let me know below!


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REVIEW: Parenthood “Clear Skies from Here on Out” S3 E4

I know we have a new episode of Parenthood (and it’s a big one) in a few days, but I was able to watch last week’s episode and I wanted to make a few comments about it.  I’m not going to get into the little stories but I do want to touch on the two big ones.

Haddie and Alex

I really liked this relationship from the very beginning.  I have been rooting for it with every fiber of my being.  There is this very strong love and respect I have for the character of Alex and I think he made Haddie a better character because he brought a level of maturity to Haddie that was desperately needed.  But lately they have been growing apart.  Watching what is happening in this relationship is one of the reasons I love Parenthood so much…it’s very realistic.  You have Alex, who’s 20 years old, working full-time, has a significant amount of baggage in his past, and has had to grow up much faster than most kids should have to.   His life is at one level.   Then you have Haddie, who’s 17, a senior in high school, planning to go to college, looking to enjoy her final year of high school with her friends, still has A LOT of growing up to do, and is still, in many ways, a very young, naive girl.  Her life is at a another level.  For most couples, a three gap in age isn’t a huge deal.  But when you have two kids this young in a relationship, those three years could seem like 20 years to more mature adults.  And it’s not just about the age difference, it’s about their life experiences up until this point.  Even though he’s only 20, Alex is extremely mature for his age and has had a past most people in their 30s might experience.  Haddie is very much a regular high school senior with the only drama in her life really being to help her parents manage Max.  So in all realism, what happened tonight, was just a matter of time.

With everything Alex has been dealing with so far this year, he has been distancing himself from Haddie a little bit.  This is where his maturity kicks in.  He sees the vast difference between himself and Haddie.  She a giddy senior who wants to celebrate her dominance at the top of the high school food chain before she is chum once again in college.   And he doesn’t begrudge that.   But that is not where he is at.  He also has more adult issues he has to face that Haddie just can’t quite understand.  And in fairness to her, how could she?  So slowly but surely over the last few episodes, we have been seeing Alex pull away.  It all came to a head in this episode.  Alex tells Haddie that he doesn’t think they should see each other any more because they are at different stages in their lives right now.  Haddie completely proves his point when, in typical Haddie fashion, when someone tells her something she doesn’t want to hear, she storms off like a brat instead of talking about it like an adult would.  Several times, Alex tries to talk to her about it so she would understand, and all she did was walk away from him.   We have seen her act like this several times over the course of the series.   She even acted that way earlier in the episode.   When her mom noticed the distance between her and Alex, she tried to talk to her and Haddie rudely interrupted her, wouldn’t listen to her, and kicked her out of her room.  And she wonders why a guy like Alex would break up with her.

The most heartbreaking part of this scene came when Haddie walked up stairs and slammed her door, leaving Alex in the family room with Kristina.  Kristina knows what is going on but in typical Kristina fashion, is nothing but a class act.  You can see that Alex is having a really hard time with breaking up with Haddie and he can’t bring himself to tell her what is going on.  Compounding this is when Kristina tells Alex that they all consider him family.   And can I just say, thank God I still had a box of Kleenex from when I was sick, by my bed because I just lost it.  His lip started going and tears started to fall from his eyes.  He tells Kristina what a wonderful mother she is and how much he appreciated how great they have been to him.  Then she starts to tear up and I start crying like someone who’s team was the best team in baseball and lost in a game 5 to a wild card team that shouldn’t have even been in the playoffs to being with….but I digress.  Needless to say, I was bawling!  He hugs and kisses Kristina good-bye and tells her to tell Mr. Braverman thank you and to tell Max to keep working on his jump shot.  I know this is a small point, but I always loved how respectful Alex was by calling Kristina and Adam, Mr. and Mrs. Braverman.  So many kids just assume they can call adults by their first names and I think it’s incredibly disrespectful.  But I’ll save my Andy Rooney rant on horrors of our youth for another time.

While I think this relationship unfortunately was headed down this path, I was still sad to see it happen.  I hope this isn’t the last we see of Alex.   Maybe he can start dating Amber!!!   But they already went down that road so it’s probably not likely.  But I need to see more of Michael B. Jordan on my screen because he is sensational!


This was doomed to end badly wasn’t it?  I know Crosby makes a lot of choices that I don’t agree with, but I have to say that this wasn’t one of them.   In this case, I 100% agreed with what he did and, as usual, hated the way Jasmine handled it.  But to be fair to both, this was a lose-lose situation.   I don’t know how this could be handled without someone getting hurt.

To set it up, Jabbar has been hanging out with Max at school, which I think was really cool.   I wasn’t sure if he was aware of Max’s Aspberger’s but apparently he was not.  They have been having lunch together and Max announced to Jabbar that they are best friends and are supposed to have lunch together everyday.   Jabbar’s adorable friend comes over to ask if both Jabbar and Max want to join them for lunch at their table.   Jabbar wants to go but Max doesn’t since they sit at the same table everyday.  Also Max wants Jabbar to quiz him on multiplication tables which Jabbar is growing very tired of quickly.

Jabbar tells Jasmine about this and she tells him that he doesn’t have to do whatever he doesn’t want to do.  Again, this is where I want to drop kick her out of 10 story window.  While I agree that Jabbar shouldn’t be saddled with this and should be allowed to have lunch with his friends, she is very well aware of Max’s situation.  What she should have done was have a conversation with Crosby about how they can explain this to Jabbar and then handle the situation from there.  Instead, she tells Crosby to tell Adam that Jabbar won’t be having lunch with Max all the time and has the right to sit wherever he wants.  You know, for someone who constantly berates Crosby for his lack of maturity, she keeps showing over and over again how incredibly immature and childish she is.

Crosby goes to talk to Adam but before he gets the chance, Adam tells him how much he admires and appreciates Jabbar and the way he has been with Max.  He confides in Crosby that they have been so worried about Max’s transition to main stream schooling, that Jabbar’s friendship with Max has been a God send and has made the transition so much smoother than they could have hoped.  He also tells him that Max considers his cousin, his best friend.   Well as soon as Crosby hears this, he changes his mind about talking to Adam about this.  Instead he decides to talk to Jabbar about what is going on.   He tells Jabbar that while he understands how frustrated he must be, sometimes we have to do things for family that we don’t always want to do.   He tells him that sometimes Max has trouble making friends and that right now, he is his only friend.  So he asks him to hang out with him a little longer and then if it’s still bad, they can reevaluate the situation again.  Jabbar agrees.   I liked the way Crosby handled this.  He didn’t ignore Jabbar’s concerns and validated to Jabbar that he understood and respected how he felt, but then explained a very difficult situation and asked him to be the bigger person and that if it didn’t work out, they would fix it.  The only mistake Crosby made is forgetting that he was trying to rationalize with a 6-year-old.

Jabbar has lunch with Max again, but it goes badly when he finishes eating with Max and goes to leave to meet up with his other friends.  Max isn’t finished yet so he yells at Jabbar not to leave.  Jabbar tells him too bad and walks away.  Max gets up and grabs him and starts screaming at him.   A really bad fight breaks out and ends up with Max shoving Jabbar to the ground.  Crosby, Jasmine, Adam, and Kristina are all summoned to school to address the situation and everyone except Crosby is very confused.   Jasmine is yelling at him for not telling Adam and Kristina that Jabbar won’t be having lunch with Max anymore.  Then making the situation worse, Jabbar said that Crosby told him he needed to have lunch with Max because there was something wrong with Max.  That doesn’t sit well with Adam and Kristina and Crosby tries to explain that that is not what he told Jabbar at all.  A huge fight breaks out between Crosby and Adam while Jasmine and Kristina have words.  It ends with Adam and Kristina storming off and Jasmine yelling at Crosby that if he only did what she told him it would have been fine.   Well she’s an idiot.

I have to say, I hate the way this worked out.   Adam is at the Lunchonette and Crosby shows up.  They are cross with one another until Adam tells Crosby that their loan came through and they are officially in business.   The next thing you know, Crosby is playing the drums and Adam is singing on a mike and everything is just fine.  I was hoping they were going to have a talk so Crosby could explain his side of the story and Adam would understand what Crosby really did which was try to look out for Max’s best interest.  I hope it gets addressed next week and that doesn’t get left hanging and I hope Jasmine gets cut from the show very soon.

Parenthood is off to an AMAZING start this season.   If you are watching, what are your thoughts on this episode and the first 4 episodes of the season.  If you aren’t watching, what is the matter with you????   You better start watching because this is a solid hour of TV every week.   And with this TV season not being very strong, you should check out Parenthood!


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RECAP & REVIEW: Pretty Little Liars “Picture This” S2 E9

My heart is still breaking for Hanna after her scenes with Caleb tonight on PLL.  I guess I didn’t realize how much I liked them as a couple until a few tears started streaming down my face.  Then I started thinking…..Oh My God I am actually crying during PLL and I’m not 15-years-old!!!!  Oh well.  I don’t care.  Touching moments are touching moments whether they come from teenagers who people in their 30s and 40s.   So be it!


I know I keep saying this but poor Emily.  I am really starting to feel horrible for this girl.  What is happening to her now reminds me of what A was doing to Hanna last season.  She is doing things just to be cruel.  I’m getting to the point where I am wondering what the hell her/his problem is with the Liars.  Other than these girls having normal teenage issues, they don’t seem like overly cruel horrible people.   So what could they possibly have done to A that has made her/him be so vicious and cruel towards them?  I would really like to know.

Emily and Samara are trying to plan a poker game with Samara’s friends.  She really wants Emily to meet them but their location isn’t working out.   Ashley is there and offers to let the girls use her place since both she and Hanna will be out.   Samara and Emily are really appreciative and thank her for her generosity.  When Samara leaves, Ashley and Emily have a really nice moment in which Ashley tells Emily that she wants her to feel free to invite her friends over anytime and to feel 100% comfortable in being who she is.   She doesn’t have to hide anything.  Ashley is awesome!!!!  But being the good mother-figure, she tells Emily that same rules apply, no girlfriends upstairs in the bedroom, only girl friends.   Then she asks Emily how she’ll know the difference and Em promises to let her know.  It was so sweet.

They have the poker game and everyone is having fun.  A sends Em a text asking her to give her phone number to one of the girls at the game not named Samara or the information about her taking HGH goes viral.  Em wants no part of this but she does it anyway.   While she thought she did it away from everyone, one of the girls saw it and told Samara.  She confronts Em and Em tells her that it was only a friendship number swap but Samara wasn’t buying it and dumps her.   Em’s life sucks right now.

Aria/The Montgomery’s

Aria is having all types of crazy sex dreams.   One minute she’s in bed with Ezra (gross) and the next she’s in bed with Jason (yum!)  It’s completely freaking her out to the point that she goes to Ezra’s office and seduces him before class.   Ok I have a dumb question.   Have he and Aria slept together yet?   I get the impression that all of the Liars are virgins and that if one of them did do the deed, it would have been a bigger deal and discussed among the girls.  But if Ezra and Aria hadn’t slept together before, did they tonight?   Ezra did ask Aria about “picking up where they left off.”   So does that mean they didn’t go as far as it appeared?  I don’t know.  I just know I want them to stop dating!!!

The Liars are still trying to convince Aria to stay away from Jason because he’s dangerous.  I’ll get into this more in Spencer’s section.   Aria isn’t convinced and I’m glad she decided to remind Em (when it was her turn to give Aria grief) that they all were convinced it was Toby at one point and it wasn’t.

After walking home one night, Jason happened to be driving by Aria (which may or may not have been a coincidence based on what we saw in his shed.)   They strike up a conversation that ends with Jason leaning in for a kiss and Aria accepts it!!!!  She doesn’t push him away and is kissing him right back!!  You go girl.   Now before you yell at me Ezra fans with “how can you condone cheating on Ezra…he’s Aria’s true love” argument, you know how I feel about that already so it won’t work on me.   Plus, Aria has been pulling away from him for weeks because of her feeling for Jason intensifying.  But eventually she does pull away and tell him that she can’t because she isn’t available.   Bummer.   Maybe she’ll finally come to her senses and won’t be “not available” for long!

The whole thing with Mike is getting weirder and weirder and I am now starting to get royally annoyed with it.  Byron goes into Mike’s room ready to lay down the law when he sees him curled under a blanket with a blank look on his face.  He’s unresponsive for the most part and eventually Byron leaves asking Mike to join them for dinner, which you know he won’t.   We learn that Byron had a brother who had some sort of issue in the past.  I don’t know if it was drugs or a mental disorder or what.   But seeing Mike like that really freaked him out.   THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!  I am so sick of them allowing Mike’s behavior to keep continuing and at this point, I don’t feel bad for them anymore.   If they aren’t going to demand discussions and answers or take him to see a doctor, then I don’t want to see them on my screen anymore.  Because now it’s becoming the same thing every week with no progression.  Mike’s pissed and bothered about something he won’t talk about.  He is rude and belligerent to his family and friends and his parents continue to allow it to happen.  So if you aren’t going to progress this story and you are going to keep showing the parents as ignorant fools, then take it off-screen.


If Hanna thought she had a rough emotional go of it last week, she had no idea what was about to hit her this week!   What we’ve all been thinking about the man following Caleb around lately has come to fruition.   He wasn’t a cop after him for his cell phone business, but a PI hired by Caleb’s Bio Mom to track him down and find him.   He was able to get her contact information but he didn’t want to reach out to her.   Hanna convinced him that he should because he has wondered about his parents his whole life.  Now is his chance to get some answers.

Later, Caleb comes over to Hanna’s to tell her the good news…he got ahold of his mother and they had a really great conversation.  It was so great that he has decided to spend time with her to get to know her better….in California.  Immediately you see the tears in Hanna’s eyes start to well up.  She completely understands and supports his decision to go and see her so they can start to build their relationship.   She asks him when he’s leaving.  I thought he was going to say “tomorrow” but instead he says “tonight.”   Wow he isn’t wasting anytime.  She offers to drive him to the airport but he says his mother got him a car so he’s good.   Hanna finally starts to act her age and not a mature adult when she asks him what this all means for them.   He tells her that they will talk everyday and that he will be back.   They have a tearful kiss goodbye and right before he walks out, she tells him she loves him.  He stops and turns and says “I love you too.”  Another kiss, and off he goes.   Does any of this seem a bit strange too you?    Don’t you think this is happening awfully fast?  He goes from having no contact with his mother to jumping on a plane to California to be with her that very night and she has made all the arrangements.  Maybe I’m reading too much into this but something seems fishy to me.  I hope I’m wrong.   And I just want to give an extra shout out to Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn for their scenes tonight because they were absolutely wonderful!!!!


Spencer, Spencer, Spencer.   When are you ever going to learn?   And when are your friends ever going to hit you over the head with a field hockey stick to slow you down!!!!   Typical Spencer like she has done countless times before.   She latches onto to suspect and there is no convincing her otherwise that this person is guilty.   First it was Toby, then it was Ian, and now it’s Jason.  How about accumulating all the evidence you can find, compile it, analyze it, and then start making determinations?   What happened to the Garrett and Jenna angle?   Has she totally forgotten about that?  Yes because she is tunnel visioned on Jason.   For smart girl she drives me absolutely bat shit crazy sometimes!

This week, she and Emily decide to break into Jason’s shed since he blacked out the windows.  Here’s the other thing that drove me crazy.  If he is really trying to hide something, wouldn’t he have hidden the key to the shed somewhere other than right on top of the door?   Seriously?  I think it was all a set up.   Jason may have had a dark room in the shed (which would make blacking out the window a lot more innocent since it would make perfect sense for a darkroom) but I don’t think he was taking those pictures of Aria.  I think those pictures were planted in his shed to lead the Liars to believe Jason is up to no good.  Think about it, A is always 5 steps ahead of them.   It wouldn’t be that big of a stretch for A to know they are on to Jason, A would know the chemistry between Aria and Jason, and A would set this up.  That’s what I think is going on.

Only 2 episodes left until the summer finale!!!  Are you sad?  I am because this is a great show!!!!   But we won’t have to wait too long.  January will be here before we know it!!


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RECAP & REVIEW: The Nine Lives of Chloe King “Responsible” S1 E9

The penultimate episode of the first season had some interesting developments going on leading up to the summer finale next week.  Chloe is still confused about Alek and Brian but seems to be committing to Alek…for now.   There wasn’t too much with Amy and Paul this week.  Yeah for the Amy part and bummer for the Paul part, although he did have a good scene with Alek.  Jasmine is prepping to go on a date but as soon as this guy showed up, I didn’t like him or trust him.  There was just something about him.  And Meredith invites her boyfriend Frank over for dinner with his girlfriend Vanessa which turns into quite the storyline.

At first, the dinner party with Meredith, Chloe, Frank, and Vanessa isn’t going very well.  Chloe is really enjoying herself and open to getting to know Frank and Vanessa.   Vanessa on the other hand, wants no part of this.  But when they are in Chloe’s room, while the parents have a little make out time, Vanessa starts to open up to Chloe.  She confides in her that she has a boyfriend and she is really into him.  Chloe convinces her to tell him how she feels and Vanessa tells Chloe her handle so they can IM.

The next day, Vanessa is gone.  She took all her things a disappeared.  Chloe was able to get a hold of her via messaging and sets up a time to meet up with her. Vanessa agreed to meet with Chloe because she wanted her to tell her dad that she’s ok.   I’m not sure why Vanessa wouldn’t have hooked up with a friend she is closer to.  I mean she just met Chloe so I found that odd.   But whatever.  Chloe told her dad about the meeting because she was worried and her fears were confirmed when Vanessa tells her that she’s running off with a 27-year-old!   If there are any teenagers reading this right now, let me give you some advice.  If you start talking to a boy online and you find out he’s in his 20s and he knows you are in your teens and he still wants to meet up and hang out with you anyway…RUN, don’t walk, RUN away from that creep as fast as you can.   Trust me, this has nothing to do with your looks or your intelligence or your personality.  It has EVERYTHING to do with there being something wrong with him.   Guys in their 20s NEVER have good intentions going after teenage girls.  And I’m not talking about if your 19 and he’s 20 or 21.  I’m talking about a 10+ year age difference.  Ok, I’m off my soap box now.  Chloe and Frank try to stop Vanessa but she gets away and off she goes with 27-year-old Cody.  Even his name is creepy….Cody.  When Cody and Vanessa show up a dock filled with cargo ships, you know this isn’t going to end well for Vanessa.  Even more so when the other man shows up to force her into one of the cargo containers that has other young girls in it.  Chloe tells her friends what is going on and somehow (I forget how) they connect Cody with these cargo holders.  They get to the docks and wipe out creepy Cody and his crew while rescuing Vanessa and the other girls.  Vanessa returns home and unfortunately the person who pays the ultimate price, is Meredith.  Frank breaks up with her so he can spend more time focusing on Vanessa.  I don’t understand that strategy.   You can still spend more time with your daughter and still date Meredith.  Why does it have to be one or the other?  It’s stupid.  But Meredith respects it and is just happy she can move on and date again.  I don’t know how much moving on she’s actually doing since she did reach out to Jonathan (Chloe’s dad) last week via email.   Because we all know what’s going to happen…he’s going to show back up.   It wouldn’t shock me if he shows up in the finale next week but my gut tells me we won’t see him until possibly next season.

Now someone please help me out here.  Do we know what the Mai did to Whitley’s family?   He mentioned this week how he wants to destroy the Mai (starting with Chloe protectors) because the Mai destroyed his family.  Has that been explained before and I missed it?   I would really like to know what his beef is and if he is the one who started the Order or if the Order was already in existence when he joined them to go after the Mai.  Plus with everything Brian is investigating, there is something that Whitley is hiding.  Did he kill Brian’s mother?   Does he know who did?  Was it Mai?   Was Brian’s mother Mai?   We’ve learned that the story about Mais kissing humans being deadly is a lie so maybe human and Mai can produce children.  I doubt it and it is probably something else.  But there is something shady going on with Brian’s mother’s death/disappearance.  And I’m not sure what Simone’s end game is but she is protecting Brian because when Whitley wanted to see everyone in Chloe’s life, she removed the picture of Chloe and Brian so he wouldn’t see.

Summer finale next week, which means we should have some episodes in January to look forward to!!!  I will do a full recap next week with analysis on the rookie season as a whole, which I have found very entertaining.


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REVIEW: Pretty Little Liars “My Name is Trouble” S2 E3

As soon as I watched the “previously on Pretty Little Liars” clip, I knew what was going on with Melissa and I have a theory about her baby.   Wren is who she has been speaking to the whole time and she was having an affair with Wren and he is actually the father of her baby and not Ian.     That’s my theory.  I think the texts she was getting was from Wren so that when Spencer sent the “what did we name our baby” text, Wren answered “Taylor” because he’s the baby daddy!!!   Then when the last scene happened, it solidified my thoughts and I am more convinced than ever that Wren is the baby’s father.


I find it curious that considering all the “trouble” Spencer has been in and the fact that Melissa is still recovering from a car accident and her husband is either dead or missing, that the Hastings are out-of-town a lot!    Would you leave your daughters in this situation?   I know I would make arrangements for at least ONE of us to be there for them.    I find that strange.

Spencer is determined to find out who Melissa is talking to and she also wants to know if someone is staying with Jason DiLaurentis.  Toby has started working for Jason because no one else will hire him and he really needs the money to start his own business and move out of his house.   Spencer doesn’t like this and wants him to quit.   To help speed that process along, she takes Melissa’s wedding ring and sells it to a pawn shop to get the money to buy Toby a truck so he can take a job in Yardley and stop working for Jason.    I’m not sure why Spencer would be so against Toby working with Jason.   If anything, if Toby gets closer to Jason, he may be able to open a circle of trust and therefore get more information out of him.   Spencer should be encouraging this in my opinion not discouraging it.   One day when Spencer went to visit Toby, Jason was bringing trash bags to the curb and one broke showing rags with blood on it.  Hmmmm.  Did Jason have an accident or is he helping someone with injuries from a fall in a bell tower?   We’ll have to wait and see.


Aria is now taking a pottery class at Hollis College, where he father teaches, Ezra teaches, and Ezra’s ex fiance teaches.  This surprises me.   Wouldn’t this still be an issue for Ezra?  I don’t know the rules of college professors dating students at the college but I can’t imagine this would be acceptable.  Ezra and Aria had to keep their creepy, out-of-line relationship a secret when Ezra was teaching at Rosewood because he would have gotten fired (and I have to imagine in some states, arrested.)   Now he’s at Hollis and their relationship can be out in the open.  Well if Aria is taking classes at Hollis, whether she is in his class or not, isn’t that against the rules?   She’s 16 and taking a class at a local college where her “boyfriend” teaches.  In my mind, there is soooooo many things wrong with that scenario I don’t even know where to begin.   But I can’t imagine the administration at Hollis, being happy about this.   Boy I really hope they break up soon.

While Aria was taking her pottery class, she noticed Jenna in her class.  She tries to keep her distance and when the teacher asks her what her name is, she says Anita.  Now I would think that regardless of what Aria said her name is, Jenna would be able to recognize her voice.   I’m about to get really angry at the writers for insulting the intelligence of the viewers but then they correct the situation.  When Jenna takes her finished product and asks “Anita” to describe it to her since she can’t see, Aria starts to tell her what it looks like.   It is then that Jenna recognizes her voice and yells at her to blow out the candle (the lights have been turned out and the candle was the only light in the room.)   I have to say, this is the first time I really start to feel bad for Jenna and I think Aria starts to see the full impact of their actions from a very real and emotional level that she (and the audience) really hadn’t seen before from Jenna.  But as soon as Jenna realizes Aria is there, she instantly goes back to crazy mode, so that didn’t last very long!


Before we get into Hanna, I have one comment for the writers.  Tom Marin, Hanna’s father (played by Roark Critchlow) was talking about his upcoming wedding to Isabel, his fiance, and said “if she could fill up Veterans Stadium, she would.”    Technically, it should be Lincoln Financial Field.   My beloved Veterans Stadium, which was home to the Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia Phillies for over 30+ years, was imploded on March 21st 2004.   So it would be quite a challenge for Tom and Isabel to have their wedding at the Vet.

On that front, Ashley and Tom seem to be getting along very well.  Tom is staying in Rosewood a little longer which seems to make Ashley very happy and Isabel very unhappy.  At first I didn’t think Hanna liked the idea of her parents getting chummy again.  But when Isabel sends Tom an apology text,  his cell phone is on the kitchen island while Tom and Ashley are on the patio, drinking wine, laughing, and really enjoying each other’s company.  So Hanna does what any teenager would do….she deletes the text.   I have a feeling that will come back into to play, but for the time being, there was a small part of me that was thrilled Hanna did that because I really like the chemistry between Tom and Ashley.

At school, Hanna is trying to rebuild her friendship with Lucas.   And while Lucas is hesitant and cautious, you can tell he misses Hanna.  I still think there are some residual feelings there on his end, but I really believe that Lucas would rather have some portion of Hanna in his life, than not at all.  And if that is only as friends, so be it.   He looks like he starts crushing on another girl on the yearbook committee so Hanna makes it her mission to help him get a date.   It’s pretty sweet and I think she succeeds.


Emily is my least favorite character.  She is so maudlin and  morose that she gets on my nerves.  I can’t remember the last time I saw that girl smile.   She always looks like she is going to burst into tears at any moment and she’s a huge downer.  Even when she started dating this new girl, she looks like this is a painful experience for her rather than a happy one.  So I’m hoping the writers start to give her some life and happiness because she drags down every scene she’s in.

Emily came up with a plan to change the Danby letter she received from being more vague about her opportunity to an all out scholarship offer if she stays in Rosewood.   She would then mail it so her mother would receive it and decide to stay in Rosewood vs. moving to Texas.  After a heart to heart with her mom, she decides against.  A, on the other hand, has other plans for her.   A somehow mails the letter to Mrs. Fields and as a result they are staying in Rosewood….prompting another gloomy look from Emily.

While I am enjoying Season Two, I would like to start getting some answers to some questions.  Even if it is just revealed to us and not the Liars, but I need something.    Is Jason bad?   Who is staying with him and why?   Is Ian alive or dead?   What is going on with Melissa?   What’s up with the cop and Jenna?   Is Jenna good or bad?   Is Toby involved in any of this?   Is there any other clue to who A may be?   I dont’ need everything answered.   I’m still ok with not knowing who A is.   But there are major questions being opened up so it would be nice if ONE thing could be solved or ONE question could be answered.   Want to help me out there ABC Family?  Thanks!


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SEASON FINALE RECAP & REVIEW: The Good Wife “Closing Arguments” S2 E23

I started this post about 3 times and each time erasing and starting over because I wasn’t sure where to begin.  The last 3 episodes of the season dealt with Alicia finding out about Peter and Kalinda sleeping together (including this season finale.)  While I think the other episodes were more powerful because she was confronting the betrayers, this episode set up how changed these 3 people have become as a result of this revelation and how different they would be going into Season 3.   Another 3 people will also be significantly impacted by all this…Will, Eli, and Cary.   We will discuss all of this but let’s get into the case first because it was interesting this week.

A man is on trial for murdering a judge.  He and his wife went court to sue a dentist for the wrongful death of this 9-year-old son.  Judge Ellerby drew the case and the judgement went against the defendant.   Two months later, Ellerby is dead and Jake Richter is on trial for first degree murder.   According to the crime scene photos, the judge was stabbed to death and he was wearing gloves.  One glove is missing.  An expert forensic witness testified that the missing glove would have the killer’s blood on it.  How was that determined without the glove?  I’m not sure why the glove would have the killer’s blood on it and ONLY this glove and nowhere else in the crime scene would have the killer’s blood.  You would think that if the killer was bleeding, there would be blood in other areas of the crime scene or body, but whatever.  I’ll let it go.  Neither the police nor the SA’s office have been able to locate the glove that would either exonerate or condemn his client (reasonable doubt) so Will is driving that fact home.

Alicia is back at the office talking to Diane about expanding her role at the firm…yeah!!!  Meanwhile when they wrap up, she receives an envelope and while talking to Owen on the phone she opens it and the missing bloody glove slips out and onto her desk.  As soon as that happened I knew who sent it but more on that later.  She asks her secretary to get Diane and while Kalinda walks by, she begrudgingly asks for her help.  Kalinda calls Sophia (Kelli Giddish) and Sophia offers her assistance.  Diane calls Will to tell him what is going on and to get to the judge in the case.  Before Will does that, he runs to his client and asks if there is any chance his DNA is on the glove.  He says no.  At this point, I thought either he was guilty or he was covering for his wife committing the crime.  I just didn’t like the way he responded to Will.   Will, Childs, and Cary go to see the judge and an all out fight breaks out in her chambers because Will wants a mistrial.  The judge says no but find her something and she’ll reconsider.  As Will is leaving she tells him in not so many words that if he finds something for her that’s concrete, she’ll declare the mistrial because she is on his side.   Once the jury comes back, it’s out of her hands and the appellate judges aren’t likely to overturn the guilty verdict of a judge killer.

They start investigating not only the DNA on the glove but also the fingerprints on the envelope it came in and who the potential whistle-blower may be.  Alicia and Kalinda have to work together and Alicia is still cold but professional with Kalinda.  The other problem is that they have no alley in Childs because this is his swan song case before leaving the SA’s office.  So Diane wants someone (possibly Alicia) to talk to the newly elected SA to see if they can get him up to speed on the case and get an alley on their side.  Will steps up and says he’ll talk to Peter.  Alicia warns Will that she and Peter are having some issues so don’t be surprised if he’s a little chilly towards him.   Will talks to Peter.  I LOVED this scene.  Peter thinks Alicia is sleeping with Will therefore he hates him.  Will has no idea what’s going on in Peter’s mind.  All he knows is that he and Alicia are separated.  But Peter doesn’t know he knows that.  It’s fantastic!!!  So they discuss the case  and Peter tells Will he will look into Childs’ misconduct in the case…when he’s in office.  Which means no help.  Will asks Peter how he’s doing and Peter asks Will about how Alicia is doing.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  Here are two men who despise each other and would probably love nothing more than to go off and kick the crap out of one another, but they don’t.  They keep it civil and pointed.  Brilliant!

The prints come back and they match 2 cons.  One happens to work in their mail room who’s an ex sex offender but they decide to deal with that later.  They are also looking into another person who was wronged by Ellerby, Saul Barbarini.  Kalinda interviews him but doesn’t think it’s him.  Diane tells Will this and Will’s response is “Really?  Construction, Italian?  Did she even talk to him?”   Gee Will profile much?   So the guy is Italian and works in construction so he must be a killer?  Another reason for me to hate Will…he’s a bigot.  But back to the case.  Will asked the bailiff watching the jury to start serving them lots of coffee.  The bailiff wasn’t sure why (neither was I) until this scene happened.  On the phone with Diane, Will is about to enter the men’s room and asks Diane to ask him about the case.  He starts talking about a new suspect and the fact that they found the glove and guess who’s in the bathroom with him?  One of the jurors!!!!  Since it appeared the jurors were near a verdict, Will wanted to have more time so he set up this plan to get one of the jurors kicked off the jury and have an alternate replace him.  Therefore having to start the deliberation process all over again.  But it backfired slightly on him.   There was also another juror in the bathroom at the same time but he was in one of the stalls.  It was the only juror LG thought they had on their side…juror #2.  So as a result, he’s gone as well.  Way to go Will with your dirty cheap tricks!!   While all this is going on, DNA comes back and it’s female!!  So it will clear Jake and their other suspects but they still have no idea who the killer is.  At this point, I still thought it was Jake’s wife.

The case takes them to the daughter of the murdered judge.  She and her father didn’t have the greatest relationship and she informs Alicia and Kalinda that her father was taking bribes.  At this point they haven’t been able to find any females wronged by Ellerby and Diane asks them to look into cases where he recused himself.  If he took a bribe and stepped down, someone could have been very angry.   They were able to find someone and they were able to get her DNA from a fertility clinic to analyze it against the DNA on the glove.  It matched.  Kalinda brings it to Cary and the next thing you know, they are all in a courtroom and the judge is declaring a mistrial.  Jake can go home to his family!   So I was really wrong about Jake and his wife!!  And as everyone leaves, we see Peter hidden around the corner and he is the one ripping up the UPS slip of paper proving he was the one who sent the glove to Alicia.  That one I was right on.  I knew it would be him!

While this was all going on, Peter’s political aspirations were being worked out by Eli and the Democratic Committee.  They are setting their sights on higher levels of office…the governor’s office, the US Senate.   The DC wants Alicia involved and Eli, knowing what is going on, tells them no.  But they say, it’s not her choice.   In the meantime, Eli needs to work in between campaigns and he is looking for a law firm to align with and bring his consulting business to.  So of course, he chooses LG.  This is also the big promotion Diane wanted to discuss with Alicia.  She wants Alicia to be the liaison between the legal side and the political side.    Alicia immediately goes to Eli and tells him to take his business elsewhere and he firmly says no.  While he has deferred to Alicia about many things, this will not be one of them.  It’s in the best interest of his business so he is going to move forward.  It’s business not personal.  I’m so glad he stood his ground here.   While I love Alicia to pieces, she doesn’t have the right to tell him where to take his business.  And in this instance, she needs to suck it up.

We started by talking about how these last 3 episodes are really starting to transform people.  One big transformation we saw was with Kalinda.  After a sexual romp with Sophia, Sophia gets a call…from her husband.  Now we didn’t know this but apparently Kalinda did.  When she hears about the husband, her face and attitude completely changes.  She asks Sophia why she didn’t tell her about her husband and Sophia reminds her when and where she told her about her husband and even the picture she showed her.  Kalinda immediately leaves after feeling like a home wrecker again.  Before Kalinda wouldn’t have cared about sleeping with married people (which to be honest, really knocks her down a peg in my book.)  After what happened with Alicia, she is thinking twice about what her actions would mean to the person on the other end of the relationship.  She is starting to realize that her decisions have consequences to them.   I honestly believe the Sophia told Kalinda about her husband and Kalinda just blocked it out because that is what she always did before.  Now it seems moving forward, that all changes.

I also think Eli is going to have some tough decisions to make moving forward.  He and Alicia have developed their own bond.  There is a huge respect level between the two of them and I think he is slightly protective of her and not just for political reason.  So when he goes to work at LG, is his allegiance going to be stronger with Alicia than with Peter or will Peter still be the Florrick he gives preference to?   Because there are going to be times he has to make a choice.  So who will he choose.

Cary should be a very fascinating piece to this puzzle.  I think Peter will use him and his ambition to get information on Alicia and LG.  The problem is, will Cary see that he’s being used and not care, will he see that he’s being used and use it to his advantage (sounds like him) or will he not see it at all and pretty much hate all Florricks from here on out.   Cary is all about Cary but I do think he has a heart and do think he wants to do the right thing, even if sometimes things have to get messy for justice to prevail.   The key here is Peter’s motives.  I think Peter would like to bring down Will Gardner, but not at the expense of Alicia.  I really believe Peter wants Alicia back.  So anything he uses Cary for will not be to attack her but to attack Will.

I guess I have to talk about that final scene huh?   Ugh.  I put it off as long as I could.  Alicia and Will are at the bar celebrating their victory by doing shots…something Alicia always did with Kalinda.  It ends up with Will asking Alicia about their “timing.”  It’s always been off.  But he has broken it off with what’s her name (Elizabeth Reaser) and she is separated from Peter.  So he says to her, what would happen if our timing was finally aligned, even if it was only for an hour?  The go to the front desk to get a room.  Everything is booked.  He keeps asking but she keeps saying no.  Finally she says they do have the presidential suite but it’s like $7,500 a night.  At that point, I would have left to find another hotel.   Give me a break.  They get the room and hop in the elevator.  Unfortunately a little girls has hit the buttons to about 30 floors hence the preview scene with elevators opening and closing and we seeing varying stages of Alicia and Will hooking up.  It was a really well shot scene.   They get to the room and the key doesn’t work.  At this point I would think that someone is trying to tell me something.  I couldn’t get a room and the only one cost $7,500.  Then some kid pushes all the buttons to make the climb to the penthouse that much longer giving me more time to think about what I am doing.  Finally, the key doesn’t work.  I would have left.  But Alicia has another idea.  She takes the key and tries and voila!  It works.  The go into the room and we end Season 2.   I’ll tell you what though, that better be some balls to the walls amazing sex for $7,500!!!!

Needless to say, I hated the last scene.   Ha!!  As much as I dislike Will Gardner, I disliked this more so for the fact that I don’t think she should be with anyone right now.  Alicia needs to focus on Alicia and her kids.  If she needs to knock boots with someone, pick someone you don’t have a history with or feelings for or work for!!  I can understand after everything she has been through, that she deserves some happiness and some loving.  I just don’t think it should be Will.  I think he will break her heart just like Peter.  And not by cheating on her but by betraying her in another way.  I just feel it.  I worry that the end game of this show is to have her with Will so I am ready for that disappointment.  But I am still holding out hope for Peter.  I think eventually, when Alicia isn’t so hurt anymore and can see the situation clearly, her friendship with Kalinda will be renewed and she may be willing to start again with Peter.   I just don’t think that’s what the writers want sadly.   I did see an interview with Julianna Margulis where she said she doesn’t think Alicia should be with Will and that that ship has sailed.  So hopefully if JM has any say in her character’s progression, Alicia won’t end up with Will.   Yeah!!!  A girl can dream right?

What an AMAZING season of The Good Wife!!!   I am constantly blown away by the talent of the cast and crew.  I think moving to Sundays in the fall could be good for the show.  The only bad thing is with CBS having football, if games run late, so will The Good Wife.  I hate that!!!  But otherwise, I think it’s fine.  I already can’t wait for next season and I hope you will all be back with me in the fall to continue the journey!!!


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Thank God this season is finally over.  A show that started out with so much promise, originality, and interest has turned into a joke of show.  The show should be called iTunes instead of Glee because that what this show is all about.  iTunes downloads!!!  I know that sounds really harsh and I hate being that harsh on someone’s creative work but it’s true.  And I’m always hardest on the things that have so much potential but are falling way short.  Glee has become that for me.  The show I watched last night didn’t even feel like a season finale.   I felt like I was watching a nice little episode of Glee that had a few moments in it.  But it was very underwhelming.  Granted not every season finale needs to have the impact Castle and The Mentalist have, but it doesn’t need to be boring either.  And that’s what “New York” was for me…boring.   I’m sure there are Finn and Rachel fans screaming at me right now that it was the best finale ever and that I must not know good TV when I see it because it rocked and I should give them back their Barbie dolls.   Finn and Rachel together is fine but there were some bigger moments for me personally but regardless, it was still blah.  And I am still upset at Ryan Murphy because I have now seen Cheyenne Jackson on THREE episodes of Glee and he still has yet to sing on one of them.  So I am a little bitter, if I’m being honest.


  • The kids reaction to NYC.   These kids are from a small town in Ohio and had never seen a city as large as Philadelphia let alone New York City.  There reactions were perfect and I enjoyed seeing them dance and skip all over the city with joy as they finally made it big!
  • Rachel meets Patti Lupone.  This was adorable.  Rachel was so nervous to meet her but she said Kurt would never forgive her if she didn’t so she stops Patti and introduces herself.  I assumed Patti wasn’t going to be her rumored cantankerous self and she wasn’t.  She was very sweet to Rachel and gave her typical Broadway vet to aspiring high schooler advise…don’t give up on your dream and he’s really cute (meaning Finn.)  On a side note, I got to meet Patti Lupone one night after seeing her in Gypsy on Broadway and she was a lovely woman.
  • Kurt and Rachel’s BFF day in NYC.  This was my favorite part of the episode.  I love the friendship that has developed between them vs. the nasty competitiveness they had before.  These are two people with very similar personalities who want the same things out of life and only those two really understand that about themselves and each other.  From Breakfast at Tiffany’s to breaking into the Gershwin Theater and being able to sing on the WICKED stage was fantastic.  Plus it helps that they pick one of my all time favorite Broadway songs…”For Good” and did a really wonderful job with it.   The best part was Kurt helping Rachel to figure out that her one true love, the whole time, has been herself.  I’m kidding (sort of.)  It’s the Broadway stage and her dreams of becoming a star. So while she isn’t sure if she should pursue Finn or her career, that moment on the stage with Kurt showed her what was really important to her.
  • Blaine telling Kurt he loves him.  Hands down the most realistic scene of the episode.  Kurt gets back from Nationals and immediately meets up with his boyfriend to tell him all about it.  And while Blaine is listening to Kurt and seeing how this trip affected him, Blaine couldn’t help but tell Kurt “I love you.”   And it was the way he said it that was so perfect.  He said it so matter-of-factly like it was the most natural thing in the world.  Now the debate comes with Kurt’s reaction and I want your opinion on this.  Did you think Kurt’s reaction was a little odd or was he so blown away that someone told him he loved him that he reacted in a shocked way?  I think it could go either way but my initial reaction was “that was strange.”  To me it felt like he wasn’t ready for those three little words and it through him for a loop and he just said it back to Blaine so it wouldn’t be awkward.  The “love you too” seemed very flip to me.  But I can see how some people would think he was just stunned the boy he loved all year told him that he loved him and just wasn’t expecting it.
  • Rachel and Finn deciding to be a couple until she leaves for NY after her senior year.   I always liked the idea of the high school quarterback and the dorky glee club girl who no one likes being a couple.  Although I’m not the biggest Rachel Barry fan, there are times she tugs at my heart-strings (damn her.)  Finn has been giving Rachel google eyes for about 4 episodes now so it’s about time he cut ties with Quinn and made his move on Rachel because it wasn’t fair to Quinn.  I liked how it was his friends that pushed him to got for it with Rachel.  “Can we talk about the huge Jewish elephant in the room?” asks Puck.  Probably one of my favorite lines ever on this show!!!   Rachel realized and tried to explain to Finn that she will be going back to NYC after graduation to pursue her dreams and nothing or no one will stop her.  He very sweetly asked her what she is going until graduation over a year from then.  And she realized she could have Finn for the year until she moves.   However I would like to point out two things.  First, who says she’s going to get into a school in NYC.  Second, why can’t Finn go to NYC or they do the long distance thing and try it.  She doesn’t have to have one or the other in my book.

  • Original Songs.  They aren’t good.  I hate to say it but people would rather watch the Glee kids belt out tunes we know vs. tunes no one’s ever heard of.  They aren’t completely terrible.  But they aren’t good either.  The only one I sort of liked was from last week’s “Funeral” episode called “Get it Right.”  Other than that, they should stick to Broadway and Pop/Rock songs.
  • No Sue and Emma for 5 seconds.  I understand Sue’s big episode was last week but she wasn’t even IN the finale at all!  At least Emma got a 5 second flash in the glee room with Will’s arm around her.   But I don’t understand how Jane Lynch isn’t in the season finale at all.  Hell Teri Schuster got more air time than Sue and Emma combined!   But considering Jessalyn Gilsig’s been a “series regular” all season and the last 2 episodes are really all we have seen of her this season, I can’t complain.  But I’m glad she’s leaving for Miami.
  • Rachel being nice to Sunshine.  I know many people probably thought this was a nice moment…and it was.  But it was completely out of character for Rachel.  She has a hard enough time letting Mercedes take the spotlight away from her (although she has gotten better about that) let alone help out and give the competition encouragement to beat her.  Rachel can be a heartless shrew when she wants to be but she can show some softer, sweeter sides to her.   But the writers need to make up their minds on her.  Is she a woman determined to be a star and not let anyone get in her way.  Or is she going to be nicer to people and help out the competition so they can beat her.  It doesn’t make sense.
  • Brittany gets a song over Mercedes?  After the performance Mercedes gave last week, I knew she wouldn’t be featured in this week’s nationals competition because it always has to be about Rachel. Therefore last week was Mercedes moment.  Why it can never be during a competition I don’t get, but whatever.  But I never thought I would see a solo performance by Brittany before I saw one from Mercedes.  “My Cup.”  Are you serious?  Granted it was just a 3 minute practice run for a new song for the competition (more on that later) but it’s 3 minutes I would still rather give to Mercedes or Quinn even.
  • Brittany being the smart one.  I have said time and time again that I hate the way they portray Brittany sometimes.  I don’t mind if you want to show a girl who isn’t that bright for comic relief, like when Kurt said he felt like Eloise and Brittany said “I have pills for that.”   Hilarious!!!  But when they do things like have her interview her cat and she actually expects it to answer her, I hate it.  It’s too over the top.   But it also doesn’t make sense that Brittany would be the voice of reason for how the year ended for the Glee club and Santana.  Again, very out of character.
  • Matthew Morrison’s song and Will Schuster’s Broadway opportunity.  I have seen Matthew Morrison on a Broadway stage and the stage manager was right when he came down and told Will that he had “it.”  MM does have “it” when it comes to performing on stage.  He’s incredible.   And I have also complained that we don’t get to hear him sing enough for my liking.  So he finally get a song to belt out and it’s one of his original’s from his debut album.  While I don’t begrudge him wanting to use the show to promote his album, I really wish he would have sung something else.  On that note, I don’t understand why Will wouldn’t have tried the Broadway show for the summer.  He said it himself.  After school was out, he would rehearse for a few weeks and then open the show.  If it was a success, he could have taken a sabbatical for a year and stayed with the show.  If the show tanked and closed, he could still be back with New Directions and try to get them to nationals.  How do you not at least try???   He does owe it to himself to give it a shot.  But instead of taking the opportunity given to him that so many people strive for and very few get, he chooses to stay in Ohio teaching glee club.  Ok.
  • Sam and Mercedes hiding the fact they are a couple.  It didn’t surprise me they went there.  It’s about time Mercedes got some love!!!  But I don’t know why they feel the need to hide it.
  • The songs not being ready for nationals.   I can’t even begin to talk about how ridiculous this was.  Your kids aren’t professional song writers and you think you can just whip up two original songs the night before the competition?  Really?  You think writing an original song is that easy?  No wonder the songs stunk and no wonder you lost.  I’m surprised you came in 12th!!!  Not only were the songs not written, but they obviously weren’t rehearsed.  How can you rehearse and practice songs you don’t have written?  But they show up the day of the show and the songs are done and everything is perfectly sung and choreographed.  Yeah right.  Do the Glee writers think we are that stupid?  They must.   Once you won sectionals, you have how many weeks to prep for nationals?  Why didn’t you start writing songs then if you were so set on going the original song route?  And if you weren’t sure, don’t you think you should have practiced another routine just in case the songs weren’t good?   What if all they came up with was Brittany’s “My Cup?”  Would they have performed that?   I was seriously floored by this!!
  • Finn and Rachel’s date.  While this was absolutely adorable and very romantic, it wasn’t even close to being realistic.  First, what high school kid just so happens to pack a suit and formal dress on a show choir trip?   Neither kid was prepared for this impromptu date so where did the clothes come from?   I guarantee you they couldn’t afford to buy them in NYC!  Which brings me to my next point.   Where does Finn get the money to take Rachel to Sardi’s?  Granted he didn’t take her to Daniel but for a high school kid, Sardi’s can be expensive.  At least fifty possibly seventy dollars.  And what kid has seventy dollars to blow on dinner?   Then when he goes to kiss her, she takes off and runs away from him.  Wherever they were walking looked nothing like the Times Square area of NYC.  So did Rachel know where she was going?  She’s 17 years old in New York for the first time.  Would you really run away from him by yourself in a huge strange city if you aren’t sure where you are going?  I know I’m nitpicking here but come on.  As realistic as Blaine and Kurt’s scene was, this was the complete opposite end of the spectrum of realism.  I can only suspend my disbelief so far.
  • Quinn drops her revenge because of a haircut.  Last week she develops this plan to take down Finn and Rachel by destroying the team’s chances to win nationals.  But after her haircut, the revenge is out the window and by the end of the episode, when Finn and Rachel are walking into the glee room, she greats them warmly.  All because of a haircut?  Granted it was absolutely adorable on her but for real?  I don’t know one broken-hearted teenager that can get over being dumped that quickly.  Especially when you are the popular pretty one and got dumped for the dorky not as attractive as you are one.  No.  Stinking.  Way!  Not happening and I don’t buy this at all.  Quinn’s another one where I can’t figure out if the writers want her to be a bad girl or a good girl.  Same with Rachel.  Starting off bad and growing to be good is one thing.  I’ll take character growth and development any day.  But that isn’t happening here.  One day these girls are ruthless, the next they are sweet as anything.   I still can’t get over the fact that Quinn forgave Lauren for what she did to her.  That was awful.   Lauren purposely hurt Quinn but yet Rachel’s never done anything to Quinn and Quinn hates her.  I don’t get it.  I like bad ass Quinn because I find her more interesting and layered.  I also wish they would revisit her friendship with Mercedes that seems to have been completely forgotten about.  That was one of my favorite parts from last season.
  • Will giving up his Broadway dream.  I know we already talked about this but it’s so ridiculous that he would give up a chance on Broadway to stay and manage the glee club, I had to bring it up twice!
So that was season 2, the iTunes season.  Not a lot of substance or character development of any kind.  Some good episodes, some lousy episodes.  Some great music, some not so good music.  And a bore of a season finale.  I’m going to give Glee one more season.  But if this keeps up, I won’t be back and season 3 will be my last following Glee.

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RECAP & REVIEW: The Good Wife “In Sickness” S2 E21

I’m torn.  I thought Lauren Graham nailed an Emmy nod with the last 2 episodes of Parenthood this season (especially the season finale.)  I may have to rethink that after watching tonight’s The Good Wife.   For this particular review, I am going to break it down by the characters since that is really what interested me.  If it wasn’t for all this Alicia/Peter insanity, the case would have been more appealing to me, especially with Martha Plimpton back as Patti Nyholm.  Unfortunately it is going on the back burner this week so I am going to focus mainly on Alicia and Peter and the fallout from the revelation from 3 weeks ago about Peter and Kalinda.


Julianna Margulies was beyond perfection.  Anger, devastation, confusion, quiescence, firmness….she ran the gamut of emotions.  This is a much different Alicia than what we saw when the series started.  At that point, she was lost and unsure of herself and how she would move forward.   Now, she knew exactly what to do because there were only 3 people she cared about protecting….Grace, Zack, and herself.  In no time at all, she moved Peter out, severed ties with Jackie (thank God), focused on her career, and discussed with her children how things were going to be with the information she had at that time.  It was striking.  Her strength never ceases to amaze me.  But what’s important is that she isn’t a robot with no heart.  Her heart is broken and she is doing everything she can to hold herself together because she has to for her children.  She has to be numb and distant to some degree other wise she would probably fall apart and burst into tears at the sheer mention of Peter or Kalinda’s name.   Alicia Florrick is a strong, loving, kind, fierce, loyal, good woman.  I hate seeing someone so incredible be torn down so completely.  If this was any other character, I don’t know how she would bounce back.  For me, it’s not a matter of CAN Alicia bounce back but how much stronger and bolder will she be WHEN she does.

I have always been supportive of Alicia and Peter’s marriage.  I believe that deep down they really love each other and genuinely like each other.  They were moving back towards building their lives together again and both parties seemed very happy about that.  It seemed like that is what they both wanted.  Then this news comes to Alicia.  So I have to ask the question….if it came out that Peter slept with anyone other than Kalinda, would Alicia have reacted this way?   What happened was in the past.  It didn’t happen recently and it didn’t happen over and over again….it was a one time thing between them.  Alicia had to know that if Peter was sleeping with a prostitute that chance are, he probably slept with someone else.  But it appeared as if, regardless of his past, she was ready to put it behind them and move on.   Until that past included her current BFF.   Just because it’s Kalinda is it really any different?  At that time, she didn’t know Kalinda and they weren’t friends.  So Kalinda wasn’t betraying her.   Peter at that time was a known philanderer so news of him cheating, shouldn’t be a shock.  So is Alicia’s reaction justified?   For the most part, I would say yes and to some small degree I would say no.  Hear me out.  Alicia has been put through the ringer more times than I can count.  She has finally gotten to a good place in her life and she was completely cut off at the knees with this news.   Leading up to the election, she had some hesitation worrying about her life returning to what it was before.  This news confirmed her worst fears.   Even though this happened before.   Even though this was not recent.  It still brought all those feelings and all those fears front and center.  Alicia’s had enough.  She feels as though she deserves better and I would agree with her.  Plus, how could any person not react the way she did?  Also I think she is furious at him for destroying her family and hurting their children.  How could you forgive him for that?  He never seems to think about how his actions affect not just Alicia but his children?  So with all that said, Alicia was absolutely justified in her reaction.   However, there are two huge parts to this that make this different…this happened years ago, before they reconciled and Kalinda and Alicia were not friends at that time.  Now what I am about to say is easy for me to say because I wasn’t betrayed by my husband and best friend.   So take it for what it’s worth.  If I were Alicia and I was just confronted with this news, here is what I would do.  I would sit Peter down and have a come to Jesus discussion with him.  I would tell him that he has the next 10-15 minutes to tell me all the people he slept with since we had been married.  It won’t be held against him.  But this is his one chance to come clean.  That way, no one else can come to me and surprise me anymore with these revelations.  We are being open and honest and I will know everything.  Once that conversation is had, the rule is, no more whores!   If he slips even a little, I will leave him and take the kids with me and never look back.  But if the past is the past and it stays there, then we can move forward.  But if I find out you lied and held something back or you cheat again, you’re dead to me and your kids.  Because regardless of WHO he slept with, it doesn’t matter.  Kalinda was not her friend at the time so it wasn’t as if this was a worse cheat than any other.  She was nothing to Alicia at that time.   So Peter didn’t sleep with her BFF back when it happened.  He slept with a random woman.  So isn’t he owed the chance to explain and talk through it?

Having said all that, I still understand Alicia’s outrage and heart crushing actions.  It will be very interesting to see how it goes down with Kalinda next week.   Anyone that has a best friend (especially a best girl friend) will understand that the betrayal you would feel from her would be worse than the husband.   Especially in this case where it isn’t shocking that Peter would cheat but to know your BFF kept from you that she slept with your husband (again, before she knew you.)  WOW!   I just know that no matter which direction Alicia decides to take her life in, I will ALWAYS have her back and support her 100% (just don’t sleep with Will!)


Oh Peter.  Do you know how hard it is to defend you when you act the way that you do?  I have been so proud of the progress you have made and really felt like you have turned a corner.  And deep down, I think you and Alicia will find your way back to each other.   Even though this happened a while ago when Alicia and Kalinda weren’t friends (didn’t even know each other) I am still a little disappointed over how you handled this situation.

I have to say, it was brutal watching him walk into that apartment because he had no idea what was about to hit him!  He was so excited after the election and I really think he was thrilled to be moving into the next phase of their lives.  Then Alicia dropped the bomb.  This isn’t their place….it’s HIS place and all of his things have already been moved in.  When he turns and looks at all his boxes and tells Alicia he is truly confused, she clears it up for him “you slept with Kalinda.”  And his head drops over what she now knows.

I didn’t like the way he handled this scene.  He really came across as “what’s the big deal?  It happened, it’s over, you didn’t know her at the time so let’s forget about it.”  He was very cavalier about this and if I were Alicia I would have slapped him.   He gave the impression of smugness and ambivalence.  It was not a good impression at all!  But when she left, after he asked what he could do to make this right and she said nothing, he really looked devastated.

Later, when Alicia gets home, he is at the apartment and he insists they talk.  Alicia insists they do it outside so the kids won’t hear them.  This is the part where I really liked him.  He tells her that he called a marriage counselor and that he is going to start seeing her next week and that if it takes him leaving the State’s Attorney’s office, he would do it to save their marriage because he loves her.  I believed him 100%.   Alicia….not so much.   She tells him it’s a no…to counseling, explanations, basically any word that comes out of his mouth.   The next part is where Peter goes downhill all over again.   “You’re sleeping with Will aren’t you?”  Oh boy, you went there didn’t you?  He tells her he thinks that this is what all this is about, the fact that there have been 3 people in this marriage the whole time.  She is incensed about the fact that he is trying to put any blame on her and she asks him if that is why he came to talk to her.  Then he asks if she is divorcing him and she says she hasn’t decided yet (yeah hope for us Peter and Alicia fans!!!!)   He walks away and tells her to let him know when she’s figured it out.  “Yep, you and Kalinda, I have her number too.”  Ok, I have to say that sounded like something a high schooler would say.

The last part of this conversation is what I found most interesting.  As he gets in the elevator he tells Alicia that “she’s blameless in this” meaning Kalinda.  “Oh really.  Did you rape her?” Alicia asks.  OUCH, WOW!!!!  Now the fists are coming out!!!  “She didn’t even know you then” he says.  “She knew you were married” (and I’ll get into this more in Kalinda’s section and probably after next week’s episode.)   Peter’s next line is what really had me thinking…”it’s ok, it’s alright Alicia.  Have at it.  You’re the injured one.  No one else.  There’s nothing anyone can say right?”   So what on earth did that mean?   Does that mean there is much more to this story than we are lead to believe?  Is it not as simple as Peter and Kalinda having a one night stand?  Blake made it seem as though Kalinda slept with Peter to get his help to change her identity.  What if it wasn’t that simple?  She had to change her identity for a reason….why?  And was someone threatening her or both of them and it led to them sleeping together?   Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but that seemed to be a very loaded statement.     Alicia then tells Peter to say something to her that will make her fall in love with him again.  He simply says “good-bye.”   “You got that right.”   But again, the look on his face in the elevator says something more is going on.  We shall see.


I have always hated the character of Jackie.  I think she is a nasty old woman who lives vicariously through her son’s life because she has no life of her own.  Did she actually give Alicia grief for leaving Peter?   How dare she!!!   Whatever issues are going on with Peter and Alicia are none of her business and her main concern should be how this affects all of them personally not politically.  And did she ever once think to ask about her grandchildren?    Of course not.  She only cares about her golden boy, her meal ticket, Peter and his political career.   As usual, Alicia was the epitome of class by not revealing to Jackie that her son couldn’t keep it in his pants again.   Because, again, none of her business.

I found it appalling that she would just walk into Alicia’s office, without an appointment, and start badgering her about her relationship with Peter.   I can understand a mother seeing her son hurt and in pain and wanting to find out what is going on.  I get that.  What I don’t get is her tactics and utter lack of respect.  When discussing how Grace and Zack will find out Alicia tells her that she will discuss it with them after they get home from school.  “So you can poison them with your bias.”  WHAT!!!!  If I were Alicia I would have thrown her out right then and there.  I also like how Jackie tells her that she has come to admire “certain aspects” of Alicia.  Oh gee thanks lady.  I bet Alicia can now sleep at night!  She continues by saying how her son is hurting and he should be happy but Alicia destroyed him.  Alicia reminds her that it’s private and she should stay out of it.  Then she tells Alicia that she watched her children for 2 years.   Oh so that entitles you to berate your daughter-in-law because you don’t like their current situation!!!  Alicia kindly tells her that she appreciates it and moving forward it won’t be necessary because he children are older and don’t need her.  Touche!!   Jackie is appalled at Alicia’s tone ( I think it’s fantastic) and she tells her that her son made her this way.   Alicia then thanks her for being a life saver when she needed one and tells her that she will still be able to see her grandchildren.  “Damn you to hell” is Jackie’s classy response.  Back at you bitch (is what I would have said!)

Grace and Zack

And this was the scene that got me.  Alicia having to tell the kids that dad is out of the house and they are splitting up.  And I want to commend all three actors in this scene.  They did an amazing job making me see both sides and empathizing with all of them.  Alicia handled this with such grace and composure.  You could see all the times she wanted to break out into tears but held it together to be able to tell them what is going on.

She never “poisoned them with her bias.”  She never told them the real reason for the break.   Just that it was time.   So from Grace and Zack’s view-point, I can understand why they are heartbroken and confused because everything seemed to be going so well and they were on a path to being a real family again.  And it was true.  Zack asks if this whole time of being a family was just to get their dad elected and Alicia tells him it wasn’t.  She wanted to see if the marriage would work and it hasn’t.  Both kids are tearing up and are so baffled by this and Alicia can see it.   It is crushing her.  But she never blames Peter and in fact takes some of the blame and even protects him.  She tells them that this was her decision.  Also, because of their public status, she wants them to not say anything about their situation to anyone else.  It must stay in the family.   “But that’s lying.  We’re being hypocrites” Grace says.  And her mother tells her that is true but they are old enough to understand why it has to be this way and that sometimes, when people want to hurt you, it’s alright to not tell the full truth.  But that they should never lie to each other.   Then Grace says something that unglues her mother (and me)…”Mom you need to protect us more.”  Oh Grace if you only knew how much and to what lengths your mother is protecting you!!!!  Alicia then completely breaks down and loses it and Grace is horrified at how she made her mother cry and apologies to her.   Alicia tearfully tells them how much she loves them and that they are going to be alright.  Group hug!


I love Cary and would really like to see more of him on TGW.  But is anyone else as confused as I am over why he still hates Alicia as much as he does?  I know she “beat him” for the associates job and he blames her for that.   But he landed on his feet with a great job at the SA’s office so I don’t know why he’s still so pissed.  With the change over of SA, Cary asks Kalinda for her help in getting a new job.   She recommends him for LG.  Diane and Will meet with him and make him an offer that will make him a 2nd year associate but be compensated at a 3rd year level.  His biggest hangup with that?   He will be a 2nd year while Alicia will be a 3rd.   Are you kidding me?   Get over it Cary!

Still scrambling, at the end of the show, he goes to see Peter and Peter blows him off saying he isn’t making any changes or decisions at that moment.  This is all happening after the showdown in their apartment hallway so Peter is not in the best mood.  He even made a comment to someone on the phone about how they must be confusing him with the old Peter Florrick and he wasn’t in the mood to grant favors.   Cary doesn’t leave and starts to tell Peter that he hopes their won’t be any bias against him because of his differences with Alicia in the past.  Now all of sudden Peter’s ears perk up.  He wants to know how he knows Alicia and Cary tells him, LG.  Music plays and all we see is Peter offering Cary a seat.

Now this could be taken one of two ways.  Number one is he will keep Cary on board to make Alicia’s life a living hell.  Number two, he is going to use Cary to get dirt on LG and more specifically Alicia’s relationship with Will.   I’m going to go with scenario #2.  As upset as Peter is right now and he may even be angry with Alicia to some degree, I really think he wants his wife back.  So making her life a living hell wouldn’t be the most romantic approach to winning her back.   I think he is going to do whatever he can to get her back.  Unfortunately Cary will be used as the pawn to make it happen.


Not much to say about Kalinda because she wasn’t very prominent this week.   Understandably so since her big episode (Kalinda-centric if you will) is next week.  All I will say is that Alicia has been different with her and she knows it.  Do you think she already suspects that Alicia knows?  Kalinda is very good at reading people so has she already figured this out?  I’m not sure.

I don’t know what Kalinda’s best move would have been.  Alicia is going to be pissed that after becoming such good friends, Kalinda never told her what happened.  To some degree, it isn’t fair.  Why would you tell her?   If the only people who knew were Peter and Kalinda and telling would only hurt her, what is the point?   To satisfy your own guilt by destroying a marriage and friendship as a result?  That’s selfish to me.   So it wouldn’t really be fair for Alicia to hold that against her.  Understandable but not totally fair.   However, once it was determined that Blake knew and told someone at the SA’s office, then Cary found out through that same person at the SAs office, it’s not just Peter and Kalinda knowing anymore.  Many other people now know and it wouldn’t be unheard of for that information to get back to Alicia.  Which it did.  In that instance, it’s better that she hear it from Kalinda or Peter or both than having her find out the way she did.

Next Week

This week Peter was the recipient of Alicia’s ire.  Next week, it’s Kalinda’s turn.  This should be tough to watch.  Alicia hasn’t been able to trust many people and Kalinda is one of those people she finally let in and trusted.  Well that is now all out the window (for the time being.)   We all keep saying how Kalinda didn’t know Alicia when she slept with Peter and therefore you can’t really use the “you slept with my best friend” slant.   However, as Alicia pointed out and I mentioned in my last blog, whether Alicia and Kalinda were BFFs at the time or not (they weren’t), Kalinda still knew Peter was married.  She knew it and still slept with him anyway.  So what does that say about her character?  I’m sure Alicia will ask her that question.  Or shout it at her or maybe just throw her computer at her head.  Regardless, it should be quite a showdown and I am VERY curious to see how this affects the working environment at LG.

I know this was long but there was much to discuss.  I would like to hear your thoughts if you haven’t fallen asleep from boredom at the 900 page review!


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Live Tweet During Tonight’s The Good Wife

It’s starting in five minutes!!!!  How will Alicia react?  What will she do?   Join me on Twitter to discuss and come back tomorrow for the full review!!

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