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WINTER PREMIERE REVIEW: Pretty Little Liars “Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares” S2 E14

The Liars are back!!!  It feels like forever since they were on TV but then again it seems like it was just yesterday.  It’s weird.   Regardless, we catch up with the girls about a month after we last left them and they have A LOT to atone for.

When we last left the liars, Aria was being threatened by Jackie to break things off with Ezra, which she did.  Spencer was told to break up with Toby, which she did.  Hanna had to break up her father’s wedding to Isabel, which she did.  And Emily, was still recovering from her carbon monoxide poisoning and having Alison tell her, in her dream, that she was her favorite and that she knows who “A” is but isn’t saying.  Now, from the special Halloween episode we got in October, we learned that “A” didn’t just show up after Ali died.  “A” was tormenting Ali way before he/she ever came after the rest of our fearless foursome.   I know there is still much speculation out there that “A” is Alison and that she never died.  And with hints like tonight where “A” told Emily she was her favorite (just like Ali did in Em’s dream) the show is doing a good job of keeping that a possibility but I don’t think it’s true.  At one point, I did, but not anymore.  I think “A” is someone with strong ties to Ali but not Ali herself.

The surprising part of the episode, was how much the girls had turned on one another…more so Spencer and Emily.  But I have to admit, I didn’t buy it for one second.  I knew it was a ruse to trick “A”.   So if I knew, how come “A” didn’t.  “A” always seems to be 3 steps ahead of the girls.  He/she knows them inside and out.  So wouldn’t he/she have seen right through it as well?  Basically the girls tricked “A” into thinking that Emily was on the outs with all of them so that she would be approach by “A” (which she was) and the girls were going to use that to trap “A” and finally reveal who he/she is.  It worked for a few minutes but eventually “A” got away, but not before leaving behind a valuable clue to who they are…..his/her cell phone!  Which as you could see by the final scene, “A” was severely pissed about that stupid mistake.

I have to say, I was a little disappointed how quickly they wrapped some things up.  For example, Jackie really turned the tables on Aria in the summer finale.  When Aria went to expose Jackie for plagiarism, Jackie told her that she would expose her relationship with Ezra to her parents unless she broke up with him.  I really thought this was going to play out longer.  And actually, I thought it would have been great to watch.  But knowing what was going down between Jackie and Aria, Ezra decided to take Jackie’s power away.  He went to see Ella and Byron and in a very difficult, painful, grueling, scene to watch, he finally came clean about his relationship with their daughter.  I was literally dying for him on my couch!  As to be expected, this went over soooooo well with the Montgomerys.  The asked him to leave, he wouldn’t, Mike punched him, and then Ezra left.  While it was a fabulous scene and all actors played it beautifully, I would really like to have seen this dragged out a little longer.

The other story that I thought was wrapped up too quickly was Tom and Isabel still getting married anyway even thought Hanna exposed his affair with Ashley while they were at the altar.  It was a little too easy.  I know it ruined their wedding day and they didn’t get the wedding they wanted, but it didn’t destroy their relationship the way something like that should.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not rooting for Tom to be miserable, but it was a little too clean for my liking.   As a result of this disaster, an awesome thing has resulted.  Tom and Isabel are moving to Rosewood…with evil Kate.  Kate is a deliciously awful person and every show like this needs a character like that to turn up the bitch volume.  Yes Alison and Jenna have that but you see them so randomly, it isn’t enough.  So I hope Kate will be a regular force that Hanna and the liars will have to deal with for seasons to come!

So what did you think of the winter premiere?  As usual, it was a great episode.  I’m not sure how the liars will use the cell phone to their advantage, but I can’t wait to see.  It also set up some great sub plots with Aria and Ezra’s relationship being public, Kate moving into the fold, Lucas bringing Caleb back to Hanna, and Spencer and Toby trying to find a way to repair their relationship.


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