REVIEW: Dexter “Circle Us” S5 E7

09 Nov

It’s official.  I am disappointed in this season of Dexter.   7 episodes in and I feel like this season is dragging along.  What doesn’t help is that the Santa Muerte case is just boring!!!    In fairness, I think I hold this writing staff in such high regard and expect such edge-of-your-seat entertainment every week and every season because that is what they usually bring.  And after such a strong season last year and the most shocking finale I can remember in a long time, how could they top that?  Although in the past I have said the same thing and they have managed to do it.

Let’s start with the bad.  As I mentioned, I just don’t care about the Santa Muerte case.   And maybe because it has nothing to do with Dexter (at least for now,) I find I just want to FF through all these scenes.  Usually, the case they’re investigating has some connection to Dexter in one way, shape, or form.  If it doesn’t initially, it eventually does connect back to him.   Right now I don’t see that happening.   And with only 5 episodes to go, I don’t see how it can connect at this point.   I am also a lot less interested in Angel and Maria.  I really like both of the characters but maybe since they are only working the SM case, that’s why I am bored with them too.   Although now that the accident happened where the girls in formaldehyde have been uncovered, that will change.

As for the 2 storylines that have my interest, one has more immediate interest while the other has more long-term interest.    The immediate interest story is Lumen and Jordan Chase (played by the awesome Johnny Lee Miller.)  The dynamic between Lumen and Dexter is really fascinating.  On one hand I don’t think Dexter needs a love interest this soon after Rita died.  On the other hand, I like the idea of Dexter having someone in his life to love…it humanizes him to some degree and keeps him in check.  You can argue that he has Harrison for that, but there is something to be said for adult companionship.  And what better companion than someone who is just as damaged as you.   She could understand his dark side because she now has one…how could you not after what she has been through.   He could also open up to her in a way he was never able to with any other living person.   However, I get the impression that once Lumen exacts her revenge on the men that destroyed her life, her need for blood will be over.  I can’t see her taking up Dexter’s lifestyle.   So that could cause a problem.   I hope she doesn’t befall the same destiny as Miguel Prado!    Jordan Chase is also intriguing.  I think it’s safe to say that he is the big bad behind this whole raping, torturing, and killing of women.   But why?   What caused him to be involved and what has driven him to be so sinister?   It seems as though Boyd, Cole, Dentist Dude, and 2 other guys have known each other for a while but how does Chase fit in and how did he get connected with them?

The long-term interest story line that has my attention is Quinn’s investigation of Dexter.   Seriously, this CAN’T end well for him.  I think Liddy is going to be a big problem for him.  Already he is asking him for more money to find out what he knows.  I get the impression if Quinn doesn’t pay up constantly, Liddy could tell Debra or even Dexter what is going on with Quinn.   That, in and of itself, would be bad.   If Dexter notices Liddy following him and gets him on his table to find out what is going on and Liddy spills the beans, not good for Quinn.  If Quinn finds out about Dexter, that’s not good for Quinn.  The only way this ends well for him, is if he backs off and pays Liddy a huge amount to stay away and keep his mouth shut.  We are already starting to see that hesitation because of his growing relationship with Deb.  But I think the cop in him knows something is wrong and needs to pursue it even if he doesn’t want to.   Why this makes it a long-term interest is because if Dexter has to get rid of Quinn for whatever reason, he will open a huge can of worms that he doesn’t even realize.   First, if Quinn “disappears” you know Deb won’t stop until she finds out what happened to him.   Second, Quinn has been expressing his concerns about Dexter to Maria.  If he vanishes, you know she will look into it and possibly Dexter.   This will now be the 2nd person who had a problem with Dexter and vice versa that either died or vanished…Doakes being the other one.   You know I can’t have a Dexter post without mentioning my BFF Doakes at least once!!!   So long-term, this is becoming a problem for Dexter.  How does he manage that situation if it gets to that point.    Also still looming out there….Trinity’s family knows he’s Kyle Butler and the FBI is still investigating that.

Five episodes left!  Lots to tie up and I wonder how it all shakes out.

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