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The Closer: Does Brenda’s Final Season Spell Trouble for Her or A Huge Loss?

The Closer begins its final run on July 11th and there are some storylines that could be very eye raising for some of us long time fans.

In a recent interview, Kyra Sedgwick mentioned that this season of The Closer (which will begin July 11th this summer and conclude some time next summer) will be about love and loss.   Loss?    What kind of loss?  Is someone significant dying?   Because if Provenza or Flynn die, someone at TNT is going to have a serious problem with me!!!!   Since they will probably be on the spinoff show Major Crimes (I think), I doubt anything will happen to them.  But I wouldn’t put it past the show runners to kill off Chief Pope or Mr. Brenda Leigh Johnson, Fritz.  But it’s possible that the actual “loss” is not a death but something else entirely.

Looking at this from another angle, maybe the term of loss means Brenda’s job or freedom.   According to reports, family members of criminals she has put away or family members of witnesses that have helped solidify arrests who may have been killed, are targeting Brenda for the ways in which she solicits her confessions.  So Brenda is going to need some help.   Enter one of my favorite actors to take on the role of Gavin Baker who is a ruthless and cunning defense attorney…Mark Pellegrino!!!     For those of you who don’t know Pellegrino, do you even watch TV?   I’m kidding.  I kid because I love!!!   Pellegrino has been on some smaller shows you may have heard of like Dexter, Lost, and Supernatural.   He’s fantastic.  Baker will be there to help Brenda through this difficult time in her career where she is attacked for her methods.  Allegedly, if you have a problem and are being sued, this is the guy you want having your back.

I guess my question is what is wrong with her methods?  So she goes in and pretends she’s a secretary sometimes and gets information out of criminals to achieve her goal of confession.  Big deal.  So what if she pretends she is in their corner and pretends to understand and help them to get what she needs to put the bad guys away?   Is that really a source for a legal suit against her?  And I’m asking that question seriously.  I’m not a cop (although I do come from a family of police officers) and I have never been in an actual interrogation.  I know there are laws that protect people from the way cops treat them in interrogation rooms.   But has Brenda ever done anything to warrant possibly losing her position or job or worse going to jail?  I’m not sure.  I know the physical lines you can’t cross but I’m sure about the psychological or mental lines.  Do you think Brenda has crossed a line once or twice?   I guess we shall see.

I’m still upset that this will be the last season of The Closer.   There is something to be said for going out on a high note and if Kyra is ready to move on, I understand that.  But it still sucks.  So I will really enjoy this last season and wait to hear what the spinoff will entail and who will be set for that cast.  I know it’s already been announced that Mary McDonnell will headline the show as Captain Rayder but who else will be joining her from The Closer?   Also, the final six episodes of The Closer that will air next summer, will set up the spinoff’s 10 episodes that will launch immediately following the series finale of The Closer.

Are you guys ready to begin the final season?  Are you sad?  Are you ready to see it go?  Are you looking forward to Major Crimes with Captain Rayder as the main protagonist (although in her case she will more likely be the main antagonist!)


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In somewhat surprising news, both Brittany Snow and Aml Ameen are no longer with the show.  However, they have apparently been offered the opportunity to be guest stars which is a bit strange.  So Kathy Bates and Nate Corrdry are the only regulars to return next season.  Although I hope this means the promotion of one Tommy Jefferson (Christopher McDonald) to a series regular.  He was the best part of Harry’s Law last season.  I also have to wonder if Damien Winslow (Johnny Ray Gill) and possibly Rachael Miller (Jordana Spiro)  will be promoted series regulars as well.  I guess we’ll see.   But I would think they will probably introduce some new characters, especially if Tommy, Damien, and Rachael aren’t regulars.


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The Good Wife…I Really Hate This Preview Picture

Anyone who follows my blog and my specific posts on The Good Wife, know how I feel about this picture below.  I HATE IT!!!!!  Just look at how creepy Will looks.   I don’t like the idea of Alicia running into Will’s arms because of what she just learned about Kalinda and Peter.  I understand it but I don’t like it.  If Alicia needs to take a break from her marriage and her friendship with Kalinda, I think she just needs to have Alicia time.

I hope this picture is just them celebrating a big case they just won and nothing more.  Think about this as well…the show is called, The Good Wife.  Is she still the good wife if she jumps into bed with Will having learned what she learned?  Like I said, I wouldn’t blame her, but it doesn’t fit with who she is.  Hell, I’d rather have her sleep with Cary, Eli, or Derrick Bond before she sleeps with Will.  But being the eternal optimist that I am, I still have long-term hopes for her and Peter.  I really do.  And you can stop laughing now!!!

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Some CBS Finale Spoilers!!!

So I was on my other favorite TV site today and found a very interesting post….CBS season finale dates and some quick spoilers on each.  Some were ok and not so spoilery but some were slightly eye-opening.   I’m not going to go through all of them since I don’t watch all the shows they listed.  So I am only going to touch on the shows I watch.   Read at your own risk!!!!!

Blue Bloods (May 13): When a drug bust points to the Blue Templar group, Frank and the fam take matters into their own hands.

Ugh.  I thought we were through this all this Blue Templar nonsense.  Maybe we can hope that this will be the last episode involving the BT and that next season (wishful thinking) we can move on from that and get some real storylines going for Jamie.   But I really hope BB comes back because the show is terrific.

Survivor: Redemption Island (Sunday, May 15): Eight castaways head into the two-hour finale; one-hour reunion show follows.

I don’t know how I feel about EIGHT people being around on the final night.  That’s what I haven’t liked about this RI format…too many people still with the chance for the million dollars.  I don’t know how this is going to play out but I am still rooting for my top 3, in  this order, to win:   Boston Rob, Grant, Andrea.

How I Met Your Mother (Monday, May 16): Let’s flash forward to when Ted is the best man at the wedding where he meets his future wife.

While it’s great that Ted will be at this wedding meeting his future wife, I’m still curious whose wedding this is.  I don’t think it’s Punchy’s because it looked like Marshall and Lily were in the wedding party.  Now it is HIMYM so it wouldn’t be completely crazy for something wacky to happen and Marshall and Lily are in the wedding for some reason.  But it’s getting harder and harder to believe that this is Robin and Barney’s wedding.  Although, again, stranger things have happened…like the goat ending up in their apartment!  Now do you think we will actually meet the wife as well or will she be in the background?  I can also see a scenario where we have been told Ted meets his future wife at the wedding and the show wraps with him meeting a young woman and fade to black, end of season.  This will be a total red herring.  I still think it’s too early for us to meet the mother.  Maybe I’m wrong (I’m wrong a lot!!!)   But I think we are still a season or two away from meeting her.   And I hate to say it, but a large part of me thinks, “who cares who the mother is” at this point.  I have become so invested in everyone and their friendships that it really doesn’t matter to me who Ted ends up with.  

Mad Love (May 16): Kate’s ex puts her romance with Ben in jeopardy; Connie and Larry’s fake date gets real, yo.

I will give you a minute to clean up the soda, beer, or fuzzy navel you just spit at your computer screen because I am still watching Mad Love.  I can hear it now (“this idiot doesn’t watch NCIS but she watches Mad Love….what is wrong with her?”)  I watch it because Sarah Chalke, Judy Greer, and Tyler Labine are in it and I REALLY want a comedy to stick for them.  And I am so happy to see Chalke back on my TV (although she is playing a slightly toned down version of Elliott Reid without all the neuroses.)  Plus, it’s something to watch after HIMYM.

Mike & Molly (May 16): Someone asks Mike if he intends to marry Molly. Homina-homina-homina

Such a cute show.  Of course Mike and Molly are going to get married!!!  Are you kidding me?  Just not this season or probably next season.   But it will happen.

The Good Wife (May 17): As Alicia must set aside her beef with Kalinda in the rush to prove a client’s innocence, she must also wonder: Is now a good time to make a run at Will? Also: Kelli Giddish (Chase) continues her run as an associate from Kalinda’s past.

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO it is NOT a good time to take a run at Will.  You know when it would be a good time to take a run at Will?   Ah…NEVER!!!!  Why can’t Alicia just be alone?  If she can’t work things out with Peter (which I’m hoping she can) why does she have to run to Will?  Ugh…no.  Alicia has just been slammed into a brick wall, run over by a truck, and then set on fire.  The last thing she needs is to jump into bed with another creep.  Alicia needs Alicia time.  But I am busting at the seams with anticipation over next week’s episode.   It should be epic!!!

Criminal Minds (Wednesday, May 18): Hotchner hints as impending changes at work; JJ (A.J. Cook) rejoins the team!

JJ is back!!!   This is not too ground breaking considering it was announced a few weeks ago that the network finally came to their senses and contracted her back!!!  And it seems from the last episode that Strauss may be out for an extended period of time and Hotch may be getting promoted as a result?  I never liked the character of Strauss but I hope she is ok and I do kind of like the nastiness she brought because it’s always good to have a real antagonist inside your department.  But maybe those are the “changes” Hotchner is alluding to.  One could hope that it also means Agent Seaver will be transfered to another department!

The Mentalist (May 19): In this two-hour finale, Red John’s CBI mole is revealed, and Patrick Jane finally meets Red John.

WHAT!!!!  This was the spoiler that made me spit out my fountain coke over my computer screen…sorry iMac!   I am SHOCKED this happening this season.  Maybe because my Red John/ CBI mole theory is out the window.  Remember earlier when I said I was wrong a lot?   This is probably another one of those times.  I was always under the impression that Red John would be the so-so reveal while the CBI Red John mole would be the biggie.  Therefore, it wouldn’t happen until the end of the series.  However, my theory could still be correct.  Maybe the CBI mole is revealed to US the viewer but not to Patrick Jane or anyone else.   Also, could Jane meet Red John and not know it’s Red John, but we do!   I hope not.  I like the mystery of who is Red John.  For me, it hasn’t gotten old yet like Booth and Brennan not getting together.  I’m still completely into the Red John mystery because the show has handled it so well and I don’t think I want to know who Red John or the mole is yet.  I can take for learning one but not both.  However, it would be fascinating to watch with us knowing who everyone is but Patrick Jane and other CBI members not knowing.  Who do you think the CBI mole is?  At this point, I am going with Grace Van Pelt!  You heard it here first!!!!  Which means it won’t be her.  Ha!

Any thoughts on the spoilers above?  Sound off below!


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Two and a Half Men Crew to be paid

Good news for the crew of Two and a Half Men.  Rumor has it they will be getting paid for the 4 missed episodes that have been canceled due to Charlie Sheen being, you know, crazy.

Hoping this information is true, I am so happy to hear that the crew will be taken care of considering the complete mess and joke this situation has become.  Charlie Sheen is a disaster and the fact that his decisions almost cost all these innocent people their livelihood was unspeakable.  So I am really glad to see the network do the right thing.

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CASTLE: Interview with Andrew Marlowe Teases the Castle-Beckett Relationship

From the wonderful people at GMMR, specifically Marisa Roffman, is a great interview with creator Andrew Marlowe of Castle.  The interview talks about “Knockdown” and more specifically what this means for Castle and Beckett’s relationship moving forward.

CASTLE: Andrew Marlowe Teases the Castle-Beckett Relationship and Debunks the MOONLIGHTING Curse.

This is a great piece that gives some more insight into what lies ahead for C&B.  It sounds to me like C&B getting together is a foregone conclusion.  Yeah!!!  But Marlowe feels there is still some stories that need to be told until they get to that point.  BOOOOOOOO!!  I’m kidding.   Only slightly.  Seriously though, I agree with everything he says and reading this made me feel so good about where this couple is headed in the future.

He makes a reference to shows getting to their 7th season and still not having anything happen between the main potential couple and says how he feels that is jerking the loyal fans around.  Gee, what show does that sound like?   Could that be a slight jab at Hart Hanson and Bones?  Don’t get me wrong.  I love Bones and just finished watching season 5!  So I need to get caught up on season 6!!  But on Bones, even I have gotten to the point where I say enough already.  Either put them together or don’t but make up your mind.  It’s been long enough.  Now I am just getting annoyed.  I think that is what Marlowe wants to avoid.  Especially since he mentions you can still tell some amazing stories even after the two are together.  So I feel much better about where the show is going with C&B and it sounds like he has a solid plan and that we won’t be disappointed!!!

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TNT’s “Dallas” Reboot Is On and Casting Has Started

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And here come the all the reboots.  As long as the reboots are shows I liked (90210, Charlie’s Angels, Dallas) I guess I’m ok with it.  As long as the network line ups don’t look like 1982 in 2 years with no truly new shows.   Then I would be pissed.

The new Dallas will center around J.R.’s son John Ross and Bobby’s adopted son Christopher as they fight over the future of the Ewing dynasty.  The only other character mentioned right now is Elena.   She is the Southfork Ranch’s chef’s daughter who will be in a love triangle with John Ross and Christopher.

From the original series, the reboot as already locked up Patrick Duffy (Bobby Ewing), Linda Gray (Sue Ellen Ewing), and Larry Hagman (J.R. Ewing.)   Jordana Brewster has been cast as Elena, who is the lead female role.   Josh Henderson has been cast as J.R. Ewing’s son, John Ross.  As further casting or information is released, I will update.

Are you excited for this latest and greatest reboot of an oldie but a goodie?


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AJ Cook Returns to Criminal Minds…Sort of


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JJ is coming back to Criminal Minds, but not as a regular character.   She will return for Emily Prentiss’ (Paget Brewster) final episode later this spring.  The storyline for Emily’s departure is already being set up with this mysterious character that showed up in the last episode regarding another person who has escaped prison and is a clear threat to Emily.  I know that is extremely vague but that is all the information that is available right now.  I’m sure we will get more on this even as early as this week’s episode.

The fact that JJ is returning makes me think that this could be a death for Emily instead of a departure similar to JJ’s.  I don’t like that.  Well I don’t like that these women were cut from the cast to begin with but there is nothing that can be done about it now.     I guess we have to wait and see where this is all going but it is happening this spring.

Are you excited JJ is back even if it is only for one episode?  I’ll take one episode with JJ vs. no episode with her.

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UGH!!! Supernatural and Smallville Delayed One Week

I don’t know about you, but ever since Sam got his soul back, I have been not so patiently waiting for the January 28th return of Supernatural.  Well, I guess we have to wait another week to see what happens because reports came out last night that the CW decided to delay the returns of Supernatural and Smallville until next week, February 4th.

Allegedly the reasons are two fold….Vampire Diaries and Nikita being preempted in Chicago (mayoral debate) and Baltimore (basketball) and with those shows going head-to-head with American Idol, the CW wanted to re-air those 2 shows.    HELLO?????   What about us Supernatural fans!!!!!   (And Smallville fans…sorry!)

Does this sound funny to you because it does to me.   I know Chicago is a big TV market but are they really going to say that had something to do with it?  And Idol is going to be an issue the rest of the season so why would you choose this week to bump S&S for repeats?   I don’t get it.  I just wonder if there was some other behind the scenes reason for this.   Not that I have any idea what that is.  I just love a good conspiracy theory.  Just call me Dr. Jack Hodgins!

Anyway, are you as perturbed as I am that Supernatural isn’t airing until next week?

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The Closer Not Closed After All?

The King of Scoop, Michael Ausiello is reporting that talks are in place to keep the Closer going even if Kyra Sedgwick steps down from her Emmy winning role of Brenda Leigh Johnson.

Sounds like there are a few ways the series could go.    They could add some more episodes to Season 7 (going from 15-21) or running the Closer without Kyra and possibly a new lead (some people have suggested Mary McDonnell’s Captain Rader) or possibly launching a spinoff with many of the current characters.  Either way, unless some miracle happens, Kyra Sedgwick will not be part of the Closer after Season 7, which producers have already announced will be her last.

I completely understand TNT wanting to do everything they can to keep the highest rated cable show on the air as long as they can.  I just don’t see how you have “The Closer” without Kyra Sedgwick.  You can’t have the Closer with Captain Rader.  She’s IA, that’s not her job.  Brenda was brought in to the LAPD from Atlanta (and the show was created) because she was the best cop around who could “close the deal” and get the confession when many other people couldn’t.  So now a cop from IA is going to be able to do just what she could?  I don’t think so.  It belittles the whole premise of the show and Brenda’s character.

Luckily, as much as Kyra/Brenda is the show, the other characters have become very beloved and are incredibly likable, that they can do a “spinoff” with the cast.  It would be tough to do the whole cast because you can call the show whatever you want…”Major Crimes” “The Crew” or whatever, but you will still see the show as the Closer without Brenda.  I would watch a spinoff of Provenza and Flynn.   And hopefully they would have Sgt Gabriel and Det Sanchez go with them.   Maybe Lt Tao.  However, if you are going to keep the whole cast, I could see a new cast member coming in as the chief of Major Crimes and keeping the Closer as is with a new lead.  I would like to see Captain Rader stay, because I love Mary McDonnell and her character but she couldn’t lead Major Crimes.  She would never get the team’s support because there is too much bad blood there.  They have to bring in someone new.  I just don’t know how that would fly because they would have HUGE shoes to fill.

I’m torn about how I feel about this.  Part of me is thrilled because I love this show.   But, I big reason why I love this show is Brenda and relationships with her division and her chemistry with the cast.  Will the Closer be the Closer without Brenda?  I don’t think so.  So the other part of me says, let the Closer go with Kyra leaving, and end the show while it is on top.   As for spinning off, I’m torn about that as well.  As much as I love Flynn and Provenza, I don’t know if I can watch a whole show with them as the leads.  I probably could because they are awesome but can they carry their own show?  I don’t know.   I’m still praying for a miracle and hope that they can somehow convince Kyra Sedgwick to keep going with the series, but that is highly unlikely.

So what do you think?  Are you happy to see the Closer possibly returning?  Would you watch the Closer without Brenda?  Would you watch a spinoff?  Sound off below!

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