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RECAP & REVIEW: The Glee Family Pays Tribute to Finn/Cory in “The Quarterback”

It’s no secret, I’ve been hard on Glee the last few years.   Actually that’s too kind…I’ve been brutal.  It to be fair, the bashing has been accurate and deserved.  And when it comes to serious topics and moments in the show, other than how the show handled Kurt being gay and in the closet and his coming out, Glee has failed miserably over and over again.    So I was worried about how they were going to handle this tribute episode and my fear was, would they be able to pay the respect deserved to the character and the actor without destroying the emotion with bad writing and bad decisions.   In my opinion, this was the second best episode Glee has ever done (the number one still being that perfect pilot.)

I stopped watching Glee last year.  I could not watch such a bad show anymore.  Even though there were times that songs/performances were great and there were some storylines I was really interested in (like Kurt and Rachel going off to NYC together), the show overall was just so bad and out there, that I couldn’t enjoy it anymore and the bad far outweighed the good so I had to cut the cord on Glee.   But over the summer when I heard of Cory Monteith’s passing and heard they were going to write this into Glee, I knew I’d be back for that episode.   And I have to say that Murphy and Falchuk put together a beautiful and tasteful episode that honored the life of Finn Hudson/Cory Monteith and had me crying for 60 straight minutes and left me with puffy eyes for 2 days.

I’m glad they didn’t discuss how Finn died in the episode.  There was a lot of speculation as to how they were going to kill off Finn and I think the way they handled it was perfect…Kurt’s inner monologue telling us that it doesn’t matter how he died.   I would agree.   And I like that they didn’t do the reveal of his death and the reactions and the funeral.   They picked it up 3 weeks after his funeral and we got to see the real emotions everyone was feeling and how they all grieve differently over Finn’s death.  We got to see how people have to face losing someone they loved and cared about after everyone goes back to their normal lives.  It’s exactly what the cast is dealing with and it lets us the viewer and fan into a very private moment for all the cast and crew.  Everyone has been wondering how they are all doing…especially Lea Michelle…now we know.

Everyone has their, dare I say, favorite moments from the episodes.   But the two scenes the hit home the most for me were the scene with Kurt, Burt, and Carole and of course, Rachel’s scene in the choir room.   Romy Rosemont has always been one of my favorite character actresses.  She’s always so good in everything she’s in.  Aside from Rachel, she was the one character I was most anxious to see.  I know that sounds disturbing in a way and I don’t mean it to seem like I couldn’t wait to see how much pain she was in.  I mean it in the sense that she’s Finn’s mom and I want to be able to  have a good cry with her because her heart is breaking over the loss of her son.   And as usual, Rosemont nails the scene so touchingly and perfectly that I can already hear her Emmy speech next year.   When she talked about still being a mom but not having a son anymore, oh boy did the ugly cry come forward.  And let’s talk about how amazing Mike O’Malley is.  He’s always been amazing as Burt Hummel and this scene reminds me why.  Burt talked about how he didn’t hug him enough.   How he treated him more like a buddy with fist bumps and slaps on the back.   But how he wished he hugged him more and told him he was proud of him.   I felt like I was watching a private family moment that I had the honor of being able to witness so I could truly see the level of grief these people are going through.   It was a perfectly acted and written scene.

Then, 45 minutes into the episode, we see Rachel.  In the beginning Kurt is leaving NYC to head back home for Finn’s tribute and he tries to wake Rachel but she isn’t responding.  And we don’t see her.   The camera focuses on Kurt the whole time.   So we don’t get a Rachel sighting until almost the end of the episode.  She comments on how much she loves to memorial outside the lockers and she asks not to be treated with kid gloves.   Then, she stands front and center in the choir room, as she has so many times with ease, and begins to sing “To Make You Feel My Love” except this is the hardest song Rachel’s ever had to sing.   I don’t know how Lea Michelle got through that number.  I really don’t.  I don’t think I could have done it.  To see that pain in her eyes and to see how her number and grief permeated through the entire New Directions group, it was brutal to watch.  I just wanted to run through my TV and give them all one big group hug to let them know that it was going to be ok.   What’s even more amazing is that most of the episode was done in all one take.  I would have to imagine the crew wanted it that way because who would be able to do some of those scenes multiple times. It was so raw and real and I think it made the episode even stronger.

Actually, there was one more scene that really got me and that was the final scene.  I don’t know how Matthew Morrison kept it together the whole time during the episode.  He was very stoic and composed making sure everyone else was ok…which is quintessential Schue.   But you know it was coming.  His moment.  His breakdown.  I think people forget how strong a connection Schue and Finn had.  It’s why I wish Morrison had a song in this episode of his own.   But when everyone was wondering who took the jacket, I thought it was either Rachel or Schue.   When he pulled out that jacket and starting to cry uncontrollably and when Emma came in to comfort him, then came my final ugly cry of the night.  I actually was still crying even the episode was over because that scene hit me so hard.

The scenes with the other characters were also nice…Puck and Beiste had some nice moments, Mercedes “I’ll Stand By You” was probably her best number ever (although I still love her rendition of “And I Am Telling You”), and Santana and Sue’s moment…more for Sue than Santana.  Let me touch on Santana for a moment.  I see people going crazy over her scenes in the show.  I’ll probably get my page unfollowed and people bashing me for this but that’s ok…Santana’s scenes didn’t do a lot for me.  Probably because I didn’t get her connection with Finn as much as I did with other people.  I know they slept together and I know he was nice to her when other people weren’t and tried to bring out the best in her, but Santana’s a bitch.  Always has been, always will be.  I’ve never connected with or liked her character at all so maybe that’s why her scenes didn’t resonate with me.  Having said that, Naya Rivera was sensational.  She did a beautiful job with her rendition of “If I Die Young” and all of her scene.  She was amazing.  But her character didn’t do it for me.   Why would Kurt insist on having Santana have Finn’s jacket?  Really?   Out of everyone she should have it?   Why?   But I did enjoy her scene with Sue where she goes to apologize for lashing out at her and Sue confesses how she’s devastated that Finn passed away thinking Sue hated him.  She talked about what a great kid he was and that there is no lesson to be learned and no silver lining and what a waste of potential.  It’s moments like this scene where Jane Lynch is at her best….when she needs to bring the serious, she belts it out of the park.

I think my only issue (if you can call it that) with the episode…there were no flashbacks (other than Puck throwing Kurt in a dumpster.)  I would have thought that when people were singing, it would have been a nice time to throw some images of their memories of Finn.  Almost as if we have a camera in their heads seeing what they are remembering and then we would have gotten some nice flashbacks of Cory/Finn.   Although, I wouldn’t have wanted that for Rachel’s scene.  The way they handled Rachel’s song was perfect.  Maybe when she and Schue were looking at the picture some could have come up but no during her song.   It’s small and it certainly didn’t take away from the episode by not having them there but I know I would have liked to have seen some.

These episodes can’t be easy…for the cast, crew, writers, show runners.   And I have to say Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk for all the grief I’ve given you over the last few years and as much as I’ve bashed your show, I tip my hat and say thank you.   Thank you for such a lovely episode that not only gave the characters a way to say good-bye to Finn, but you gave us an episode that we as fans got to grieve with them and say good-bye to Cory.   You did a masterful job under a very difficult circumstance and you did it with grace and dignity.

To the cast and crew and to Monteith’s family, my sincerest condolences on what must be one of the most difficult times you will ever go through.  Thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

R.I.P Finn Hudson.   R.I.P Cory Monteith.

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I haven’t talked about Glee in a while.  Actually, I haven’t talked about anything in a while.

I was so ready to give up on Glee this season.  But the last two episodes of last season, I really enjoyed.  I thought the season finale was well done and executed and I was very curious to see how the show was going to incorporate the college lives with the high school lives.   For me, when shows go down that road, I find myself much more interested in the meat of the show vs. the periphery stories.   That isn’t the case with Glee. I’m SOOOO invested in Rachel and Kurt and their adventures in NYC than what is going on with the crew at McKinley.

I want to back up to last year’s season finale for a minute because I love the way it went down.  They finally won nationals, all the kids were getting what they wanted, kids were going to new opportunities, Mr Schu got the elusive National Championship.  And then when it looked like Rachel and Finn were going to make the horrendous mistake of getting married, Finn pulled a level of maturity out of him that most men twice his age don’t have.  Showing his true love for Rachel, he put her first, he realized what they were doing is ridiculous, and put her on a train to her dreams…NYC and NYADA.  It was such a great scene because you can tell they both want to be together yet both want to branch out and chase down their potential futures.  When she was on that train singing “Roots Before Branches” crying her eyes out with Finn running next the train as it was leaving, I couldn’t help but cry.  I always loved Rachel and Finn and it broke my heart to see them take that leap of faith, apart from each other.

Return to this season and I couldn’t wait to see how this was going to work.  I’m surprised to say that I can’t get enough of Rachel and Kurt in NYC.  When she first was there by herself….alone, scared, out of her element…I wanted to run to NYADA and give her a big bear hug.  And after the rough time at school and just when she thinks she may want to run back to Lima Ohio, she turns around and there is her BFF, Kurt.  I LOVED IT!!!!  I was so happy for both of them.

The thing I like most about the way Rachel and Kurt are being handled is that it’s the most realistic storyline I’ve seen Ryan Murphy tell on this show in a while.  Here’s the big star from Lima realizing she’s just one of many big stars from lots of small towns.  How does she react?  How does it impact her confidence?  Will it shake her?  Motivate her?   How does she handle it?  Then you have Kurt.  Without a real plan until by chance, he stumbles upon an internship at   Now he’s working with one of the top designers, possibly contemplating a career change.  As Carrie Bradshaw said, many people come to New York with one dream and end up staying with a completely different dream fulfilled.  I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen with Kurt.

I’m sure what people are most upset about is the last episode before the baseball break…aptly titled “The Break Up.”   The four major couples were having problems…Rachel and Finn, Kurt and Blaine, Santana and Brittany, and Will and Emma.  Two of these couples break up by the end of the episode.  Thankfully, it wasn’t Kurt and Blaine because I think their fan group might have torched Ryan Murphy’s house.  And it wasn’t Will and Emma.  It unsurprisingly was Santana and Brittany (yawn) and Rachel and Finn.  It just goes to show you, DON’T GET MARRIED IN HIGH SCHOOL!!!!

While many shippers of Rachel and Finn and Santana and Brittany are heart-broken, I’m glad the story was told.  Why?   Because this happens more times than not.  High school couples promise to stay together and then usually by the fall break, it ends.  Sometimes sadly, sometimes happily, sometimes matter-of-factly.  But 99.9% of the time, it happens.  The scene with Rachel and Finn was fantastic.  Lea Michele really knocked it out of the park.  It was devastating to watch these two have the break up on the stage where their relationship got started.   When Rachel was crying her eyes out telling Finn what a man he was for doing what he did after graduation and what a lack of man he was for ignoring her for months after he left the Army, I couldn’t help but cry with her.  Michele was outstanding.  But college is a time to find yourself and that’s exactly what Rachel needs to do.  And honestly, so does Finn.  Unfortunately by the end of his high school career, he defined himself too much by Rachel.  Finn wasn’t Finn anymore and he needs to find that self direction again.  It looks like he will back at McKinley, which is great for him.  He needs to do what’s in his best interest first.  He needs to create a life for himself before he starts creating one with another person.    So in that sense, I’m glad he and Rachel are going their separate ways…for the time being.  We’ll see what happens.

As for the McKinley crew, I really don’t care.  Brittany, Artie, Unique, Tina…I couldn’t care less.  It’s horrible to say, but it’s true.  When they are back at McKinley, I fast forward all the scenes.  The only somewhat interesting storyline is the new Rachel and the new Puck.  Although it can’t be that interesting if I can’t remember their names!

So sadly enough, I’m on board with Glee for another season.  If only Ryan Murphy can spin-off Rachel and Kurt  into their own show so I could just watch that!  It would make me so happy!!!

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CASTING NEWS: CSI (AGAIN), HIMYM, House, Glee, and Castle


CSI has made another significant casing announcement this off-season.    Sam Malone, otherwise known as, Ted Danson, is going to be a series regular on the hit TV show.  On CSI’s 12th season (wow!) Danson will be the new supervisor in charge and his experience comes from a lab in Portland.


Castle and Beckett and the boys are going to have a new captain in the fall and she is much different from Captain Montgomery (I still haven’t gotten over his death.)  Captain Victoria Gates will be played by Penny Johnson Jerald of 24 fame.   Captain Gates is said to be tough but she is more concerned about climbing the NYPD corporate ranks than the grunt “police work.”   Doesn’t sound like she and Beckett will be getting along initially.   I’m really anxious to see how Jerald’s chemistry works with this very solid cast.

How I Met Your Mother

Remember the guy that left House/acting altogether for a job at the White House?   Well he’s back!    Kal Penn is joining HIMYM in a recurring role as a love interest for Robin.   Not sure how long he’ll be sticking around since he is hitting the campaign trail with Obama in 2012.   But this will bring and interesting dynamic for all of us who are hoping the bride Barney is marrying at the end of the season is Robin.  Barney looks to be starting things again with Nora (who I love) which left Robin slightly perturbed.  But now Robin seems to be moving on herself.   How will this impact a potential Barney/Robin romance?   Time will tell!


Jesse Spencer has renewed his contract with House and will be back as a Dr. Robert Chase for  House’s eighth season.   I know a lot of House fans were sweating that one because it REALLY was down to the wire to sign him.  And after Lisa Edlestein’s Cuddy suddenly parted ways with the show, I don’t think House fans could take another major departure!


In what really isn’t that surprising (but some people are reportedly shocked by this news) Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, and Chris Colfer will NOT return to Glee for Season Four.   Season Three of Glee, which kicks off Tuesday Sept 20th 2011, will be their final season.  I don’t know why people were surprised by this.  Ryan Murphy had already said that as characters graduate from McKinley, they won’t return to the show.  This is a show about a high school Glee club, not this particular group of people and we follow them through life (like we do in shows like 90210 and Gossip Girl.)  So these people will move on, new people will come in, and the McKinely High School Glee Club, has been and always will be, the focus.  Sounds reasonable to me.  So it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that Rachel, Finn, and Kurt will all graduate this year and move on with their lives apart from McKinley.  The question will be, who else is graduating?   I would have to think Quinn and possibly Santana.  Puck should but he could easily be left back.   Brittany may never graduate.   So we have to see.


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Thank God this season is finally over.  A show that started out with so much promise, originality, and interest has turned into a joke of show.  The show should be called iTunes instead of Glee because that what this show is all about.  iTunes downloads!!!  I know that sounds really harsh and I hate being that harsh on someone’s creative work but it’s true.  And I’m always hardest on the things that have so much potential but are falling way short.  Glee has become that for me.  The show I watched last night didn’t even feel like a season finale.   I felt like I was watching a nice little episode of Glee that had a few moments in it.  But it was very underwhelming.  Granted not every season finale needs to have the impact Castle and The Mentalist have, but it doesn’t need to be boring either.  And that’s what “New York” was for me…boring.   I’m sure there are Finn and Rachel fans screaming at me right now that it was the best finale ever and that I must not know good TV when I see it because it rocked and I should give them back their Barbie dolls.   Finn and Rachel together is fine but there were some bigger moments for me personally but regardless, it was still blah.  And I am still upset at Ryan Murphy because I have now seen Cheyenne Jackson on THREE episodes of Glee and he still has yet to sing on one of them.  So I am a little bitter, if I’m being honest.


  • The kids reaction to NYC.   These kids are from a small town in Ohio and had never seen a city as large as Philadelphia let alone New York City.  There reactions were perfect and I enjoyed seeing them dance and skip all over the city with joy as they finally made it big!
  • Rachel meets Patti Lupone.  This was adorable.  Rachel was so nervous to meet her but she said Kurt would never forgive her if she didn’t so she stops Patti and introduces herself.  I assumed Patti wasn’t going to be her rumored cantankerous self and she wasn’t.  She was very sweet to Rachel and gave her typical Broadway vet to aspiring high schooler advise…don’t give up on your dream and he’s really cute (meaning Finn.)  On a side note, I got to meet Patti Lupone one night after seeing her in Gypsy on Broadway and she was a lovely woman.
  • Kurt and Rachel’s BFF day in NYC.  This was my favorite part of the episode.  I love the friendship that has developed between them vs. the nasty competitiveness they had before.  These are two people with very similar personalities who want the same things out of life and only those two really understand that about themselves and each other.  From Breakfast at Tiffany’s to breaking into the Gershwin Theater and being able to sing on the WICKED stage was fantastic.  Plus it helps that they pick one of my all time favorite Broadway songs…”For Good” and did a really wonderful job with it.   The best part was Kurt helping Rachel to figure out that her one true love, the whole time, has been herself.  I’m kidding (sort of.)  It’s the Broadway stage and her dreams of becoming a star. So while she isn’t sure if she should pursue Finn or her career, that moment on the stage with Kurt showed her what was really important to her.
  • Blaine telling Kurt he loves him.  Hands down the most realistic scene of the episode.  Kurt gets back from Nationals and immediately meets up with his boyfriend to tell him all about it.  And while Blaine is listening to Kurt and seeing how this trip affected him, Blaine couldn’t help but tell Kurt “I love you.”   And it was the way he said it that was so perfect.  He said it so matter-of-factly like it was the most natural thing in the world.  Now the debate comes with Kurt’s reaction and I want your opinion on this.  Did you think Kurt’s reaction was a little odd or was he so blown away that someone told him he loved him that he reacted in a shocked way?  I think it could go either way but my initial reaction was “that was strange.”  To me it felt like he wasn’t ready for those three little words and it through him for a loop and he just said it back to Blaine so it wouldn’t be awkward.  The “love you too” seemed very flip to me.  But I can see how some people would think he was just stunned the boy he loved all year told him that he loved him and just wasn’t expecting it.
  • Rachel and Finn deciding to be a couple until she leaves for NY after her senior year.   I always liked the idea of the high school quarterback and the dorky glee club girl who no one likes being a couple.  Although I’m not the biggest Rachel Barry fan, there are times she tugs at my heart-strings (damn her.)  Finn has been giving Rachel google eyes for about 4 episodes now so it’s about time he cut ties with Quinn and made his move on Rachel because it wasn’t fair to Quinn.  I liked how it was his friends that pushed him to got for it with Rachel.  “Can we talk about the huge Jewish elephant in the room?” asks Puck.  Probably one of my favorite lines ever on this show!!!   Rachel realized and tried to explain to Finn that she will be going back to NYC after graduation to pursue her dreams and nothing or no one will stop her.  He very sweetly asked her what she is going until graduation over a year from then.  And she realized she could have Finn for the year until she moves.   However I would like to point out two things.  First, who says she’s going to get into a school in NYC.  Second, why can’t Finn go to NYC or they do the long distance thing and try it.  She doesn’t have to have one or the other in my book.

  • Original Songs.  They aren’t good.  I hate to say it but people would rather watch the Glee kids belt out tunes we know vs. tunes no one’s ever heard of.  They aren’t completely terrible.  But they aren’t good either.  The only one I sort of liked was from last week’s “Funeral” episode called “Get it Right.”  Other than that, they should stick to Broadway and Pop/Rock songs.
  • No Sue and Emma for 5 seconds.  I understand Sue’s big episode was last week but she wasn’t even IN the finale at all!  At least Emma got a 5 second flash in the glee room with Will’s arm around her.   But I don’t understand how Jane Lynch isn’t in the season finale at all.  Hell Teri Schuster got more air time than Sue and Emma combined!   But considering Jessalyn Gilsig’s been a “series regular” all season and the last 2 episodes are really all we have seen of her this season, I can’t complain.  But I’m glad she’s leaving for Miami.
  • Rachel being nice to Sunshine.  I know many people probably thought this was a nice moment…and it was.  But it was completely out of character for Rachel.  She has a hard enough time letting Mercedes take the spotlight away from her (although she has gotten better about that) let alone help out and give the competition encouragement to beat her.  Rachel can be a heartless shrew when she wants to be but she can show some softer, sweeter sides to her.   But the writers need to make up their minds on her.  Is she a woman determined to be a star and not let anyone get in her way.  Or is she going to be nicer to people and help out the competition so they can beat her.  It doesn’t make sense.
  • Brittany gets a song over Mercedes?  After the performance Mercedes gave last week, I knew she wouldn’t be featured in this week’s nationals competition because it always has to be about Rachel. Therefore last week was Mercedes moment.  Why it can never be during a competition I don’t get, but whatever.  But I never thought I would see a solo performance by Brittany before I saw one from Mercedes.  “My Cup.”  Are you serious?  Granted it was just a 3 minute practice run for a new song for the competition (more on that later) but it’s 3 minutes I would still rather give to Mercedes or Quinn even.
  • Brittany being the smart one.  I have said time and time again that I hate the way they portray Brittany sometimes.  I don’t mind if you want to show a girl who isn’t that bright for comic relief, like when Kurt said he felt like Eloise and Brittany said “I have pills for that.”   Hilarious!!!  But when they do things like have her interview her cat and she actually expects it to answer her, I hate it.  It’s too over the top.   But it also doesn’t make sense that Brittany would be the voice of reason for how the year ended for the Glee club and Santana.  Again, very out of character.
  • Matthew Morrison’s song and Will Schuster’s Broadway opportunity.  I have seen Matthew Morrison on a Broadway stage and the stage manager was right when he came down and told Will that he had “it.”  MM does have “it” when it comes to performing on stage.  He’s incredible.   And I have also complained that we don’t get to hear him sing enough for my liking.  So he finally get a song to belt out and it’s one of his original’s from his debut album.  While I don’t begrudge him wanting to use the show to promote his album, I really wish he would have sung something else.  On that note, I don’t understand why Will wouldn’t have tried the Broadway show for the summer.  He said it himself.  After school was out, he would rehearse for a few weeks and then open the show.  If it was a success, he could have taken a sabbatical for a year and stayed with the show.  If the show tanked and closed, he could still be back with New Directions and try to get them to nationals.  How do you not at least try???   He does owe it to himself to give it a shot.  But instead of taking the opportunity given to him that so many people strive for and very few get, he chooses to stay in Ohio teaching glee club.  Ok.
  • Sam and Mercedes hiding the fact they are a couple.  It didn’t surprise me they went there.  It’s about time Mercedes got some love!!!  But I don’t know why they feel the need to hide it.
  • The songs not being ready for nationals.   I can’t even begin to talk about how ridiculous this was.  Your kids aren’t professional song writers and you think you can just whip up two original songs the night before the competition?  Really?  You think writing an original song is that easy?  No wonder the songs stunk and no wonder you lost.  I’m surprised you came in 12th!!!  Not only were the songs not written, but they obviously weren’t rehearsed.  How can you rehearse and practice songs you don’t have written?  But they show up the day of the show and the songs are done and everything is perfectly sung and choreographed.  Yeah right.  Do the Glee writers think we are that stupid?  They must.   Once you won sectionals, you have how many weeks to prep for nationals?  Why didn’t you start writing songs then if you were so set on going the original song route?  And if you weren’t sure, don’t you think you should have practiced another routine just in case the songs weren’t good?   What if all they came up with was Brittany’s “My Cup?”  Would they have performed that?   I was seriously floored by this!!
  • Finn and Rachel’s date.  While this was absolutely adorable and very romantic, it wasn’t even close to being realistic.  First, what high school kid just so happens to pack a suit and formal dress on a show choir trip?   Neither kid was prepared for this impromptu date so where did the clothes come from?   I guarantee you they couldn’t afford to buy them in NYC!  Which brings me to my next point.   Where does Finn get the money to take Rachel to Sardi’s?  Granted he didn’t take her to Daniel but for a high school kid, Sardi’s can be expensive.  At least fifty possibly seventy dollars.  And what kid has seventy dollars to blow on dinner?   Then when he goes to kiss her, she takes off and runs away from him.  Wherever they were walking looked nothing like the Times Square area of NYC.  So did Rachel know where she was going?  She’s 17 years old in New York for the first time.  Would you really run away from him by yourself in a huge strange city if you aren’t sure where you are going?  I know I’m nitpicking here but come on.  As realistic as Blaine and Kurt’s scene was, this was the complete opposite end of the spectrum of realism.  I can only suspend my disbelief so far.
  • Quinn drops her revenge because of a haircut.  Last week she develops this plan to take down Finn and Rachel by destroying the team’s chances to win nationals.  But after her haircut, the revenge is out the window and by the end of the episode, when Finn and Rachel are walking into the glee room, she greats them warmly.  All because of a haircut?  Granted it was absolutely adorable on her but for real?  I don’t know one broken-hearted teenager that can get over being dumped that quickly.  Especially when you are the popular pretty one and got dumped for the dorky not as attractive as you are one.  No.  Stinking.  Way!  Not happening and I don’t buy this at all.  Quinn’s another one where I can’t figure out if the writers want her to be a bad girl or a good girl.  Same with Rachel.  Starting off bad and growing to be good is one thing.  I’ll take character growth and development any day.  But that isn’t happening here.  One day these girls are ruthless, the next they are sweet as anything.   I still can’t get over the fact that Quinn forgave Lauren for what she did to her.  That was awful.   Lauren purposely hurt Quinn but yet Rachel’s never done anything to Quinn and Quinn hates her.  I don’t get it.  I like bad ass Quinn because I find her more interesting and layered.  I also wish they would revisit her friendship with Mercedes that seems to have been completely forgotten about.  That was one of my favorite parts from last season.
  • Will giving up his Broadway dream.  I know we already talked about this but it’s so ridiculous that he would give up a chance on Broadway to stay and manage the glee club, I had to bring it up twice!
So that was season 2, the iTunes season.  Not a lot of substance or character development of any kind.  Some good episodes, some lousy episodes.  Some great music, some not so good music.  And a bore of a season finale.  I’m going to give Glee one more season.  But if this keeps up, I won’t be back and season 3 will be my last following Glee.

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QUICK REVIEW: Glee “Sexy” S2 E15

Gleeks are not going to like me for this review.  This was back to being a typically bad season 2 episode.  Although I liked the songs and the renditions more than other people, the stories, again, were awful and all over the place.  Nothing made sense.  Plot lines were disjointed and completely far-fetched.  Aside from the songs, the only part of this episode that really stood out as great, was Burt Hummel.  Mike O’Malley really deserves the Emmy this year because he is outstanding!

Not too sound like an old fart, which I’m sure I will, but what was the point of this episode?  I don’t understand.  Was it to tell kids to not have sex?  To tell kids to have sex?  To teach high-school kids how to be sexy?  To teach kids to wait until they’re 30 for sex?  There was such a mixed message in this episode I really don’t know what the message was.  And if I were in McKinney, I would be more confused about sex than ever.  Even Will gave mixed signals.  In the course of 30 seconds, he flashes a sign to Holly that says “Too Much?” meaning that maybe she should tone it down. Then he shows all signs of being turned on by her as well as dancing along with the kids!!!  Are you kidding me?   While I thought Gwyneth did a great job with Joan Jett’s “Do You Want to Touch Me” it was completely inappropriate for high school kids.

It must be in Darren Criss’ contract that at least once an episode he and the Warblers have a song.  Remember the completely random number from the Super Bowl that was dumb and pointless?  So was this one.  The Warblers now need to be sexy?   That doesn’t seem to fit with their rigid structure and their devotion to tradition.  I hate when writers do this, especially on this show.   The theme of the show is SEXY so character development and staying true to character be damned because we are sticking with the theme!  And how do the Warblers practice their “sexy?”  With an all girls’ school watching to let them know if they are sexy.  It didn’t work.   The number wasn’t sexy at all.  And by the camera flashing all over the place and bubbles spewing everywhere, it killed whatever possible momentum it may have had.  Really?  You think drowning high school kids in bubbles are sexy?  Ok.  The only thing that came out of this was the Kurt is definitely NOT sexy.   Which leads to a sex talk between him and Blaine which leads to….

Blaine completely stepping over the line and having a sex talk with Burt.  How is this in any way acceptable?  I know it came from a good place and I know he was very sweet about it but it doesn’t change the fact that it was completely out of line.  I mean would it have been ok if Quinn went to Finn’s mom to tell her how she should talk to Finn about sex?   No.  I don’t care if you are talking about gay sex or straight sex, it isn’t right for the girlfriend/boyfriend/potential love interest to go to the parent and tell them how they should handle this very private, personal discussion with THEIR child.  At least I give Blaine credit for realizing how completely out of line he was being and acknowledging it.  And Burt handled it like a perfect gentleman.  But it wasn’t all bad because it led to the best part of the whole show.

Burt sat down with Kurt to talk about sex.  As you can imagine both parties were completely uncomfortable but both handled the situation with respect and grace.  This is where the writers have done an excellent job with Burt’s character and Mike O’Malley has hit it out of the park.  Burt is staying true to character by still being uncomfortable and getting used to his son being gay yet still showing sensitivity and compassion and a real effort to try to understand his son and be there for him.   It’s always so wonderful to watch.

The other stand out of the episode was Naya Rivera.  Here is another person that no matter what stays true to her character.   And we learn that she is also confused about her sexuality.  She has real feelings for Brittany but is it because she’s her best friend or something more?  She admits that she likes both men and women but right now, there is no one she cares about more than Brittany.  Holly helps them figure this out by singing a beautiful rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide.”  Afterwards, Santana goes to Brittany to tell her that she truly loves her and wants to be with her but Brittany says she’s with Artie and she while she loves Santana, she also loves Artie.  But she is going to stay with Artie because she can’t hurt him.   That was an interesting comment by her.  I know she said she loved Artie but she gave her reason for staying with him so she won’t hurt him.  So would she rather be with Santana but to not hurt Artie she is staying with him?  I hope that isn’t the case.  As well all know, Brittany is not the sharpest tool in the shed and I can totally see her telling Artie that she wouldn’t leave him so she wouldn’t hurt him but not because she loved him more.   If that happens you might as well stick a knife in him.  I never understood when people say things like that.  “I can’t leave so and so because it will hurt them.”   But staying with them out of pity won’t hurt more?   Ugh.   I know I need to cut them some slack.  They’re only high school kids.

Finally we have the Will/Emma/Carl/Holly quadrangle going on.  We find out that Emma still hasn’t done the deed with her HUSBAND OF 4 MONTHS Carl.  For some reason, Carl decides talking to a substitute teacher who is subbing for the sex-ed teacher will be able to help them out.  I’m not even going to go there on that ridiculousness.   But when the 3 of them sit down, Holly flat-out asks Emma if she still has feelings for Will and she honestly answers that she is confused by her feelings for him.  Carl then tells her that she and her confused feelings can stay at the condo while he goes to a hotel.  I feel bad for Carl.  He was in a lose-lose situation from the beginning and John Stamos deserves better than that!   Maybe he can run off with Holly?  On no wait!  Now she has decided to make a play for Will since going after someone who some one else is in love with turns her own.   That’s pretty twisted and rude but alright.

Some people had a major issue with the fact that Gwyneth performed most of the songs.  I didn’t have a problem with it at all.  Why have a guest star come on and sing one song?   What’s the point?  She sang 2 songs and did a duet with Will.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.  And all her songs were good (especially since I actually knew them!!)  Where I do agree in regards to guest starts on the show, is that the episode becomes completely about that guest star and not the plot.  This has been brought up countless times and is truly one of the biggest downfalls of this show.  They constantly sacrifice the plot for guest stars and increasing iTunes downloads.  It makes me fear how they are going to handle this SPOILER ALERT………STOP READING NOW….character death that happens at Regionals…..SPOILER ENDED.

I warned you Gleeks that you weren’t going to like this post!    Sorry!!!


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REVIEW: Glee “Blame it on the Alcohol” S2 E14

Not a bad episode.  It was rather enjoyable frankly.  Glee is having a few decent individual episodes this season but I’m still not sure what that means for a serialized show where the “major” plot lines either go no where or are completely absent.

Kurt and Bert

This was the first time I completely disagreed with Kurt.   He was 100% wrong with the way he reacted to his father.  Bert went into Kurt’s room to ask his help with something and he see that Blaine has slept over.   Bert isn’t too happy about that and rightfully so.  Later in the show when the 2 are talking, Bert tells him that from now on, if he has a guy sleep over, he needs to ask his permission and clear it with him first.   Sounds perfectly reasonable to me…a little too reasonable some might argue.  Kurt takes this as his father being homophobic again.  Bert very clearly and fairly lets him know that he would have a problem if Finn wanted to have a girl sleep over in the same bed.  Kurt then tells him it wouldn’t bother him as much though.  In the end, Kurt gives his dad a half assed apology and walks out.

Kurt clearly did not understand his father’s issue.  Someone you are sexually attracted to, cannot sleep over in the same bed as you when you are in high school!!  Oh and by the way, the same rule applies to Finn with girls.  How is that being homophobic?    That’s being a parent laying down some ground rules in their home.  I hope the writers don’t go down this road with Kurt.  You know the road that every time something doesn’t go his way someone must be homophobic.  First off, it would completely cheapen all the amazing stories they have done with his Kurt’s sexuality.  Second, it would also cheapen the character.   Kurt is smarter than this and he and his dad have gotten through a lot together in this area.  Don’t minimize that by going down this road!  Bert was right and Kurt was wrong.  Let’s chalk it up to that happening sometimes and moving on from it.


The funniest most cringe worthy part of the episode!!!  Will and Beiste go out to her country western bar and tie a pretty good load on.  They seem to be having a great time blowing off some steam and also crank out a nice rendition of “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer.”  Beiste gets Will home and I like that the show keeps building on their friendship.  Will starts to grade papers and gives everyone an A+…love it!  But then another classic drunk move happens…Will goes to drunk dial Emma.  But we all know, it wasn’t Emma.  The husband and I were pretty sure it was Sue but when she didn’t say anything to him in the hallway, we thought, maybe it was Teri.  Nope it was Sue!!  And what does Sue do (during alcohol awareness week mind you) she plays the drunk message from Will on the school PA system!!!!!   It was fantastic!!!  If I were Will I would kill her for that!!!!  See now this is the out-of-line Sue I can deal with because the material Will just threw right into her lap was priceless!!!   She still should have NEVER done that to him in front of the students but it was so great, I can forgive it.

Mr Schue/Glee Kids/Drinking

I know I’m getting old when I side with the adults and I have MAJOR issues with how some of these things were handled!!  Ha!!!  Rachel’s dads are out-of-town and Puck is planting the idea of having a party at her house with a beer ball, booze, the whole nine yards.  Rachel of course says no but after a little peer pressure (and a really bad song about headbands) she decides to live a little and have the party.  Everyone comes over and she is serving wine coolers (I’ve been to some of those parties!!)  The party stinks and everyone wants to leave.  Rachel isn’t happy (maybe her God awful Little House on the Prairie dress has something to do with it)  but Puck offers a solution of breaking into her dads’ liquor cabinet and replacing it before they get back.  She says ok and the party really gets underway.  This I have no problem with because this is normal teenage experimentation and fun.   I also loved the part where Finn broke it down for Rachel how girls can get a parties when they get drunk.  It was so true!!!!

The next day, they are all hung over in school.  (Don’t worry I didn’t forget about the Spin the Bottle portion of the party, but that’s for another segment.)  By the way, could they be anymore obvious with the big sunglasses?  But Artie’s genius plan…drink Bloody Mary’s!  In school?  Are they crazy??  And by the way, didn’t anyone smell alcohol on them?   Well apparently the bloody mary’s got them all loopy again but no one in the school noticed.  This is where writers annoy the crap out of me.  You mean to tell me not ONE school official noticed about 16 kids walking around school with a buzz on?  Then you take the same 16 buzzed kids and put them in a closed auditorium where their behavior is really off, and you can’t smell alcohol on them?  And even if you can’t, you don’t notice that something is severely up when certain kids are slurring their words a bit?

The final kicker is when the kids have to perform in front of the school and they are all nervous.  Are you serious?   You perform live in front of people all the time and NOW you are nervous?  It was a completely ridiculous reason for them to be able to introduce alcohol again into the show.  So to calm their fragile nerves, Rachel happen to have a concoction of 7 different alcohols, cough syrup, Hawaiian Punch and some other gunk that probably would have poisoned or killed most people.  They all drink, go on stage, and Brittany ends up puking on Rachel and Santana ends up puking on stage as well.  It was like the pie eating scene from Stand By Me all over again!!!

Finally Will is clued into what is going on and in the Glee room tells them that they have no right to drink and act like that ever again.  Quinn tells Schue that’s the pot calling the kettle black (which Brittany thinks is totally racist…ha!)  He has them all sign wavers that there will be no drinking leading up to regionals but that if any of them “fall off the wagon” his cell phone is at the top of the page and they can call him anytime of the night to come and pick them up and drive them home.

Ok here’s the thing.  I liked the cell phone element.  When Will and Beiste were talking in the lunch room about being hypocrites telling kids not to drink when they did it, Beiste brings up a realistic point.  Kids are going to drink and experiment no matter what they say.  So you hope to give them the best guidance and direction and pray they make the right decision.  What she should have also said was that if they make the wrong decision, you punish them to the point that they will think twice about doing it ever again.  So Will giving them his cell phone in case of an emergency, I have no problem with because it’s a matter of safety.  I would rather young kids feel like they have a safety net if they get themselves in trouble so something worse doesn’t happen as a result of bad judgement.  I don’t believe that is condoning the action but merely looking out for someone’s well-being.   That’s not a bad lesson to teach.

What I did have a problem with is what Quinn said to Mr Schue and the fact that none of them were punished in some way. If I were Schue and my students started coming back at me for my drinking this is how I would have handled it: #1. I’m your teacher and you can’t talk to me that way.  #2. I’m over 21 years-old which is the legal drinking age.  You are not.  #3. I’m an adult.  You are not.   Therefore I can have a drink, responsibly, when ever I chose and I don’t have to answer to any of you.  It really pissed me off that Will backed down to the kids coming after him.  He has NOTHING he needs to apologize for.  And there is one HUGE fundamental difference between him and them…he is over 21 and therefore it is perfectly ok for him to have a drink.   They are not!!!!   How was this point completely missed in all this??   Also, Will should have made them have some sort of detention or after school project to pay for what they did.  They should have had some kind of punishment to show that what they did, wasn’t cool and won’t be tolerated.   I thought it was handled very badly and was very lazy on the writers part.


To wrap up quickly, at Rachel’s party, they played Spin the Bottle and Rachel and Blaine ended up kissing.  It was a pretty good kiss.  So good, that since Blaine liked it, he started wondering if he was really gay.  When he opened up to Kurt about this (because he is going on a date with Rachel as a result) Kurt was hurt because of his feelings for Blaine but I think felt threatened that he was a losing a great connection with him so he blew off Blaine’s feelings.  Blaine put him in his place by telling him how disappointed he was in Kurt because he of all people should be supportive of Blaine trying to figure out who he is.  He’s never had a boyfriend so maybe he isn’t gay or maybe he’s bi-sexual.  Either way, Kurt should be supporting him not reprimanding him for being confused.  Kurt is always preaching about being tolerant and not being judged so I was glad Blaine showed him that Kurt is doing exactly what he gets on other people about.

The end result was pretty funny since Rachel and Kurt had a bet over Blaine being straight or gay.  Kurt thinks it was all because he was hammered when they kissed that he is confused and Rachel is convinced there is chemistry between them regardless.  At the coffee shop, Rachel goes right up to a very sober Blaine and plants one on him.  He then steps back, says wow, and thanks Rachel for clearing everything up….he’s gay!!  You think Rachel is going to be crushed but she isn’t.  Instead she hugs Kurt and thanks him for giving her some new material to be able to write about since she dated a gay guy.   Ha!!!!   Kurt’s happy all around.  His friendship with Rachel is just fine and the love of his life is still gay.  Yeah!!  Although to nit pick a little, I think that would have been a great storyline of Blaine questioning whether or not he is gay.  I was hoping that was going to drag out longer but it didn’t.  Most importantly for me though, Rachel and Kurt’s friendship is still in good shape.  They took so long to get to this place and Rachel really needed a good friend that I’m glad this didn’t bust them up.   Now if he can only give that girl some party attire fashion advice!!!

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REVIEW: Glee “Silly Love Songs” S2 E12

Hello Glee!  It is so nice to see you again and welcome you back with gusto!   Yes, I do remember you.  You are that great show that features interesting characters, decent storylines and incredible music to help tell your story.  Of course I’ve missed you!!

One of the best episodes of the season so far.  It reminded me of Season 1 a little bit…Rachel being insecure, Quinn and Finn hooking up, friendships pulling together, great music that lined up perfectly with the episode, and multiple story arcs for multiple characters.  It was great!!!!  I hope this is more of what we will see in the later part of S2 because this is so much better than what we have been watching the first half of the season (with the exception of Kurt’s storylines which have been phenomenal!)


I loved this dynamic in season 1.  And even though the same 3 players are involved again, this time it’s completely different.  First, what the hell has happened to Finn?  When did he become Puck?  Seriously what is with his new-found cockiness and wanting to kiss every girl in the school?   Just because you can’t have Quinn?  Stupid.  This isn’t Finn.  And the part I really don’t understand, is that he was SO incredibly hurt (and rightfully so) when Quinn cheated on him with his best friend and ended up getting pregnant.  And then he got crushed AGAIN when Rachel cheated on him with his best friend.  So why would he want to cheat with Quinn knowing what it is going to do to Sam?   This doesn’t fit with his character.  I really don’t understand.  And Quinn had the best line…”the first time I cheated, I got pregnant.  The second time I cheated, I got mono.  I think the universe is trying to tell me something.”  It is.   STOP CHEATING ON YOUR BOYFRIENDS!!!  Or just be single so you can kiss whomever you want!!

The most heartbreaking part was when Rachel went to see Finn in the school infirmary.  She is dabbing his head with a cold compress when she starts to ask him about Quinn and if they really kissed or not.  He confirms it.  We start to see S1 Rachel in the sense that she is comparing herself to Quinn and looking at herself as someone who is inferior to her on all levels.  It isn’t true and even though Finn chose her at one point, she still has the self doubts.  Those doubts aren’t helped when she asks what it felt like to kiss her vs Quinn.  Finn tells her about the fireworks with Quinn but it silent when she wants to know if they had fireworks.  It’s the first time in a LONG time, I wanted to jump through the TV and hug her.  It again brings us back to the heart of S1…these Glee kids are outcasts.  And even though they are all beautiful and talented in their own ways, they are still the outcasts.  They still have insecurities in comparison to the cool and popular kids.  Ah, high school.   At least it led to Lea Michelle’s best hit of the year…”Fireworks.”  It reminded me of when she did “Take A Bow.”  Not stylistically of course, but the arrangement, the staging, and emotion behind it.  She was terrific!!!


More MJ this week!!!!  Awesome.  I always liked P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing) and since I dig Artie’s vocals and Mike’s dancing, it was a great number.   I like that some of the couples are relatively drama free and if I get to see more Mike Chang dancing while Artie is singing, I am all for keeping these couples together, if that’s what it takes!

On a side note, what the hell was up with Tina’s Funny Valentine?  Was that horrendous or what?  This girl NEVER gets to showcase her talents and the one time she does, you make her wail through the whole song and collapse at the end?   I don’t understand that point AT ALL!!  Schuester’s face and comments captured my thoughts perfectly.  Note to the writers: if you aren’t going to let Tina sing her song like a normal person, don’t have her sing at all.

Bitchface and Sam

No, I don’t mean Quinn (nice try!)  I mean Santana….the ultimate Glee bitch.  Santana’s been a little more toned down this season from the bitchiness quotient and I don’t think I like it.  You can’t have everyone on the show be sweet and nice and you can’t have anyone else crazy like Sue.  But a good bitch is a necessary evil…especially in high school!!!  Another reason why you need a good bitch, to watch the bitch finally get bitch-slapped of course!!!  The beat down Santana got in the Glee room was awesome.  When Rachel told her the only thing she will be a star at is dancing on a pole…outstanding!!!!  What I don’t get is her crying about it.  Quinn’s right, she can dish it out but she sure can’t take it.  And if you’re going to be the bitch, you have to know people are going to hate you and hate you huge.  So suck it up and deal with it!   Eventually she did and decided to get revenge in a sneakier way.  She was able to detect that Finn and Quinn were hooking up.  In order to prove it, she kisses a boy with mono (she’s had it so many times, she’s immune…ha!)  She then kisses Finn at his kissing booth knowing he will hook up with Quinn.  It works because they both show up in the choir room with mono and thus are both found out.  Oops.  At the end of the show when they are all hanging out at Breadsticks, Santana gives a little wave to Sam who eyes her up.   I guess they are going to move to these two hooking up.  Ok.  I still feel bad for Sam though.

Puck and Lauren

I don’t know what to think about this.  I don’t really like Lauren.  I haven’t been given a reason to like her and think she’s a bit of a nasty, grumpy person.  Maybe if I could have had some more insight into her leading up to this, I would have a different opinion but it is what it is.   I like the idea of exploring their relationship and the fact that she is being smart about it considering Puck’s reputation.  It could be really sweet.

The one area where I thought the writers missed a really big opportunity was with the fallout from Puck singing “Fat Bottom Girls” to her in the choir room.  He thought he was doing this awesome song to her but he didn’t get it at all.  She tells him that no one had ever sang a love song to her before and, at the same, no one ever made her feel more like crap.  Then…nothing.  They never revisited that.  I think it was important for Lauren to explain to him why that song was more insulting than sweet.  But it never happened.  If they want me to like Lauren and buy into this storyline, I need to know more about her.  I need to dig deeper into who Lauren is and what makes her the way she is.  Plus, it would have been a great time to show why the song was insensitive to her.  It makes me nervous about how they are going to handle this.   I hope they give it the respect it deserves!

Blaine and Kurt

These scenes were some of the funnier and more heart-warming parts of the episode.  We see that Kurt and Blaine have gotten really close (they even know each other’s Starbucks orders….cute!)  Blaine is asking for Kurt’s help to convince the Warblers to take their show on the road so he can serenade the boy he has a crush on.  Kurt is convinced it’s him so every time Blaine asks if what he wants to do is ok, Kurt answers based on what he would like…adorable!   Back on campus while talking to the other Warblers, Kurt finally learns who the true object of Blaine’s affections really is…an assistant manager at the Gap in the mall.   Poor Kurt!!!  So what’s a depressed gay guy supposed to do…have a sleepover with his girlfriends of course!!!

Mercedes, Rachel, and Kurt have a sleepover at Rachel’s and it is my FAVORITE part of the episode.  I love that Rachel has gotten so close with Mercedes and Kurt.  We started to see Rachel and Kurt break down that barrier of competition to friendship towards the end of last season so that wasn’t a surprise.  But to see Rachel and Mercedes so close, is a surprise…a wonderful surprise.  There was still a lot of “diva” tension between those two and since Rachel’s been a little back-burnered this year and Mercedes has been non-existent, I guess their burgeoning friendship happened off-screen, unless I am completely forgetting something.   See, and this is what I have been talking about ALL YEAR!!!  I would have loved to have witnessed the evolution of their friendship.  From enemies/competitors, to friends who respect each other’s talents.  How great would that have been!!!   Ugh.  Both Rachel and Mercedes really needed a good girlfriend since Kurt was at Dalton.  It looks like they found each other….yeah!   It was great to watch them have a normal, teenage discussion about boys and whether or not they like them.  It was also nice to see Rachel being Rachel (turning Kurt’s issues with Blaine to all about her relationship with Finn) and instead of Mercedes getting pissed at her, she reminded her that this about Kurt not her.  It’s like she can respect Rachel is who she is and laugh it off and Rachel is learning how to be a real friend.  I. LOVED. IT.  The only thing that was missing from this scene was a song!!!  Wouldn’t this have been a perfect time for all 3 divas to belt out a tune?  Seriously, what does Mercedes have to do to get a song people???

Blaine, Kurt, and the Warblers hit the mall and Blaine busts out a version of “When I Get You Alone” to his crush.  Everyone is the Gap is loving this, except you know who.   It was so cute when he was outside the store with Kurt asking him if it was too much and second guessing himself.  Up until this point, Blaine has been the “together” student.  He seems to have his life all figured out.  It was nice to see him being just as unsure as the rest of kids.  It brought him back down to earth a bit and I think that’s good.  He was a little too perfect for a while there.  Mr Gap comes out and the first thing I thought was “Oh my God, he’s not out of the closet!”   My husband thought “Oh my God, this kid isn’t even gay!!”  We were horrified to hear what was going to come out of his mouth.  First, he tells Blaine he was just fired.  Are you kidding me?  What jerk would fire him for that?  You know what Mr Gap, if he would fire you for that, you can do better.  Go be Mr Banana Republic!   But he tells Blaine that not only did his boss not like it but neither did he because no one there knew he was gay.  Oh snap!   But the line of the episode happens next from Kurt: “Can I be honest? Just with the hair…I think they do.”  FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!  I don’t do it justice in print because his delivery is what makes it fantastic!   Mr Gap tells him that just because they got coffee twice, doesn’t mean they are dating.  Beside, he would get arrested because Blaine is under age.  Wow.  Mark Sanchez could learn something from Mr Gap!  It was heartbreaking for Blaine but slightly triumphant for Kurt because now the door is open for him!!!!

They talk at Starbucks again and Blaine is beating himself up for reading too much into their connection.  That’s when Kurt is openly honest with him about thinking all the talk about serenading the boy he likes and them always hanging out and singing gooey love songs with one another, meant Blaine was going to ask him out, not Mr Gap.  Blaine responds with “boy I really am clueless.”   Yeah buddy, you are!  He’s not sure he would be good in a relationship because he’s never been anyone’s boyfriend before.  Kurt admits, me too.  So they agree to be friends, really good friends.  “Like When Harry Met Sally” Kurt says.  “What, didn’t they end up together in the end?” Blaine asks.  Yes Blaine, they did!!!

At the end of the episode, everyone is at Breadsticks to celebrate being single and being anti-couple on Valentine’s Day.  I get why Rachel, Mercedes, Santana, Kurt, Blaine, and to some degree Puck and Lauren were there.  But if this is anti-couple, why are Artie, Brittany, Tina, and Mike there?  That didn’t make any sense.  Sam is still technically in a relationship but I guess you couldn’t have the Santana/Sam as a couple set up if he wasn’t there.   We also got to here an incredible version of Wings’ “Silly Love Songs.”  Final question, is Blaine the only one who can sing solos for the Warblers?  Kurt made this speech about his friends coming out to support him so I was ready to hear Kurt belt one out.  Maybe they are being true to the story that since Kurt is still a rookie Warbler, he hasn’t earned his right to a solo yet.  Still.  I was hoping to hear Kurt for once!

I am just so happy to see the show back to its roots and I pray this is what we will be seeing the rest of the season because it was terrific!!!

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