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Back to Normal….Almost

We are driving back from our vacation. I hate leaving and it always goes so fast but I am ready to get home and burn through these season finales!! I can smell my DVRs burning from I-95.

Some of the priorities are going to be The Good Wife, Supernatural, The Mentalist, HIMYM, and Grey’s Anatomy. I have about 6 The Vampire Diaries and 11 Nikitas to get through so I probably won’t get to them until next weekend. But I hope to have most of those big ones up on Sunday…by the latest Tuesday.

I really appreciate everyone’s patience during this VERY busy TV week!


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No WiFi!!!!!!

So I thought I was going to be able to do some blogging on vacation.   Not!   There is no WiFi where we are staying (how is that even possible!) So many of my season finale recaps and renewal/cancelation discussions will have to wait until next week.

I will try to sneak a post in when I can but it is going to be tough.   Thanks for your patience!!

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Updates on the Road!!

So we are on the road (and sitting in ridiculous traffic just south of Alexandria, VA) so I thought I would catch up on my TV news. Wow!!! Lots happening today.

Just so you know, I am doing this on my iPad and I can’t figure out how to do spell check because the configuration on here is different from my computer. Likewise, I can’t update my tracker because the iPad doesn’t have an easy way to scroll (grrrrrr.). So please forgive my spelling mistakes. I am the world’s worst speller. And I will update the tracker as soon as I can.

However if anyone has iPad blogging tips, I would love to hear them. Also can you let me know how to get around this traffic in VA? My husband is about to have a conniption!!!

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I haven’t taken a vacation with my husband in over a year.   So I am really due some R&R!!!!   So the next couple of days will be quiet due to travel.   But I will have my computer with me and it is finale week (I know my timing sucks right) so I will probably recap the big shows like Castle, The Good Wife, Bones, The Mentalist, Supernatural, and if any show have any jaw droppers I will discuss that as well.   Anything else, I’ll get to when I get back.   Not to mention I have 10 Chuckss and 10 Nikitas to watch.  So I need some marathon time!!

Talk to you all soon!!!

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Really Behind

I know I am so behind on posting.   Work has been crazy and my husband is changing jobs and we have been traveling on the weekends.   No time to post.    Ugh!!!  Hopefully this will change soon and once I get caught up (my DVRs are smoking from all the shows on tape) I will do some quick reviews to get back up and running.

Thanks for your patience!!!

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I’m Back!!!!!

I had no idea how much I would miss blogging until I stopped for a week!!  I missed you guys.  I’m sure the feeling was mutual!

As you can imagine, my DVRs are ready to explode with TV shows and I have much to watch.  I am going to do VERY small reviews this week to catch up and only do the shows that are either new or have something really interesting to discuss.  I am so happy to be back and will have lots to say as soon as I can!!

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Be Back In A Week!!!

I know I suck.  I still haven’t gotten to Blue Bloods, Vampire Diaries, Fairly Legal, Nikita, How I Met Your Mother, Mike & Molly, Modern Family, Criminal Minds, and Grey’s.   I also know I need to start to trim down the reviews.  They are getting long, I know.  It’s just some shows have so much going on and it’s great stuff so there is a lot to talk about!!!  I should start podcasting.   Maybe next season.  I digress.

Anyway I am off to Nashville for a week for work so if I am quiet, you will know why.  I will try to post while away if I can, but it won’t be likely.  But bear with me.  When I get back Friday night, I will catch up as much as I can and give some really quick thoughts.   Especially on the new show Mad Love (I worry this is going to suck but I hope not because I LOVE Sarah Chalke) and the premiere of Survivor Russell vs. Rob!!!!!   I know it’s Redemption Island but who are we kidding, it’s Russell vs. Rob!

See you in a week people!   Like Simple Minds said: “Don’t You Forget About Me!!!!”

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