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SEASON PREMIERE RECAP & REVIEW: Bones “The Future in the Past” S8 E1

Bones is back!  And with REALLY bad hair….poor girl.  When last we saw B&B and our favorites squints, Pelant had set Brennan up for murder, Caroline and Booth for assisting her or covering up what they new, and Brennan went on the run with Christine and her dad until her name was cleared.

Let’s get right into with Pelant. I love the episodes revolving around his character and Andrew Leeds is brilliant in the part.  I love psychological killers.  Nothing scares me more than really intelligent people who can think 10 steps ahead of everyone else and are so sinister and take so much pleasure in toying with people’s heads.   That’s Pelant.  Especially since Brennan is as smart as she is and Pelant has been playing her like a fiddle.  Bones and Hart Hanson have done a fantastic job with this arc.  I’m not going to lie, I was slightly upset when they captured him (for a few reasons) because I thought that was the end of Pelant.  But my husband and I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.  My fear was it was going to be Pelant somehow killing one of our own. But it turned out, Pelant was not who he said he was and was able to get out and extradited back to Egypt.  Say what now?   Let’s think about this for a moment…

When this first happened, both my husband and I thought “it shouldn’t matter who he says he is because the evidence still point to him.”   The more I thought about it, that’s not exactly true.  When Brennan “solved” the murder of Pelant’s guidance counselor and was able to nail him for it, it left me with an uneasy feeling.  Brennan always needs 100% conclusive forensic evidence before declaring her findings.  But not in this case.  There were no finger prints.  No DNA tying Pelant.  Only the idea that he was once heavy-set because his gait appeared altered as if someone who used to carry around lots of weight on his joints was no longer carrying it around.  Therefore, he would need a lighter weapon (like a sword) to kill the counselor.  Well that’s great, but where’s the proof?  All of Pelant’s high school pictures were forged (foreshadowing.)  So how could they scientifically prove that?  Then there was the part about Max having lunch with Pelant’s father who told him about being either a WWII vet or someone who collects WWII memorabilia (I can’t remember) therefore remembering his father had a sword that could match the murder weapon.  Well wasn’t that convenient.  The “solving” of this case really bothered me and it felt forced and fast and very shoddy for the usually particular Dr. Brennan.  Maybe it was the really bad wig throwing her off.  Seriously couldn’t they find Deschanel a better hair piece than that?   Sweet Jesus.

So as a result of no real forensic evidence, it doesn’t matter if he’s Christopher Pelant or Christopher Reeve, there’s nothing tying him to the murder.  Now, there is all the copious amounts of circumstantial evidence piled up against Pelant.  But guess what, if he isn’t really Pelant, then nothing is tied to HIM.  All the fingerprints on Pelant say he is Bassam El Fayette (I think), and Egyptian national.  Back to Egypt he goes and out of FBI custody and jail.   Uh oh, guess this saga isn’t over just yet.     But the biggest twist of the night came at the very end.  As Pelant was walking out the door, he hands Brennan a Marigold.  Apparently a Marigold represents grief and pain.   Who knew a flower could be so cheery in its message?   She throws it in the trash.  We then see a hand reach down and pluck it out of the trash.   The hand belonged to Special Agent Seeley Booth!!!   Well shit, now that would be a twist!!!!  But no.  It was Special Agent Hayes Flynn (Reed Diamond.)

Now I’ve read some people’s thoughts on this who took that to mean that Flynn is going to go after Pelant in his new role in Domestic Terrorism.  I didn’t take it that way AT ALL.  I think it meant that Flynn and Pelant have been working together.  I also read people who took this as Pelant changed his identity to Fayette while in jail.  Again, I don’t agree with that.  Either one of two things happened.  Pelant didn’t change his identity from jail, Flynn did it for him.  Or, Pelant was never Pelant…that was the false identity…he was Fayette all the time.  That’s the one I’m going with.  I think he had a backup plan in place so that if he ever was arrested, his partner could easily erase his fraudulent life and become who he really is…with no criminal ties to him at all.  Pelant always thinks 10 steps ahead.  And that didn’t change here.  He was prepared for this to possibly happen and when it did, he knew exactly what he needed to do to get out of it.

The big question is, how will this all end?  I don’t think it’s going to be with Booth arresting Pelant for good like we thought happened last night.  I think it will be with one of our tried and true, killing him.  That was made pretty clear when Hodgins had his hands around Pelant’s throat and was squeezing with everything he had.  Hodgins later told Sweets about this and he told Sweets that he could tell in Pelant’s eyes that he wanted him to kill him.  Flash to later in the episode when Sweets was talking to Angela and Brennan about Ethan’s code and told them that Pelant is even scarier now because he wants one of them to kill him.  Max also mentioned to Booth that the only way this is really going to end is if Pelant is dead.   So I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that’s how it’s going to go down.  The question is who will kill Pelant.   And as sinister as this sounds to say, I hope it’s someone significant. It can’t be Brennan or Booth…it will be too easy to get around that.  But I hope it’s Cam or Angela or Sweet…someone we aren’t expecting and I hope it has major consequences.  I’m not saying I want any of those people to leave the show, I just think from a story telling aspect that it would be sooo much more interesting to see that fallout!   But if I had to guess now, I think Brennan’s life will be in danger and Max will be the one to kill him and somehow Max will die as well.  I don’t know how that all plays out, but that’s my guess.

What did you think of the Bones premiere and are you enjoying the Pelant arc as much as I am?

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SEASON FINALE REVIEW: Bones “The Change in the Game” S6 E24

When Hart Hanson says “A Change in the Game” he sure wasn’t kidding!!!! That was quite a whopper of a last scene…on many levels! Angela and Hodgins had their new born son (complete with Billy Gibbons’ Michael cap) and Brennan had some pretty big news for Booth…she’s pregnant and the baby is his. Wait, what??? Back up a minute. Did Brennan just say she was pregnant with Booth’s kid? When the hell did that happen and why didn’t we get to witness at least some very very very early parts of that? Believe me I’m not complaining but I would-be lying if I didn’t mention that I was slightly disappointed. Although I’m not surprised Emily’s real life pregnancy was written into the show.

I hope no one minds, but I’m not going to get into the case of the bowler that was killed. With everything going on, I could have cared less about the case, who was killed, and why. Sorry! I will say though that I may need to see more episodes where Booth sports a mullet and Brennan has 1980s South Philly hair. Freaking fantastic!!! The only thing that really mattered was how many times, during the case, Brennan made comments about having kids with Booth or the way other children were behaving.

Before getting into the Booth and Brennan stuff, let’s talk about the birth of Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins. How cute was it that he has Angela’s dad’s name request and Vincent’s name all as part of his official name? I loved it. I also loved the labor and delivery. Leading up to all that Angela is helping Wendell and Hodgins with their case while at the same time, eating enough hot sauce to season 100,000 chicken wings, to try to help speed her labor along. It works because her water breaks at the lab. Hodgins, for once, is staying calm while Ang goes into labor. He calmly speaks to her while she screams at him to get the car and the flashback to a freaking out Hodgins resurfaces when he flips out again and scrambles to find his car keys. They get to the hospital and Ang is hilarious. One minute she’s yelling at Hodgins and the doctor while the next she is being sweet as pie to them. Hodgins didn’t take the name calling so well but the doctor just took it all in stride. She’s seen it all before. The best part is while she’s in labor, she’s on a web cam still helping Wendell and Cam with the case. I seriously would have hurled that computer across the room before I worked while being in labor (with no drugs to boot !!!!). Angela is a much stronger woman than me! But right before the baby is born, they say the sweetest things to each other, about loving the sound of each other’s voice and how the touch of her hand resonates throughout his body. It was so touching. Michael is born and his vision is checked immediately. The doctor turns around and tells them that their baby boy is just fine and his vision is perfect! “After what they did by killing Vincent Nigel Murray, that kid’s vision better be perfect” my husband says to me. He is still very bitter about the last episode! Who can blame him?

This all leads to the crew waiting to hear news about Ang and Michael, Brennan visiting Ang and giving her a stuffed bunny from her and Booth, and Brennan’s conversation with Booth. I think it was pretty obvious that Emily’s pregnancy was going to be written into the show. A few episodes ago she mentioned how she would be the only one in the lab without a child. She mentioned several times in this episode how she and “Buck” would never raise a child like that (meaning the annoying brat on the bowling team). When she went to see Ang, her first question was about how labor was. And finally walking with Booth, she was asking about having children. So it was coming. The question was, how would this be possible? We haven’t seen (on camera) Booth and Brennan getting together so how could she be pregnant with his kid? Could Hart Hanson be THAT cruel? The answer is yes. It’s safe to assume this happened the night of VNM’s death when Brennan cried in Booth’s arms in his bed. Now there was a conversation with her and Angela, the next day, about her being in bed with Booth. It was a very vague conversation and even though Ang was excited, I thought she was reading too much into it and the writers were also leading us to believe that as well and it would turn out to not be true. Well so much for that. Thinking back, it makes sense because why would Brennan make a point to tell Ang about that night if nothing happened. Well folks, it happened. The thing all of us B&B fans have been waiting for for 6 seasons FINALLY happened. We just didn’t get to see it or enjoy it.

How do you feel about that? I’m pissed. Like I said before, don’t get me wrong. I’m THRILLED they finally got together and the baby is his and not some random motorcycle doctor’s kid (Castle fans will understand that reference). But are you kidding me???? Booth and Brennan have sex for the first time and we don’t even get to see a kiss? Really? I feel cheated. I feel like I have been waiting all this time for B&B to unite and they did but we didn’t get to share it with them. I mean, we couldn’t even get a kiss or a HUG after she told him the news. Nothing! I don’t get it. I know some people will think I am splitting hairs and other people may think that nothing is ever good enough but I don’t care. I understand the real life pregnancy needed to be written in. I get that. I just wish it would have started with a kiss or date or sex and then it slowly build to this. I really feel cheated. At the same time, I really liked the season finale and like the fact that we are starting to move B&B in the right direction. I just hope Hanson doesn’t pull one of those “they’re having a baby together but they aren’t together as a couple and they will need to learn to co-parent separately.”. I will never watch Bones again if a stunt like that is pulled. We deserve and B&B deserve to be happy together in a real relationship. I hope tonight’s finale was the start of that moving forward.

What did you think Bones fans? Did you like the finale? Do you love or hate the pregnancy bomb? Are you happy or mad about the way B&B getting together was handled? I want to hear from you!! One thing I do know, I can’t wait for September!!!


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REVIEW: Bones “The Sign in the Silence” S6 E21

There didn’t seem to be a lot of love for this episode of Bones and I’m not sure why.  I really enjoyed it on a many levels.  First, it was different because Bones was dealing with a living breathing person that she could connect with vs. just a victim and their bones.  Second, the dynamic between Bones and Vaziri and Sweets and Bones and their difference of opinion on Brennan.  And finally, Hodgins and Angela and her delivery scare.   Hodgins had me crying laughing.  He was so hysterical so let’s start with that one.

Hodgins and Angela

We all know these two have been through the ringer when it comes to this pregnancy.  But they have always handled whatever was thrown at them with class and dignity and while sometimes their emotions got the better of them, someone was always there to calm and comfort the other and get everyone back on the right track.  I have always loved their relationship and this pregnancy has solidified that view for me even more.  However, when Angela thought she was having contractions and needed to go to the hospital, instead of staying calm, Hodgins completely freaked out.    He started yelling and spazing so Angela, who was in labor, had to calm him.   She had to remind him to get the car and when he couldn’t find his keys, he started asking her where they are.   Priceless!!!!  It was so funny to see him come completely unglued like that.

They get to the hospital and it turns out it was false labor.  I love when couples always say they feel so stupid when it turns out to be false labor.   Why?  This is your first baby.   You have no idea how to tell the difference between real labor and fake labor.   You feel what you think is labor pains so you go to the hospital.   There is no reason to feel foolish!   But they joke about what a good and funny test run it was and that hopefully next time when it’s real, they will be slightly calmer and more prepared.  I loved it.  Although there is one comment I would like to make.   Why the hell was Angela driving?  When Hodgins went to get her out of the car, he got her out on the driver side.  The woman just had false labor pains and you’re making her drive herself?   That seemed odd to me.

Brennan and Vaziri

There was a point where Brennan and Vaziri were examining the bones of the victim who Amy/Samantha alleged to have killed.  Vaziri made a comment about Brennan being distant and this is now the second time in the episode that someone has made a comment about Brennan being cold.  Earlier at the diner, Sweets was giving Brennan a hard time about not wanting to find the real reason why Amy/Samantha may have killed a man twice her size.  She explains that her motive is very important to her because she wants to get behind the real reason for this crime.  She also thinks since the door of the victim’s apartment was busted through, there is no way someone of Amy/Samantha’s size and stature could have done it.   Therefore there could be something else going on.   “I’m not as cold as everyone thinks I am” she tells Sweets and he apologies to her.

Back to the scene with Vaziri, you could tell how upset Brennan is that this is now another person that has made a comment about her “chilliness.”  Vazini made a comment about Brennan becoming very attached to this case.  She asks him what he means by that and he explains that normally she insists on maintaining distance in a case.    She teaches him that it’s objectivity that allows them to analyze evidence without being clouded by personal judgement or wishes for how a case should turn out.  “I’m sorry if you think that means I don’t care.”  He tells her that he didn’t mean it like that and she tells him that’s exactly what he meant.    She finishes by saying that if she knew how to communicate how she felt she would, seeing as that it would make everyone else’s lives much easier.

Now I see both sides to this.  From Sweets and Vaziri’s side, their assumptions are very logical.  Brennan is not an outwardly warm person.  She is very clinical and direct in her logic and expression.  Therefore it’s easy to see how they can make the assumption that she is cold and unfeeling.  She has even on several occasions bragged about how scientific she can be in not allowing feelings to cloud her work.  She takes pride in it.  But on Brennan’s side, just because she treats her job as a science and keeps to being 100% objective, doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about the victims and the truth.  She is the best in the world because of how she is able to conduct herself.   But Sweets and Vaziri have known Brennan long enough to know better than to assume she is a cold, unfeeling person.  Especially Sweets.  With all the sessions he had with her and Booth, he knows better.  Vaziri I would give the benefit of the doubt a bit more because he doesn’t interact with Brennan as much as the others.   I think this was a classic case of miscommunication and assumptions gone wrong.   But the air has been cleared and hopefully everyone knows now that when Brennan acts the way she does in the case, it’s for the betterment of the victim so she can get to the truth.  That is her showing that she cares.


This was a very sad case that thankfully ended on a very happy and touching note (which of course made me cry!)   Amy is a deaf-mute who was found covered and blood and wielding a knife.  At the Jeffersonian, there are having a terrible time getting her to cooperate so they could find out who she is and what happened.  Sweets at one point goes to Brennan to remind her what being a foster child is like and how you never trusted anyone and people made decision that hurt you because they were in a rush.  She agreed and decided to take a softer approach with Amy and it finally got her to cooperate.  Unfortunately, her x-rays showed years and years of physical abuse that started around age 3.   They were able to trace her parents, the Mike and Denise Sheffield, to a town in Pennsylvania and brought them down to the FBI office.  Once the judge approved Amy be moved to child protective services, her parents flipped out and left to get a lawyer.  Brennan realized that Amy had some sort of condition that at least one of her parents has to have.  She tested both and neither showed signs of the disease proving they aren’t her biological parents.  Booth and Sweets question the parents and while Denise is opening up, Mike keeps telling her to shut up.  She doesn’t so he loses his temper and hits her in the face.  Great guy!!!   Booth then loses it and punches the guy.

Later investigating shows Mike knew the victim.  When Amy ran away to DC, he called his friend to pick her up and hold her until he got there.  Amy was so afraid that she grabbed a knife off the man’s counter.    They struggled and fell down.  He went to hit her and she stabbed him to protect herself.  It was all self-defense on Amy’s part.   She then left and ended up in the alley where the cop found her at the beginning of the show.   When Mike showed up at his friend’s apartment and saw him lying in his blood, he just took off back to PA.  Again, nice guy!!!

So now the hunt is on to find Amy’s real parents.  They believe she was kidnapped around the age of 3.   They ask her if she can remember anything from that time.   Any sort of happy memory.  She says she remembers a favorite stuffed bunny she had and that was it.   Now here comes the part that I think has to be far-fetched.  There is a lot of stuff that happens on TV where I can find a logical explanation for how it could be real.   This next bit of forensic work, I can’t buy.  They decide to pull one of Amy’s wisdom teeth to see where she was from.  Apparently, the isotopes that developed in her jaw line, where her adult teeth were forming, can show particulates that will show where she grew up.  Yeah right!!!   I don’t believe that for a second but I am going to go with it because I like happy endings.   They trace her back to a town around L.A. and found a missing persons report that shows Amy’s picture with the bunny she talked about.  Turns out her real name is Samantha and they contact her parents immediately.

Outside the Jeffersonian, Booth and Brennan are there with Samantha and she looks so pretty.   She asks Brennan if she looks ok and if she thinks her parents will like her.   KLEENEX STAT!!!!!   Then the Winslows show up and they are so excited to see her.  They signed to her that they never gave up looking for her and pull out her bunny and ask if she remembers.  She does and she runs to hug her parents.   MORE KLEENEX NOW PLEASE!!!!!   What a great moment.   As B&B are walking away, Booth confides in Brennan that he was upset at himself for hitting Mike Sheffield.  She tells him that she understands why he did it but Booth says he has to be better.  Just because he was abused, doesn’t mean he can pop off like that.  He doesn’t ever want his son to see him like that and he expects better of himself.   Brennan tells him that Parker is very lucky to have a dad like him and Booth tells her, that he wants it to be more than just luck.

I thought it was a great episode and I really enjoyed it.    This is all building to next week’s season finale…..The Change in the Game.   What will that change be Bones fans??

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Not a surprise but it’s always nice when it is confirmed.  Bones is coming back for a 7th season!!!!!   David Boreanez confirmed via Twitter last night that Bones will be back.

The interesting part will be, HOW will Bones be back.   I’m sure some of you have seen the title of the season finale this year.  If you haven’t and think it may spoil something for you (which I think it won’t) then don’t read the ITALICS (or the rest of the post really) because here is the title of the season finale………The Change in the Game……… what does that mean?   Could it mean Booth and Brennan are FINALLY getting together?  Could it mean Baby Hodgins is born?   Could it mean Sweets and Daisy are getting married?   Could it mean Dr Saroyan and Wendell are getting together?   Could it mean they are all leaving the Jeffersonian to go work for Walt Disney World?   Who knows.  But I take that title to mean that something big is going to happen and if it isn’t my first guess, I am going to scream.

It will also be interesting to see how/if they incorporate Emily Deschanel’s real life pregnancy.  Could Booth and Brennan have one night of pure unadulterated passion after they finally admit their love for each other and as a result, Brennan is pregnant?  Could that be the change in the game?   I’m not sure.  One thing I am sure of, one of my favorite shows is back next year!!!!

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REVIEW: Bones “The Finder” S6 E19

This episode of Bones is to set the table for a potential new series coming out this fall called The Finder.   The Finder is based on a series of books from Richard Greener that features the character of Walter Sherman, aka: The Locator.   I usually don’t like when shows do this because it takes away an entire episode from one of my favorite shows which is exactly what happened here.  I didn’t feel like I was watching Bones last night.  I felt like I was watching a pilot for a new show that kind of had a connection to my Bones family.   So that bugs me because I need my Brennan and Booth fill and last night I didn’t have very much of it.  Although there were two scenes that sort of made up for it which I will get to later.

Now people keep calling this a spinoff.  Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think introducing 3 characters on Bones for the first time which may result as the launching for this new show can be classified as a spinoff.  A spinoff to me is taking a relatively established character from an existing show and spinning them off into their own show.  Private Practice, Frasier, The Jeffersons, Maude, Mama’s Family, The Facts of Life, The Colby’s, Laverne and Shirley…..these are true spinoffs.  To me, putting Horatio Caine or Walter Sherman on a popular show to use it to showcase a pseudo pilot for the following season that may be similar in theme, doesn’t constitute a spinoff.   But tomato, tomahto.

Regardless of what you want to call it, I really enjoyed it.  I was pretty familiar with Saffron Burrows and Michael Clarke Duncan but I’m not as familiar with Geoff Stults.  However once he turned around in that chair and later on proceeded to take off his shirt revealing a lovely physique to admire, I realized I better get to know him and I would be happy to have him on my TV screen every week!   Besides the hotness that exuded from every pore in his body, I found his character to be funny and quirky (in a good way) yet very serious about his work and complex regarding his past.  I think there are many layers to him that will be revealed over time and I am willing to find out what they are.  On a surface level, it seems he had a tour in Iraq that may have left his brain-damaged to the point where he is incredibly paranoid.   But he doesn’t want to pursue addressing it because he feels his keen sense for his job as a Locator has something to do with it as well.  So if he fixes his paranoia, the thing that makes him an expert at his work will be lost as well.   Time will tell.   Ike and Leo (Burrows and Duncan) are his best friends and support team.  Both are equally interesting and bring their own level of humor and realism that are very relatable.  If this series were to get picked up for next year, I would certainly watch it.

I’ll be honest, the case this week wasn’t all that interesting since it had more to do with introducing these new characters and setting up the pilot for next season.   The short story is a maritime museum security is found murdered and the curator of the museum is the one who murdered him.   He also killed Sarah Walker’s CIA friend Carina from Chuck….over a treasure map.  I was waiting for Finn and Tess from Fool’s Gold to pop out and start helping with the search for the hidden treasure!   The funny part was, Walter said how it’s not his job to solve crimes, just to locate people or things he is hired to find.  Solving the crime was B&B’s responsibility.  But Walter ended up solving the crime anyway so it led to very little Cam, Angela, Hodgins, and Squint time.  Sweets was nowhere to be found.

As I mentioned above, there were 2 very awesome Bones moments.  The first one was when Walter returned Brennan’s 1st place Science Fair medal to her.  To prove how good Walter is at his job, Booth told Brennan to tell Walter what is the one thing she is missing.  She tells him that she lost her science fair medal and Walter tells her to say no more and that he will find it.  Brennan doesn’t believe this is even close to possible.  While working in her office, he shows up and hands her a box wrapped with a blue ribbon.  Inside the box is her science fair medal.  But that wasn’t even the best part.  Also in the box was the article from the local paper about her win and the article had a picture of her and her mom.  It was such a sweet moment that got her (and me) choked up. I loved it!   The second moment also had to do with the medal.  At the end of the show, when B&B are having their traditional drink at the Founding Fathers, they are talking about Walter and his abilities but Booth marvels at how Brennan’s abilities are due to her intense attention to detail and her many years of training.   He basically tells her how awesome she is while placing her medal around her neck.  It’s great.  I also loved how Booth got a little jealous when Walter started showing interest in Brennan.  But I always love seeing Booth’s jealous side.  I think Brennan does too!

So what did you think?  Did you like The Finder and if it gets picked up next year, will you watch it?


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REVIEW: Bones “The Blackout in the Blizzard” S6 E16

I’ll be honest, the case this week wasn’t that interesting to me so I am not going to touch on it.  Sorry!  But I want to talk about the 2 core relationships on the show: Angela and Hodgins and of course, Booth and Brennan.  So this was the much buzzed about episode with Booth and Brennan trapped in an elevator and a major conversation about their relationship takes place there.  I would say some interesting conversation happens there but I think a pivotal conversation happens later at Booth’s apartment.  But let’s get to Ang and Hodgins first.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I cried watching these two.  TJ Thyne and Michaela Conlin are so incredible.  People always talk about the chemistry between Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz and make no mistake, those people aren’t wrong about that.  I am also one those people.  But no one every really talks about the chemistry between Conlin and Thyne.  It is wonderful.  They were so good, I felt guilty watching their scenes.  The reason why, is because I felt like I was intruding on a real couple’s private concern and pain.   Angela was very concerned about being a carrier for this genetic marker that could mean the baby could be blind.  Hodgins was just tested to find out if he was also a carrier (which is the only way the baby could be in danger of being blind.)  He spent most of the episode trying to reassure Angela that everything would be fine.  It was such a long shot (like 1 in a million) that he was going to be a carrier.  However, his buddy Wendell could see that he was also nervous.  Hodgins tried to blow it off and remind him he needs to be strong for Angela but Wendell could see right through it.  Finally Hodgins gets the call.  You don’t need to hear the conversation and you never need to hear him actually say it.  It is all over his face and in the tone of his voice that he is also a carrier.  He breaks down in tears in front of Wendell and is so worried to tell Angela for fear she is going to hate him.  I know I’ve been there when you hear news of something that is completely out of your control and you are so afraid to tell the person this also affects because you fear they will be disappointed in you.  I was crying right with him.  Wendell was being a really good friend by understanding Hodgins’ fear and sadness but also by respectfully telling him that Angela won’t be mad at him and that they will get through this.  As this is going on, Angela walks in with a smile on her face which quickly disappears when she sees Hodgins face.  Wendell excuses himself and we see Hodgins telling Angela through the glass window and she lovingly grabs his face and hugs him as he tearfully tells her that he’s a carrier.  It was such a touching moment and was crying like a baby!!   Towards the end of the episode, after the case was solved and they were heading home, Ang and Hodgins had another beautiful scene.  Hodgins started talking about how Ang would need to learn sculpting because if the baby can’t paint, he/she could sculpt and still have Angela’s artistic influence.  And he wants to take up piano so he can teach the baby piano together.  I loved how he was taking this situation and looking for all the positives.  Angela did remind him that there is still a chance the baby will be just fine and no matter what happens, they can handle anything because they have each other.  Another water works moment for yours truly!  Since the writers are farting around with Booth and Brennan, it’s nice to see such a strong, solid couple we can always rely on.   And speaking of Booth and Brennan….

What did you think of Booth and Brennan during this episode?  I love them.  I have always loved them and I will always love them.  I was cracking up with the elevator scene.  First and foremost, being from Philadelphia (where David Boreanaz grew up) and being an Eagles fan, I can COMPLETELY appreciate Booth wanting those Vet Stadium seats (I actually have 2 seats myself!)  There was some great interacting between B&B and Sweets with Sweets trying to get them to talk about their feelings towards each other.  It got a little ugly when he brought up Hannah but he and Booth were fine by the end of the episode.

What I was waiting for was this BIG conversation B&B were going to have about their relationship in the elevator that was teased to us but it never happened.  Unless you count Brennan bringing up the idea of them sleeping know considering their stamina it would be quite satisfying!   Ha!!  That was fantastic.  But other than that, nothing of significance was discussed and it was the same old, “we’re not a couple” and “we don’t need to talk about this right now” and blah blah blah.  I was pissed.  I thought I was going to tweet Hart Hanson about how I have had enough of all of this teasing of B&B getting together and it never happening.  Because he would listen to me.  I’m sure of it.  But then the scene in Booth’s apartment happened.  And I’m torn on how I feel about it.

In Booth’s apartment, Booth admitted that what happened between him and Hannah really threw him for a loop.  Therefore, he is not ready to go down a serious path just yet.  His heart and head need some time to recoup.  On the flip side, Brennan admits that when he first asked her to get together, she was impervious to those types of advances.  But she also admitted that she could see a time where she isn’t so impervious and would consider opening up to the idea of a relationship with Booth.  So what they decided to do was write down a date and burn it for good luck.  Supposedly that will be the date they are ready to get together.   The good news is that I think this is great progress.  Both parties for the first time, basically admitted that they would like to start a relationship together, just not right now.  That’s a HUGE step from them never admitting to wanting to be together and being just friends and colleagues and also him being ready but she isn’t and then she’s ready but he isn’t.  They are on the same page to want to try just not yet.  The bad news is that with this blind date that was written down and not shared means Hart Hanson and crew can drag this on for seasons to come.  Ugh!!!!!!  Also, I understand what Booth was trying to do, but I thought it was incredibly silly.  I would rather him have grabbed her hand, looked her in the eye and said “look, we aren’t in a position to do this right now.  But I am willing to wait.  Wait until you’re ready and wait until I’m ready to give this a chance.  What do you say?   Do you agree” as he extends his hand for a “seal the deal” handshake.  Brennan would then slap his hand away and say “this is how you seal a deal” and rip off her clothes, rip off his clothes, and have sex with him during the 3 week hiatus.  Really, would that have been too hard to direct?   Ha!!!  In all seriousness, can you imagine how all the B&B fans would be for 3 weeks if THAT happened?  I know I would be dancing in the streets.

While I think it’s great that B&B are moving closer and closer to a relationship together, I still feel like this isn’t happening any time soon.  This is also seems to be the type of story you get after a major fight in the writers rooms.  I have no inside knowledge of this and I am only guessing but I can just imagine writers are very split on what to do with B&B.  I can see some writers vehemently opposing their getting together until the end of the series.  And I can see some writers vehemently saying that they need to stop jerking the viewers around or they are going to stop watching the show.  This placates both parties.  B&B didn’t get together but they did give the fans hope that yes something will happen just not right now.  I have to admit that for a while, I really wasn’t sure that the writers were going to ever put them together.  Now I have confirmation that they will I just may have to wait until I turn 80.

How did you feel about this episode?  Were pleased with the “advancements” in B&B’s relationship?  Or are you just as frustrated as before?   And aren’t 100% convinced the Angela and Hodgins are going to be the best parents ever?   I want to hear from you!!!


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QUICK REVIEW: Bones “The Killer in the Crosshairs” S6 E15

I have finally caught up to Season 6!!!!   God Bless iTunes for having all the current episode available for rent so we could catch up!!!  Bones is back after a 3 week layoff and I am so happy to be able to watch new episodes again.   Although, like my transition with Supernatural from DVD to real-time, I hate not being able to watch the next episode of Bones when I want to.  I’ll get over it.

Killer in the Crosshairs brought back Jacob Broadsky (played by Arnold Vosloo, who I will always think of as Imhotep) and Booth is on a mission to take him down.  Broadsky is continuing his mission to take out really bad criminals who have gotten away with their crimes and it sets up an interesting discussion about justice.  You have the 2 best snipers in the world.  One has a very concrete view of justice and another has his firm belief.  It’s easy to sit on the outside and say what Brennan said to Booth at the end of the episode….”Broadsky is bad.  You are good.”  But is Broadsky really bad?  The first victim (that we know of) was the Gravedigger.  And while I love me some Deirdre Lovejoy because that lady rocks, you have to admit that once the initial shock wore off of what you just witnessed, you were thrilled she was finally dead.  She got what she deserved for not only killing all her victims but for what she did to the members of our Bones family that we love so much…Hodgins, Brennan, and Booth.  I know I was.  Again after I stopped puking for 20 minutes after watching her head explode in front of me.   Seriously how did Sweets not lose his lunch?   Sorry, I digress.  In all seriousness, Broadsky is being hired to take out serious criminals who have either escaped prosecution altogether or more serious punishment.  Now before I start getting hate mail from all 2 of you, I understand the law.  You don’t take matters into your own hands and you let the justice system handle it.  That’s why we have the best justice system in the world.  It isn’t perfect but it’s the best there is.  I have always been less harsh of vigilantes because I can understand (to a point) why they would want to kill the person that killed one of their loved ones.  Have you ever read the book “A Time to Kill?”  If not, have you seen the movie with Matthew McConaughey, Samuel L Jackson, Ashley Judd, and Sandra Bullock?  If ever a man was justified for what he did, that was it.  But here’s the difference, Broadsky isn’t a victim seeking justice.  He’s a paid assassin by the victims seeking their justice.  So is it ok?  If you ask Booth, it’s very clear…it isn’t ok.  Broadsky is a murderer and he will bring him down in whatever way he has to.  There is no gray area with Booth and no discussion.  What Broadsky is doing is wrong and he should pay the price for it.

I really like the way this made Booth look at himself and second guess who he is.   In his love life, Booth has always been wishy-washy and constantly rethinks his decisions and wonders if he made the right call.  But when it comes to his professional life, Booth has always been firm, confident, and incredibly decisive on what needs to get done to make his cases successful.  So it’s fascinating to see him second guess himself and ask the question of “am I just like him?”  Of course when Brennan tells him, in her charming straight forward way, that he and Broadsky are incredibly similar, it really strikes a cord with him.  Is he as bad as Broadsky?  Is he no different?   Of course we all know the answer to that and eventually, with the help of Sweets (great scene with them by the way), Booth realizes the difference between them.  Now if only he can get Brennan to see that too.  Oh please, of course she sees it.  And over their traditional celebratory drink, Brennan confirms that she also sees the difference.   Broadsky and Booth are different in the most important way…their souls.  No you did not just jump to a Supernatural recap.  What I mean by that is, deep down in Booth’s soul, he is a genuinely good person.  He will always make the best decision for the good of the people he protects, the citizens of this country, for his family, for his friends, and for the love of his life, Brennan.   And he does it without thinking about it.  It is second nature for Booth to make the right decision.  Broadsky knows what he is doing is ultimately wrong, however good the intension behind it may be.  And he is choosing to do it anyway even though he knows it’s wrong.  Booth would never do that.  Bingo…difference established!

Next week is the big elevator episode!!  For those of you who are spoiler free you may not have heard about the elevator episode.  I won’t be spoiling anything here by saying this so fear not, but this episode finds Booth and Bones stuck in an elevator during a blizzard and allegedly their relationship moves in a closer direction.   Apparently some big stuff happens in the elevator.  About frickin’ time right!!!

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REVIEW: Bones (Seasons 1-3 on DVD)

If you read this blog, you will know that there are some shows I am embarrassed to say, I came late to the dance on.  Supernatural was one and now I am caught up.   Bones is another show like that for me.  I remember reading all these TV web sites and I couldn’t read anything that talked about couples where I didn’t hear about Booth and Brennan.  Quite honestly, it drove me nuts!!!  But not nuts enough not to check out Bones this summer.  It started around 4th of July weekend.  I was in the Rio Grande Wal-Mart looking for a cheap movie to get and I came across a sale on the TV series Bones.  My father watches Bones and raves about it and other people who I know watch it, love it.  Plus there was all this Booth/Brennan nonsense on the internet.   So I decided to check it out.  2 episodes in, I was hooked!!!!

Over the summer and into the fall and winter, we slowly started to watch Bones.  Then my husband and I became obsessed and we just finished watching Season 3 (the shortened WGA strike season that focused on the Gorgoman killer) and we are 7 episodes into Season 4.  It’s one of those shows that I don’t want to watch too quickly but at the same time, I can’t wait to see what happens next.   And it’s not because there is some huge cliffhanger at the end of every episode like Lost, but I am genuinely interested in what happens to these characters.  Where I think Bones has hit a home run vs. where a show like CSI missed the mark a bit is that they have given the characters a life outside of what they do at the office and have done it in a way that I want to know more.  Bones, like CSI, is an intelligent show that solves crimes using science that is both intriguing and fascinating.  But Bones has also let you into the lives of its characters.  For many seasons on CSI, I had no idea about Gil Grissom’s personal life, or the personal insights to any of the other characters with the exception of Catherine.  As the seasons went on, they show runners slowly started to unwrap the layers of the characters but by that time, William Peterson decided to move on, they killed off Warrick, and Jorja Fox left the show.  CSI lost me.    Bones had me from the beginning.

I’m going to start with the periphery main characters and work up to Booth and Brennan.  When Dr Goodman left the show after the 1st season, I was disappointed.  I really liked him.  But when I saw that Tamara Taylor was the new boss at the Jeffersonian, I was thrilled.  I have always liked her in everything she has been in and I really like her as Dr Cam Saroyan.   Cam has great intelligence and fire and she is firm and concrete on how she runs her lab.  But she has a good heart and is always fair with her employees.  I’m very thankful that the writers didn’t create a tumultuous relationship with Cam and Brennan.  Cam had to earn her stripes with Brennan and vice versa but they have a solid working relationship, mutual respect, and a developing friendship.

Dr Zack Addy.  I know a lot of people liked Zack, I wasn’t one of them.  SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!! When Zack was revealed to be Gormogan’s apprentice and therefore left the show because he was sent to a mental hospital, I was thrilled.  As a side note, the shortened season had to have an effect on how that was revealed because it came up very quickly and the payoff was blah.  I would have also wanted to know more about why Zack did what he did because it didn’t make any sense to me.  Also the fact that everyone in the lab could so easily forgive Zack and still love him when he was believed to not only be the apprentice but a killer in his own right, I don’t get it!  But whatever, he is gone and I am happy about it. END OF SPOILER!!!!! I don’t miss Zack.  I never warmed up to him and thought he was just very strange and out there.  His character did nothing for me.   There were only 2 things I did like: his relationship with Brennan and how without trying, he was able to impress her, which is very hard to do and his relationship with Hodgins.   Hodgins always called Zack his best friend but I never really knew if Zack felt the same with Hodgins until the accident in the lab and you learn that SPOLIER ALERT!!!! Zack changed the compound so that when the accident happened, Hodgins wouldn’t get hurt or killed.  And because he wouldn’t ignite it until Hodgins was out-of-the-way, it accelerated something and caused the explosion to be worse for Zack than it needed to be.  All because he wanted to save Hodgins. END OF SPOILER!!!!!

As much as I disliked Zack, I love Dr Sweets!!!   I was disappointed when Dr Gordon Wyatt wasn’t Booth’s shrink anymore because he was really funny and made Booth think.   So I didn’t have high hopes for Sweets but he has been a very welcome addition.  To me, it makes perfect sense that they have a psychologist at the Jeffersonian helping out with the cases, even though it drives Brennan mad!!!  Sweets is funny, goofy, charming, and smart.  He takes his job very seriously and get frustrated when other people don’t take him or his profession as seriously as he does.  But he also just wants to fit in and be part of the team.  And by his witty and knowledgable way he conducts himself with his job, he is earning his respect from the squints and Booth and Brennan (even though they don’t like to admit it!)

Hodgins and Angela are great.  I admit, I didn’t like Hodgins at first.  To be perfectly honest, I thought he was an asshole.  But he has really grown on me.  It was a nice surprise to learn how wealthy he is and that, because of his family and his funding, he owns that lab.  He never wanted anyone to know because he just wanted to be a regular…a scientist.  He just wanted to do the job he loved, with people he cared about, without being treated differently because of who he is.  Angela I loved from day one!  I can see how she and Brennan would be best friends because they are so different.  She has the easy, light heartedness about her that makes it easy for her to accept Brennan and all her quirkiness for who she is.  And Brennan in return accepts and loves Angela for exactly who she is.  Angela is also fiercely loyal to her friends.  When she refused to testify against Brennan’s dad and went to jail to protect him and indirectly Brennan, I wanted to hug her.  At this point, Angela and Hodgins are broken up.  I’m still not sure why that happened.  It seemed very abrupt and out of nowhere.  Instead of talking about what happened with her ex-husband and all the feelings that were happening there, they just broke up.  It was dumb.  Now they are apart and Angela is dating a woman.  The whole thing is just odd.  I don’t buy it.  And they still look at one another with love so I am hoping they eventually find their way back to one another.

Seely Booth…the ultimate leading man.   Seely’s a great character.  He oozes charm, silliness, intelligence, loyalty, strength, honor, wit, and toughness.  David Boreanaz plays Booth perfectly.  Booth could have been a real stiff or over the top goofy to the point that he wasn’t believable but Boreanaz has found a way to make Booth a mix of hard-nosed FBI agent and likable love interest for Brennan.  I also like the way the writers haven’t forgotten about Booth being a father.   Sometimes shows will introduce the fact a character has a child and you may meet that child once or twice but then they are forgotten about.  We have actually seen Parker several times and he is mentioned quite often.   The times Booth is with him, you can see what a dedicated father he is and how much he wants the best for his son.  The developing relationship between him and the squints has been handled well also.  He was very skeptical of having to work with this team of scientists but Brennan proves herself right away.  Hodgins and Zack took much longer to prove themselves to Booth (although I think they did early on but he just liked giving them a hard time!)  And he certainly had respect for Cam, especially since they had once dated!  And they weren’t quite sure about having the FBI “suit” roaming their lab and getting involved in their work.   But they all managed to find a level of respect and eventual friendship.  It’s a shame because up until he starts working with the Jeffersonian, Booth seemed to be a pretty lonely guy.  He doesn’t seem to have friends he hangs out with and he seemed to have no family around.  Now in Season 4, we were introduced to his brother Jared, who turned out to be a real turd, and learned that his father was an alcoholic.  Other than Parker, it’s the first real insight to his family life that we get.  So Brennan and the squints have really become his friends and family and even though Booth won’t ever admit it, he is thankful for them in that sense.

Last but certainly not least we have the heart of the show….Dr. Temperance Brennan or as we all lovingly refer to her as “Bones.”   Brennan is one of my top 10 characters of all time (list coming soon!)  She’s more than just a strong, intelligent leading lady.  She is incredibly quirky in a humorous and lovable way.  She is very damaged from her past although she will never admit it.   She is hesitant and struggles with opening herself up to true love and a committed relationship due to how destroyed and abandoned she felt by her parents and how she was treated by her foster family.  She is incredibly arrogant and conceded about her intelligence and talents in her field, but knowing that she is just an upfront, blunt, and honest person, her arrogance doesn’t bother you but actually makes her somewhat charming.   She is an incredibly layered character and even though we know all this about Brennan, I feel there is still a lot to learn about her.  I also wonder how much of her character is Emily Deschanel’s interpretation of Brennan or how similar she is to the woman with whom the show is based on, Kathy Reichs.  Brennan is a character I will always root for.  I love how she is so comfortable with who she is, even though you know, anthropologically speaking, she knows how different she is from “normal” people.  You can tell this in scenes like Season 4 where she goes to Sweets and asks him to teach her how to read people better the way Booth can.  She knows how literal she can be and she is also soooo competitive and used to being the best that she wants to learn to be better at this….even better than Booth.  But Sweets explains to her that she has her level and areas of expertise and so does Booth.  He tells her to let Booth have this area and she acquiesces.  It probably kills her but she does it because of her feelings for Booth (more on that later.)  I’ve talked to people who don’t like Brennan because they think she is cold and without feeling.  I couldn’t disagree with those people more.  Brennan isn’t cold, she just isn’t going to open herself up to just anyone.  Look at all the people she put her trust and love in and have let her down…her father, her mother, her brother, her foster parents, Zack.   She’s also a scientist and fact driven individual.  She’s also a genius.  Her responses to people are very different from most, probably because she is so intelligent, she tends to over think certain situations.  But she has emotions, feelings, and a huge heart.   She is just going to be very selective on whom she opens her heart up to.  And I think this is the perfect segway to the main undercurrent of the show people always want to discuss…the relationship between Booth and Brennan.

It goes without saying that the chemistry between Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz is palpable.  In my opinion, so far in my TV viewing experience, it is the best I have ever seen.  Now since I am only half way through Season 4, it doesn’t bother me that they haven’t gotten together yet.  Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait for that day to happen!!!  But I have talked to people who are fed up with the will they or won’t they and just want them to get it on already.  Again, I want to see that too, but it has to be right.  I enjoy shows that have the underlying sexual tension between its leading characters (like Castle and Bones.)  So I am ok with it being a slow drawn out process.   Because it will make the payoff when it does happen (I have faith) that much better.  And I also like that it has become a running joke with the characters as well!   But at some point, the writers will need to decide…either get them together or don’t.  I don’t know, at this point, how you can have the chemistry these 2 actors have and the 2 characters have and not put them together but it is TV and you never know.  I think the ultimate goal is to have Brennan and Booth together but until then, I will continue to enjoy the intense looks, the sweet touches, and the loving looks until the magic moment arrives!

I will probably finish season 4 this weekend and then I will be running out to get Season 5!   If you haven’t checked out Bones, you should.  It’s a smart, funny, layered show that will keep you wanting for more!


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TV Shows on DVD

I’m not the hippest person.  Sometimes it takes me a few seasons to get into a show everyone else is watching….Scrubs, Supernatural, and Bones come to mind.   So periodically, I will post reviews or recaps in regards to these shows.   If a show happens to be a favorite of yours and you’ve already seen it but want to re watch it with me and discuss it here, join me!   If you’re like me and haven’t seen the show either and want to watch it anew, excellent!   If we have all seen it before but are re watching again because we love it (that’s The West Wing for me), let’s discuss!  And finally, if a show went for many seasons and I stopped watching but are planning to start again to watch those other seasons (ER for me), hopefully you will enjoy that as well.

Right now the show I am doing this with is Bones.  I have gone through Season 1 and I am about 6 episodes into Season 2.   So I will start blogging those episodes as I watch them.  The only thing I ask please, is that NO SPOILERS be mentioned in these posts so that those of us who don’t know what happens won’t be completely distraught at your ruining our viewing and I have to go all Sydney Bristow on your ass!!!!  I’m kidding…not really.


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